Rocket League® Free To Play Cinematic Trailer

Get ready to TAKE YOUR SHOT, because Rocket League Free to Play begins on September 23. Read more details at

Speed into the high-octane hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem featuring cross-platform play and progression, Challenges, Tournaments, and more! Download and play Rocket League for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and now Epic Games Store!

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Rocket League if it was on Unreal Engine 5
This trailer just made me say “yes this game is free” to a game I’ve been playing for around 4 years.
Jamie McAteer
Jamie McAteer:
Lets be honest, you've watched this more than once
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff:
Veteran Fennec training his new student and friend Octane (Who recently got the game because it went f2p). After training for a bit they get into their first match. Fennec defends and then sets up the ball for his demo'd friend. With 15 seconds left on the clock he exhausts his boost to get to the ball as fast as he can. Dodges the second demo attempt and picks up the mid boost to go for an aerial. Opponent Dominus comes to block but the Fennecs padawan hits him with an airroll scoring the point with less than 10 seconds left.
I love how in the cinematic they still run out of boost
D&D Fitness
D&D Fitness:
This trailer got me hyped for a game I already own
The Stop Motioner
The Stop Motioner:
RTX OFF: actual game
RTX ON: this trailer
Michael Hintz
Michael Hintz:
You need more trailers of rocket league with this feel
cat blitz
cat blitz:
0:28 me when i see a goalkeeper
Yoav Zahavi
Yoav Zahavi:
Hz madmax
Hz madmax:
This was so flipping cool. I mean like this was so well animated and watched this so many times
i wish the trailer was a cinematic version of this is rocket league moment where jstn scores that nutty goal. that would be nuts
psyonix's old trailers seemed more cartoony and fun, and especially rocket league's very first teaser. looking at this is like looking at that one kid at school who used to be a wimp and 5 years later he's got a 6 pack or something.
ALWaleed Hameed
ALWaleed Hameed:
Without this happening, I would've have found my new favorite game after ever since fortnite. Thank you RL!
Can't wait
Is it bad that after 5 years of playing my eyes watered and I got chills watching this. It’s just so cool seeing rocket league become so big and available for anyone to play
logan. Cartwright
logan. Cartwright:
This is probably one of the best cinematic videos for a game I have ever seen. This is literally what the game is, nothing is really fake: and it looks so cool!!
Stevie Rubio
Stevie Rubio:
This is literally the most savage thing ive ever seen in rocket league
zB0LT X3z
zB0LT X3z:
best advertisement on youtube!!! ive watched it 20 times and it hasnt got old. Anyone else agree?????????
The trailer got me hyped for a game i already own.
Commander StarCat
Commander StarCat:
Man, this trailer gave me more appreciation for the game. Been playing about 2 years. Team StarCat for the win!
An octane in a cinematic trailer can freestyle better than almost everyone i know
I am so proud that they made it Free 2 Play! This is one of the best games ever made. Even though it's rated quite high, it's still underrated!
Rafael Velasquez
Rafael Velasquez:
I really cannot stop watching this trailer, is so hype, so nosthalgic and so sentimental at some points... this is really a great trailer.
This trailer is still amazing everytime i watch
ok well done to the marketing and animation teams at rocket league, i dont play games but this trailer is so freaking awesome, the visuals and music gets me so hyped i might actually play this game and its free!!
KevTon 13
KevTon 13:
I remember how whenever there's an event in my old school where we get some goodie activities and one of those activities are video games and this was one of the games that I enjoyed playing.
Caleb Morales
Caleb Morales:
I have been playing this game for so long and I am very happy to see this game grow and become free to play. I am positive that this game will blow up
BRUH. My friend and I were just talking about when Rocket League was going free-to-play LAST NIGHT.
This couldn't be better timing!!
This is probably one of the best rocket league trailers ive seen so far
This clip reminds me about me and my teammate all the time, me as the OG Octane, and him as the new and improved Fennec. Busting our way, setting each other up, and destroying our competition. I think of me and him when I see this video EVERY SINGLE TIME
Thanks to Rocket League, I can spend more time with my friends playing games we love.
The best trailer I have ever seen keep it up! Love this gameee!!!😆
This is a huge change in rocket league. Rocket league is gonna become the big boss now!
Where was the
What a Save!
What a Save!
What a Save!
when the goal was scored?
Ashton Fernandez
Ashton Fernandez:
Damn, their trailers are always so good!
*i never thought it would become free, like what is this Disney magic*

Note: If you see me in game (Akrono.) then hi I guess

1 month in and Gold III Div IV.

too many toxic people.

3 months in and Plat III Div IV

diamonds are tryhards.

Will keep you guys updated


1/18/21 we're back down to Plat III Div IV. Guess we're going to be here for a while...

2/14/21 Sorry for not updating ya'll. I reached an all-time high of Diamond II. Got a bunch of bad teammates and I went back down to Plat III Div II. I grinded and now we're back to Diamond and better than ever. Current rank: Diamond I Div II

