Roger Federer Second Round Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021

Roger Federer talks to the media after securing his place in the third round at The Championships 2021 - setting up a clash with Britain's Cameron Norrie...

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Purple Cord
Purple Cord:
Roger looked really good today. He was tensed in the first set but was relaxed throughout the end.
"Maybe they heard of me a little bit more" after being in top 10 for like 20 years lol. downplaying like a legend.
Jack Bravo
Jack Bravo:
Next, we'll start with questions in Chinese, please.
The more one looks at him talk about the sport and play he sounds and looks like a BOSS!! There is something about the way he prepares to serve, no nonsense, no fuss and in a different league!
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
Roger is such a classy Champion.
His confidence is the only thing holding him back!
Ryo Shusuke
Ryo Shusuke:
I grimaced when Ubaldo opened his mouth.
mythbuster man
mythbuster man:
He has some knowledge of the rest of the field and other players.
Andrew Au_Positive Psychology
Andrew Au_Positive Psychology:
I only understood the English part but enjoyed the entire press conference.
Absolute great match from the swiss maestro!
Maria Bernard
Maria Bernard:
The advantage of being Swiss we speak at least 2 or 3,4 languages. It comes in handy 🥰🇨🇭
9:50 Federer really sure about Djokovic getting to the final this year, really sure and taking that funny
Noemi NRV
Noemi NRV:
It's just mesmerizing to listen to RF talking...regardless of the language 🎾🐐🇨🇭🥰❤
Dzenan Hasanic
Dzenan Hasanic:
He knows and everyone knows that when when he’s at top gear it’s “god mode”.
Shanen Ma
Shanen Ma:
Is this the first time people are hearing Roger speak his native language? 😳🙋🏻‍♂️
Josh Joshy
Josh Joshy:
6:55, great comment from Roger on guiding the next-gen players to improve their games
him speaking french fluently is awesome. im german and currently learning french, it's really hard!
We need more questions with Roger in English, pls!!
Broke hottest
Broke hottest:
Someone needs to check those questions before asking the players there are many dumb ones and they're just nice enough to answer them.
Annifrid L
Annifrid L:
I always love how Roger can change from English to Swiss German to French so seamlessly.
akhil s
akhil s:
I don't fear anyone but respect everyone federer d men...❤
Saumitra Roy
Saumitra Roy:
I like how he set the chair just before leaving .Keep going Roger!
jack woods
jack woods:
The Talent...The Success...The Skills...The Look...The Style...The Swag...The IT factor...The ICON...The GOAT...The Fed Express
Karlo Marić
Karlo Marić:
Good match GOAT!
TheTruthWillSetYou Free
TheTruthWillSetYou Free:
21 Minutes in 3 languages. GOAT Mode 🤓
Daniel ;
Daniel ;:
I reckon if he gets into the second week without dropping any more sets, he has a chance for the title. His performance in the 2nd set was much closer to his 2019 self.
Ace Tennis
Ace Tennis:
Always enjoy the way he answered all those questions, so graceful, so calming & yet so humble as ever. For me this is one of the factors why he's the goat 👍🏻
Geoffrey Muller
Geoffrey Muller:
He’s such a classy guy, nobody can replace him .
maestro h
maestro h:
I only speak English and French, I love hearing him effortlessly handle multiple languages like a tennis racquet.
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Awesome game Roger Federer!🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🎾
Such a legend! The best there is in all aspects. I have a feeling he is going to go deep ;). GO ROGER! Komm Jetzt!
James D
James D:
First of all Ubaldo needs to retire, and secondly I'm really loving the fact that the channel is keeping in the native language portions of the press conferences. I can't understand a word of course, but I never understand why they are left out in other tournaments.
Roger ❤️
City Cell
City Cell:
The Best Roger Federrer
Roger is My Great role model..!I celebrate and cheer When he lifts the wimbledon my room walls was pasted with Roger Federer wallpaper.Such a great player Roger federer is..!Lots of love and support to u Roger from India..!
He’s getting better. If he improves he’s in with a slim chance. He’s still not at the level of Novak and Medvedev and a couple of the other top guys but he can’t be written off. I just worry if he faces one of the young guns, it will be too much. If he makes the second week it will be a huge achievement at 39 after such a long time out injured.
The Table
The Table:
Ubaldo asking the rudest questions to Roger and Rafa
Extreme Content
Extreme Content:
Roger is the best
Pure class this man
Frederick York
Frederick York:
How impressive is it that this man can switch from speaking perfect English to speaking perfectly in 4 other languages. This guy is perfection.
Wimbledon uploading matches only 3 mins but press is 21 mins .
Maurizio Bracco
Maurizio Bracco:
Roger sei un grande non preoccuparti di quello che dicono gli altri. Tu rispetto a Nadal e Djokovic sei di un altra generazione e quindi sei il più grande .!!!!!!!!!! Loro non possono paragonarsi a te .
Sammy Al Hashemi
Sammy Al Hashemi:
Man Roger's gotta be a top 3 sports interview, he's so fun to listen to. Normally I kind of tune out of these.
Having grown up playing against Norrie but also having Federer as my favourite player of all time, tennis is going to be the winner on day day for me
Deep thoughts
Deep thoughts:
Bring it 21st Grandslam GOAT u can do it. ❤️💪
detective rock
detective rock:
❤️ Roger always ❤️🌎
Praveen K
Praveen K:
Class as always ❤🙏
Amazing person..!! Amazing talent..!!
Deepak Pancholi
Deepak Pancholi:
Question on booking 😀 I like this thing of England.. feel free to bet
Allan Dacruz
Allan Dacruz:
(S)uperman doesn't come from Krypton, he comes from (S)witzerland, (S)pain and (S)erbia. And (S)cotland. Relax people, they are also the (S)tates and (S)weden.
Great match from the the GOAT
(Bait for toxic nole fans)
Rick Lee
Rick Lee:
As candid and approachable as ever. I am at 18:40 and still enjoying the interview even though I don't speak a word of French.
deepak tomer
deepak tomer:
Even press conference is more pleasing than any other players matches
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish:
He's looking good. Maybe a repeat of 2019 final incoming
Lui Lo
Lui Lo:
Please please let him win. 😊✌️
Christian Tanner
Christian Tanner:
After this match, it's clear the key is for him to go hard early in a set and then serve well.
ah phong
ah phong:
Amazing how Roger can remember match from 2002 played with cilic and the score, played Sampras what year and the score. wow. i bet he remembers all his matches with who the score etc from 2000 onwards.... maybe even in the 1990s ... like GM quoting games from whatever year and the board positions.
Bassline Rally
Bassline Rally:
That was a loaded question about bookies favourite. We don’t do bookies in tennis, we just play tennis 🎾
Avika Teotia
Avika Teotia:
Alex Gabe Ross _A_G_R_
Alex Gabe Ross _A_G_R_:
Роджер Легенда !!! 👍👍👍⭐⭐⭐
Life Views
Life Views:
Federer has a tough draw; third round should be interesting; might go 4-5 -- and hoping he progresses.
Silver Steel
Silver Steel:
Please can someone ask what shampoo and conditioner Rodger uses?
Taller Creatividad
Taller Creatividad:
Doesn't speaking in three languages tired him?
I watched the match in its entirety and Roger’s backhand was very lacking. Gasquet picked up on that almost immediately and directed nearly all of the baseline rallies to Fed’s backhand. He made so many unforced errors on that wing. Luckily, Roger has that deep and low slice to defend with and in some cases, even attack with because of the low-bouncing grass. That’s why this surface really suits Roger’s game. His serve was great, forehand and volleys were good, but that backhand needs to be more consistent and accurate against better players.
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan:
He just came off a win and yet he seemed uneasy. That speaks volumes.

