Roger Federer Post-Match Interview after beating Djokovic! | Nitto ATP Finals 2019

Federer keepin' it real after beating Djokovic in London ?Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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100+ comentarios:

“i won the match point i guess” goat got jokes too😂
His serve was so sharp tonight that it could have cut diamonds…
Sander E
Sander E:
He almost had to cry? I think because of self-conformation he still can beat at 38 y old one of his 2 biggest rivals. Gives him confidence to compete for more GS-titles in 2020.
Kimberly Hill
Kimberly Hill:
Federer blew him off the court that first set, lights out serving. 23 winners, only 5 errors
Sergio Meza
Sergio Meza:
It looks like he got some kind of closure for that Wimbledon match. And that's okay :')
Sniper: We are the most precise people on earth.
Federer's serve: Hold my beer.
Ting Tong Aj
Ting Tong Aj:
I just want ATPFinal2019 trophy in Federer's Hand
Greatest sportsman of all time. Not more not less.
Maine McEachern
Maine McEachern:
As a Rafa fan, I have no problem admitting that when Roger plays like this - especially, when he serves like this - he is virtually unstoppable on fast hard courts. Novak, the best returner in the world, was totally flummoxed; he couldn’t read Roger’s serve at all. That puts so much pressure on the opponent’s serve, because he HAS to hold serve with so little prospect of being able to break Roger.
Rahul Srinivas
Rahul Srinivas:
0:56 Won the match point I guess 💓💓😂
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma:
Last time I saw Federer so focussed (I mean the point to point mentality) was his SF against Murray at Wimbledon in 2015. Despite his high level, Andy couldn't touch Federer that day. Today it was Novak. Well played Roger. You deserved the win. Congrats Rafa for the World #1.
snehil malav
snehil malav:
anyone from india who loves rogervas much as i do❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mohamad Zakaria
Mohamad Zakaria:
How important can a RR match loss be?
-Attempt for record equalling 6 WTF title dinied.
-Attempt for a record equalling 6th no.1 finish denied.
-Attempt for pushing for most weeks at no.1 denied.
Gabriel Sammarco
Gabriel Sammarco:
Roger G.O.A.T. no words! ...
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
Gratulation Federer you deserve it today from a djokovic fan
Ralf Tschauner
Ralf Tschauner:
I don't like Nole much, but you have to respect his archivements. But Roger has something no one on the circuit has. The interviews, how he plays is special that's why so many kids try to copy him and have him as idok
Have you seen djokovic get dominated this bad in years? Impressive.
roger M
roger M:
Fed has now out played Nole 7 sets in a row. He did everything at Wimbledon short of winning. As an "old man". The G.O.A.T. no question.
james meng
james meng:
as a big rafa fan, i have to admit federer is the GOAT! RAFA as well! thanks Roger do the favor to rafa!
Wariyo Borana In Me
Wariyo Borana In Me:
Ladies and gentlemen please let us just appreciate his #Talent. This guy will play until his 45th. This goat moved like he is 20 years old and what a display. Tnx God for giving us a player like @Rogerfederer
Anthony Hirsch
Anthony Hirsch:
Awesome match by Federer. Avenged the Wimbledon final, now he’s in the semis, and even Nadal won also- he’s year end number one! Great stuff; exciting to see Fed in the semi’s!!
Alex Shill
Alex Shill:
Love him.or.not. he's 38 years old and still the best on his day . He has been a legend for 18 years minimum. #Goat. I feel lucky to have been able 2 appreciate watching him in my era. 👊👊👊
cool chick
cool chick:
Roger looks so happy. I'm happy he's moved on from Wimbledon, that's what champions do. Congrats Roger!!
We LOVE YOU Roger ! Please NEVER retire.
The GOAT is back!
Naveed Ali
Naveed Ali:
Enough love and respect for the GOAT, well done Roger
Novak at 32 is facing a 38 year old past prime Roger.

Fed at 32 had to deal with 26 year old ultra prime Novak.

