Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev speaks to Cuomo after GameStop stock chaos

CNN's Chris Cuomo speaks with Vlad Tenev, CEO of the stock-trading app Robinhood, after the company barred traders from buying shares of GameStop promoted by WallStreetBets, a popular subreddit for investors.

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Lakers Today
Lakers Today:
He comes off as a huge liar 🤥
When did Kylo Ren become a CEO?
Young Sixty
Young Sixty:
When poor people lose money, the poor people are "irresponsible"
When rich people lose money, the poor people are "responsible".
Best option: drop Robin Hood. This stinks and the CEO is unconvincing.
Generally not a fan of Chris Cuomo, but he hit a home run on this interview. Gotta give him that.
Mr LightMode
Mr LightMode:
The only people that dodge questions as much as Vlad are politicians and druggies.. And I don't trust politicians.
Lazy Shay
Lazy Shay:
When you’re 17 and your mom is asking why your eyes are bloodshot and you smell like weed.
Jay Volk
Jay Volk:
Chris looks pissed every second this guy speaks
Chris Cuomo grilled this fraud.
Robinhood is dead. Trust is everything.
Here’s a quick summary:

It’s all BS.
Green Envy
Green Envy:
The app should be called "Robin."

He's robin everyone.
Bryan WithaY
Bryan WithaY:
Cuomo actually did his job, he's preety good when it doesn't involve his brother.
Ben F
Ben F:
Vlad could host a Ted talk - "How to build a brand in 8 years and destroy it in one day"
Al Farah
Al Farah:
He's telling (THE TRUTH) He's protecting " HIS CUSTOMERS" - Meaning the Hedge Funds
Judson L
Judson L:
"Why'd you do it?"

"Well, I mean... thousands of other stocks are available to freely trade so..."
Digital Asset News
Digital Asset News:
“One of them OWNS a piece of you...” savage.
The Utopitarian
The Utopitarian:
This guy sounds like a complete joke.
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins:
They went from “Robinhood” to robbin the hood real quick!
A Immortals Legacy
A Immortals Legacy:
This guy looks and sounds like a Sophmore trying to explain to his teacher that his dog ate his homework.. smh.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez:
This is why you NEVER let you CEO handle these problems😭 where’s the PR
Jared Moss
Jared Moss:
Robinhood has stopped the buying of a particular stock, but not the selling. This is what market manipulation actually looks like.
"It's not about money, it's about sending a message" - The Dark Knight Joker.
Jonathan Berrios
Jonathan Berrios:
He dodged every question..
Justin M
Justin M:
Chris Cuomo doesn’t fuck around, love it.
Sanc Max
Sanc Max:
He's just repeating his preloaded words over and over again...
Tyler Garrison
Tyler Garrison:
he literally just talked out his ass the whole time. dude is literally shitting a brick right now.
Damn, that guy just killed the “Robinhood” brand completely with his BS trying to spin his way out of being a crook. Good job. Lol
Suleyman Aslan
Suleyman Aslan:
RobinHood Ceo Vlad: "We give the power to small investor"
and the literally take the power away when they and their friends lost the money,
Does anyone remember a Teenage kid killed himself because his robinhood app glitched and show him that he was under thousand of dollars
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Andreas Leonhard
Andreas Leonhard:
Notice how he shakes his head from side to side. According to some experts in lying this is a subconscious move when someone is lying. Your body is basically telling the truth.
Michael sorooshian
Michael sorooshian:
Respect, Cuomo asked way better questions then CNBC
Ultimate SA
Ultimate SA:
“Regulatory requirements” “Financial requirements” WTF is he referring to?
Samantha Sahami
Samantha Sahami:
This “CEO” can’t even lie good! I’m pulling all of my funds out of that app immediately!!
Johnson Fernandez
Johnson Fernandez:
Frankly this video is superb. But cryptocurrency trading requires strategies of an expert to avoid unnecessary losses while trading. Mrs Janet has been my broker and I’m really proud of my financial status right now because of her. She’s really reliable and recommendable.
Undisputed Champ
Undisputed Champ:
The way he is fumbling for words you know he’s lying he definitely stopped it to protect the hedge fund short side
C O:
This is like when the casino loses and they refuse to pay.
Antonio Pillon
Antonio Pillon:
Good job cuomo maybe you’re not that much of a douche after all
"Enable little guys to invest as long as they losing money" :D
At the end it seems Robinhood was just transformed to another vampire sucking blood of poor for the sake of rich!
Troy B
Troy B:
Vlad's life for the next few weeks is to lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, and lie endlessly as he tries to avoid the inevitable legal shitstorm he's in for. The hedgefunds aren't going to come to his rescue, they don't care about him, they'll throw him under the bus when his illegal actions catch up to him.
Aldo Prayoga
Aldo Prayoga:
Every time Vlad Tenev starts saying "Well..." You know he's about to lie.
Thomas Daka
Thomas Daka:
I've never seen BS like this come from a mouth of a CEO lol
Vlad looked one of those guys answering questions on To Catch A Predator...only thing missing here was Chris Hansen asking the questions
SINist3rr_ Dubs
SINist3rr_ Dubs:
He's literally reading something. Watch his eyes move from left to right when the question is being asked
Chris Proft
Chris Proft:
Cuomo didn’t press on his most important question as to why they didn’t restrict selling of the 13 stocks, which would point to the concessions that Robin Hood had to make to the clearing houses to reduce their capital requirement from 3 billion to $700 million.
Paul Obrejan
Paul Obrejan:
Robinhood's downfall at the hands of Gamestop, what a legacy.
Dean Solistino
Dean Solistino:
😂🤣😅😅😅 made him sweat: good one Chris
Chris Voorhies
Chris Voorhies:
He’s a lair. He allowed his investors to get out of a short squeeze for his own interest by stopping buying of the overly shorted stock.
Game is Art
Game is Art:
We all know where he’s gonna end up in a year XDD He probably knows it too
John Root
John Root:
very proud of how he called him out... I mean aggressively called him out. standing up for us small guys.
Gaurav Parmar
Gaurav Parmar:
“When the rich rob the poor, it’s called business. When the poor fight back, it’s called violence.”
- R2D2o
This guy being interviewed on CNN says it all....Fredo isnt even pushing on him that hard
Joris Vander Cammen
Joris Vander Cammen:
How strange that Cuomo never pitches such curveballs to politicians.
JGasPhoto 1
JGasPhoto 1:
I’ll never use the f word in reference to Mr. Cuomo again. They won’t get in trouble but nice that you cornered him.
gop nop
gop nop:
chris is fucking seething during this whole interview and its great
I Have Anxiety
I Have Anxiety:
"We 100% will always protect our customers."

