Road to Istanbul: Will Chelsea or Real Madrid join Manchester City in the Champions League final?

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Chelsea face Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday after a 1-1 draw in Madrid to book a place in the Champions League final with Manchester City on May 29.

Mateo Kovacic remains sidelined for Chelsea, having picked up an injury ahead of the quarter-final win over Porto, but the rest of the squad will be fit. Antonio Rudiger is available after missing out on Saturday's 2-0 win at Fulham with a facial injury and is set to wear a protective mask if he plays.

Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde has recovered from Covid and after testing negative, has travelled to London with the rest of the squad. However, Zinedine Zidane will be without Raphael Varane, who picked up an abductor injury at the weekend. Dani Carvajal is sidelined with a hamstring injury he suffered during the first leg last week. However, Real could replace Varane with captain Sergio Ramos after he returned to training at the end of last week.

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100+ comentarios:

Anthony Kerley
Anthony Kerley:
Anyone else thinking that Christensen has a strong English accent
From a Tottenham fan, I hope Chelsea win, simply so that they go beat City.
Thomas tuchel is really defensive in a good way u just can't score against his teams unless it's a screamer
In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic
In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic:
Tuchel always sounds intelligent.
A A:
Please god if Chelsea win, I'll stop filling up my neighbours wheelie bin. 🙏
Ev Gallagher
Ev Gallagher:
Imagine where Chelsea would be right now if they had kept Lampard as manager. Tuchel has transformed this squad.
Saimon Gannon
Saimon Gannon:
To the final we go, great game just need to be more clinical!!!
Chelsea die hard
Chelsea die hard:
Very confident and optimistic that we are the blues and we will win
As a United fan I hope it’s Chelsea because I think they have a better chance to beat City. They have already beaten them in an important game this season so come on you blues ✊
Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu
Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu:
Christensen's accent will always surprise me, I don't know why. Love him though, arguably the most unsung hero in the squad.
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez:
I honestly won’t be mad if Madrid don’t make it. They’ve had such bad luck with injuries this season. It’s amazing that they are even here and still in the la liga title race.
jace jacey
jace jacey:
Either way it's going to be another great night in Istanbul 😍
Joseph Xavier
Joseph Xavier:
I hope Sergio Ramos doesn't break someone's arm this time again.
Still Opara
Still Opara:
All the best the blues!!
Riise Combat
Riise Combat:
They need to give me Roman back his visa... he is doing a good job in a country that doesn’t want him, we need to protest for that.
Abel Makori
Abel Makori:
I really wish Chelsea all the best, Thomas Tuchel to prove PSG wrong
Imagine being Frank Lampard watching your team and system get to UCL final without you 🤭
Rattith Jahazeeah
Rattith Jahazeeah:
Now real madrid fans can talk.Good luck chelsea for the finals,from a man utd fan
The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how we can.
Will this year the yaer of the Manchester clubs (City and the United) or London clubs (Chelsky and the Gunners) ?
A CL final between 2 teams of the same league is not as interesting for a neutral fan especially considering if Chelsea make it to the final, it would be their 3rd clash with Man City in around 1 month. I honestly rather see Madrid go through
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra:
Tuchel looks imposing in the thumbnail
Fm king
Fm king:
All the best chelsea fc
Tough game tonight. I think it could go to extra time 1-1 someone to sneak 2-1 not sure. But I'm gonna back us tonight Chelsea 2-1 .. Havertz and Mount
Zafirul Rahi
Zafirul Rahi:
Back to back CL finnal for T.Tuchel
Every click comes with a 20second forced advert. Just think of the time I'd save, across a year say, by going ELSEWHERE!
Nicholas Madel
Nicholas Madel:
Will Phillips
Will Phillips:
England should call up Jeremie Boga to the euros he’s still eligible and you can now have a 26 man squad
Mishael Julian
Mishael Julian:
If Chelsea go through I don’t want the Europa league final to be all English also.
Ashraff Godrie
Ashraff Godrie:
Chelsea are going to the final!
nordine Nordine
nordine Nordine:
Zindene et le meilleur il pas de doute
Sigma Boss 1337
Sigma Boss 1337:
Tuchel looks like he just drank some milk
NGL Zidane is risking Throwing Ramos from a long injury in a Semi Final makes no Sense tbh Militao and Nacho bossed it this season
Gray Patrick
Gray Patrick:
Best of luck from the Red side of Manchester! 👍
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez:
Chelsea could’ve won the first leg and that’s after the played West Ham in a derby. They’ve been rested and will be closer to full strength apart from Kova and Rudi. Who do you think will Win?
Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop
Mouhamadou Moustapha Diop:
I still can't get why City fans avoid to face Chelsea on the final😂😂
Bastian Ennosh
Bastian Ennosh:
The question should be who will be Chelsea playing for Super cup next season
bini teshome
bini teshome:
"Dirty Dozens" i need a movie
Eddie H
Eddie H:
Dope Studio
Dope Studio:
Chelsea 2-0 Real Madrid. I'm from Future 😎
Liam Gaming
Liam Gaming:
Please just please just please let us beat real
3abd Eddib
3abd Eddib:
l hope R madrid in the final
Morgan Cox
Morgan Cox:
I hope Chelsea win and we get an all English final, but let's be clear: Chelsea are not favourite. Are you kidding? Real Madrid have won the title 13 times, of which 6 times this century.
Craig Waters
Craig Waters:
Come on chelsea
A lot of people are looking past Madrid
Prince Mbachu
Prince Mbachu:
Chelsea vs Man city champion league final
Zain Choudry
Zain Choudry:
Who else has never heard Christensen speak?🤯
mike ?
mike ?:
Would Be interesting to see who has the better oil in the final
Will Darbyshire
Will Darbyshire:
Christensen might have a better English accent than Bellerin
SV Lagonda
SV Lagonda:
City will the CL. They've spent enough billions....
Funny, trying to create controversy by insinuating we will protest against Roman, NEVER! WE LOVE ROMAN ABRAMOVICH! WE LOVE CHELSEA! and he has been by far a great and dedicated owner to our club, our values and our success! shame on the media and their incendiary comments/questions!
Carl Jeremy
Carl Jeremy:
It's about managers. Tactics on the night. Chelsea have a better manager. Chelsea have got to play the french man Geru upfront.
Man City v Chelsea
Man Utd v Arsenal
Blaise Ajongwen
Blaise Ajongwen:
Remember who also said "we're going to fight to the death" ? Neymar and where is he now, in his mansion some where 😂😂😂😂
World's Cleanest
World's Cleanest:
This isn't bias at all
Randy Flamethrower
Randy Flamethrower:
Chelsea down a goal in extra time and Werner will miss a sitter I’m calling it now
Dimitry Anyanwu
Dimitry Anyanwu:
I hope Real bottle it
jay singh
jay singh:
Can we expect a English teams final?? After 2008???
Chelsea 4 life
Chelsea 4 life:
COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵
Brachial Plexus
Brachial Plexus:
Strong favourites? Eh, no?
Srizan Prime
Srizan Prime:
Real Madrid, obviously!
MJ Brasil
MJ Brasil:
What is this doughnut talking about.....the press left Fleet Street years ago 🤪...!
Mootje Az
Mootje Az:
Because they dont won the first game (chelsea) real madrids day today understand it
City just buy trophies made by the poor stolen by the rich
Ahmed Zakaria
Ahmed Zakaria:
INSHA ALLAH my Chelsea will be on their way to Istanbul.ALLAHU AKBAR.
Kwesi Samuels
Kwesi Samuels:
Hala Madrid
J L:
If you watched the first leg you’d know chelsea are going through
Jonas Molapisi
Jonas Molapisi:
A Pulisic showcase its go be
Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu
Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu:
Is it me or Jamie Weir (the reporter at Stamford Bridge) looks like Kovacic 6 years after retirement 💪🏾😂
Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 0
As a Madrid fan I can’t even believe we’re in the position we are, 2 points off the top of la liga and a chance to be in the ucl final with 59 injuries and most of our starting 11 out long periods of time
Real madrid lets go💯
maykel wong
maykel wong:
I really hopes chelsea to win
So madrid wouldn't have any money to buy any player
Leloo Jdjsjs
Leloo Jdjsjs:
German trainers are different breed
Nazar Iqbal
Nazar Iqbal:
Hala madrid
Aniruddha Sharma
Aniruddha Sharma:
Buba Rico
Buba Rico:
A see Chelsea winning this man fr 3-0 lot a players want to prove their selves
Authentic Self Growth
Authentic Self Growth:
It would be funny iff Chelsea qualified for the final considering PSG sacked Tucel so they could win more throphies 😂
Abhaypartap Dhindsa
Abhaypartap Dhindsa:
hala madrid
Red lungs
Red lungs:
Real madrid 1-0
Hopefully Chelsea 🤞
teto madiba
teto madiba:
REAL MADRID all the way
English clubs in the finals .
Sausage Jockey
Sausage Jockey:
Flying hiiiiiiiiiiiigh up in the sky,
We keep the blue flag flying high.
Stamford Bridge to ISTANBUL.,
We keep the blue flag flying high 💙

