RIVERDALE Season 5 (2020) Teaser Trailer #1 | Netflix Series Concept

After graduating High School the core four all go their separate ways but after a tragic death in the family they are all summoned back to Riverdale as they have to learn how to work together again to try and solve a brand new mystery while unfolding an old one from their past. With both the past and the present at stake they will all have to leave their differences aside to try and stop this common enemy. The core 4 will be forever changed by the decisions they take in order to stop this growing evil that may lay within themselves from corrupting this once great town.

Cast Starring : KJ Apa (Archie Andrews), Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge), Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper), Cole Sprouse (Jughead), Ashleigh Murray (Josie McCoy), Madchen Amick (Alice Cooper), Casey Cott (Kevin Keller), Marisol Nichols, Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom) Charles Melton (Reggie Mantle) Dove Cameron (Heather)
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Kyle Knight
Kyle Knight:
To anyone commenting and wondering yes this is in fact not real, it is simply a "concept trailer" as the title says and therefore it's a fan made trailer , IT IS NOT REAL!
Movie Raze
Movie Raze:
Great Teaser Concept Can Tell That You Put A lot Of Time Into It! Well done!
If Cheryl dies, I die too. If Jughead has another girlfriend, I die with Betty. I think this will be the most scary season😭
EMMaA lol
EMMaA lol:
Cheryl better not die. She’s my favorite character
•Super Giggles•
•Super Giggles•:
this is fake but it makes me want to watch your version of season 5 lol
lauren vlogs
lauren vlogs:
if Dove actually becomes jughead girlfriend in the show I'm litterly going to cry and if Cheryl dies I'm done'
Piper O
Piper O:
Imagine riverdale actually being this creative. If this was the story Line for season 5 I think it would be there best season! Well done!
Gabrielle B
Gabrielle B:
If you had to sacrifice a riverdale character who would it be? And why Ethel?
Lance Vasquez
Lance Vasquez:
Cheryl is like the T-bag of Riverdale, if she's done with this series, were done too
Ainhoa Ventura
Ainhoa Ventura:
I'm just saying that if cheryl dies, so do I.
Арайлым Дуйсенгалиева
Арайлым Дуйсенгалиева:
То есть Мэделин пёрлась ради съёмки 5 сезона из другой страны что бы Шерил УМЕРЛА СЕРЬЁЗНО?
no offense to the dove fans but if she's in Riverdale someones dying -
Diarey C.
Diarey C.:
This is a really good fan trailer probably the best out there in my opinion. Keep up the good work. And I really hope they do add dove Cameron to RiverDale lol
Muyideen Olashile
Muyideen Olashile:
Cheryl makes the movie boil she can't die, we're expecting more enthusiasm.
Kylie Phelps
Kylie Phelps:
Guys this isn't the actual trailer, so don't be confused about dove cameron and whatever else.
Sil :3
Sil :3:
Esto es falso, son escenas de otras películas,y de la misma serie...
Yo estresada por la parte de cheryl
Yo depues de leer los comentarios: 🤡
Giovanna Rodrigues
Giovanna Rodrigues:
Meu Deus a Dove Cameron vai tá na 5 temporada 😍😍😍😍😍
Naomi Lobos
Naomi Lobos:
Pueden subirla en español por favor 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Shushii Cookies
Shushii Cookies:
I thought this was real but Cheryl can’t die she haS a contract
Tamara Laorga
Tamara Laorga:
It's better for Riverdale production, Cherly's death to be a sham, because if I don't, I sign up with the creators of temperature 5😠
Babygirl XOXO
Babygirl XOXO:
If Cheryl dies I am going to be mad af because she is my favorite character and that is on period 💅💅💅
satanic frog
satanic frog:
i was about to go batshit crazy on the director if this had been real
Yo, what? I thought Riverdale was turned to some sort of horror film or what?
I was like, i knew i haven't seen it for a few season, but.. what?...*Double looked at the title* "Ohhhh..."