Yeah, protect them from becoming millionaires lmao.
Sticky Kitty
Sticky Kitty:
4:38 Jenny yellen reiceved $810k for a 15min speech
At one of the hedge funds in question not long ago

They are all in This together
Can’t wait for Robin Hood to tank
Benney Chhiba
Benney Chhiba:
He keeps talking about “regulations” and “restrictions” but he won’t say who set them
Z Hi 2
Z Hi 2:
This is the single most infuriating interview I've seen in my life
Ethan Souls
Ethan Souls:
Oh I love how Cuomo is so clued up. Doesn't just follow a script, he brings his own knowledge to the table, which really stumped the CEO.
once upon a dime
once upon a dime:
"we don't wanna restrict buying these stocks"

yeah but... ya did.
Harry Alvarez
Harry Alvarez:
It's amazing, when seeing that conversation you actually wonder which one of them is MORE slimey.
Tama Faiga
Tama Faiga:
First Cuomo interview I loved, I'm surprised. He can go after the bad guy with real gusto
Vlad preparing for the presentation: "financial requirements, protect the customer, meet requirements. Ok I'm ready"
Gunnar Johnson
Gunnar Johnson:
Never thought I’d say this.. but cuomo did a nice job on this interview
And this lady’s and gentlemen is how company’s die overnight
Peter D
Peter D:
When Robin Hood becomes the Sheriff of Nottingham
Wow great job Chris. This is the first time I have ever applauded you. You did awesome man
Charles Miller
Charles Miller:
I love how he won’t answer the question.
InSomnia DrEvil
InSomnia DrEvil:
He ripped the sleezy scammer a new one.
ingrid aria
ingrid aria:
He’s lying. Even his eyebrows are trying to run off his face.
Stuttering and beating around the bush once Cuomo called him out 😂😂
Johnavin Vanover
Johnavin Vanover:
he’s reading from script. LMFAO watch his eyes
Edwin Cipkar
Edwin Cipkar:
Cuomo looks so fed up with him by the end
Mick Marty
Mick Marty:
I've never seen someone back step as quickly as this guy
Juan Argueta
Juan Argueta:
Wow I can’t believe this guy actually did an interview
06 smokes
06 smokes:
See you dorks can do actual news. Thanks for reporting on stuff again guys!
Avinash Alexander
Avinash Alexander:
Wow. Finally a Chris Cuomo video I like. I never thought in my lifetime I would see him ask tough hard questions to the powerful. Maybe we can see a tough interview with the NY Governor also ?
I don't typically like cnn very much but this interview was beautiful 👌
Zanar Aesthetics
Zanar Aesthetics:
Damn, Roasted hard by Cuomo
r rosen
r rosen:
Great Interview!!!
And after more information everywhere I believe Robinhoods action are legitimate.
And Chris, you freaking interpreted this gentleman too much! Just saying.
"We protect our customers by making them lose money" makes perfect sense.

Even if so, how is it even legal to advertise and promise a specific service and then deny it ?
Don't know what to say but it sounds like fraud and scam to me.
Thomas Daka
Thomas Daka:
I've never like CNN much but this is darn good. Keep this up!
David Rogers
David Rogers:
Good interview. Thank you.
Carlo Nyte
Carlo Nyte:
I hope this guy goes to jail.
dakota webb
dakota webb:
Give the interviewer a raise ASAP, he’s asking the real questions and took no shit
cj gore
cj gore:
Every once in awhile cuomo actually does his job
Shah Shah
Shah Shah:
Cant get over the fact he looks like he has a ponytail
Flip Olivier
Flip Olivier:
My first ever liked interview with Cuomo...please keep it up
Chris Barrón
Chris Barrón:
Love how Cuomo is actually grilling this dude instead of letting him spin the story.
Joshua Bergner
Joshua Bergner:
After seeing this interview I couldn't be more excited to watch this dude crumble trying to answer questions before Congress.
The reporter is awesome, he should be in a grilling committee :D
Corrupt Elites
Corrupt Elites:
you know Vlad's lying, his mouth's moving
Professor Who
Professor Who:
They (and Vlad knows which 'they' I mean) got him from the balls ALL the way.
someone you know
someone you know:
Lying through his teeth. Nobody believes a word he said. He’s getting sued big time. Class action here he comes.
Albert Ordonez
Albert Ordonez:
I usually say “fake news” when I comment. However, I applaud Chris for this
Ariel Diaz
Ariel Diaz:
Good stuff Chris 💪🏻
vlad: leaves the house with that name and that hair
other vampires: you know the rest of us are really trying to fit in here
Ali Alkufaishi
Ali Alkufaishi:
Thanks for the grilling.
Young Sixty
Young Sixty:
Wall Street Billionaire Hedge-funds: "Only WE are allowed to manipulate the markets"..
Proud of cnn for the first time ever.