Roger Federer "I don't try to be on the level of Nadal & Djokovic..." - Geneva 2021 (HD)

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Roger Federer FULL Pre-Tournament Press Conference - Geneva 2021 (HD)

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Stefan Ilic
Stefan Ilic:
Btw Djokovic never said “maybe Roger”. This interviewer is so unprofessional, trying to stir a pot
Hicham Alkhayar
Hicham Alkhayar:
I'm a rafa fan and I really hope that roger get back on track again.. Good luck in geneva maestro
tri adji
tri adji:
i'm Rafa's Fans, hopefully Roger come back soon..
Equals Peace
Equals Peace:
The older i get the more i respect Fed’s game and accomplishments
His level of patience with the same stupid and rude questions over and over about his age and health is astounding.
Čunga Lunga
Čunga Lunga:
i want Rafa to win RG and Fedex to win Wimbledon.
That would be epic.
Im a huge fan of Roger, whether u win/lost, we love you
A Greek Solo
A Greek Solo:
I've never got so many mid roll ads in a SINGLE video.
The Banana Shot
The Banana Shot:
I'm Djoker fan and I really hope Roger can compete at his best again. Definitely, tennis needs him as much as it needs Nole and Rafa.
His press meets are just as artistic as his playing. Worth every single moment watching. And much more.
Anisha k
Anisha k:
I want nole rafa and Roger to play till I can afford to see them win slams live !!!!!!
Kwansik Kim
Kwansik Kim:
He is hedging. I'm sure he tries to reach a level higher, lol.
Ahmed Faseeh
Ahmed Faseeh:
Roger, you are the best. Hope you play another two years with your best level, in top ten level. Goodluck
You see what i did there
You see what i did there:
I think his focus now is to groom his 4 kids to be the next mini rogers and mirkas 😆
What a classy response at the end there. "I understand that you want to write something about it, but you understand me too that I don't want to talk about it."
Yussepi G
Yussepi G:
That last snake didn’t deserve an answer. Federer engaged him to avoid a headline.
marco marco
marco marco:
see guys!humble and hardworking !the only way to succeed!
GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT. That's all I need to say.
j c
j c:
When federer is humble, then he usually came out slaughtering every SINGLE one on tour
Freda Patel
Freda Patel:
Welcome back Roger!!
Nalla Oremor
Nalla Oremor:
That's a humble remarks from Roger, even though we know his achievements in this sport. 🙌 #SaluteToRoger 💪
Hyman Sahak
Hyman Sahak:
Roger has unfinished business at Wimbledon. He needs to gather all his motivation and concentration and skill to show the world once and for all who is the best of all time.
English football 33
English football 33:
Looking by Roger face i will try to suppose he lifted several pounds in his weight during absence from the tour)
mohamed mada
mohamed mada:
all respect to all journalist, but are those the best you got to ask when you have a chance to ask the Maestro ???
Anvi agarwal
Anvi agarwal:
You dont have to Roger, you are greater than them and always will be!
Even when you arent on the field, you'll always remain THE greatest!
Gustavo Bedoya
Gustavo Bedoya:
You'll see, Federer will retire THEN he'll comeback in 2030!!!
George Savvakis
George Savvakis:
I really wish roger starts playing good again. It will be heartbreaking to see andy Murray form
Milo Schouten
Milo Schouten:
Hope federer does well and then retires on a win at Wimbeldon, he deserves some rest =P
Hilmi Firdaus
Hilmi Firdaus:
He had nothing to prove but yet still so humble
Tasnim Mahmud
Tasnim Mahmud:
u gotta feel for roger...i dont think roger can match up to the level of rafa and novak to be honest...please roger,prove me wrong
Christian Mueller
Christian Mueller:
We all know he can still pull it on Gras. He should play at least 2 other Wimbledons.
Eugenia Cantera
Eugenia Cantera:
"Since 98 I have grass on my schedule"... let that sink in. There are professional players out there that hadn't even BORN at that time, and this guy keeps on pushing his own limits and keeps writing the history of this beautiful sport. Amazing.
The only other players in tennis history that have maintained such a high standard of play played a long time ago. Pancho Gonzalez was still good in the late 1960s at around 40 years old and Ken Rosewall could still beat Arthur Ashe when Rosewall was 42 years old. The other one, of course, is Jimmy Connors, who could still perform at a high level at 39. Rod Laver was good in his late 30s as well.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
So glad to see federer great excellent
Player !!!!!!!
sudheer reddy vanga
sudheer reddy vanga:
I too wish hopefully Roger recently recovered from injury all the very best for his future
Aris Omictin
Aris Omictin:
Will be back soon.
