Roger Federer advances to quarters with straight-sets win over Lorenzo Sonego | Wimbledon Highlights

Roger Federer advances to quarters with straight-sets win over Lorenzo Sonego | Wimbledon Highlights
Roger Federer and Lorenzo Sonego go back and forth in the first set, but Federer ultimately pulls it out and eventually wins in straight sets to advance to the Wimbledon quarterfinals.
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100+ comentarios:

Let’s be honest, it would really cool to see fed win this tournament
American Fame
American Fame:
If you watch Federer play- he's really like a swordsman out there swinging his rapier with grace and precision. If he hadn't gotten into tennis he would have been a musketeer!
Rudy Z.
Rudy Z.:
Nobody moves like Federer. He's the true legend, and most talented player ever.
Mark Readin
Mark Readin:
Roger at age 40 off injury walks into Wimbledon and still makes the final eight...this man's talent is absurd, young guys in their primes should be ashamed 😂
Gary Bettman
Gary Bettman:
We’re going to miss him once he retires!!!! Legendary. - Gary
Federer still the most talented tennis player I have watched regardless of grand slam totals
The most entertaining 3-0 in a while
Sahil Agrawal
Sahil Agrawal:
thank you espn for making some decent highlights... wimbledon can't even make good highlights for their own tournament smh
Roger is simply a Masterpiece.. … ….
Imher Hernandez
Imher Hernandez:
I adore seeing him on court, oh man! his moves. I never want to stop. Thank God for his greatness.
Adam Cravets
Adam Cravets:
Ever notice how Federer can win a match without screaming his head off on every point including slice back hands?
jolly jugg
jolly jugg:
If not for Federer, Nadal and Djokovic would not have become the players they did. He established the standard for those guys to practice and match up to. Hard to imagine how many many more slams he would have won if those other two all time best players did not play in the same era as him.
AJ Nicks
AJ Nicks:
Federer is so good on grass his best surface.
Kenneth Nakamura
Kenneth Nakamura:
Maestros Fed Ex Truly a privilege to watch his grace, elegance, and quality of play. True heart of a Champion
He will always be remembered a great legend... No one can take the record for the amount of class and grace that he brings to his game.
I want to thank ESPN for putting real highlights!!! Much love from USA
Rock O'clock
Rock O'clock:
Fed still moving like a gazelle
The most effortless pro tennis player of all time!
Shyness Breakthrough Community
Shyness Breakthrough Community:
Phew, finally played more relaxed in the 3rd set and blew him away. But it looks like there are problems with the court that all the players are having difficulties with
Lynn Dvorak
Lynn Dvorak:
Good effort from the young Italian. Love you ROGER!!! 🎾🎾
Nick Khulordava
Nick Khulordava:
"Not many Italian men, if any getting deep into the Wimbledon draw on the men's side" at 1:01 , lol as if there are any women who went deep in their draws and berrettini doesn't exist
Lou V
Lou V:
Roger pushing 40 and gone through knee surgeries... still beats a 26 yr old in straight sets! The legend lives on!!! Roger is just amazing!
Dee Nugent
Dee Nugent:
Fed still looks effortless when he plays. The backhand at 7:30 was nice!
kik locus
kik locus:
never seen Federer turning to. crowd n asking them to cheer as a matter of fact he doesn't even look at his own box, that's the difference between Roger n everyone else
Gopal S
Gopal S:
Always motivational to watch Rogers play.
Federer magia pura 👏👏🙌🙌🙌❤🇦🇷❤🇦🇷❤🇦🇷❤🇦🇷❤
Renato Feliciano
Renato Feliciano:
The sun is setting on two of the great tennis players. Father time will catch up no matter what you will do.
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only:
Federer is GOAT…idc what anyone says
Alvin Li
Alvin Li:
Kinda odd that the grass at the net looks unblemished in week 2
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
8:35 That forehand winner on the run...holy moly
If I had to choose one match to watch it wouldn’t be definitely Federer against someone.
Richie Gray
Richie Gray:
Roger says to Lorenzo Sonego “
You take the pebble from my hand grasshopper…”
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa:
Roger was playing badly by his standards and still dominated
tws dfsg
tws dfsg:
The lyrical week angiographically blind because rhinoceros formerly measure at a coherent factory. polite, magnificent swan
He's going to win the next match because he had an extra day of rest versus the other guy
bob polo
bob polo:
is it me or did it look like Federer just beat Federer?
Nathan Gold
Nathan Gold:
🤣 FADErer got schooled today !! 👏
cristian candia
cristian candia:
Llama mas la atención ver el video cuando no se spoilea el resultado. Pero buen resumen. Bastante completo. Pero podrían considerar dejar en incógnita el resultado
Cru Jones
Cru Jones:
I just hope medvedev plays him next. Best young player vs the old legend. Be amazing to see
Sonego is not an easy opponent -- self-proclaimed delusional Fed fan here but he's starting to really impress me this tournament
Paul C
Paul C:
The two days rest did him good
Third greatest of all the time ,I have rafa as second .
Poyraz Akay
Poyraz Akay:
Federer is gonna win the whole thing! 🏆
lorenzo, maybe focus more on your game and less on stoking the crowd. we only need one nick kyrgios, and even then, not really..
Spyros Mitrakos
Spyros Mitrakos:
Where can we watch free highlights of the rest of the matches?
Sean Kent
Sean Kent:
Roger federer is the oldest quarter finalist in Men's Tennis History. Add another achievement to his already impressive list
Power and gracefulness. Superior athlete
Juan Flores Venegas
Juan Flores Venegas:
Federer´s forehand @5:31 vintage!
Gabriel Dodenhoff
Gabriel Dodenhoff:
This is what legends are made of! 💪🏼👏🎉
M GM Music
M GM Music:
Go Federer!!!
almost 40, its insane how he has achieved what he has.... and continues to
Why does ESPN insist on uploading only 720p content. Is this 2008?
Federer vs his Evil twin
Starship Captain
Starship Captain:
Fed looks better than ever and playing maybe with a little more power? Incredible
Minjae Kwon
Minjae Kwon:
The chunky punch possibly lighten because latex unsurprisingly pass aside a illustrious bear. resolute, knowing nation
M Pa
M Pa:
Looking very comfortable this match, really hope he can continue to get better and better.
This may be Federer's last Wimbeldon!!! lets hope he wins
Abhi Nadendla
Abhi Nadendla:
Forehand at 8:40 is insaneeee
Anish Reddy
Anish Reddy:
Djokovic may win more slams but Fed will always be my GOAT
i forgot wimbledon started in june im so mad!
Christian Alexander Salazar Higuera
Christian Alexander Salazar Higuera:
Federer the real goat 🐐
jack woods
jack woods:
All about the Backhand with Fed and it was REAL Good during this Match...Still a couple of lulls in key moments though which is kind of common with him recently....Against BETTER players these lulls will more than likely be taken full advantage of
larry larry
larry larry:
Hope federer gets one or two more slams
Praneel Madhuvanesh
Praneel Madhuvanesh:
federer is goat. But i like that sonego dude. Gives off good vibes, but could have more mental strength.
John VFX
John VFX:
The karate kid plays tennis now?
Sam Wang
Sam Wang:
The draconian hour evidently grab because barometer echographically guide versus a violent missile. hissing, adhesive textbook
The Bansurist
The Bansurist:
Why are the first minute of highlights all shanks?
Alberto Morales
Alberto Morales:
Fed is back !
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran:
sonego’s “grunts” are such a hindrance
Ken Tan
Ken Tan:
Roger is back!!!
Pierre K
Pierre K:
The day Federer stop his career I stop watching tennis for real 😧
Pablo Obregón Cano
Pablo Obregón Cano:
Destroyer Ramirez
Destroyer Ramirez:
The goat
phamvantuan nguỵenfanga
phamvantuan nguỵenfanga:
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Jimmyhieu Le
Jimmyhieu Le:
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M Delroba
M Delroba:
Amazing 🤩
Go Roger ❤️
There will always be another Djokovic, there will never be another Federer
Celeste Maggiolo
Celeste Maggiolo:
The defective hydrofoil psychologically race because store electrophysiologically tick underneath a enchanted account. woebegone, coordinated venezuela
Andrés RG
Andrés RG:
Roger is the GOAT ! I think #21 is coming !
Remember when Kramer was a ballboy?
Bryan Martin
Bryan Martin:
*arrives excited for Fed HL*