The difference is a whopping 12 years. That is an entire two generations un tennis.

Tells you who is the GOAT. Case closed.
"I won the match point I guess"

Absolute legend to face his failure and move on, strong!
Wai Lee
Wai Lee:
Redemption from his loss at Wimbledon and done his mate Nadal a favour who now ends the season as the World Number 1
Yusuf Luhar
Yusuf Luhar:
What a super scintillating sexy serving display of full on attacking tennis. Near flawless. When Fed hits less than 10 UE, u know ur in danger. This was him at his almost best. Djokovic didn’t even play bad, he was just overwhelmed by that unworldly display from my sporting hero, Roger Federer. 16 times out of 17, he has come out of the group and into the semis in this tournament.
P Mue
P Mue:
Federer 17th time in London - 16th time in the Semi
Ali Alsinan
Ali Alsinan:
what a freacking humble champion!!! Just a privilege to watch this guy play
Anna Croft: “what did you do differently today?”
Roger: “idk I won the match point I guess?” 😂😂😂
محمد فاروق فؤاد النعيمي
محمد فاروق فؤاد النعيمي:
If any service games are been like Roger's services tonight... I will say that the 1st service and aces are injustice in tennis ! Congrats Roger 👏from a Novak fan.
Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop:
The class on and off the court, the great interviews, the cool persona, the resilience to still be at the top, the way the younger players adore him, and most importantly the WAY he plays the game of tennis with such creativity and finesse make Roger Federer the greatest tennis player of all time. Possibly greatest sportsman of all time.
Replicant Roy
Replicant Roy:
Federer might have saved his weeks at #1 record with this rematch, Nadal will hold the spot at the year's end and who knows what will happen next year.
The GOAT!!!!!!!
Fed scripted it all along! He lost on purpose to Thiem in the first match to hand Novak this thrashing in the most crucial match of the year.
Urias Matheus
Urias Matheus:
Beautiful match GOAT 🤩🤩🇨🇭
Haris Aftab
Haris Aftab:
Boy what a match 😍😘
alan fagan
alan fagan:
Awesome Rog
Hitting the backhand so flat and early that’s new and it seemed to catch Novak out too
Incredible GOAT student of the game still at 38
Mynntic - Gaming
Mynntic - Gaming:
Let’s goooo Roger!!!
Francois Markantoni
Francois Markantoni:
Novak Đoković is the Federer's great obsession.Whe he beats him, he feels like he won the tournament.
lambey 611
lambey 611:
You can tell he was pleased and proud of himself
Awmtea Sailo
Awmtea Sailo:
Hurrrayyyy.. Roger congratulations ❤️ from India. You are always the best ever and ever there is no one like you. Excellent and you are very special... J'taime❤️👏👍
If only had he beaten Djokovic serving at 40-15 back in July...
Cristhine J
Cristhine J:
Well done Roger👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕
Usama Sagheer
Usama Sagheer:
The class, charm, Aura and genius of this man 'Roger Federer' is boundless, is ageless!!! Phenomenal Athlete!!! Love from Pakistan..♥️
John Wood
John Wood:
Roger was playing table tennis on a tennis court!!
His humour is always great. Well done champ 👍
I almost lost my voice in there tonight, incredible atmosphere...
محمود احمد
محمود احمد:
Title no.7 I'm coming
Come on
Cesar gomide
Cesar gomide:
when the GOAT speaks, listen
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh:
I wonder if Federer ever lost to a 38 year old... in straight sets... basically OWNED by a man pushing 40!!! Could someone look that up?
A J:
Well done champ. Also congratulations to Rafa, another champ.
Rahul Srinivas
Rahul Srinivas:
To all those saying Djokovic didn't play well, that's why Federer won. Maybe yes. But Federer has a 23-26 record against Djokovic even though he never really was at his peak while facing Djokovic. Also, Federer has already beaten peak Djokovic in 2011. He doesn't need to prove anything. This match doesn't prove anything for me.
Never underestimate the heart of a champion
Abhay Karkun
Abhay Karkun:
When the interviewer asked him, what did he do different tonight, I just thought in my head that" he won the match point".
He mentioned the same thing. Lol