I feel the need to add that he is a living legend for reasons far beyond his tennis results. He is just a very advanced human.
Javier Herrera
Javier Herrera:
Roger sos el mejor !!!
Therockdwarf Mockdwarf
Therockdwarf Mockdwarf:
I know there’s a slim chance of it happening but I hope roger wins both the olympics and Wimbledon. That would be a fantastic ending to a brilliant career
Rupert R Gogoi
Rupert R Gogoi:
Great English speaker. He is too good. In his German mother-tongue though, letter (G) is Nearly always pronounced ("G" as in GOOD OR GREECE). EG. GERMAN native speakers pronounce the name (ROGER) AS (ROG-R Ferer-R) AS IN RO-GRR. Similarly, (ANGELA MERKEL) is pronounced ANGLE-LAA only in German speaking countries. the German purpose of (G) letter is GREAT sound, or Greece sound.
Vignesh Dhakshinamoorthy
Vignesh Dhakshinamoorthy:
Highlights 3 mins
Post match 21 mins
Ryan George Jacobs
Ryan George Jacobs:
Federer's still got it! There's nothing better in sport than watching him at Wimbledon, it's just the best
Sai Sonty
Sai Sonty:
He can beat Djokovic if he plays like he did in the second and third sets!
Alberto GOLLIN
Alberto GOLLIN:
Ubaldo, please, what sort of question was that 🤦🏻‍♂️
Hayden Hunt
Hayden Hunt:
well done andy m
Karan Vinod
Karan Vinod:
That second set was proper Roger Federer. Idk what that first set was though.
Hash R
Hash R:
I don't even know french but I listened to the entire video
G E:
Roger needs better focus. Its hard with four twins. A wife. And an never ending expectations. Give rog a break man.
Federer looking good. When he’s playing like this he can beat anyone including Djokovic.
Sam Phappalapa
Sam Phappalapa:
No distracting grunting, no tantrums, no ego pumping, just beautifully played tennis
Sunrit Roy Karmakar
Sunrit Roy Karmakar:
Ubaldo question was absolutely ridiculous lmao
Shailesh Kamath
Shailesh Kamath:
Every comment section in a Federer video:

