Roger Federer "The toughest challenge is to play against Djokovic..." - London 2019 (HD)

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Roger Federer FULL Press Conference After Match vs Dominic Thiem - London 2019 (HD)

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50 comentarios:

This guy is 38, he is still among the top 3, never mind top 10.
Why would you even think about retirement when the fresh young bodies still can’t take your spot in the top 3 ??!
I mean he can still up the number of semi-finals played (at least) at slams. Most players retired at 10 years younger than Roger, this guy is still a favourite to win tournaments, period.
Keep going Roger!
Lalit Gour
Lalit Gour:
Come on rojer U can do it.
"hi federer" ????
Do these journalists not know the players first names or something...?
Svetlana R
Svetlana R:
Новак je најбољи!
George L
George L:
4:03 😂😂😂
Dislike because the Caption wasn't found in the video of what the heading Stated of what Roger said....
Aleksandar Milovanovic
Aleksandar Milovanovic:
Its a bit shameful how you guys Click-bait, and make us watch 10 minutes videos to finally get to what we want to hear
vladimir panic
vladimir panic:
that italian guy is back lol ... Not too bad, he sounds so out of breath . Would be so hard to concentrate with him asking you his questions....
tomo kawai
tomo kawai:
First screen perfection.🙇
Lazar Legenda
Lazar Legenda:
Novak Djoković Legenda 💪🏼🇷🇸❤
tashi palden
tashi palden:
Whatever only fed and rafa can return wawarinka backhand. Hats off fed and rafa 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Montes Marcelo
Montes Marcelo:
Do this guys think the questions through before they ask the players??? 🤦🏽‍♂️
Vladimir Nikolic
Vladimir Nikolic:
Still thinking about that Wimbledon final...
Mohammad Hoque
Mohammad Hoque:
RF have more than enough skill to beat ND. But he doesn't have mental resilience to beat ND. In critical moments it is certainly a tough job to pierce ND mental toughness. If he can play free of mind, yes he can beat ND. It will be mental battle rather than physical for him.
No, that's the easy part!
The toughest challenge is to beat him.
Don't worry Roger. We are with you.
Kay Waters
Kay Waters:
Emmy Zia
Emmy Zia:
This Italian "journalist" should go home
Where is that moment? Cant find it?
But Novak keep going 😘😘🥰🥰🥰💫💫💫💫🌬️🌬️
Novak all The way!!!!!
Ethan David Richards
Ethan David Richards:
He said dominic
Κρίστη Μελάνου
Κρίστη Μελάνου:
I am a huge Novak's fan but Federer is a legend.I think that the last years he learnt to respect Novak and it's been really difficult for Roger to play him.
Katerina Luna diCamella
Katerina Luna diCamella:
be humble ~
Sander E
Sander E:
He is getting old and with this short haircut it doesnt make him more handsome. But I will always appreciate him.
Viovan Cici
Viovan Cici:
Federer is GOAT now and Fedrever!!!!!!!!
3 Minute Poetry Analysis
3 Minute Poetry Analysis:
It is clear that reporters don't know much about tennis.
"Hi Federer"
Maung Maung Myo Thwin
Maung Maung Myo Thwin:
Yahoo! Roger will bt Novak!
tashi palden
tashi palden:
Whatever only fed and rafa can return wawarinka backhand. Hats off fed and rafa 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️....
Bassline Rally
Bassline Rally:
The Djoker not being the easiest opponent over the years! What! Fed responds: I’m ready to destroy anyone on Court, don’t care who they are. Go Roger!
Daniel Lynch
Daniel Lynch:
why are the questions they ask so arbetrary they are not even asking anything worthwhile to hear "how do you make sure you are healthy and fit for your next matches" like that doesnt even matter and we all already would have Guessed so easily how. like is there a gain to ask such a question nvm all the other ones that dont really matter to any news outlet
henri richter-werner
henri richter-werner:
The Italian so called journalist makes me write a comment every single solitary time. For crying out loud please have him do something else around the courts and please do not allow him to ask questions. He is cringeworthy!!! No one really understands what he is trying to ask anyway and if he manages to put a sentence together every single player rolls his eyes that flash Oh My God this Guy Yet Again! Embarrassing.
Goran Mihailovic
Goran Mihailovic:
Novak is GOAT..😊🇷🇸
So sad about Roger😞
Harunchie ski
Harunchie ski:
40-15 Wimbledon memories must be horrible for fed Lol 😂
El Tigre
El Tigre:
That statement means that Djokovic is the GOAT 👑. And indeed it is.
Ong Djafe Badi Voc
Ong Djafe Badi Voc:
Arrogant as always !!
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
Roger hate Novak that much he is always cold in answers to Ubaldo Scagnatta coz he knows Ubaldo likes Novak a lot
Bachir Saib
Bachir Saib:
Prends ta retraite et laisse nous tranquille
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis:
I love that Djokovic nightmare rooaaar thumbnail. Chokerer probably is having nightmares with that screaming face staring at him.
Sonny Santino
Sonny Santino:
Roger will always be GOAT! Novak will never break all of Rogers's records.
Sonny Santino
Sonny Santino:
Thiem is Goat! (I just disregard statistics, results and facts). In that way I'm same like Nole fans! Calling Nole the GOAT is not just wrong but its outright stupid.
Sonny Santino
Sonny Santino:
Nole is now in 3rd place in history in tennis (behind Nadal and Roger). So how anyone even dare call Nole GOAT???
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis:
Yes...You acknowledge that Djokovic is the GOAT.
That's why you and Kneedull avoid him, just like the D#vil avoids the Cross.
You have no guts to face him.
Mr. 40-15 Chokerer.
Djokovic fans are pathetic.
Sonny Santino
Sonny Santino:
Can you guys imagine Roger making these kind of videos and putting them on his YouTube Channel and calling them " The toughest thing to beat is my Grand Slam record or toughest thing to beat is my number of weeks as world nr 1! Unfortunately Nole is fantastic tennis player but absolutely no class or character of court.These videos titled in this way just prove that. Can't buy class Nole, however hard you try.
SivaKumar Sundaraj
SivaKumar Sundaraj:
Novak can't beat Roger and Rafa Record...because he will eventually die in plane crash...😂😂