Zane Ramjeawan
Zane Ramjeawan:
fed did so well to answer the first question
You are my man Roger God bless you!
He is a legend. Hope he will continue to play and win some more slam.
Ajay Upadhyay
Ajay Upadhyay:
Remember one thing if federer want to play than he can win ...
He know himself very well one knows federer better than himself ..
So figure cross
Nothing impossible...
And I want to think positive..
Federer let's go your true frend always with you matter what happens ...
You are undoubtedly great player ..
And thanks for everything...👍👍
God bless you
Ljiljana Todorović
Ljiljana Todorović:
Great video♥️
Damn I hope he gets a good start today to start with..
West Coast Outdoors
West Coast Outdoors:
You don't suddenly loose your skills when you get a little older. I expect Roger to do well at the highest level.
Canis Africanis
Canis Africanis:
I'm a Rafa and Federer fan. With Djokovich a close second. Great players! Love their attitude. We are privileged to have such players playing on favorite sport.
They ask some stupid questions sometimes, especially the last guy about Sasha
sridhar Gopalakrishnan C
sridhar Gopalakrishnan C:
Iam roger fan federer u r best in big 3 iam tennis fan because of federer your style of play amassing 👍👍👍
Hung Hai La
Hung Hai La:
Hi Tennis Fans, sometime listener could not hear the questions, so i wonder whether you add the Sub for your videos. Thanks & best regards.
World Travel, Culture & Natural Landscapes
World Travel, Culture & Natural Landscapes:
So glad to see Fed, the true Goat, speaking here.
JS Cab
JS Cab:
MASTER !! I hope you can play the last dance this year and win great matches !
Sartaz Aziz
Sartaz Aziz:
I am a Novak fan but I cannot tolerate Roger's decline. He must perform at the highest level for the sake of tennis.
lucas perujo pérez
lucas perujo pérez:
I'm from Spain and Rafa will always be there but I fcking love Roger
Kaiser De Leon
Kaiser De Leon:
Wth happened? So weird seeing roger lose first round
Test G
Test G:
Federer is great, but he's nearly 40 after 2 knee operarions... he wont be back to the highest level - honestly I think he will try one more time at Wimbledon and will call it a day in case of a fail
Ouided DELADJ:
Rafael Nadal love Roger Federer 😍
Relaxed & Motivated !
Relaxed & Motivated !:
All of them have been n°1 at different times, each has something that makes them particular. We should all stop comparing them and just enjoy ALL players, each with his story and way of playing... a tennis fan.
naresh taduri
naresh taduri:
He is like old wine 🍷 it’s getting better with the time
Riley Babkirk
Riley Babkirk:
I'm an Andre Agassi fan and I hope Roger gets his career back on track again
Santhanam C
Santhanam C:
Welcome Federer Best wishes
Blossom Chinaka
Blossom Chinaka:
I Pray You Win 🏆 another Grand Slam Roger! Every Good thing is Possible! 😊🤗👍
J Flow
J Flow:
I am rafa fan. But I really like Novak and of course, Roger. The great trio.
Can't really say the game has moved on form where Feds peak was. I find the drop shots maybe better and more skilled?
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa:
Difference is Federer is an artist, he tries to make every shot look good
Djokovic and Nadal care about only the victory and will hit whatever shot it takes ugly or not to do so.
Federer fan, we know Roger will take some time to get back to his 2019 level where he can compete with and beat Rafa and Nole. We know better than most that you cannot count Federer out.
Prakash Rajamohan
Prakash Rajamohan:
I love Novak, but respect Roger & Rafa. These three are rare breeds. Never going to happen again.
Marcelo Henriquez
Marcelo Henriquez:
Lol I like all of them 🎾💞🛸
Onno Stomp
Onno Stomp:
What a low level of interviewing. You're dealing with tennis pro's so level up the interviewing.
Diego Humanes
Diego Humanes:
If Roger can compete in Wimbledon in his forties would be fantastic. That shows sport is not only for the young. Positive attitude and healthy lifestyle keeps us fit and happy for ages.
Madhav Upadhya
Madhav Upadhya:
Roger is great player no doubt
Pure class
Common Dirtbagz
Common Dirtbagz:
Glad to see support from the rafans. Rafa for French, Roger for wimby 🙏
I was really sad that he didn't win the last Wimbledon, I don't know if he will have another chance, the pandemic has delayed everything and he is almost 40 years old. But who knows the future, maybe he will win.
Doc Y
Doc Y:
Imo he is the best player to ever play the game of tennis regardless of whether he holds the GS record or not. The gracefulness of his strokes, his movement, his precision, but above all, his sportsmanship, generosity and humility don’t have an equal.