Fed fans: oh he's so fantastic, such a class act
Djokovic trolls: fOrTy-fIfTeEn LoL
Cristobal Sanhueza
Cristobal Sanhueza:
when he speaks swiss german does he even breathe? lol
Helen's Take
Helen's Take:
I know they are just trying to get headlines but I wish they wouldn’t ask questions that are just borderline rude or hurtful.
R T:
FedEx looked very scrappy in the majority of the first set , then he just pulled the trigger from the 2nd set onwards .
Mad Traveler
Mad Traveler:
Roger is the king! I traveled in his footsteps across Switzerland before the pandemic and wrote a book about it. It's called Footsteps of Federer: A Fan's Pilgrimage Across 7 Swiss Cantons in 10 Acts. Check it out!
Shamika Soysa
Shamika Soysa:
20 minutes of press conference and only 3 minutes of match highlights in YouTube. Can we have 20 minutes of match highlight, 4 minutes of on-court post match interview and 1 minute of press conference?
Picking up these little chickens the old man can still get through, when someone appears on the other side "decent" let's see!
shikha b
shikha b:
Why is it that the English reporters ask such non technical questions and the real questions are in other langs ☹️
Christian E
Christian E:
Does this channel always have this many interview videos or is this a response to the Osaka drama? Pretty sure most people came here to see match highlights not the players answering obvious questions.
marley Mathers
marley Mathers:
What language was Roger speaking after the English interview at around 10:30? Is it Swiss German, it sounds so different to usual German
Mina Guirguis
Mina Guirguis:
The Italian guy speaking English with Italian flavor
Max's Winnings
Max's Winnings:
One sad day when he’s done. World class act.
Vinoth V
Vinoth V:
Federer shouldn't be relying too much on crowd support while playing local guy Norrie. Instead he can trust his game. After all, his rival Djokovic wins matches even when the crowd is against him every time.
Fhe Liza
Fhe Liza:
José Basterrica
José Basterrica:
Va a ganar Wimbledon con 40 años porque es un semidiós
Bhuvanesh 01
Bhuvanesh 01:
Give us a caption for non-English language Wimbledon...
Sampras went for his 8th title when he was beaten in that classic QF 2001. How could Fed forgot about that? He doubt if Pistol have 6 or 7 titles? Or did Fed think Pistol won his 7th title in a later wimbledon event??

Or maybe it’s just me being a tennis stats nerd?

Anyway, Fed is always a class act as always.
Emmy Elijah
Emmy Elijah:
He knows he might have a Sampras end-of-an-era moment anytime now.
ohm prakash
ohm prakash:
Gina C.
Gina C.:
No highlights for North American audiences?!
Declan Simard
Declan Simard:
Roger vs Novak reminds me a lot of Albus Dumbledore vs Lord Voldemort