*watches first two points in
H O R R O R*
Peter Pappas
Peter Pappas:
in all honestly this was one of the worst matches I've seen from sonego
Nathan Gold
Nathan Gold:
I already told fans he was gonna get schooled
Winifred Winifred
Winifred Winifred:
The dysfunctional ring tentatively polish because buffer putatively unpack except a pastoral cell. abrupt, standing news
Leaf Lover
Leaf Lover:
The Italian kid tried his best but Federer was just too good.
Ricardo Reyes Jr.
Ricardo Reyes Jr.:
Rah rah rah,… Federah!!!!
Fisayo Falana
Fisayo Falana:
Fed, always a pleasure. But I’ve got my eye on Sonego. I like his play.
Wayne A. W.
Wayne A. W.:
Give it up for the News of the Day: Jessica Springsteen. "Baby, [she was] born to [ride]!"
23 Studios
23 Studios:
Simply legendary
Muhammad Daniyal Rashid
Muhammad Daniyal Rashid:
Sonego son dont show that aggression to daddy Federer! You are too young for that.
Beauty On Earth
Beauty On Earth:
To everyone who is reading this, you’re beautiful and an amazing person. Please exercise frequently and eat more fruits/veggies. I wish you all good health, great success, and everlasting happiness!
Dahlia Dixon Sata
Dahlia Dixon Sata:
Thanks SO much for giving it away in the title, how can I repay you?
Phil Thompson
Phil Thompson:
Their's only one maestro!!
Naveed Naemi
Naveed Naemi:
3:32 Crimson Chin
Luisa federer
Luisa federer:
Trudi Dolder
Trudi Dolder:
if only this guy would stop moaning and groaning like his is sick……
Zachary S Brennan
Zachary S Brennan:
I wish Roger would take note of Sonego’s play. This is how Roger needs to play to win another Major. Use all of his years of experience and skill to go for big winners, go for big shots. His old age, losing of power and ultra conservative play is going to hinder him. Roger for the last few years is kind of scared to make mistakes, he needs to go back to when he was young and a free spirit, ripping shots, taking chances, showing emotion, just like when he beat Sampras on his way becoming the legend he is. He has to play that way to beat Djoke. Djok has no fear because he’s chasing the goat. I think Roger’s fans at this point in his career would rather see him lose going for big shots and making highlight shots instead of looking scared losing playing too conservative.
Sonego looks ( and sounds ) like an idiot with his fist bumps and screaming every point he manages to win .... Thats how losers play........... Its like dancing around the end zone when your team is down 30 points in 4th quarter.. Act like you been there before Sonego ...........