PS: He gave the best possible wedding gift for Rafa
marc Stauffenberg
marc Stauffenberg:
What an ICON.
Great revenge Roger. Djokovich made Roger to wait after changing room for a purpose trying to show who is the boss but by winning the match Roger showed who is the real boss.
Kamil Malina
Kamil Malina:
Thank you Roger, for helping Rafa with year end Number 1.
Anca Patrascu
Anca Patrascu:
Both last year and this year i bought tickets to see Fed in the first matches of the tournament ... I think i learnt my lesson now.
Zane Atkins
Zane Atkins:
Today is class I wrote a short essay on why he's the greatest athlete of all time and then this happened ♥️
"I won the match point, I guess" haha
Tahmid Saleh Tennis Forum
Tahmid Saleh Tennis Forum:
Incredible performance today
Jignesh Chitroda
Jignesh Chitroda:
Love you my man.
Well he spoiled the year end nb. 1 for novak and kept him from equalling or breaking his record at the WTF and year end nb. 1 finishes. Its got some sting to it. I still would swop that for a wimby title anytime.
But lets hope he can stay in it continue the way he plays
Daniel R.
Daniel R.:
38 year old dominates the so called called 'goat' and almost beats him at Wimbledon. Today he didn't only crush Novak but he also shat on the heads of the pathetic weak era trolls. #REALGOAT
Bilal Ayberk AYDOĞDU
Bilal Ayberk AYDOĞDU:
Vamos FEDAL!
robin kalousek
robin kalousek:
Roger you are the best. Best of luck in semifinals.
I love how Roger is very articulate he praised himself without being so cocky. how come.
viorel maxim crăciunescu
viorel maxim crăciunescu:
Dagoberto Luiz
Dagoberto Luiz:
Federer sem palavras joga muitooo 👏👏👏
Equipment Cement
Equipment Cement:
I watched all related videos about this match many times today. Good to see the rises of the old man, Federer. Come on next rounds!
Explore Theworld2489
Explore Theworld2489:
Fedex !!!
Erica Glynne
Erica Glynne:
The best the greatest of all time
mohammed mechennef
mohammed mechennef:
Congratulations Federer 🇨🇭 🦄🐐🐐🐐🐐
love that guy so much. God bless him! always
Andree Argandona
Andree Argandona:
"Great atmosphere, great opponent". Now that's Federer
Big Three
Big Three:
as a Novak fan I am really happy now Roger won, it made him even more hungry for more
‘I won the match point I guess’ 😂
You lost that heartbreaking final at Wimbledon what did you do differently?? I won the match point
Andy G
Andy G:
Monumentate il più grande uomo di sport della storia!!
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
And who said Federer is done. Awesome job Roger!
John My views
John My views:
Great tennis and win, awesome interview responses
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs:
As always, THE BE(A)ST!!!
Gabriele Barbaro
Gabriele Barbaro:
Thank you Roger 👏👏👏
Saujana Insan
Saujana Insan:
Come on KingFed! 👏👏👏
Rame Shan
Rame Shan:
Wow my Roger ❤️❣️❣️ age 38
Kundan Gurjar
Kundan Gurjar:
*won the match point i guess* took my man long enough to know that
Praveen Jeswani
Praveen Jeswani:
He talked more about the match in Wimbledon than tonight
Hamoudi AL_king
Hamoudi AL_king:
The king
Why he is so good
Ask the roars...!
Mikolaj Nowak
Mikolaj Nowak:
My Roger is Genius.
Viovan Cici
Viovan Cici:
Great Job Federer!!
L B:
That’s a class act FEDERER!
Vado Fusion
Vado Fusion:
Varun Bhagat
Varun Bhagat:
Always has the right words. Champion of champions 👌👍