Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev speaks out on decision to restrict trading on GameStop and other stocks

Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev joins CNBC to speak with Andrew Ross Sorkin about the commission-free trading app's decision to restrict trading on stocks such as GameStop, AMC and other shares that have been targeted by traders on Reddit. Sign up for a free CNBC Pro trial to watch the full interview:

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Such a BS answer. He might as well be saying "we stopped trading because I have long hair".
Brandon Marriott
Brandon Marriott:
We don’t believe you, evil Keanu Reeves.
Asad Qamar
Asad Qamar:
Just closed my Robinhood account- I will not be dealing with these crooked people again.
Giovanni Galantini
Giovanni Galantini:
OC Vegas Property
OC Vegas Property:
“To be absolutely clear...”. Uh, no, that wasn’t clear at all.
He’s not lying when he says “to protect our customers.” It’s just that his customers aren’t who you think they are.
Sal Andrade
Sal Andrade:
His Billionaire hedge fund guys called him to do this.
He literally killed his company AND risked prison time for this!

I need to know why! Who was he so afraid of that he was willing to do this?
Drew Williamson
Drew Williamson:
“We still had thousands of securities you could buy” - just not the ones that might hurt our daddy
Weird Stuff
Weird Stuff:
Such a corrupt CEO...
Let's sue him to all of his worth.
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium:
This guy is very skilled at talking without actually saying anything.
Corey Butler
Corey Butler:
Whenever someone says "let me be clear," they're about to be super vague and maybe lie a bunch.
Ethan Bergen
Ethan Bergen:
"To be clear, customers could still sell those securities" what you leave out here is that everyone else can still buy them, ie hedge funds, ie market manipulation.
Tim Matt
Tim Matt:
This man needs to be punished accordingly for our loss
Ian A
Ian A:
“Why are you guys restricting trades?”
“The Lakers won the championship last year.”
BS. When the poor lose money, the poor are “irresponsible”. When the rich lose money, the poor are responsible.
Neil D. Adams
Neil D. Adams:
He’s just trying to filibuster his way out of actually answering the question
martell wright
martell wright:
he talked alot but he didn't say nothing. I'm pretty sure he's lying.
Kamal Krishan
Kamal Krishan:
He still thinks his customers are stupid. 😂
Sunny the Great
Sunny the Great:
This guy is just lying straight on your face, and y'all taking it. Delete Robinhood.
This man should be put in jail he was doing insider trading with Citadel.
Me Me
Me Me:
1- say "to be clear";
2 - throw opaque technicalities to your face.
Kadyn X William
Kadyn X William:
This guy literally brought Robin Hood to his knees, a lesson to be learned!
This guy answered none of the questions that were asked
Oakley Chan
Oakley Chan:
Vlad the master of talking and explaining something that doesn’t mean anything.
What happened today was market manipulation. Plain and simple
Stojan Delic
Stojan Delic:
"Thousands of others securities remained tradable " 🤣🤣🤣
Wade Hill
Wade Hill:
"Let me explain how this works." That line you say before you start spitting BS.
Rory Hennessy
Rory Hennessy:
“Is the Apple red or green?”
Josh Lee
Josh Lee:
The more he talks the more he is digging deeper and deeper for his tomb
Zach Trapper
Zach Trapper:
Go to the app store right now and rate them 1 star. Don't let them get away with this. Do your part.
Rob M
Rob M:
Wick-e-pee-dee-uh claims that his parents are Jeffrey E p Stein and M-ax-well. Look it up
Zach Vaughan
Zach Vaughan:
All I want is a decade of the rich having to make “difficult decision”
"We proactively manipulated the market."
Aktien mit Kopf
Aktien mit Kopf:
Just do it southpark style: " we're sorry, sorry, so soooorry."
NAZ NewsDesk
NAZ NewsDesk:
His body language tells the story better than his words can convey the message.
“Stands for everyday investors...” what a blatant lie, he is protecting the financial institutions short selling. Has he ever limited selling driven by short sellers to protect the everyday investors?
Ted Bennett
Ted Bennett:
Kept claiming he "Had" to impose restrictions.... NEVER explained why...
Martha Stewart went to jail, so can this guy.
He sounds like he’s trying to meet the word count on his essay.
In order to protect the firm, which its a Corporation dedicated to sell information to hedge fund corporations, they stop trading on the specific stocks that would impact their customers; meaning the hedge funds. So, that is it, RobinHood it's an app that works for hedge funds anyone not liking to support hedge funds should stop using Robinhood.
Wow! The word “clear” has a new meaning
“Let the people trade” Robinhood
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson:
Yep, throw him and whoever made him do it in jail!!!
Charlie Yang
Charlie Yang:
He's just reading a script written by Citadel.
"This was not done at the direction of any Market Maker"
- No yeah it definitely was !!
They restricted trading on all of my favorite stocks.
Call Me Kinfolk
Call Me Kinfolk:
1:35 He obviously skipped over a paragraph in his script on accident. “Let me explain something...oh yeah, first of all”
Weird how I got ton of rejection of sale when I was trying to sell my stocks on the dips, and I lost money
Mr LightMode
Mr LightMode:
If you're not sure what to believe, just imagine you're interviewing Vlad here for a job opportunity. Would you hire him based on his answers (or lack thereof)?
Brandon Deloney-Fulmer
Brandon Deloney-Fulmer:
As far as I'm concerned this man owes me money!!
That did explain exactly nothing. Thanks for that!
siddharth shah
siddharth shah:
It's gonna go down like House of Cards, even before there is an IPO. I would strongly encourage everyone to move to platforms where such malpractices are avoided. It seems like the House was mad because the odds at the casino were suddenly in favor of the players.
He’s rebranding. New site will be called

