Roberto Carlos Top 10 Crazy Goals That Shocked The World

Top 10 Crazy Roberto Carlos Goals That Shocked The Whole Word - my facebook page

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Rohit joshi
Rohit joshi:
Strongest left Footer ever.
Drew Fisher
Drew Fisher:
*Roberto Carlos prepare to take the free kick*
Keeper: "here we go again"
Luke Pitts
Luke Pitts:
When Roberto Carlos takes a penalty, the keepers tried to guess which side he'll put it on and then dive to the other side.
Android 16
Android 16:
Standing in the wall with R. Carlos running towards the ball must be the most terrifying thing that can happen on a football pitch
Ashwin K
Ashwin K:
Roberto carlos to take a penalty
Goalkeeper: medical team get ready for me !!
samuel kiman
samuel kiman:
Beckham: I can curl around the wall
Carlos: I can smash through the wall
Naufal Pradiptya
Naufal Pradiptya:
It must be scary being the goal keeper
Adem Mehdioui
Adem Mehdioui:
UnBelievable goals ,
Roberto Carlos is the most powerfull shooter ever
2:26 Someone was near to death
Henrik Høyrup
Henrik Høyrup:
Why even bother using rockets to send satelites into orbit?
Just place the satelite on the ground and give Carlos 25 metres run-up...
James Barrymore
James Barrymore:
When Brazil was Brazil ... I miss this Team
Mohammed Rashid
Mohammed Rashid:
4:33 you know the brazilian team was frightening when it has romario roberto carlos rivaldo ronaldo cafu leonardo... oh ronaldinho was still reserve team.....
2:32 "GOL" In morse code, lol
Abdu Komilov
Abdu Komilov:
He makes his own physics laws
Shot_ SparkZ
Shot_ SparkZ:
The crowd starts acting like zombies at 1:47
He is greatest leftback in history. He makes EVERY SQUAD.
Allwyn Jaison
Allwyn Jaison:
3:46 zero degree goal...🌟🌟🌟
Bhanu prakash Gudimetla
Bhanu prakash Gudimetla:
4:15 that keeper had no clue what just happened.
Dennis Offline
Dennis Offline:
1:30 that was everything but not a "LOVELY" goal.
Helping an old lady with the shopping is lovely - this was goal rape mate!
Yasir Jamali
Yasir Jamali:
2:31 Legands says he is still saying goal😂😂
Shiva Charan C
Shiva Charan C:
The ball just forgets to rotate when Carlos kicks. It just goes straight into the hole!!!
Peter E
Peter E:
Imagine being in the wall seeing Roberto Carlos powering up a shot
Dakshant Choudhary
Dakshant Choudhary:
2:26 Think if during free kick that ball hit that guy's head..... It might be his last match Or seconds😱 this guy is actually playing shaolin soccer
If Maradona goal at 1986 WC against England is called Goal of the Century, then this should be called Free kick of the century
Marijan Piano
Marijan Piano:
you know Carlos kicked the ball when even the replay is pretty fast lol
jack denial
jack denial:
This guy has one of the most powerful legs in the soccer world.  His kick is nothing like any other players; you can see the full extension of the leg and the power swing of the kicking leg.  This is the only player who can make the goalie nervous of a free kick beyond the 18.  Incredible....
when other were counting kmph/mph, carlos was measuring in MACH/hr 🤣
Nocy Music
Nocy Music:
Brazil has produced best soccer players on the planet 🌎
NT Feeder
NT Feeder:
3:14 how fast that ball
wadud khan
wadud khan:
Kids that is called power in football 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mahu Asus
Mahu Asus:
Had Roberto's shot hit the player in the wall at 2:25, that player's career over. 😂
Apratim Tewari
Apratim Tewari:
4:15 The run up..😂😂
A. M.
A. M.:
2:31 i thought my phone had an error
M M:
4:17 Crianças de hoje: Ok, não vi nada demais pra ser o mais incrível
4:44 Crianças de hoje: Ok, sou patético, esquece o q eu disse
Madeel Sumin
Madeel Sumin:
Team: We dont have much time left
Roberto Carlos: Give me the ball
In a minute***GOOOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!
Paloma Castell
Paloma Castell:
0:13 dream league soccer
Kaywen Li
Kaywen Li:
2:26 You can actually hear the morse code for "Missile Incoming"
Adonis Warchild
Adonis Warchild:
This guy!!!!!!
Just......I can't even begin to explain how incredible he is.
3:54 Goal was so breathtaking this guy had to cough
Renjith Menon
Renjith Menon:
Imagine beckam and roberto Carlos in the same team facing against a defence of Rojo and ramos😅😅😅🤣🤣
Dollar Bill
Dollar Bill:
We miss all these legends..His left kick shot was like a Sniper hitting close range target..Perfect..
Dexter Haven
Dexter Haven:
The last shot, the goalie had 50 yards to watch it and never moved his feet???
Diego Chaves
Diego Chaves:
There are 3 best freekickers ever:

