Riverdale | Season 5 Episode 1 | Toni Asks Cheryl Why She Wants To Be Prom Queen Scene | The CW

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Riverdale | Season 5 Episode 1 | Toni Asks Cheryl Why She Wants To Be Prom Queen Scene | The CW

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100+ comentarios:

she said "TT" twice in the span of two minutes, so let's see how many times she says it this season
John D
John D:
I hope that in the time jump Kevin actually gets his own plot and that Toni becomes her own character. Because Toni has become a prop for the sake of Cheryl.
Jade Burrows
Jade Burrows:
Cheryl doesn't even need a crown to be queen 😍
YeLhSa rEbAr
YeLhSa rEbAr:
I exist in a world where EVERYONE wants me to be prom queen. Same. Same.
Promise Yates
Promise Yates:
Kevin: Is this where I sign up for Prom person....
lili rUbiO
lili rUbiO:
Anyone else thinking about how toni said she wants to be serpent queen but juggie is the king so..... What does that mean for choni and bughead 🤔😂😂
Quinn Fabray
Quinn Fabray:
cheryl is sounding a lot like quinn fabray, who is just dying to be prom queen
Codie hawkins
Codie hawkins:
Cheryl=Toni +why is Cheryl wearing pink her signature color is R*E*D
3H Gia-Marie Spence
3H Gia-Marie Spence:
Take note of what toni said, "The only royalty I care about is being serpent queen, which I will be again"
Delia Larion
Delia Larion:
I can’t wait to the premier and I can’t wait Mitch for the hole season to came out
"It has been my destiny to wear that Prom crown" talk about peaking in high school...
Sydney Hargrave
Sydney Hargrave:
Choni are relationship goals and they deserve to be prom queens!
Hailey Brooklyn
Hailey Brooklyn:
I cant waittttt😭😭😭😭and i can't watch it on cw when it come to netflix???🥺🥺🥺
Parker Hargrave
Parker Hargrave:
This was great, but here's Jughead's Time Capsule? Did Cole Sprouse take the day off?
Arabella de Koning
Arabella de Koning:
I think it would be a fitting end to the show if Cheryl ended up working at riverdale high, as a guidance counselor (if she’s grown she could really help kids with their trauma), as a teacher( that would be interesting), and the most likely place for her as the principal ( she’s a natural leader and is “quite bossy”, also it would be hilarious)
Tiniko Iashvili
Tiniko Iashvili:
Okay why does Cheryl talk like that😂
alphas arrows
alphas arrows:
It's adorable that Fangs has always dreamt of being prom king
Cheryl deserves a better plot line. She’s been robbed as a character and no one can ever change my mind on that lol
Natalia Quijano
Natalia Quijano:
QUIÉN MÁS ESTA [email protected]?
Ariana Girl
Ariana Girl:
WANT Tee Tee does elzibeth WANT to be the Queen : Cheryl 2021
Max Jauregui
Max Jauregui:
I'm not ready for Choni's break up
K. H.
K. H.:
I honestly thought she was going to start singing at the end😭
James Turner
James Turner:
Anyone else miss My Babysitters a Vampire? Vanessa was so good in it and it ended on a cliffhanger. 😭
reinh3rt edits
reinh3rt edits:
" TOODLES " 👁️💋👁️
Cheryl is something else 😂
strawberry edits
strawberry edits:
Julia Martins
Julia Martins:
Cheryl is so toxic like those fangirls of hers, choni is pure a fanservice ship
Jaye Kisses
Jaye Kisses:
Toni wants to be Serpent Queen but she has her own gang...Pretty Poisons hello? So she is willing to give up her gang for the Serpents?
Tia Gosling
Tia Gosling:
I can’t believe choni break up I’m literally in tearsssssss 😭
Izzy Vlogs
Izzy Vlogs:
it’s not come out in the uk yet until tmrw, but i thought betty was serpent queen and toni is pretty poisons queen ya know xx
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones:
Cheryl and Toni are gonna ROCK those crowns tonight! 👑❤️
Carol Jennings
Carol Jennings:
Vasiliki Koniari
Vasiliki Koniari:
Some more hours and a new episode on netflix 😶😞🥵💞
Matilda Regueira
Matilda Regueira:
Cheryl really freaked Kevin
Rajai Hylton
Rajai Hylton:
OMG I'm so happy for today! New Season of my favourite TV show and Joe Biden's Inauguration!
princesa arrie
princesa arrie:
I wonder what their idea was with Vanessa’s pregnancy and all.
