Roger Federer: 2021 Wimbledon Third Round Win Interview

Roger Federer (CHE) speaks with media following his 2021 Wimbledon third round win.
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39 comentarios:

Pure class from Roger. Doesn't matter to me whether you win or lose any match now, you'll always be the 🐐 for me Roger.
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes:
It amazes me how players of Roger's stature have to recap the match with these interviewers.........good on Rafa, Novak and Serena also. He's one of the most amazing sports champions we've ever ever much appreciation that he has graced our presence...... a timeless genius on the court and a great person from what I've seen.
My goodness! I just love Roger’s candidness in his interviews.
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
The great Federer does need more and more competitive matches to get fully match: fit and sharp. Well done so far, in any case.
Adil Mir
Adil Mir:
With his handskills and tennos IQ and a clever schedule I easily see him play and enjoy himself on the tour and end it at maybe US open/Basel 2022. He might win one, we ll see but in all seriousness, win or lose. Just a pleasire to watch him play.
Johanna Jacoba Van Der Watt
Johanna Jacoba Van Der Watt:
Excellent, congrats Roger 👏
Rizwan Niaz
Rizwan Niaz:
Goodluck Roger for the rest of the campaign!!
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid:
There was a time when Federer had one hand on the Wimbledon trophy before the tournament began. Time waits for nobody. 🤔
Juan A. Matos
Juan A. Matos:
Tennis Channel, please do something about the over-saturated look the players have. They all look pink, and look quite bad. They don't look like that in other interviews, so it's definitely something with the setup.
Michael Milanov
Michael Milanov:
I suggest you work on your color balance for the video - , most of these shows with this background have a red hue in the picture (wall, skin tones especially) - very noticeable and shouldn't be happening for the Tennis Channel :)
R T:
A really quality match .
Both FedEx and Norrie played well.
Federer looked good in the first 2 sets and then dropped his level in the 3rd .
4th set IMO was toe to toe and the difference was who made comparatively less errors .
Fed knows the end is near. But I think he deserves respect. It's a risk to go out with a bang or lose early on. But thats the sport. I think even if he loses the next match, he will always be one of the greatest. He has nothing to prove anymore.
detective rock
detective rock:
❤️ Fed Forever ❤️👍👑🌎
I think it's awesome to see Martina still involved in tennis, whether it's in the commentary booth or on the exhibition court (I saw her live at the 2019 US Open playing a legends women's doubles match, which she won, by the way)! However, I must point out more 2019 history; I was in London for Roger's first match at Wimbledon, and I saw the BBC evening news with Martina reporting on the day's matches. When her co-anchor brought the point to bear that Roger would be vying for his ninth singles title, thereby tying that of Navratilova's, she seemed to balk at that possibility, even to the extent of making the "vampire-repellant" cross fingers, as to ward off the chance that he could equal her record! I know that she did that spur of the moment with a degree of jocundity, but after the letdown he suffered in that year's final, I am curious to know how Martina would feel if he does win his ninth title this year...?!
Life Views
Life Views:
I am curious -- has Roger gotten some hair transplant a bit near the center? It just looks thicker. I think he has done something for sure; coming to tennis -- as much as I would love to see him get to the final -- I think it's going to be hard. Just too many tough players along the way -- but anything is possible and maybe the draw will open up to make it a little less difficult.
Dan de Castro
Dan de Castro:
I wonder if he will follow Martina's path.
When too old for singles, she kept on with doubles until 50 years old :)
Still my fave woman. No disrespect to Serena! I'm older and grew up with Martina :)
Aysegul Cil
Aysegul Cil:
not just focusing on his wonderful talent on tennis, but also intelligent and good person to help early education in Africa. Amazing success in life really. I love Roger - all time best!!
abraham rosales
abraham rosales:
The dude almost called him "Rafa" at the end.
Not good
Stone W
Stone W:
Federer's sponsor is pronounced Uni-Culo in Spanish... LOL
Mean Mister-Mustard
Mean Mister-Mustard:
All Tennis players have very broad shoulders. Is it a prerequisite?
Gerhard Laing
Gerhard Laing:
Lockdowns are the absolute worst. Good luck legend. Me personally hope you get number21
Dimitrije Masic
Dimitrije Masic:
As a Nole fan I would really like for Roger and Novak to go in the final and for us fans to have another classic match!
it's monday, he talks about knee surgery and age, so i am thinking hey how's *Del Potro* doing? checking his ranking. can you effing believe it?? i am not gonna write down his ranking, anybody else can do it. it's disgusting.

Will he come back a 4th time? yes he can. he is still young, 32yrs of age. he's got 8yrs to launch a major comeback like serena clijsters bartoli federer. but realistically speaking, delpo and andy woht be more than a shadow of themselves. it is obvious that they *are* past their primes, nobody is denying that. so why come back at all? nothing else going on in life? neither andy nor delpo would stand a chance against felix sinner and the likes. it's over for the oldies.
Anak Bungsu
Anak Bungsu:
Did Federer drink a bit before the interview? Look at the colour of his face.
covit gegner
covit gegner:
Si Tesoro ❤️
GH Sense
GH Sense:
Because of Novak this guy is gonna play until he's 65
froma happy
froma happy:
The words Federer doesn't want to hear : 40 15
Âdil K
Âdil K:
Color grading is off
Leo Yang
Leo Yang:
Roger speaks like a king, Novak speaks like a professor
Bare Truth
Bare Truth:
How old is Martin? He should be in her 70s. He dresses and looks as manly as ever
IL T 90s
IL T 90s:
Rog getting bagels now.
Bare Truth
Bare Truth:
How old is Martin? He should be in her 70s. He dresses and looks as manly as ever.
Bare Truth
Bare Truth:
How old is Martin? He should be in her 70s. He dresses and looks as manly as ever.
Никола Тесла
Никола Тесла:
40-15 thrilogy
Bare Truth
Bare Truth:
How old is Martin? He should be in her 70s. He dresses and looks as manly as ever
Vincent Gaudré
Vincent Gaudré:
First ! (My comment and roger of course)
As great a legend as Martina is, God she's got a really annoying voice and accent.
I cant listen this Martina, her voice is so annoying. Not to mention the face
Roman Wojciechowski
Roman Wojciechowski:
It's over Roger. If you are fortunate enough to play Novak, he will blow you out, again.