Robert Lewandowski vs Real Madrid (Barcelona Debut 2022) HD



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Marcin Siwy
Marcin Siwy:
2-3 matches and it will adapt. This is the first game and so it showed itself very well. This is a machine, not a human. A goal scoring machine
He did well. It was his first match in almost 2 months in a completely new team and against a strong opponent. He will be scoring goals in no time 👍
AJ 1998
AJ 1998:
Considering it's his first game in 8 years in a completely new team , he did pretty well. He def would've had a goal if it wasn't courtois at the goal line and if he played a full 90 mins.
Skully Fade
Skully Fade:
Imo Lewy did very well today he knows how to press and block off passing lines, he was good at holding up play and is in always great positions to score he just needs 2-3 games more to adapt and start scoring goals left and right
Travelling Mac
Travelling Mac:
Considering that he had only two training sessions with the new teammates he played well. He learns quickly and surely will be ready for the first game of the season. Well done
Thushara Lakshan
Thushara Lakshan:
We all know how the scoreline could've been if it wasn't for Courtois! Barca even played the 2nd choice keeper Inaki in the whole 2nd half to give him some Classico experience. But Courtois played the full 90 minutes and that tells u a story😉
You can already see that Lewandowski gives a big co confidence to the team. They have big energy when creating attack
Tien Most Powerful Human On Earth
Tien Most Powerful Human On Earth:
Love how aggressive Lewandowski is and has had almost no time to get into the new team. Love how he went straight after Alaba during the group argument and pulled him away like yo this shit is just the beginning be cool fam.
Ariel González
Ariel González:
Trabajé en un peaje de Munich en el año 2017, y a pesar de que él no hablaba el idioma español en ese momento (ni yo Alemán o Polaco) el tipo siempre nos saludaba y nos hablaba con educación y buen rollo, su lenguaje corporal así lo transmitía. Espero triunfe donde quiera que vaya.
Edgar Ben Joseph
Edgar Ben Joseph:
Great positioning and awareness in attack. Lewa is focused and really hungry, a joy to watch. He has a killer presence and is lethal. Love how he tried to score from different angles. His first shot was strong, on goal and saved but it was a warning sign to everyone that he means business. He'll have a great year ❤️
carz dou
carz dou:
Es un jugador top a pesar de la edad que tiene, solo estando arriba en el campo, se nota que es un delantero que marca las diferencias, hace apoyo y tiene gol, como comentan algunos de aqui, se adaptara rapido al estilo barca
Osmin Gonzalez
Osmin Gonzalez:
Alucino con ver a Lewandoski en el Barça junto a los demas jugadores se ve tremendo el club, esto como que pinta a ganar la liga española seguro y hacer un buen papel en la champion o quizas ganarla tambien😃💙❤
Lewandowski definitely was trying a little too hard to impress but maybe its just the nerves. Incredible performance nonetheless. Its going to be a great season 🔥
FC Barcelona visca barca
FC Barcelona visca barca:
This is a friendly match, it's not about scoring 1,2,3 goals or assists right away, but to be in tune with the team
as a striker he appeared in some awkward positions for him, like combining on the wing or dropping to midfiled and battling for the ball there, but it will only improve after the 2 or 3 training sessions he had with us
Ann Bog
Ann Bog:
Robert Lewandowski super.
Rams 07
Rams 07:
I loved Lewandowski already 💙❤
Muhammad Anfaal
Muhammad Anfaal:
He will its only 2 to 3 training sessions and 45 mins he will adapt but still we saw flashes of his brilliance and movements and cleverness
He has so many tools and brings too much to the team. Amazing player.
Arthur Andrew 🎃
Arthur Andrew 🎃:
The other players still need to learn how to find Lewandowski so he can score goals non stop.
Lewandowski's positional play is off the chain 💯
Recardo Edwards
Recardo Edwards:
The love and respect shown between him and Alaba... good to see.
Blue Print
Blue Print:
This man is nothing to play with 💥
Megan Vega
Megan Vega:
Robert has extremely strong mentality and will adjust to Barca style just give him time. He is very stable and was always reliable and steady like a rock though all these years.
two three matches and it will start, let's remember that everybody needs time to acclimatize, Lewandowski, if he catches the rhythm, just like in Bayern there will be records, I keep my fingers crossed for him, Polish goal scoring machine 🔥🔥🔥🔥
isso tou dã bueno 04
isso tou dã bueno 04:
Man ...i wish Messi could play with those players 🥲
Raheem Davis
Raheem Davis:
Even though he didn’t contribute to goals, it was clear that his sheer presence unsettled the entire Madrid defense.