“Sheriff of Nottingham”
This interview will definitely be used in legal proceedings against their company. Probably not worth giving this interview at all.
They never prevent retail from buying too high when the Hedge funds are long.............
Nwabuko Lynda Chidinma
Nwabuko Lynda Chidinma:
Now I know the reason why most people tend to recommend this *PROPCYBER* on IG, he's literally the best out there.
Interviewer: "Explain then why did you do this?"
Him: **GULPS**
We stopped doing this because I was told too by the people who run my life!
that big gulp vlad AKA mr. "uh, uhm, uhhhh," does while andrew is asking him all the questions is priceless.
Don Hyon
Don Hyon:
FatSlim Milky
FatSlim Milky:
The name Vlad is a boy's name of Russian origin meaning "to rule". The most famous Vlad was nicknamed "the Impaler." Enough said.
B R:
🐍 🐍 🐍
Jason Cabrera
Jason Cabrera:
This looks like a hostage video by his Wall Street Overlords.

wow, seems like digital scent technology advanced because I can smell the BS through my screen
Dorin Munteanu
Dorin Munteanu:
3:05 weasel words, he is lying right there
He first on the chopping block when we bring out the guillotine, right?
Drew Williamson
Drew Williamson:
We made the decision in the morning - yeah right after a 10 min pump where the HF could load up on more shorts
Kenny Hunter
Kenny Hunter:
Why not limit the buying on all of your securities? If you’re really that concerned lol
Thank you VLAD for “protecting “ me from getting rich 👍🏻👍🏻
Jianxiong Chen
Jianxiong Chen:
Looking forward to a Congress hearing ...
Hɪɢʜᴡᴀʏ Tᴇʀʀᴏʀɪsᴛ
Hɪɢʜᴡᴀʏ Tᴇʀʀᴏʀɪsᴛ:
That’s a great question. When I was once a young boy in Bulgaria…
Had to wait till I was finished eating before watching this dude's face.
KC ConAmore
KC ConAmore:
“Robinhood has been the number one app in App Store overall.” ✨ Let’s change that. ✨
Nicholas Rousseau
Nicholas Rousseau:
In the process of dropping robin hood. All of my friends and family that used the trading app are doing the same. If you're reading this and you use the app, you should probably drop it as well.
Matthew Hopkins
Matthew Hopkins:
We're going to the Moon Vlad, you're going to jail.
Nicolas Leblanc
Nicolas Leblanc:
He’s full of BS, high volume on specific stock doesn’t cause liquidity problems for a brokerage firm, AND only allowing sell doesn’t help, it drives the price down
Keep yappin!
He is straight up lying through his teeth and made no sense
Zeus Eros
Zeus Eros:
Jason Walton
Jason Walton:
"I stopped trading because I don't appreciate laws"
William Smith
William Smith:
I see a solo trip to the golden gate bridge in his future
Jarvis Noronha
Jarvis Noronha:
He is literally reading off his computer.
John doe
John doe:
Let me explain exactly how this works. My honest position and explanation of the current situation when we examine it, leaving aside any sentimental bias, is that the explanation I just provided is reasonable enough to justify my actions.
Did I answer your question?
Nelio Anderson
Nelio Anderson:
We did it to protect our clients by helping them lose money
Mr. Le
Mr. Le:
Watch his interview on CNN with Cuomo, he literally says the exact same things almost word for word, it felt like I was watching the same interview over again. The guy is reading off a script.
Nelson Lu
Nelson Lu:
Next time I lose money on robinhood I’m going to personally email Vlad to send me the money since he’s here to “protect me”
Adam TV
Adam TV:
"Customers could still sell those securities"
David Przenioslo
David Przenioslo:
This would never happen in crypto!
Freddy .O
Freddy .O:
Nope, he is protecting the wrong client, the masses will go somewhere else.
Gus Latino sueco
Gus Latino sueco:
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Walker Smith
Walker Smith:
At 1:30 he is directly asked whether it was about deposits. He could have just "yes" and then explains. The way he tries to go around this question seems really scummy.

At 2:50, he is asked again, and says there was not a liquidity issue. He is using some hard double speak here to not answer these questions in a clear way.

This was not about protecting customers
Minecraft Mike
Minecraft Mike:
Google is deleting negative Robinhood reviews on the play store. They deserve one star for what they did!
John Rockefeller
John Rockefeller:
Nasser Dahmani
Nasser Dahmani:
Protecting your customers from sending GME to the moon 🚀🚀
2021 looking good so far.
A Glamorous BW
A Glamorous BW:
A load of b.s. Glad I bought AMC in bulk before all of this happened.
I will be switching brokers. RH deserves to be hit with a class-action lawsuit.
Chris Whiston
Chris Whiston:
He looks like he’s feeling the heat. Good.