Abigail Gschwind
Abigail Gschwind:
That was amazing. My heart was racing the whole time.
ALDC Pickle
ALDC Pickle:
Imagine dove Cameron in riverdale.! I’d LIVE for that.
Lily Belle
Lily Belle:
Imagine if DOVE CAMERON was in riverdale..
Damn for a second I actually thought this was real xD
La Dove tipo : ah y cuando nos ponemos a cantar?👁👄👁
Gabby Navarro
Gabby Navarro:
This would be good if it was actually riverdale scenes
Älëxïtâ_ Älìëń
Älëxïtâ_ Älìëń:
While Jughead and Betty don't split up we're fine, let them all die, this good Riverdale I already want the fifth season to come out ❤️🐍
《 Bakugo Simp 》
《 Bakugo Simp 》:
I literally thought that was real and I was gonna cry about Cheryl but then I went to the comments-
David Peters
David Peters:
this looks better than the real one that just came out
Jack Kirker
Jack Kirker:
Giorgia Sau
Giorgia Sau:
Nooo nn può morire Cheryl 😭❤️
Melanie Saucedo
Melanie Saucedo:
This looks so real😁I love it✨
Pauresa Togbossi
Pauresa Togbossi:
So you’re telling me that I emotionally invested in this teaser, then got emotionally connected.. so I can find out this ain’t even real?! 🤔 yea ok.
jessica niver
jessica niver:
When you watch to many trailers you don’t even have to watch the whole show cause you already know everything.
Country Crazy
Country Crazy:
seeing dove cameron in a movie/show that isnt related to disney channel gives me anxiety
Aaliyah Jenkins
Aaliyah Jenkins:
Me after watch Madelaine yt channel ......LMAOOO....CHONI IS LIFE
summer :/
summer :/:
Riverdale is getting hardcore
I wanna Fuck the shit Out of Bridget west
I wanna Fuck the shit Out of Bridget west:
I really thought there was a new season until I saw this vid😭😭
Omfg! I thought Cheryl died for a hot second there, thank god it's a concept. Cos if Cheryl dies ima stop watchin it.
Andjela Stojanovic
Andjela Stojanovic:
OMGGG THIS IS SO GOOD I wish it would be real bc this teaser is better then the 4 seasons of rvd but I will watch it anyways bc I love the red actors sm
Blaze Productions
Blaze Productions:
Wow, I seriously thought that this was an actual trailer, great job
Milena Souza
Milena Souza:
katelyn finau
katelyn finau:
if bughead isn’t together i’m not watching riverdale
Ya me había emocionado, pensé que si iba a salir Dove Cameron
kayleigh stafford
kayleigh stafford:
I was about to say I’m never watching river dale again
Novalie Rae
Novalie Rae:
this was really good!!! (for a sec i thought that this was real hahaha) the one with betty and the cat was from hustlers and the very first video of Madelaine was from a scary movie called polaroid so those aren't going to be in the new season but idk about the others :)
Chloe Eliza
Chloe Eliza:
Ngl this was kinda confusing to me but I love river dale soooo much I’m excited for season 5
Esto es imposible si todavía están en la pre-produccion aún no han grabado nada de la serie ni mucho menos podrían tener el tráiler
kim hyuna
kim hyuna:
oh my god , CHERYL death , it's impossible :( I can't wait ! ommg :)
Lacie Murasky
Lacie Murasky:
I LOVE it and ive only watched 12 seconds so far
Anika Schwarz
Anika Schwarz:
LOl love that Dove Cameron is in it xD Amazing teaser trailer
Emma's Life
Emma's Life:
Bruh😂This is the junction of other clips
Caah Thomé
Caah Thomé:
oooh, deus, nem posso esperar!!! Vem logo 5 temporada
Kiana Carlisle
Kiana Carlisle:
I need to stop watching these trailers they make me want to watch riverdale season 5 even more
theglitch6.6 ,
theglitch6.6 ,:
i wish riverdale would release a trailer like this
SpiderSister Demon
SpiderSister Demon:
OMG I knew their would be a season 5
i love how you addded a new character
Veronica Deetz
Veronica Deetz:
Remember Cheryl even said no one really dies in Riverdale near the end of season four
Rachel Tan
Rachel Tan:
Oh great... and I thought having a affair with Betty is enough.. here comes another character that Archie wants to screw. I feel bad for Ronnie
Dandara camargo
Dandara camargo:
Eu achando que era o tão esperado trailer de Songbird
syashalanae 1
syashalanae 1:
Bruh 🤣 this is clips from other episodes and clips from different shows
That first scene of cheryl was in the first scene of a horror movie called poleriod irs on netflix🤣
I hope your all happy, healthy, safe, and successful now and in your future ❤️😁💗
brother Cameron is in this season I'm loving
Shefali Choudhary
Shefali Choudhary:
I like Bughead and Barchie both...can't she date both of them😜
Cupcake News
Cupcake News:
Even though this isn't real it's amazing!