Jamal Shafl
Jamal Shafl:
Lewandowski playing very good he is skill keep going Barca ❤️💙
Corey Michael
Corey Michael:
People are talking about Darwin Nunez and Haaland, but very little had been said regarding Barca buying the best striker of them all Lewandowski
Hog Rider
Hog Rider:
He is a top class striker so Don’t worry he will soon adapt the play style of Barcelona
Albert Zee
Albert Zee:
Barcelona played so so, but you could noticed high intensity of the game, that means that team is in great physical and mental shape, all they need is more play time together .... Lewandowski because of his ability, experience and status will quickly establish himself as a leader and row model for younger players to follow and since his drive to succeed is well known that will influence greatly whole team .... On top of that, Xavi oversees everything, he is also known for ambition, drive and brains ..... This year, Barca is A TEAM, they going to win Champions League !
siddharth yadav
siddharth yadav:
That 12 looks bad on him he needs 9 asap 😁
Egy Gad Gaming
Egy Gad Gaming:
Well i def didnt expect him to be this damn good
Aquiles22 Kill
Aquiles22 Kill:
Yo todavia no me creo que tengamos a lewandoski en el barca 😍😍😍
I would have used him on the 2nd half cause this is his first game and he needs to adapt(you can see that missed goal opportunity during that 1-2 with Ansu near the box) and so he still he needs to work with his Spanish so he can communicate on/off field with the team.
But sure he will make a good season
He was dedicated to score a goal, you can see that. Unlucky he didnt have much time to score a goal
hen ko
hen ko:
First game and he has shown great skills already it's a matter of time before he starts scoring for barca
Courtois and Alaba really were the only things stopping us from getting more into the net
Tebatso Makwela
Tebatso Makwela:
They know he’s a goal scorer so they’ll always defend extra hard whenever he has the ball
First game and he has shown great skills already it's a matter of time before he starts scoring for barca
GAME 24X7:
Did anyone see in the end how Lewandowski was pressing Alaba's chest😂😂😂
David Japri
David Japri:
lewandowski needs support, he almost score but had blocked by madrid players. he only chance opportunity to score, shot on target one of best players football
krish sharma
krish sharma:
Only Initial minutes and he still had few opportunities to score, initial steps already taken to form chemistry on pitch with his fellow attackers like fati and raphinha, just a matter of games before he settles in, his one touch intelligence when it comes to the passing will come in handy once he gets in rhythm
I think if he was playing for full time he would score
Izzy May IS ready
Izzy May IS ready :
Considering it's his first game in 8 years in a completely new team , he did pretty well. He def would've had a goal if it wasn't courtois at the goal line and if he played a full 90 mins.
Abrahamricardo Palmacanche
Abrahamricardo Palmacanche:
Cuando ví la jugada que le hizo Lewandowski a Rudiger esto se va a poner bueno
Lewandowski's performance is incredible.......He will soon be fully adapted. Blessed up
Costea Iustin
Costea Iustin:
Look at kessie how good it was vs real madrid,he evolved match by match,so,,calma" with lewa,he will adapt,barca know this thing
Sebastian Pangaribuan
Sebastian Pangaribuan:
- Christensen araujo might be the best pair center half for barca next season (if we the kounde deal failed).
- Raphinha looks solid.
- Depay should leave soon.
- Lewa shown the quality of a number 9, i think he will perform his best after few games.
- De jong should improve his consistency.
- Kessie was great.
Zu V
Zu V:
Alaba abrazando a Rob...ojalá el Bayern nunca se arrepienta de lo que dejó escapar
mohd khanz
mohd khanz:
Wat a signing 😍🤩
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!:
2-3 matches and it will adapt. This is the first game and so it showed itself very well. This is a machine, not a human. A goal scoring machine
Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez:
Even if he didnt score its hard 8 years staying at a club and then you leave like with Messi but i gotta say he did rlly good and it was against thé champions league winners his first game against them he just need some experience and This Game was still hard u new in a team and gotta know how you play with them Like Messi When hé was new
RC 28
RC 28:
Będą z Lewego ludzie.Da radę w Barcelonie.Jestem tego pewien.Odnajdzie sie w Barcelonie na 100 %..
Nikola Martinov
Nikola Martinov:
The best player in Barcelona 🤩
Luis Almodovar
Luis Almodovar:
People talk about Benzema being the best player in madrid, but I have to say that teams probably worry much more about dealing with Courtois than dealing with Benzema
مهدي جمعة
مهدي جمعة:
Lewandowski ❤️😭
Casi Chacon gato
Casi Chacon gato:
Muy buen jugador
Taj Alam
Taj Alam:
He was good. Can’t wait for him to settle down and start banging goals. Just need little time to settle down, and first game so all good.
mikoy huio
mikoy huio:
He will its only 2 to 3 training sessions and 45 mins he will adapt but still we saw flashes of his brilliance and movements and cleverness
Niria Antonio
Niria Antonio:
Only 2 training sessions with the new team. In a different country. Different language. First game. With top rivals. I think we shouldn’t press him just yet. He will adapt…
First Game... he is a beast
Paralytic Angel
Paralytic Angel:
I believed before and now I've seen, Lewandowski fits very well to Barcelona.^^ Now I could be a Barcelona Fan again, after a very long time when even Koeman and Stoichkov were playing.^^
Christian Vera
Christian Vera:
Going to be a fun season with these 2 clubs.
