Robert Lewandowski - Magical Skills & Goals

Robert Lewandowski - Enjoy the best skills and goals of Bayern München's best striker
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Robert Lewandowski has been the dominant forward in the Bundesliga in recent years. The all-round No.9 is comfortable with the ball at his feet, shots at goal from whatever distance and in the air using his head. He's usually in the right place at the right time and knows exactly where the goal is. He has long been one of the top strikers in Europe and this season is once again reaching for the Torjägerkanone in the Bundesliga. Which goal of Robert Lewandowski is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ comentarios:

Nikodem S
Nikodem S:
He's most underrated player in the world.
Sergio Ramos - worst season in his career - rating 89
Lewandowski - 30+ goals every season - rating 89
I'll never understand EA's logic
Alvaro Rey
Alvaro Rey:
Lewandowski's start of the season proves that he is the best Striker in the world.
Ben Pizza
Ben Pizza:
Why isnt he nominated in this year ballon dor? He is such a great player
The Unknown 326
The Unknown 326:
The best striker right now
Mishan Adhikari
Mishan Adhikari:
Right foot ✅
Left foot ✅
Header ✅
Free kicks ✅
Penalty ✅
Pace & agility ✅
Control ✅
Intelligence ✅
Damn!!!!! 😮😮😮😮😮
Marcin Czechowicz
Marcin Czechowicz:
Robert Lewandowski is a world class foward. He is humble, great team player. His individual and team work out is impressive. He follows diet to the letter. Amazing skills on the pitch (head, both right and left foot, speed). Statistics speak for themselves (goal per game, high number of penalties scored). But still he is so underrated or underestimated player that deserves recognition like Messi or Ronaldo.
Mateusz Sara
Mateusz Sara:
Lmao 89 rated... ea needs to educate themselves a little...
Prasad Pathare
Prasad Pathare:
Lewandowski is the best Striker in the world 🔥💯💥👑😎😎
Hubert Mojsiuszko
Hubert Mojsiuszko:
I pray for Bayern to win UCL this year... Lewandowski deserves that trophy!
Ani Bhat
Ani Bhat:
Absolutely the most underrated player of all time
Marcel Jan
Marcel Jan:
Spurs: *Nervous sweating*
Edit: This went better than imagined 😂😂
130 subs with 0 videos
130 subs with 0 videos:
lewandowski is a legend
he should have been nominated for ballon dor
no one respects the bundesliga as a top league
like if u agree
I'm a simple man. I see Bundesliga, i click.
Lewandowski is a great man 🥇🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🤛🤛🤛🤛
Aviation 44
Aviation 44:
When you can’t say Lewandowski “the number 9”
alon 999
alon 999:
The best striker in the world ❤️⚪❤️⚪#mia San mia#
Lenny Mutai
Lenny Mutai:
I want FIFA to watch this and tell me his rating
Dillon Johnson
Dillon Johnson:
Best #9 for the last five yeras
dominik diduch
dominik diduch:
5 goals in 9 minutes. Any other striker in the world did it...?
Dylan Kasperowicz
Dylan Kasperowicz:
These are just Bundesliga goals. He’s scored tons for Poland and in the Champions League too
Urdnot Kōri
Urdnot Kōri:
I miss seeing him play in Black and Yellow. Can never hate him though. World Class skill, player, and all around person.
adam xxx
adam xxx:
Robert Lewandowski he is the best Striker in the world.
The Best number 9 in The World
:O kutasiewicz
:O kutasiewicz:
*Absolutely world class*
dragon of cigarettes
dragon of cigarettes:
can't mention the number 9 without lewandowski
Eric Olszewski
Eric Olszewski:
Lewy is the best! 😝
Best number 9 in the world. #GOAT
trico 1
trico 1:
The best player right now
Rafał O
Rafał O:
01.10.2019 Tottenham - Bayern 2:7 in Champions League , marvelous 2 goals for Lewandowski, farmers league he?
Jp tyrannosaurus 29
Jp tyrannosaurus 29:
Lewandowski: scores amazing goals

Spurs: ha ha im in danger
Wild Heart010
Wild Heart010:
Best 9 in the world without a doubt what a magnificent player 🔥
Some say: You just can not be that good
Lewandowski: Hold my beer
Lewandowski plays to win, great passing and shooting
Joshua Bongiorno
Joshua Bongiorno:
I may be a Bayern fan, but seriously, Lewandowski is and has been the best striker for the last 5 years besides Ronaldo. The stats prove it, and so do his performances. How on Earth do people not understand?
If only Lewy was born in Spain or UK he would have to be considered as one of the all time greatest strikers he definitely is.
Flip Alips
Flip Alips:
U forgot to show the goal where he flicked it over his head and volleyed it (I think muller assist)
Lewandowski: *exists*
Bundesliga goalkeepers: *stress 100*
Henrick Byrd
Henrick Byrd:
He is the best striker in bundesliga❗
Michael Andreou
Michael Andreou:
Great Great Striker. From a Man Utd fan. I remember when we used to have players like this, now im watching YouTube reminiscing.
Teddy Adonia
Teddy Adonia:
He has
the hunger of C. Ronaldo
the touch of Ronaldo
Perhaps his name is Ronaldowski
Damn !
Tadeusz Nowak
Tadeusz Nowak:
Robercie twój Tata widzi Cię i cieszy się bardzo z twojego sukcesu.
Cezary Propolski
Cezary Propolski:
2:55 zlatan approves
Vania Toldo
Vania Toldo:
Magical skills ... LEWAN ❤
Jp tyrannosaurus 29
Jp tyrannosaurus 29:
Ronaldo 94