Dylan Pinchbeck
Dylan Pinchbeck:
Real Madrid hopefully get the result and come out on top
Ak Go
Ak Go:
I'm a arsenal fan and I dread Madrid going to the final again. It would be so boring
Keshav Kumar
Keshav Kumar:
Chelsea 💙💙💙💙
Louis Southgate
Louis Southgate:
Cmon Madrid
Chelsea needs Zyech today....If Tuchel continues ignoring him that gonna be very expensive for Chelsea...We should not lose this Chance this year to become champion
As a city fan I hope we face Madrid , Chelsea are such a weird team to play right now. They are very organized and have a rigid defensive foundation with the best back 3 itw on form - not individually but name a better back 3 than Rudiger x Silva x Andreas? Especially with 3 N'golos in front of them sweeping everything. Enough about Chelsea - tonight its Hala Madrid ! 🥳👏
Hema Sas
Hema Sas:
Madrid to go through (please zidane im dying inside)
come on chelsea do england proud
the islander
the islander:
Chelsea will
Darren McIlwrath
Darren McIlwrath:
Only Madrid can win it, the other two are trying to buy it..
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo:
I can't believe with the season we had we are going to champions league finals and winning FA Cup. Tomas Tuchel is a tactician. he turned everything around...
Haidi HD
Haidi HD:
Not a fan of these two clubs but if Chelsea make it thru the final, it's gonna be a yawn. Nobody wants two English clubs in a final.
M3 at 3:06
Nitin Saggam
Nitin Saggam:
Such a dumb title of this video. Obviously anyone of them join city.
Imagine a Chelsea vs City and Arsenal vs Man U
G V:
To all the Chelsea fans that think they’re going through today wake up, Chelsea had a good first half against a Madrid team that played 3 at the back for the first time this season, Madrid didn’t lose that’s a positive for them, if they go to a back to there normal formation it will be a totally different game, Chelsea didn’t create anything in the second half against Madrid. Real Madrid has this tie under control I can %100 guarantee u.