Roger Federer Press Conference after Round 3 I Roland-Garros 2021

Roger Federer Press Conference after Round 3 I Roland-Garros 2021.
Watch Roger Federer’s reaction after his victory today over Dominik Köpfe in the third round of #RolandGarros 2021.

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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

100+ comentarios:

Siddharth R
Siddharth R:
Playing like this at the age of 39 is astonishing
Mike Brendan
Mike Brendan:
God I hope Roger wins one more Grand Slam
Miatosweet Sosweet
Miatosweet Sosweet:
Lose or win you are the king Roger.
Hafsyar Farkhan
Hafsyar Farkhan:
Phantom Phan
Phantom Phan:
Tennis will never be the same when he retires :(
Jack Cade
Jack Cade:
Dude is through the third round of a major to get in shape!

That's how good he is.
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
Roger, you are an artist. Wow. That slice was crazy.
Bijan Mehrpour
Bijan Mehrpour:
He got his 'RF' logo back from Nike...finally!
Carlos Andres Castro Medina
Carlos Andres Castro Medina:
I'm telling you, nobody ever would've been able to win that match after knee injuries, almost 40 years old and almost not playing for over a year, JUST ROGER FEDERER
Abe Guy
Abe Guy:
Once a Dodger, always a Dodger.
At 34 or 35, joker or nadal don't skip slams after winning 3rd round due to lack of self belief fed knows joker will screw him so he opted to run away.
Good riddance !!
Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal:
Good match, no Rojer? I hope you are trying hard to, eh, meet me in the semifinals. I wish you all the best in this toournament.Thankyouverymuch.
if he feels he doesn't have to play on monday, it's more than okay. Wimby is the goal.
Keep in mind this is at 1 AM after a 4 hour match.
Doug Smith
Doug Smith:
What an insane match
baqer alhob
baqer alhob:
Just mesmerising to watch his movement and attention to 👌 ! Legend
Aymara del Sur
Aymara del Sur:
Well, though it makes me sad the possibility of not seeing you play in RG I totally respect and understand your decision.. Enjoy every set, every point, because we enjoyed them with you, and thank you for that!
Perhaps Roger protecting his legacy by allowing to continue on a fresh player like Berrettini who can take on either Novak and then Rafa? Federer saving himself for Wimbledon?
James Ferdenzi
James Ferdenzi:
GOAT debate aside, there can be no doubt that Federer and Serena Williams are the most important tennis players of the 21st century
I bet that last q was from Ubaldo lol
Vishwajeet Waghmare
Vishwajeet Waghmare:
My man is 39 years old.. 40 in 2 months 😢 I can't take his retirement man it's impossible 😭

Roger you'll always be the greatest ever. 🐐
Jiacheng Lin
Jiacheng Lin:
True legend! So impressive for a player at almost 40 to fight this battle at midnight.
Not Me
Not Me:
Well done Fed. At that age, after the surgeries, with virtually no match play in well over a year, 4R at RG is sensational. Greatest I've seen.
See him withdraw would be very painful ... Oh boy I feel the end is near and that's really heartbreaking, this man is tennis. 🥺 RF1
Ian Rivlin
Ian Rivlin:
Rule No. 1 - never count Federer out.
ugopiccardo ugopiccardo
ugopiccardo ugopiccardo:
this year the tournament's draw it's just unfortunate. berrettini, sinner, musetti, djokovic, nadal, federer all on the same side.
federer is just preparing for grass, and immagine how hard it could be play Berrettini then Djokovic then Nadal at 39. even if he can play another round at high level, he cannot survive the combination of all of this opponent in the same tournament. expecially if the goal is to try win on grass. he must save energy and stay healthy.
quite understandable and reasonable.

I mean the interesting draws are only on one side this year
rahul Sharma
rahul Sharma:
In set no. 3 , I thought that he almost gave up the match and lost interest in it. He was playing so casually. But somehow he got motivation from somewhere and won the match.
Prood to be Swiss with a person like you Roger ! 39 years old and produce a tennis like that. It's the goat imo for more than this. Hope you can go far ! ❤🐐🇨🇭
Whenever Roger asks rhetorically "what do you want to know?", he either tells a lot of doesn't tell anything at all. No in between!
He's definitely a tad pissed at night session ending at 1 in morning and no crowd too (less recovery time and not much meaning to play in such condition). If he would play on Tuesday, I'm sure he could play berrettini but if rg puts him early on Monday he's probably quitting.
Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising:
Bottler. He's absolutely fine,his weakness is his ego and fear of losing.
Ryan Guidry
Ryan Guidry:
I'm a Federer fan but who uses the French Open as a warm up event?
A MaC:
Even Roger was finding the post match interview demanding.
I agree with Naomi Osaka and wish her the best of luck.
I still believe she is the only tennis player, male of female, threatened with disqualification from all 4 grand slams.
Magayane Magayane
Magayane Magayane:
Roger, simply the " GOAT" no more no less!
Sharvaan Sharex
Sharvaan Sharex:
Bit worried for the Berrettini match, his first seeded opponent, but I believe in you, come on Roger!
Anvi agarwal
Anvi agarwal:
Ha! I really want to see some faces of RF haters...
He'll prove to you every time he will step on the court that HE IS THE BEST, AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah:
I guess he should play next game rather than pulling out...coz he only said he needs more matches like these...result wont be bothering him..he should play it...
Brandon Price
Brandon Price:
Let’s go Roger! Never Stop fighting. That’s all we can ask him for.
Roger, you are an inspiration for every young player, for every sports fan. Love you, man.
He won’t play next right und . Risk/reward isn’t there for roger.
Daniel Ramdaia
Daniel Ramdaia:
Roger truly shows what goes behind the beautiful game we see
So sad that eventually he withdrew from the competition.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
All outstading great to deverved such agood form congrat Roger !👏🎾
Raskol Nikov
Raskol Nikov:
He's takin off pressure from himself... Smart dude! ;) Let's go Rodgeuur!
Jd Vanny
Jd Vanny:
What a joke he wins barely then with draws and gives beertinni a walk in the park … he knew this on match point say I can win this but I retire you move on give berintinni the same fight u gave me …idc about your never quit during a match streak ,fed fan now was a fed fan
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
It will take time for Federer to get match: fit and sharp.
Sergiy Popov
Sergiy Popov:
Roger definitely deserved by way of his outstanding career to be able to choose which battle/match to play next.
Andrew Kunaka
Andrew Kunaka:
Pure Genius!!!!!
Nichollo jay Buselak
Nichollo jay Buselak:
I hope Roger will play the 4th round!❤
This is what one of the things I love about Roger - his honesty about his feelings during a match and how he assesses himself, his performance is so refreshing. He is objectively analytical about the entire process. Win or lose he acts the same. Roger is truly an inspiration.
This man here is talking about his struggles and how he overcame them during then match which were obvious and people wonder why he is admired so much ?
This is it!!! Gosh I hope he wins a few more slams. 👍🏽❤️👍🏽
Wilson Mok
Wilson Mok:
The GOAT is back!
So moving. After all you endured. Keeping you in my prayers.
Bishal Neer
Bishal Neer:
Hope Roger plays well in the fourth round!
Dave Sanderson
Dave Sanderson:
"I appreciated that battle".....the whole tone of this press conference is saying that's some match toughness he needed and that's enough for now.
mei redmond
mei redmond:
I think he should withdraw. Getting to the fourth round at age 40 is super impressive and we all know that he won't win RG so there is no point except using all of his energy for a tournament he won't win. It would be wise for him to play in the tournaments where he knows he has a good chance at winning (Wimbledon).
Venkat Sekar
Venkat Sekar:
Roger Federer, I had been watching tennis since 2001 because of your powerful forehand & slicy backhand...Hope RF will continue to challenge Italian
utkarsh akhouri
utkarsh akhouri:
wish i could move like that at 40 with no knee :D
hero one
hero one:
the greatest ever ..
Roger please play the next one 🤞
We need it 💫
Nick Dinsmore
Nick Dinsmore:
there will never be another one like him. God bless you, Roger Federer.
Harun Streams
Harun Streams:
Great tennis 🎾 player of all time
Kaitlyn Oniki
Kaitlyn Oniki:
i love this man
Rohit Yadav
Rohit Yadav:
Absolutely Roger, you are genius. You are my hero. 🤟🤟❤❤🇮🇳
Adegbolade Adebote
Adegbolade Adebote:
If I'm playing well, I'm winning 💪🏾
So it’s set up: Fab Three- Italy 2-1
Nice cap Roger, I ve already bought 2 at Uniqlo🤣👍
Mary Jane Taccad
Mary Jane Taccad:
His age can play so damn great.
Geezzz 4.5 hours till 01:00 am, Gott sei Dank you won Rogieee, keep on and you are really a Genius at work🇨🇭❤️🤗
Jenn L
Jenn L:
Love Roger 🎾♥️♥️♥️ So glad he won But it was a tough match roger is my favourite all time player . Gorgeous handsome beautiful tennis player
Param Dongre
Param Dongre:
HIt's best chops on the court
ends with chop chop
Adrian Saud86
Adrian Saud86:
Eva Archer
Eva Archer:
Congratulations 🎉 on your winning Federer 👍👏👏👏 & for your honest reflection on your self! 👍👍 and since it’s your the player and it’s your health is concern I hope you come out with the right decision. Good luck on your future games if you decided to keep playing 🙏
Tennis A & D
Tennis A & D:
playing at this level at the age of 39 it is an inspiration for every young player, for every sports fan....
3:03 🤣
he lost a few points with me on his decision and let a lot of fans down.
Jack Rony
Jack Rony:
No need to play next round,its a good preparation for grass season
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar:
Federer forever ♥
He said “Berrettini? I don’t know if I am gonna play” ? How is that ?
Johana Kitchen style
Johana Kitchen style:
Djordje Radovanovic
Djordje Radovanovic:
It's not easy to lose against Djokovic better leave tournament ofc ...
Bullduzheri Ks
Bullduzheri Ks:
Go Federer 👌
Sadio Jeep
Sadio Jeep:
Much more important than federer nor a Grand slam wins is that he beats Djokovic again in a Grand slam
Vishanth Divakar
Vishanth Divakar:
At 40 we couldn't even walk fast 😂
Christopher Harijanto
Christopher Harijanto:
Well played for Roger after a tough match against Dominik Koepfer 👏
Wow, he is getting weird on his 'old' days...
George Trevor Tan
George Trevor Tan:
Just came to see the RF logo properly given back to its true owner..
sudharm baxi
sudharm baxi:
Kudos to the high spirit Roger !!

Saying adios after winning the third round game, you are a class apart.
Can someone please tell me where can we watch the full conference?? Thank you
praveen kumar
praveen kumar:
A good move from Roger
Richard's World
Richard's World:
Sadly, age has finally caught up to Roger. He has had so many achievements that he lost his hunger to win.
Meg's Carpentry
Meg's Carpentry:
Thanks for honest.
Yash Malde
Yash Malde:
I will miss his interviews as much as I will miss his game after he decides to hang up his boots❤️
Robert DiNiro
Robert DiNiro:
Jacqueline Toy
Jacqueline Toy:
King Rog always!! Pure class.
Roger wins in the finals and beats Rafa 😊💪
Azyz Ellala
Azyz Ellala:
Come on Roger!
Great match with a great opponent.

Just sad seats...
If he wins another title for wimbledon, he surely announced to retired..
The McGonigle Boxing Podcast
The McGonigle Boxing Podcast:
Come on Fed!
Bala T
Bala T:
Very practical and philosophical as well!!👍🏻😇