1 Roberto Carlos
2 Roberto Carlos
3 Roberto Carlos
hilal khan
hilal khan:
A real living legend roberto Carlos has power of a tornado. He will be missed all the times salutations to the legend
Chonkey Hawaiian
Chonkey Hawaiian:
Imagine the ball in your face. What would you be like
Jackass Dick
Jackass Dick:
Sorriest dude on that squad was Robinho lol
the one that he curved from the corner omg my fav 😱😍
Renato Toma
Renato Toma:
Roberto "Bomber"" Carlos!
Epic noob
Epic noob:
The last goal was out of the world
Kenjabek Orinov
Kenjabek Orinov:
1:50 look at fans
I thought they were gonna jump to pitch
Sewa sewaro सेवासेवारो TV
Sewa sewaro सेवासेवारो TV:
Oh my god! What a bullet shoots man! Even some cameraman couldn't get that speed lol
Yipi Javvo
Yipi Javvo:
Legend has it Barthez is still standing lol
the title should be
" goal goal goal goal goal goal goal goal goal"
Gaming Gurus
Gaming Gurus:
Carlos running with the ball,a gang of opposition players in the middle.
Carlos:Wait guys I am not going to dribble you. see this shot .
Goalkeeper:Thats dead fast.
Juud Chimaoge
Juud Chimaoge:
Roberto Carlos shots are "Rocket Propelled Grenades" Unstoppable!!
Sushil Raaja U
Sushil Raaja U:
2:31 Lol I thought that there was some glitch in my laptop
He scored more Free kicks then Messi and Ronaldo together 😂
an intelligent idiot
an intelligent idiot:
0:39 when i pass my exams without studying
Rafli Haidar
Rafli Haidar:
4:17 Devilish Left Leg.
Mr. Villstein
Mr. Villstein:
Goalkeeper: ( 4:54 ) "Okay the ball went out" one minute after ( 5:01 ) .... WTF
dinuka nuwan
dinuka nuwan:
Roberto, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Adriano..... how many legends they had. But now 🤐🤐
Abhimanyu Rai
Abhimanyu Rai:
200 km/pH power
Not ADO:
2:31 wtf
fachrial talib
fachrial talib:
That last one..even legends like zidane also stunned
DeAd MaN
DeAd MaN:
Some of his freekicks are shown in slow motion but still it looks terrifying.😲😰
He makes free kick a Penalty kick lol
Fredy arnol Pacompia colla
Fredy arnol Pacompia colla:
Eso si es patear carajo desde peru saludos a este grande de la historia roberto carlos
Talented guy. I’m glad I watched many of matches when he was playing. A joy to watch him play.
Mynameis B
Mynameis B:
Roberto carlos vs scott steling :))
Amber Mcjack
Amber Mcjack:
4:18 commentator mocking Carlos approach
4:21 commentator praising the quality goal lol
samsudin ismail
samsudin ismail:
Roberto carlos legend world cup 2002...
masdok budhiarto saja_MBS
masdok budhiarto saja_MBS:
My favorit players on real game and PlayStation 😀👍👍
علي عباس
علي عباس:
*2:30** Gool...........25 Gool* 🌚👍
Maulana D Y
Maulana D Y:
3.55-4.05 impossible corner shoot.Amazing👏👍
seb survey
seb survey:
A free kick by R.Carlos was like a missile shot in full speed. No one dares to block a shot by the cannonball kid. I think the ball itself is afraid of him lol.
korean speak
yeah goalkeeper
Faisal Noyon
Faisal Noyon:
Messi is a player from another planet 😂😁😂😂 😂
Altruistic Egalitarian
Altruistic Egalitarian:
Roberto Carlos had lots of missiles in that left foot of his. ⚽ 👌 ⚽ 👍 ⚽ ✌⚽ 👊
David Lopes
David Lopes:
We all knew what number 1 would be am I right ?
What velocity was the ball travelling at in that first goal?! It's even hauling ass in super slo-mo 😳
Akhel Kapoor
Akhel Kapoor:
if you are not interested in physics and you just break them
03:45 most beautiful goal ever.
Marcin Koryt1908
Marcin Koryt1908:
Maestro!! All Brasil was creazy skills then.
Jim Wekesa
Jim Wekesa:
"Bayhez he was much a spectator as I was"
Siddhesh Khope
Siddhesh Khope:
4:20 magnus effect
I'm A Plant
I'm A Plant:
Throwback when real used to have some Legendary players
Makaveli Balog
Makaveli Balog:
Best left leg in the world 🔥🔥
Auttaporn Saisuwan
Auttaporn Saisuwan:
One player of legend free kick in the world.
Esteban Rojas quiroz
Esteban Rojas quiroz:
Like Roberto Carlos coment Marcelo
LowKey Zamora
LowKey Zamora:
Mans a legend 💯
Frantz Ambroise
Frantz Ambroise:
Roberto Carlos #1
Roberto Rivelino #2
jasdeep kaur
jasdeep kaur:
All time best ever LB ......⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ Roberto Carlos 🏅🏅
Jermaine Sabajo
Jermaine Sabajo:
13:13 FIFA 19 goal keeper dives under the ball
Tio Wenno
Tio Wenno:
My friend always angry me When i pick roberto carlos for free kick 💀
I think his full name is Roberto Bugatti Carlos. 😂😂😂😂
Ulfah Nurkasanah
Ulfah Nurkasanah:
4:27 beautifull
Gian-Carlo Reyes
Gian-Carlo Reyes:
"It's a 30 yd free kick, with a 20 yd run up." Scoffs then praises...
Hercules Skinny
Hercules Skinny:
These days we dont see players of Roberto Carlos caliber. He makes the game look so easy and beautiful when watching from afar.
Even though the game involves a lot of hard work.