Lewandowski:scores an insane amount of goals

Ea ya lets downgrade him 1 rating

And still give ronaldo 94

These ratings should be reversed

Thank god the potm lewa is 90
Marek Stabryla
Marek Stabryla:
Someone I look up to playing football ❤️❤️
Ethio Tech 2020
Ethio Tech 2020:
Who is watching this after champions league Win?
Emmanuel Acheampong
Emmanuel Acheampong:
We all know he has to be nominated for the Ballon d'or and the FIFA Best Player of the year
Dude has the best record against big teams in UCL for the last 4 or 5 years as a striker and yet ppl say he does nothing in big games
Maybe golden ball in this season ?
QuantumX Flame
QuantumX Flame:
Clips like these always confirm my belief that lewa is the best striker in the world
Kharisma A.
Kharisma A.:
Most underrated player this era....
We love You ❤🇵🇱
Just so naturally when he strikes
Lover of Emptiness
Lover of Emptiness:
Incredible skills😮😮💥💥🔥🔥. The best striker right now!!! 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
szczęście jest koloru czarnego
szczęście jest koloru czarnego:
I like the amv style edit. Good job, Bundesliga :)
Lewy is the best 9 in the world
Mini S N
Mini S N:
Dortmund should’ve worked harder to keep him 😔
Here after he is finally champions league winner 🙌
Kampf Kanickel
Kampf Kanickel:
Downgrade to 89 🤦🏾‍♂️
Gielo Piotr
Gielo Piotr:
Soon he will become the 3rd top scorer in the Chamspions League history. And also, the 3rd top scorer in the Bundesliga history (during this season, this is absolutely going to happen)

UCL all-time goals:
1. Ronaldo 127
2. Messi 112
3. Raul 71
4. Benzama 60
5. Lewandowski 56
van Nistelrooy 56

Bundelsiga’ all-time goals:
1 Gerd Müller 365
2 Klaus Fischer 268
3 Jupp Heynckes 220
4 Manfred Burgsmüller 213
5 Robert Lewandowski 212
Fingering Things ✔️
Fingering Things ✔️:
The Polish GOAT
you can disagree when some say he is the best striker in the world, but one thing is undoubt - he is absolutely the most clinical one
Armin Gjokaj
Armin Gjokaj:
Why dont you do kimmich assists and skill
RyuK Shīnīgāmī
RyuK Shīnīgāmī:
True marksmen 🔥🔥
adam xxx
adam xxx:
Robert Lewandowski he is the best Striker in the world.
Jossen 1977
Jossen 1977:
Lewandowski-Real Madryt 4-0 Thank You
Jesse and 9.000 others
Jesse and 9.000 others:
Best striker today! Aguero not far behind him and Kane is up there as well.
RL9 - 2019 Ballon d'Or Winner!!!
Carlos Barragan
Carlos Barragan:
He a good as player he so underrated that it’s just not fair
Nana Sei
Nana Sei:
The best CF in the world
Jaden Katrina
Jaden Katrina:
When you realize lewandowski is the same rating as Harry Kane in fifa🤦🤦
Prathmesh Kadlag
Prathmesh Kadlag:
Best Forward in the world ❤️
Cyber_Net Dragon
Cyber_Net Dragon:
I always think that the Bundasliga is Bayern Munich's play ground
2:19 vs Bayern !
A D:
Nightmarish assembly, flashing squares, you can get epilepsy by watching this "product". I will not write about Lewandowski, because everyone can see him playing
Lpv Vivo
Lpv Vivo:
Lewy is the best! 🤓
Prod Ayooo
Prod Ayooo:
This guy is literally the LeBron James of the Bundesliga how he's still doing it at 32 is amazing
Klaxu_06 Official
Klaxu_06 Official:
Write Lewandowski
❤️ Thank you for serving the highest and greatest good of all ❤️
Eryk Bartoszewicz
Eryk Bartoszewicz:
I'm happy because I'm from Poland
amalakh aak
amalakh aak:
One ward ....goalsmashine
uniep gaming
uniep gaming:
Robert Lewandowski u really inspired me u are too amazing
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez:
This.....this is why the subscription button was created.
Arthur '
Arthur ':
0:17 Grande Jeff Cavaliere 🙌
Johnny Van Den Bergh
Johnny Van Den Bergh:
Humphrey N
Humphrey N:
Thanks Lewandowski for scoring the goals you are my inspection
Kac Alu
Kac Alu:
Lewandowski the Best Player in the world🌏⚽❤️
Cezary Antuszewski
Cezary Antuszewski:
eloelo hi
eloelo hi:
4:19 lel
J J:
Such a boss ❤🌹
He needs to win a champions league he came just after the treble
Afet Ramuka
Afet Ramuka:
It is more like Lewangolski hahaha btw easy win for Bayern
Prabhanshu Rajoria
Prabhanshu Rajoria:
What is the name of the 1st song used in this video
Just Club
Just Club:
What if he and messi play side by side
Andy RPG
Andy RPG:
Athlean que haces aqui 😂
tapasleg -
tapasleg -:
His rating should be 92
Mahyuni Mahyuni
Mahyuni Mahyuni:
2:53 Eric Cantona
jol 2
jol 2:
Super worthy of the golden boot