Mikayla Drescher
Mikayla Drescher:
I like how you got bits from a bunch of episodes from Season 1
,2 and 3
Huyen Huyen
Huyen Huyen:
Can't wait for what happen with Riverdale
Jakobi Jakquess
Jakobi Jakquess:
Wow man this is great and coming from season 5 this would be absolutely crazy if this is how river dale went like more of a horror movie vibe I love it man 👍
this may be a teaser but this is wayyy better then the show.
divya varghese
divya varghese:
This is gonna b fun🔥🔥🔥
pls dont look this up 💔
pls dont look this up 💔:
imagine dove acts heather 👀
I love how they used madelaines scene from Polaroid
أصال Asal_nr
أصال Asal_nr:
Omg I’m so excited i can’t wait😭😭😭😭💘💘💘
Ema Canepa
Ema Canepa:
Lily said in a live that season 5 that Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie are going to be older, that is, 7 years will pass they will already be adults
Hannah Dewar
Hannah Dewar:
Ok, but I would love for Dove Cameron to be in Season 5.

But if they kill of Cheryl then the writer’s blood will be spilled
Ekin Yaşar
Ekin Yaşar:
When will episodes of the new season be released?
Karolina Galla
Karolina Galla:
I’m officially in love with Jughead Joans oh Cole ❤️ how perfect you are
donna Varela
donna Varela:
Me not knowing the characters anymore because I changed to kpop and started watching my kdramas
Leticia Vitoria Santos Seixas
Leticia Vitoria Santos Seixas:
fiquei em dúvida se é verdade ou mentira, pq parece muito ser real.
chloe neil
chloe neil:
I thought Cheryl really died 😂
I’m the biggest Riverdale fan I wanna them to make a season now
Ansley Williams
Ansley Williams:
I swear if Cheryl died I’m done
This isn't the real trailer but hats off to you, you did an amazing job!!!!!! 😂😂😂
Ewelly Rayanne
Ewelly Rayanne:
O que a dove cameron faz em riverdale ela vai fazer a serie mesmo ? Ou foi só pra gravar o trailer?
maeve lamb
maeve lamb:
Season 1 was awesome!!!! The other seasons are just bullshit.
i started to cry cause i thought this was real
Если Шерил сохнет,то я даже смотреть не буду
Quando vai lança?
when will it launch?
когда он запустится?
¿Cuándo se lanzará?
Erin Ertz
Erin Ertz:
not me thinking this was real until i heard the recycled audio from episode one
DimmenSupers End
DimmenSupers End:
i am already waiting for this😍
Silvana Casas
Silvana Casas:
so the rumors that Dove Cameron was going to appear in season 5 were true xD
Sou a única brasileira MDS
Hollie Beaty
Hollie Beaty:
Im so excited even if this isn’t real