Michael Guimond
Michael Guimond:
NaphTube Poetry
NaphTube Poetry:
Anytime, all the time, it's Roger Federer for me. Without him there's no tennis.... But yes, tennis need Nadal as well
Michael Erickson
Michael Erickson:
Rafas my guy but I don't like seeing rodger or nole not at there peak I love when everyones playing good
Rey Lukas Parasi
Rey Lukas Parasi:
Roger will win wimbledon this year #21
your mother
your mother:
such a gentleman
Guillermo Martin
Guillermo Martin:
He will never be at the same level after his vaccine shot...I hope to be wrong
i think it might actually be a crime to misquote people the way you do in your video descriptions
Tennislover999 ?
Tennislover999 ?:
There is no depth anymore in men’s tennis hopefully tiger can get it back and challenge again at least on fast surfaces
Left Behind: Abandoned Not Forgotten
Left Behind: Abandoned Not Forgotten:
I can't see him playing the French Open 2021. He says he will. I think maybe he just wants to play matches. He doesn't think he can go far at French. If there was a grass tournament before the French, then he would be playing that or those. He says, hitting a lot of balls, no matter what surface, is what is best right now. I agree.
reactions 4u
reactions 4u:
need to remember that fed is 5 years older than rafa and Djokovic. nadal will have retired by then. full respect to fed
Yes Djokovic and Nadal are great athletes and yes they may break Roger's records - but no one has more graceful game and class than Roger - and no one can take that away from Roger.
Bitan Mandal
Bitan Mandal:
I'm Rafaan too, but I love this person almost equally, I really hope he plays like in 2017, once again goes to the finals. I can't see him lose in earlier rounds tbh
Virginia knighten
Virginia knighten:
So much respect for wanting to get back on the court...Cheers to Roger!
Andrea Ho
Andrea Ho:
3:50 each day Roger hits the balls more times than food the stupid reporter eats, continuously over a decade. He's too kind to give a gentle answer to such a brainless question.
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk:
Top diplomatic answer from a Clay Court Master indeed! Yes , it's the Fans , the Sponsors & the Media that , many Stars are Superstars today ... without these Supports , many Athletes can perform until they drop & still nobody cares! Thank You So Much Rafael Nadal for reminding us to be Respectful , Appreciative & Staying Humble at All Times , as Everything can be taken away from us just like that in this human World! 🕯🌷🌿
It's like these journalists are trying to prove Naomi's point.
Pat Ka
Pat Ka:
I'm a huge fan of Roger, he will always be number 1 for me then Rafa and then Djokovic but question about Zverev was inappropriate and simply out of place. I hope Roger will manage to play at their level🤞even if not, I will still be watching him. I don’t even want to talk about his retirement 😢
yoperman Garcia
yoperman Garcia:
im a rafa fan but i hope federer win wimbledon if is not rafa at the final
Really gets boring when people say Roger is a legend....what legend !!! The man is a true ICON OF TENNIS...SPORTS...AND ABOVE ALL HUMANITARISIM...END OF !!!!!!!!!!
Hazi Boi
Hazi Boi:
I think roger has to get more games under his belt ! Losing first game in clay not a gud sign. He can still beat most of em ! But he needs more game
Novak Djokovic Tennis Fan
Novak Djokovic Tennis Fan:
Why not on a good day Roger’s FH beats Nadal at RG - Possibly in 2021 QF, See ya.
Physically the level may have gone up but not the mental game
Timothy Mok
Timothy Mok:
Everyone will get old and nobody can be champion forever. I only know that great players like Sampras, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic were brilliant and magnificent in their prime. They will not be forgotten by tennis lovers. So don’t say anything disrespectful to any of these talented players. Though I am a big fan of Sampras and Rafa, I respect the other two players all the same.
Ak Singh
Ak Singh:
You will win Wimbledon 2021 🏆
Diana Higgins
Diana Higgins:
The bumpy run intrahepatically argue because mexico finally provide opposite a colossal maid. light, finicky daniel
The interviewer is so unprofessional
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs:
Why you people arguing always who'a better? Novak, Rodger or Rafa? All 3 are the best of all time. And if you are realistic and neutral (not a fan) in thst case you just cant pick one. Here I just see only fans that are flighting who's the GOAT. So for instance if you"re a Federer fan, in case Novak win next 55 grand slams and 190 masters titules you would still say: Yeah but Rodger is the best.

Sorry thats just your personal taste and opinion and not reallity.
Frederick Luke Sison
Frederick Luke Sison:
Still the very best tennis will ever have.. him and Rafa.. Novak?? Yes he’s probably going to be considered in the triumvirate of the greatests of all time but he got really really good because he played against the fed and nadal..those two were already at a different level, w/o them I don’t think nov would be this good..