Roger Federer Speaks French - Roland Garros 2021 (HD)

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Roger Federer Press Conference After Match vs Istomin - Roland Garros 2021 (HD)

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Simeon Tennis
Simeon Tennis:
I love when he does press conferences in French. I am fluent in French, and to me, he speaks a lot more directly in French and doesn't hold back his words as he does in English. He said: "J'en ai marre des entraînements" basically meaning: "I'm sick of training sessions (I want to play matches)". He sounds like more like a bad boy in French. In English, he's too nice 😂
Robert Rijks
Robert Rijks:
When Roger speaks french, you listen.
Translation (bit long)
0:01 - Q1 "Roger, did you reassure yourself today ? You had only played 3 matches since coming back in March, one of them on clay which you lost. So were you asking yourself many questions coming into RG or were you confident and are you reassured today ?"
RF : "I felt rather confident these last 3, 4 days. In Geneva, when I practiced with McDonald and twice with Monfils, I noticed : it's not simple playing in Geneva. The ball flies off quickly, it's hard to find rhythm. Today we saw that if you play coming forward, serve well, if the weather's nice, you can keep the rallies short. Maybe because I'm from the 90s, we're used to clay being slow, rallies being slow. But if we look at the stats in Doha, the rallies lasted longer. They played in Chile and it was quicker which is crazy [not sure about the translation of this bit] because you can use the kick, dropshots, you can shorten rallies as long as you don't play Rafa or Novak who have insane defence. It does feel nice to win again, you need to win to reassure yourself, not to play well in practice. To be honest, I'm sick of practice, I've done enough of it and I know how to handle it. I need matches to prove myself I play well. And I did today, I'm very satisfied."
2:00 - Q2 : "Can you tell us about the match, what you're pleased about ? And how you miss your family, not having them in the stadium ?"
RF : "I was happy about starting the match very well, it gave me some... some air, I felt I was quickly controlling things, that I could win points in many different ways. Then you can have fun, play at the net, serve and volley, dropshots, take some risks now and then, play short or make rallies longer, I could choose anything. That's why I think the opponent was ideal for a 1st round, I know the second one will be totally different. I don't think he had break points, I served well especially in the first set, I was very focused, that's something that worked well for me in Doha and Geneva, and it still does here in Paris. Of course, I miss my family, but I also know that if I lose early, I go back home immediately again, so it's fine. But if I look to the close future, with Wimbledon and maybe Tokyo, it's true there's a lot less family than usual for me, but I don't want to think about it for now. I have them on the phone several times everyday, so at the moment I'm doing very well."
3:41 - Q3 : "About Cilic, do you have thoughts on him ? He's not the Cilic we used to know"
RF : "Honestly, I haven't watched him play these last few years, I just know he's been struggling. I practiced with him in Geneva, and I saw the old Cilic I used to know, hitting forehands and backhands winners left and right. I watched him a little against Stricker, and he played safer which is normal in an actual match. I don't know if right now he's struggling about how agressive he wants to play and dictate the game without doing too many unforced errors. I'm delighted to face him, I don't know the score but he must be winning if you say that. I prefer playing against someone I know, like in Round 1."
JuAn MarroquIn
JuAn MarroquIn:
ich verstehe nicht french sprache aber glückwunsch Roger für heute sieg 🙌
For those who don’t speak French, he said: je suis content de mon niveau de jeu, je suis rentré vite dans le match, je préfère jouer des joueurs que je connais alors jouer contre Cilic me va très bien..
gerald aruna
gerald aruna:
Great Roger hope you go that far in the tournament.
So what's the conclusion? Are we still allowed to call it French Fries?
Gold Roger
Gold Roger:
J'aime la suisse, j'aime Losanne j'aime Genève j'aime federer
French is such a beautiful and satisfying language
Roger the légend maestro ❤️🙏
Hiroki Mori
Hiroki Mori:
Spanish, Rafa! He's already learned much from you playing on clay. Show him more! Fácil, verdad?
He seems different when he speaks French, and I love this 😆 it’s been years since I last heard him speaking French
Kurt Hannemann
Kurt Hannemann:
I admire these players on so many levels. Learning 3-4 languages in their off time just to do interviews.
iG W
iG W:
1:30 .. 'Si tu joues pas contres Novak our RAfa qui defendent comme des dingues' lol
Benjamin Ricart
Benjamin Ricart:
Cette homme est juste extraordinaire,iconique franchement
mohlodi tshimollo
mohlodi tshimollo:
This guy is good, very good indeed 🙏🏽
Serge Grattu
Serge Grattu:
Quel bonheur ce gars!! Surdoué et adorable. Rare de nos jours.