Esdras Méndez
Esdras Méndez:
Vismay Gupta
Vismay Gupta:
"I'm not getting in between Rudiger and Araujo that is for sure " 😂😂😂😂
Keanan Jacobs
Keanan Jacobs:
What barcelona has achieved in this transfer window is staggering
Arghyadeep Dasgupta
Arghyadeep Dasgupta:
Old elclassico vibes 🔥
Emil Erhard
Emil Erhard:
Hope he will do well. We will miss him
Harold Wanyama
Harold Wanyama:
First game and still was better than Aubemayang... he's still learning the system. To talk about even the language
Robert Lewandowski super. Gratulacje
Este equipo pinta para cosas grandes , no porque ganamos OTRA VEZ si no porque, si no es por Curtouis, . se comen 3 mas , y la manera en que Barza empieza a funcionar.
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة:
LewanGoalski👏🏻🦾 more is coming from him i believe🔴🔵
Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff:
Only stopped cause of his former teammate! If he didn’t know Lewa well Lewa has a goal here
truth riser
truth riser:
Lewandowski ! hope fully a 50 ⚽goal season for him 👍
Zefanya raysa nevada Laput
Zefanya raysa nevada Laput:
Barca win 1-0 a decent playing by barca but yeah great start of the season I can see real also trying to win, this match is heat
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia:
I like how the end of the video shows Lewa and Alaba side hugging. Them being like "We don't worry about the drama"😂
David Majewski
David Majewski:
Love it how he respected alaba
Robert ❤️im from Poland! Belive in him and
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
He will be better with a second striker on the left (Depay) and a dribbler (raphina on the right)
Daniel Asiamah
Daniel Asiamah:
We need some these fights back in classico... Mourinho did it all🤣🤣🤣
Ormuz Santiago Carbajal
Ormuz Santiago Carbajal:
espero que pueda acoplarse bien al equipo y no pase como Messi con el psg
laren Fernandes
laren Fernandes:
He almost scored lol if it wasn't the block made by alaba
The Noova
The Noova:
Buena suerte lewa 🔥
Young Blac Quano
Young Blac Quano:
Vai ser muito estranho ouvir Lewadowski fez o primeiro pr'o Barça
Dev Lab
Dev Lab:
When he will wear the number 9, he's gonna destroy everything.
Jetmir Selimi
Jetmir Selimi:
Hey guys can someone please explain how barca is going to manage having 3 good central strikers (lewy, auba and memphis) ? There doesn't seem to be a clear hierarchy of who is number one, two and free. To me it seems as if they are planing to rotate at least two out of these three guys within one game. Rotation works as seen with this years' madrid midfield but when it comes to the central forward I would rather like having one guy as the main option for 90min no matter what. How do you guys see it?
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
This is a friendly match, it's not about scoring 1,2,3 goals or assists right away, but to be in tune with the team
Some of his actions are automatic, you can see he is in the new team...
ismail çipe
ismail çipe:
lewandoski gerçekten güzel bir oyuncu barcelonada iş yapabilir ama lewayı besliyecek adam lazım eğer buda gerçekleşirşe en az 28 30 golü var ligde
It is not with barça that lewandowski will score several goals of the season
Lewadoski es un delantero de verdad
Nesib Abuşov
Nesib Abuşov:
Xoş gəldin Leva 😍 inşAllahki bu ilin UCL-si sizin olar 🙏
Ichem Errahal
Ichem Errahal:
I love how Lewa doesnt care about the fight at the end and just chat with alaba
Please Lewandoski
Give us your twin brother 😭
We need someone like you in chelsea
I want to see dembele and de jong starting the game
Blade Knight
Blade Knight:
Araujo he will be the captain of Barca in the future like Puyol
Ciby Wilson
Ciby Wilson:
man falling in love with that barca jersey
Jorge Luis Ec
Jorge Luis Ec:
Madrid 0 - 4 BARÇA (son Gokú Aubemayan)
Madrid 0 - 1 BARÇA (Raphinia)
sergiusz chudy
sergiusz chudy:
When will we see Real Madrid's next victory against Barcelona? Only when Lewandowski finishes his career
ahmed abd al baqi
ahmed abd al baqi:
elclasico ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