2/23/21 2v2s: Diamond I Div III. 1v1s: Diamond II Div II
Not much has happened, still struggling to get out of plat in 3v3, mostly since random teammates are brain dead or ballchase
Imagine Rocket League with rtx on Unreal Engine 5
that would be amazing
Ahmed Elsheikh
Ahmed Elsheikh:
This is from the best trailers I ever saw in my life!
Vengador Fantasma
Vengador Fantasma:
Great Video!!
I think people who bought the game should get something special like a car, wheels or something else. #rocketleague
Synergized Colin
Synergized Colin:
I have been playing this game for years so happy to see it grow
Peter ABDO
Peter ABDO:
I love this trailer it’s amazing rocket league is going free to play
This trailer is so epic I can’t stop watching it
I wish the game actually looked that gorgeous wow
korbinooo Gaming
korbinooo Gaming:
Who else wants the engine sound of that fennec
Ivan Gonzales
Ivan Gonzales:
I got chills every time i see this its soo epic
I dare say this trailer has the special effects better than some movies, it's amazing, I can't believe how awesome it is
Trailer mais épico que eu já vi!
José Camargo
José Camargo:
Playing for years, this was a really new feeling ngl
Nate Eddy
Nate Eddy:
Hello Rocket League I have a suggestion on a new update remember when if you had crates they turned it to the crate name then you would open it and it would give you a blue print from the series how about you bring that back so after a couple games you would get like a players choice blue print. Think that this would change up the game and bring back the spice of crates. Also once you get the blueprint you still need to pay to get the item. Honesty if this can be a update later in the game it is fine I think many people who didn't like the crate to blueprint idea may come back. Please consider adding this to the game! Thanks!
Hassan Al-Haddad
Hassan Al-Haddad:
Tbh I have been playing this game for 3 years and hands down this trailer makes me hype no matter how many times I watch it
Code 0
Code 0:
I played this game when it came out and im happy that people like the game even more now🚗
This is the best game trailer I have ever seen the song is an absolute banger
Harrison Squittieri
Harrison Squittieri:
"Rocket League is going free to play this summer!"

Goes free to play the first day of fall (in most places)
One of THE best trailers for a game.
Rafael Khismatulin
Rafael Khismatulin:
I watch this trailer like 30 times and always goosebumps
Imagine if they showed this trailer in movie theaters.
Love this game, unique and super awesome
Kilo Parsec
Kilo Parsec:
Rocket League Players: they could invest more in the servers.

Psyonix: bring us the disney animators
Jayden Luke
Jayden Luke:
This is one of the best videos on YouTube I have ever seen good job!
Constantin Ciobanu
Constantin Ciobanu:
Who would dislike such a masterpiece of a trailer??
I just started to play it, on switch. What a nice game, and it is free!!!
This is exactly like noob to pro, I love it.

Also I've watched it like 100 times, it's awesome
The FOOD Slayer
The FOOD Slayer:
Say what you want about epic "ruining" the game, THIS IS F*CKING AMAZING!
0:41 This has so much meme potential...
Angel Morgado
Angel Morgado:
As our Legends like us always say:

*To be the best, You have to beat the best*

So for me to finalize with just one question...

How will you Take Your Shot?

these trailers are so much more hype than the old ones
0:51 what it feels like when you jump over the person going 100mph at you for the 10th time that game.
Wahyu Budi
Wahyu Budi:
U know what? Ive been waiting this for years... THANK YOU SO MUCH NOW I CAN PLAY MY DREAM GAME FINALLY BRO
Juan Pinzon
Juan Pinzon:
This was beautiful animating.
kiragawa otasaki
kiragawa otasaki:
i come back here just see the trailer again. i feel hyped once again.
How did they express emotions with a car like when that Octane was watching the Fennec, bro I felt that.
Christiane Pinheiro
Christiane Pinheiro:
this tralier is insane, imagine if this is rlcs
Holly crap that’s an amazing trailer WOW
VG Mystik
VG Mystik:
The animations thou! Great job!
Muhammad Ahmad Raza
Muhammad Ahmad Raza:
Graphics and Physics as in this trailer in real game would be awesome.
caneta cósmica
caneta cósmica:
Esse tralher está show de bola. adorei!
Nathan Fernandes
Nathan Fernandes:
0:20 “when your buddy comes in with the clutch”
Amethyst Music
Amethyst Music:
Ok this is getting out of hans I dont know wether its just me or my game is really laggy in a ranked game and Ive got kicked out nearly 5 times and now I've got banned from matchmaking. I really think this needs to get looked at.
Other than that I adore this game dont stop👍👍👍.
Anthony Joe
Anthony Joe:
Definitely didn’t expect a GRiX x Rocket League collab this year
Moto Woto7
Moto Woto7:
The difference in editing/animation between this and the original rl trailer is insane
Jeremiah Skywalker
Jeremiah Skywalker:
Let's Make the Good Times Roll!
I've lost count how many times I've seen this trailer but man this trailer is LIT!
Best part is this is clearly used with blender. (I also use blender) and just the fact that the grass is better than anything I have ever seen shows good effort and attention to details
niduoe stre
niduoe stre:
Props to whoever made these trailers. Honestly, they’re sick!
Forbidden Karma
Forbidden Karma:
When you hype a game up that’s been released for like 4 years
Imagine if it looked like this on next gen
Anderson Pena
Anderson Pena:
The best trailer in rocket league history
the reason f2p took so long to come out is because they were making this trailer
Cryptonium90 // Alternative Productions
Cryptonium90 // Alternative Productions:
Seeing this remembers me how I lost ALL my common items I bought with the game.
Gab Chan
Gab Chan:
I love how everyone r saying that if the graphics were like that so many people would play, but the fun isnt the graphics, and MANY MANY players would stop playing because their pc arent good enough.
That Peregrine TT on the Orange team is on 🔥🔥. Love that car
Yanic Robertson
Yanic Robertson:
this game is so tuff with the mechanics its unreal but wow so good love the challenge will be playing for a long time
Awesome Sauce Entertainment
Awesome Sauce Entertainment:
“This is LITERALLY the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” - Cris Traeger
Reginald Cox JR
Reginald Cox JR:
Someone imagine this in reality and see if it turns out the way this trailer is
1 year ago, it was released free to play. my fav game now
GhostForceDJ .-.
GhostForceDJ .-.:
Can’t wait to actually looks like this