Jessica O’Donnell
Jessica O’Donnell:
Chile i'm sorry but FANGS MUST BE PROM KING
jules texting.stories
jules texting.stories:
Manipulative Cheryl's back 🤣🤣
Arda Doganci
Arda Doganci:
They put the season one soundtracks back so this will be good
Giovanna Martins
Giovanna Martins:
Cheryl queen of my heart! ❤️
EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!
EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!:
I can’t wait for this! I’ve been waiting for months.
Cherry Builds
Cherry Builds:
i’m in the uk so i have to wait another day!🥺❤️
Live With Libby
Live With Libby:
Ahhhhh I can’t wait to watch the whole episode!!!
Mel O
Mel O:
The Queens of our Hearts 👑
Kayla Duval
Kayla Duval:
I’m staying up til 1 am so I can watch it
Paige Bartek
Paige Bartek:
omg i cant wait!
Miguel Arruda
Miguel Arruda:
I love Toni ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Khushboo Pannu
Khushboo Pannu:
Cheryl's mean.
Madelyn Cuyún
Madelyn Cuyún:
Ahhhhhhhh muero🥺🥺🥺✨✨✨ CHONI FOR EVER!!!!
Liliana Bocanegra
Liliana Bocanegra:
Estoy tan feliz JAJAJA
Man I love these two ❤️
Hope Cherriman
Hope Cherriman:
I am soooooo excited ❤❤❤
Azyz 1998
Azyz 1998:
my queens ❤️ Im so excited
Ryan Donnel
Ryan Donnel:
Omg they’re graduating this year with me I’m senior as well 😍✨
y’all hear that new outro song shits fire
riverdale cole e Lili
riverdale cole e Lili:
Amooooooo MEU CASALLL♥️♥️♥️
It's my birthday today and Riverdale is coming💝✨💫
Kira Raevskaya
Kira Raevskaya:
ничего не понимаю, но надеюсь, что у них всё будет хорошо)💗🏳‍🌈
Daisy Jones
Daisy Jones:
Can’t wait watching tomoz on Netflix 💙
Ocean Eyes
Ocean Eyes:
OMG I can't wait😭💔
Găbița 's vlog
Găbița 's vlog:
Love Riverdale ❤️❤️❤️
Grande Fam
Grande Fam:
Biatriz Mobrizi
Biatriz Mobrizi:
Tee-Tee😍❤ omg
Livia Ezequiel
Livia Ezequiel:
Aaa my shipp😔❤️✊🏼
Valeria Puente
Valeria Puente:
Metztli Ramirez
Metztli Ramirez:
What an Emotion 😍😍
Mashaal Usman
Mashaal Usman:
I just cant wait anymore
Hey Editzx
Hey Editzx:
Perfect 🥰
Davina Rose
Davina Rose:
Hi if you can pls stream tonight for the more episodes!!! Pls answer ty ❤️
Hope Mikaelson 777
Hope Mikaelson 777:
Love this two🥺💞👑
Milan Gautama
Milan Gautama:
pov: ur waiting for netflix to release in a few hours
Royale Diamond
Royale Diamond:
I have to wait for it to come out on Netflix tmr 🥲🥲🥲
Craze Flow
Craze Flow:
Yaaas I'm literally so excited for this to air!!!!
Jayla Meshail Cerillo
Jayla Meshail Cerillo:
Hi! When can I watch it in netflix?
Thayiba Ahmed
Thayiba Ahmed:
Omg, they're actually attending school. lol
Does this audio feel dubbed and re-recorded
Miguel Arruda
Miguel Arruda:
I love Cheryl ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Zariyah Duffie
Zariyah Duffie:
How can uu watch riverdale without premiere 😭
Miguel Arruda
Miguel Arruda:
I love Riverdale ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ameesha Talukdar
Ameesha Talukdar:
why does Cheryl remind me of Rachel Berry lmao
im so dissapointed they made it weekly in netflix:(((
Riverdale Forever
Riverdale Forever:
Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright:
These students need to graduate ASAP, everyone look 25 years old. LOL!
Aesthetic Fawkes
Aesthetic Fawkes:
They are the queen ✨
gsl valee
gsl valee:
Wooooow OMGGG!!! 👑❤️
Gracella Putri Driendra
Gracella Putri Driendra:
yeyyyyy can't waitt!!
Succoro Solano
Succoro Solano:
Does Jughead finally take off his God forsaken beanie in season 5?
Hello ❤️😘
Drk Snow
Drk Snow:
Ahhhhhi can’t wait already got my snacks
Sam Jolly
Sam Jolly:
What time is it coming out i cant watch it?
Sophia Etka
Sophia Etka:
I’m excited for later tonight. Choni deserves it!
Evelyn Uhh yeah
Evelyn Uhh yeah:
Ok, I'm going to watch 1 episode a day :) because I finished the 4 seasons in 1 and a half week 😐🤠👍🏻
Keelin Farrell
Keelin Farrell:
where 👏 is 👏 the 👏 cole 👏 interview 👏👏👏
Carolina Maisto
Carolina Maisto:
I missed them
Kaitlyn's World
Kaitlyn's World:
Wow i love how she did not even let Kevin and Fangs run for prom king lmfao!!!😂😂😂
Kendry KM
Kendry KM:
Omgggggggggggggg can’t wait
don't_look_at_me _boi
don't_look_at_me _boi:
Lily Rodriguez
Lily Rodriguez: