Roger Federer Quarter-Final Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021

Eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer faced the media on day nine of The Championships 2021, where he reflected of his quarter-final exit and answered questions on his future...

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Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas:
I've been watching Federer for his entire professional career, and feel sincerely grateful to have witnessed this phenomenal player both live and on the screen.
One of the truly sustaining things about Roger Federer is he handles his losses better than we do :)
At his age, reaching the quarterfinals of a slam and not playing full schedule is an achievement. I mean in reality we all know that he cannot play at his best forever. That 2017 comeback was a surprise and i still hope that he'll surprise us one more time
Romain Nosbaum
Romain Nosbaum:
Classy man, no bitterness, very sincere.
It’s part of the game…
RG 4R, Wimby QF. After 18 months without playing and two knee surgeries. Great results, a top 10 level accomplishment. Sonegos match stated what he’s capable of.
Julian Layton
Julian Layton:
He reaches the Quarter-Finals of Wimbledon at the age of 39 after having surgery and only having a few matches under his belt this season. That's still extraordinary considering how many players fail to get to the QFs at all during their careers. That's no small feat.
Considering his early elimination at Halle, at his age, coming after a long break after nursing an injury, a quarter final run at Wimbledon is indeed a very good achievement. Unfortunately, for a legend like Roger that is looking as a disappointment because his fanatical fans consider him a super human who can perform miracles at will rather than look realistically. Let us appreciate what this man is doing so splendidly well considering both natural and physical challenges and enjoy his aesthetic and effortless tennis as long as it comes because there will not be another Roger.
Brown Potato
Brown Potato:
Roger's self awareness is perfect as always, theres more to being the crowd favourite than just being good.
Elizabeth S. Hunt
Elizabeth S. Hunt:
He's so polite. He always says "hi" back to the journalists. His answers are always complete and comprehensive. A polished gentleman!
Roger Federer... One of the most exceptional players and a shining example of a true sportsman.
Jutta Fitzmaurice
Jutta Fitzmaurice:
What a gentleman. Patiently answering repetitive questions. After watching Roger Federer since his beginnings, he will always be my favourite. At my age, nearly 80, I have seen many good players, but no one else tugs at my heartstrings like he does.
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta:
He made the qf when no. 2 and no. 4 seed couldn’t even make it. He made it to the qf after 2 knee surgeries, after 2 years off the court and after playing only a handful number of matches before coming to the wimbledon. He’ll be back guys even better and stronger.
Charles Mendias
Charles Mendias:
Why retire? He made it to quarterfinals and Zverev, Tsitsipas and Medvedev didn't!
The eloquency of Fed is incredible. The way he goes about explaining the events or the process of what he did, is just fabulous articulation.
Trent Doyle
Trent Doyle:
All class. He has incredible perspective in an obviously disappointing moment.
Bad Biker
Bad Biker:
Win or loss
We don't care, we want Roger to play
Every one will struggle to play, but the way Roger plays like a painting
Love u Roger 😘
Hasan Moudud
Hasan Moudud:
Its just magical to see him playing. Win/loss doesn't matter. He is a champion and he always will be. Love from Bangladesh, love from the bottom of my heart.
How fortunate we are, those of us who have followed Roger's career, and have enjoyed his incalculable contribution to tennis! How many forty-year-olds are able to compete with guys in their early twenties who are rapidly improving, en route to becoming great champions? Roger Federer's long career has been a blessing—to himself, to his family, AND to his fans. If he wants to play a bit more, and he feels like he can be competitive, he ought to keep it going; if he's healthy and he's having fun, why not? The retirement decision will inevitably come, of course, and he'll know for sure when he's ready to move on.
🙏🏻 he carries on. Tennis won’t be the same without him. He will always be my favourite
Rahul v g
Rahul v g:
It's heartbreaking to see him loose in straight sets in the last 19 years . Let's not push him to retirement for this . At this age , his performance is a sheer display of what his class is! He will definitely get back bcz his name is Roger Federer 🙌. Always a class apart ❤️
navin advani
navin advani:
In 1991 when Jimmy Connors reached the QF of the US Open at 39 no one asked him these questions. Let the man be, celebrate what he did and what he has done.
Alex Doe
Alex Doe:
QF was a good achievement for Roger this year after the recovery process. Chin up, Go Roger !
Mahmoud Elkaddour
Mahmoud Elkaddour:
He made it to the final 8,that's legendary in itself.After all the injuries and drama to make it this far is spectacular.Hope he gets Gold in the Olympics if he plays.
Poulomi Sen
Poulomi Sen:
Never expected this but what he has done after the injury is really incredible having all the physical challenges!! Hats off!! And more or less same questions from the journalists and his patience after the upset was another level! I was feeling terrible watching him leaving the centre court before his opponent and literally about to cry but obviously realised he is a human after all !! We all somewhere consider him as a super human and never want him to lose any match!! So yes, he was , he is and he will be always a great human being and the great ambassador for tennis ever!!
The Adventures
The Adventures:
This man made it to quarter finals after a double knee injury. Give him a break he will be back stronger
John Judge
John Judge:
It’s over and he knows it. He’s enjoyed a wonderful career. For him to reach the quarters at 39 is miraculous. He’s got nothing left to prove.
Phyllis M. Abrams
Phyllis M. Abrams:
Such a class act! Always has been, always will be! The younger players who throw tantrums can learn a lot from someone with this much class.
Learn with ESOLARIOUS:
His ability to answer questions so fluently and effortlessly in 3 languages is just as impressive as his accomplishments on court!
He had a bad game players have an off day at times. He got to quarter finals which is impressive. He hasn’t played much he has definitely more in him. He should see how the rest of the year goes
MC Sub
MC Sub:
Roger is still very dangerous opponent for any player, it seems he enjoys playing tennis and every tennis fan should enjoy watching him playing, how many people can reach quarter finals in the Wimbledon at 39? Every match he is achieving new records in that perspective. Always pleasure to watch him play tennis.
A true hero, he stands with strength, calmness and is kind and very respectful, even during his lowest moments.
Hyman Sahak
Hyman Sahak:
The loss today can be explained very simply with one thing: no strength left in the legs. This trickles to slow first step to the ball, slow movement overall, shanking shots all over the place (many unforced errors) because ball is not centered in the middle of the racquet because of being late to the ball, slower first and second serves and no energy all around affecting the mental game also. It’s all related to the legs!!! Those operations and age is really hurting Roger. It’s a miracle he made it to the quarters but he was exposed by a confident strong player.
Victoria Mier
Victoria Mier:
Gracious answers. Love how he says Hi to each journalist with a little smile. Great guy on and off the court.
The Twisted Papads
The Twisted Papads:
He is very elegant, and true sportsman, for someone of his stature, to sit and face the press with such composure, after a straight set loss, wow!
ardiente tatts
ardiente tatts:
Reaching the quarters even far out of his prime !!He looks so good for his age man, hopefully we see him for some more years to come :) :/ xx
Lou Hooper
Lou Hooper:
Love this guy so much. He is Mr Wimbledon and he has always been the come back King. Wimbledon would not be the same without him. Please don't give up gorgeous Roger!
K K:
Roger doesn't have to prove a thing...he is a self made Legend... bravo Roger xo
Just two years ago, the previous Wimbledon at 38 his run was truly spectacular. It's incredible.
Alexander Heyns
Alexander Heyns:
I'm glad he realises how much we love him
He played exceptionally well, considering not playing for such a long time, and at this age. I think if he trains he has one more good Wimbledon in him
ayush kumar
ayush kumar:
Form is temporary, class is permanent 👍👍
Pistol Shrimp Studio
Pistol Shrimp Studio:
It was a tough loss. But, the age is catching up. Yea, nothing lasts forever. As a Djokovic supporter, all the best to this legend. Nothing to say, just a great champion and competitor.
That win from Sonego was a clear testament that at his age he can still do great. This game from Hurkacz was just him not pushing himself too much and that Hurkacz was just too good for him. The tournament schedules has put a big rock on Roger imagine the straight games for 2 weeks and with a knee surgery, its just Roger who can do that. Still BIG BIG RESPECT to him.
Mind destroyed but consciousness still remains the same! What a great man! Just don't go away Roger, please! 😔
Let him play. Why does he need to retire? He's reached the QFs in his first attempt after a year away, two knee surgeries and at 39yrs age! This performance alone shows what he's capable of, had he got more match practise since Sep last year. He had a poor match and just needs to be patient with the body just as his game kept improving with each match both at RG (R4) and here at Wimby (QF)! He clearly has enough skill to play at the top and win.
Best performance for me anyway in answering such a long interview in 3 languages speaking fluently (even if with a charming French accent)... a truly accomplished man!
Sim Being Guan
Sim Being Guan:
Just happy to see Roger play. I can't even imagine tennis without a player l really admire and respect.
making the quarter finals is a huge achievement considering all he’s been through. i really hope he doesn’t retire as he is already playing amazing without being fully recovered.
John Jeffers
John Jeffers:
8:58 there is the *very* good news! With the (pretty grueling) French Open, and the pretty deep Wimbledon run this year, it's very encouraging that his knee is holding up.
MC Sub
MC Sub:
I mean no one is expecting him to top ATP table again and win another grand slam, I just expect him to win his next match or his next set. Nadal wasn't there in the Wimbledon for instance and it is being felt. These are great tennis legends, so let them keep the show going on.
martin cho
martin cho:

Roger said it himself - he did better than he expected and he should be happy he got this far with the preparation that he did.
The pandemic allowed his body to rest - so hopefully he can extend his career 2more years because obviously he can still play at the highest level
We only expect the best, but this is the greatest tennis player of all time - we have constantly been surprised at what this man can do and i believe he has another year or two left at the top
Kathleen Ryan
Kathleen Ryan:
Always a gentleman on and off the court! A pleasure and a privilege to watch him play all these years
A M:
Roger is the legend he always was.
Gary Wright
Gary Wright:
Regardless of where he stands on his career, this man deserves all the plaudits of a phenomenal career. And while I didn’t always root for him he is an icon in the game and perhaps if not the greatest which he may be, certainly more gifted than most any. If he stays around he no doubt can still compete. If not we all I believe will miss him. Like him or not he is a legend. And few if any in this sport or any other wouldn’t say otherwise.
Bishwanath Duttachoudhury
Bishwanath Duttachoudhury:
He has done great at 39 years of age, one can't continue to play at that level forever but this young guy, Hurkaz, is here to stay...
Let's be honest, he did a Good Job. He was out of the tour for 2 years.
Confidence and consistency will bring him back to where he needs to be.. all that talk about him being 40 almost, yes its a factor, but for God sake, he played that incredible final against Djokovic, which he could have won! At almost 38.. those two knee surgeries are no joke!.. I still believe there is some good tennis in him! Will Djokovic surpass him and Nadal, definitely! But for me there is nobody who's game is so enjoyable to watch! And make the most difficult shots look so easy...and is so likeable and down to earth!.. win or lose, once he is gone, he will be missed! And I will be forever grateful for being alive during this phenomenal era of tennis! And following Federer since the end of 04.. and witnessed him playing) and making want to play tennis, and I still do and love it!..
anuja priya
anuja priya:
He was , He is and He will be the Greatest of All Times ♥️
Fluent in three languages as we can see here , amazing person and athlete.
Max Latour
Max Latour:
We can all learn a lot by what Federer is going through in this sport. It’s very relevant to life.
paul aymeric rodrigues
paul aymeric rodrigues:
It doesn't a matter Whether he loses or wins
Federer Forever♥️
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
Even in defeat, Roger is all class. Great Champion. Tennis will not be the same when he decides to retire.
It's been a decade that the press keeps asking Roger about his retirement. The day he finally does, the press will write: "Oh, we couldn't see that coming." RF is still playing at a great level, people are happy to watch him play; we should enjoy it while we have the big three around.
Pgh Nzr
Pgh Nzr:
Every time there’s a question about coming back next year my heart skips! I know retirement is close for him, I’m just not ready for it.
Naman Aggarwal
Naman Aggarwal:
Roger, class act! What composure after the match..
Ganes Shukri
Ganes Shukri:
Simply a class of act, on and off the court. Comeback stronger, Roger!
maria del carmen Quinones
maria del carmen Quinones:
It has been an honor to see how a legend was formed and still have the opportunity to enjoy it. Grande Roger
Matthew Maguire
Matthew Maguire:
I really hope he gets his match fitness back and has another full season to compete again. It is hard to look past how many unforced errors that has creeped into his game though. Is this because of age or lack of games? He was missing so many easy shots regularly game after game and it has been evident in his game all year.
Sunny Ram
Sunny Ram:
For only 10 matches before Wimbledon and almost 40, amAzing result, also knee surgeries, quarterfinal of Wimbledon is remarkable, this would be hard to do for a 20 year old.
João Pedro Haddad Corrêa
João Pedro Haddad Corrêa:
The greatest in my book! #AllezRoger
Domenico Bianchi
Domenico Bianchi:
Incredibile how much insights he can gives in 10 minutes. Goat in and out of the court
SaSa Leung
SaSa Leung:
He’s a legend! My favourite tennis player at all times!!
Vera Lucia Fernandes Loureiro
Vera Lucia Fernandes Loureiro:
Cada derrota sinto uma dor imensa em meu coração. Sua ausência do tênis deixará um grande vazio. Sempre número 01. ❤️❤️
I was sad when he lost like he did but then again making the QF of a major after only playing 8 matches this year including making the QF of Roland Garros, I’d say he did darn great here
Such a great professional and so patient explaining himself straight after a big disappointment. He’s still a top player and so inspiring to watch. After recent knee operations he’s playing it brilliantly. I hope we see much more of him.