Pranav Bhatt
Pranav Bhatt:
Want to see one more time , Rafa vs Roger in Final ..
German, French and Italian are offical languages of Switzerland. We know already he speaks french, plus english too.
Freda Patel
Freda Patel:
Wow, not only great at tennis but speaks how many languages?? Congratulations.
Hi. NOT a Roger fan here. But let me tell you something.
Nobody here seems to understand that being born in Switzerland you DON'T automatically learn 3 languages. You speak just the one of the area you were born in. In his case, Swiss German (Schwiizerdütsch). So props to him for being so fluent in French (Basel is literally on the border with France, which obviously helps). He doesn't speak Italian at all, in case you are wondering.
1:42 J'en ai marre d'entraînement (I'm sick of training), lol
Ruben Kogel
Ruben Kogel:
Belle conference de presse. Qui a dit que cetait superflu ?
Voila le représentant français au 3ème tour !
I'm so jealous of (Mirka) Roger's ability to speak at least 4 languages so beautifully.
Ayush Bengani
Ayush Bengani:
He sounds the best in German. Because he absuses/shouts naturally only in German. 😅
luz mesa
luz mesa:
Pretty nice ...Mr Roger speakung several lenguages...
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Roger Speak french wow ! Really great
Харниса Джалилова
Харниса Джалилова:
Благородный теннисист
Федерер!!! Обчзательно будет
В финале.........!!!
Будьте здоровы!!!
Gregory Mgm
Gregory Mgm:
Outstanding champion. Always humble, no matter what languages he speaks in. English absolutely great and so is his French. On the court he flies and that's why he is the most thrilling player to watch on the tour.
branka perisic
branka perisic:
It's so normal.He lives in Switzeland and one od formal languages is French.He speaks german olso.
J'avoue que les sous titre anglais aurait été utile pour les gens qui ne parlent pas français mais sinon vive Roger 🔥🎾 (la team pro federer je vous kiffe, on est ensemble❤️)
Dan de Castro
Dan de Castro:
I speak his languages too. I lived a long time in Chiasso. (Switzerland, border with Como, Italy) ANYWAY, not a criticism at all, just wanna share this: his most Fluent is German. THEN English, then French. Surprisingly :)
hafiz yusof
hafiz yusof:
how many languages he can speak actually lol same like wawrinka guyss,its sooo cool!
Maddox Mortenson
Maddox Mortenson:
I think Roger is the best player ever, but I have to say, his English is terrible. I couldn't understand a word of this.
Roger i love you
Is there anything he can't do?
halim othman
halim othman:
What a guy
Tao Paille-Paille
Tao Paille-Paille:
why he does not have a uniqlo t-shirt?
Bernadette Jupille
Bernadette Jupille:
Que de polémiques pour Roger car il a arrêté le tournoi ...mais il n a pas été le seul si vous suivez bien ..lui qui n a pas joue pendant 1 an super résultat il a le droit de se préserver ... toujours juge lassant ...bon courage à toi Roger pour la suite tu n a plus rien à prouvé tu es un grand ...dans tout le sens du mot beaucoup de bonheur avec ta famille très important
pure babolat striker tennis
pure babolat striker tennis:
Roger Federer speaks french : da...
Pavel Claudio Patino
Pavel Claudio Patino:
Well, maybe because its one of the languages spoken in his country.
kiki Anne
kiki Anne:
Being swiss isn't Roger first language French? If it is then what's the big deal. It's like saying Nadal speaks great Spanish!!!!!!!
What language is even his native? French? Or German? Or Swiss dialect?
Luca Melchiorri
Luca Melchiorri:
Someone can translate?
stefano ciampichetti
stefano ciampichetti:
Sponsered by NIKE again?? Oh wait...LIKE...
Ujjwal Mukherjee
Ujjwal Mukherjee:
English please!!
Gerhard Kutt
Gerhard Kutt:
French, German, Schweitzer Deutsch, English, Italian? Spanish?
On dirait que RF n'a pas beaucoup parlé français ces derniers temps... 😅
Heureux de le voir à RG. 😉
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar:
English ??
HA HA HA! What a stupid title! Isn't it normal to speak one of the official languages of the country you are from????? It's like saying: Serena Williams speaking English at the US Open! Come on, guys. He is moving and everyone is fainting! He is wonderful but everything about him is exaggerated! For years, now. Enough is enough!
Ousman Kanté
Ousman Kanté:
i will translate for y,all he insulted novak and rafa by telling they are crazy ooooops