Christopher Thorpe
Christopher Thorpe:
Can we acknowledge that quarter finals at 39 years and 11 months = best 8 players in the tournament. That is an INCREDIBLE achievement
Erich Schmidt
Erich Schmidt:
Greatest gentlemen and ambassador of tennis ever!
Cold Winter
Cold Winter:
He is simply incredible, on & off the court. So eloquent, honest & insightful. So professional. He had a bad day at the office. As he ages, we will unfortunately see a few more losing matches, that's just realistic. We are so blessed to have regularly witnessed his greatness for the past 20 years. And from what I hear in this interview, he's not done yet!
Paul Adams
Paul Adams:
One of the most graceful and accomplished athletes of all time. A class act on court and a true gent off it. His seemingly effortless talent is almost matched by the seamless way he converses in multi-languages. A remarkable player facing the unbeatable opponent - old father time!
M rashed
M rashed:
A living LEGEND, simply a MASTER ❤️
E T:
Graceful in defeats as he is when winning.
Konark Aggarwal
Konark Aggarwal:
I feel so bad about Roger giving brutal answers to the conference , he surely didn't deserve such negative outcome
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma:
All the love for this guy ❤️❤️
Come back stronger one last time Roger!
LifeIs Beautiful
LifeIs Beautiful:
Pure class and maturity. Roger is a champion’s champion. Still many wins ahead for this great human!
Pun Ejemja
Pun Ejemja:
He still remains the best tennis player I have ever seen in my life, no matter this defeat. To reach a QF after almost 2 years out at near 40 is mighty impressive. I doubt he will win a slam again and I think he will probably retire this year, but I do not see anyone up and coming and currently playing who comes even close to replicating his elegant play
Koosha Jaferian
Koosha Jaferian:
Hope Roger comes back again ... Today wasn't his day :( Hope for a good performance in the Olympics!
That hurt, but I hope Federer accepts it was always going to be difficult after 18 months at his age to go all the way… especially given how many matches he’s had prior to Wimbledon. Should be proud of his performance. 👑👑👑
Adam Stryker
Adam Stryker:
Roger is one of the greatest ambassadors of the game. Always a class act in spite of the weak questions from the interviewers.
Evan Langley
Evan Langley:
Just a pure class act as always. He will never be replaced for not only being one of the greatest tennis players but simply one of the greatest men..
Munish Yadav
Munish Yadav:
When a champion says it's been hard for him these last few years, it does mean something. 🙏
Tom Clark
Tom Clark:
I think the problem with being an ageing athlete is he cannot play on instinct anymore. Because his reflexes are sadly declining, he has to mentally compensate for being a split second late on every ball, hence why he keeps shanking his forehand and hitting the net so often. That’s mentally exhausting because I don’t think he can flow through points by just trusting his body to make the shot.
I think he needs to build up some more strength in his legs, maybe adapt his style to be even more aggressive. The longer any point went in this tournament, the more vulnerable he looks to making an error
Stephen Bove
Stephen Bove:
Gentleman, sportsman, champion to the end. Thanks Roger!
Shaun S
Shaun S:
What a class act. After a loss like this other "champions" and players walk into these press conferences very defensively and not very nice in their post match interviews. Roger is the epitome of being a professional. Nobody wants to do these press conferences following a loss but he knows its part of his job as a player and an ambassador of the sport. He sits there, not happy but still always respectful even when the questions are hard. Leading by example and that is why he is so loved. A true gentleman #GOAT
George Donaldson
George Donaldson:
Even in defeat RF is a perfect gentleman in his dealings with the press. I hope he can return at a level he's happy with.
Jim Clawley
Jim Clawley:
He’s very honest in terms of what he feels are limits now as opposed to when he was younger. I like that
Logical Thinker
Logical Thinker:
Roger achieved more than he should have! Great effort!!! 👍
hi-dee dee
hi-dee dee:
Classy, self aware, patient with repeating questions...
First class Roger
Garrett Meggs
Garrett Meggs:
Federer has got to play more matches and find his groove. This super-light schedule is not conducive to winning a major, but yet his physical health holds him back. Tough to find the answer here
I never expect him to win Wimbledon after few matchesat RG, a bad result at Halle then a lucky 1st round win here. Props to him for making it this far. I'm not him so if he still enjoy playing, he can do as he please. Turning 40 and still be competitive is just crazy. I don't even think a 250 event would be an easy task for him. If he wants to play in Tokyo and perhaps US open then call it quits, no shame in that. He should be satisfied with the career he had. He achieved only few could.
Legend even in defeat doesn’t disregard hurkaz performance!