Roger Federer Third Round Press Conference | Wimbledon 2021

After securing a safe passage into the fourth round with a win over Cam Norrie, Roger Federer faces the media at The Championships 2021...

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Sagi Ezov
Sagi Ezov:
Roger has been playing professional tennis for 23 years. He has probably given over 1000 press conferences. Yet he still comes with a smile every time, answers every question kindly and friendly. That's admirable.
Pgh Nzr
Pgh Nzr:
I'm just very happy to be among the generation who is a witness to Roger's greatness.
Charles Mendias
Charles Mendias:
It's amazing how Federer can analyze his game as he is playing in real time.
Christian Mueller
Christian Mueller:
Unbelievable accomplishement after 2 surgeries and only 10 matches in 19 months approaching 40 years. Roger should play next year here, too!
Jean Carlos Berasgoico
Jean Carlos Berasgoico:
The second question he was asked is incredible. Best question of the entire interview. Fantastic response & all class from Roger. Amazing ambassador for the sport of Tennis!!
Jack Bravo
Jack Bravo:
Roger looked like what he was and had been in the old days. Good for him.
Ian Rivlin
Ian Rivlin:
I'm just about as impressed with his multilingual capabilities as with his tennis.
Jack Bravo
Jack Bravo:
Looks like Roger's rhythm is back. Go Roger, keep that momentum going.
To an American who speaks only one language fluently, hearing him address a press conference in four languages effortlessly is as impressive as watching his tennis.
MC Sub
MC Sub:
we remember Agassi, Sampras, Edberg, Becker, Lendl all the legends but today we rarely talk about them because we now have Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray

Then next generations will remember today's legends but they won't talk about them as much because new superstars will arise,

But I don't believe there will be a player who will play like Federer, his style is unique.
jagadish pallagani
jagadish pallagani:
I haven't seen such a passionate person in any sport
As wished & expected by Roger himself his form has peaked just in the nick of time. However, ahead lies a greatest challenge so far in the form of Eastbourne Finalist Sonego. If Federer doesn't rush the things & play consistent tennis, Sonego will be eliminated too...!! Patience & belief are the two keys for Federer at his latest comeback trail...☝🏻
Overall good match today.. of course with a bad phase that came towards the end of 3rd set and then a bit in 4th..but the game looked solid..not going too far,one game at a time... let's go Roger💪🏻❤️
Jeevish Jindal
Jeevish Jindal:
He is getting there match by match ❤
what a class act!
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
Roger for the win 🏆…:: I totally 💯 want him to win this !! Not Novak ! Though I’m a fan of his somewhat but Roger’s game is a joy and delight ! Roger for the win 🏆
Jacques Coderre
Jacques Coderre:
Cet homme est incroyable dans ses accomplissements sportifs, En plus d’une intelligence hors du commun : Roger restera toujours the GOAT : greatest of all time. Indubitablement il est mon Héros.
Astonishing to watch this class act, an absolute pleasure always to listen to. Great perspective and glad he is finding his Tranquility now… :)
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott:
Lovely human being....superb shirt tearing, no face pulling.....just lovely to watch...
I like Djoker... that said, I cannot be happier to have had the opportunity to witness the greatest generation in tennis's history
Jack Bravo
Jack Bravo:
Roger forever, forever Federer!!
Katy Engineer
Katy Engineer:
Hope he wins Wimbledon his 21st grand slam.
When asked about Djoko he was such a gentleman!!! Love this quality that Rog has
Sai Sonty
Sai Sonty:
Getting closer to the final! Let’s hope he wins! (Hopefully he can improve and get past Djokovic!)
Angela Vaz
Angela Vaz:
hope Roger to win 21st slam
roger M
roger M:
It feels to me like number 9 and number 21 is coming in another week. I think he is relishing another match here with Nole after 2019. I can hardly wait. I am glad Federer seems to have the extraordinary ability to stay in the present and take each match as it comes. Because playing and beating Nole here, I am sure will feel so good.
Rogers responses are very much from the heart... genuine appreciation for his fellow players and offers eloquent answers .. such a genuine gentleman..
Stevan Jovicevic
Stevan Jovicevic:
I don't know if this is only my impression, but Roger seems very reserved and, in a way, sad during this three conferences.. As if there were no space for some positive energy.. I think he improved his game so much since battle with Mannarino and now I am sure he can go even deeper on this Wimbledon
José Basterrica
José Basterrica:
Un paseo para Roger.Wimbledon es como el jardín de su casa
Fed will reach the final. Medvedev went 5 set today and face dangerous Hurcas next round, while Fed seem to have an ”easy” road to a quater battle with Medvedev. Next will be Zverev in semi who has a VERY difficult road with Aliassime and Berrettini next two rounds before facing Fed in semi. All in all, the odds look good for the posibility of Fed in the final.
Abdul Jamil
Abdul Jamil:
Roger will always be the Goat 🐐. He doesn’t bounce 100 times and during pressure points he doesn’t make excuses like some other players.
Sand Elf
Sand Elf:
Federer is such a clean athlete! 😂
VishaL kMr
VishaL kMr:
Oh Roger, what poise, what calmness 🤩
Jason Horst
Jason Horst:
I enjoy Rogers interviews and his command of the English language
Jim Kuhn
Jim Kuhn:
Not only a class act, BUT , THE BEST EVER !!!!
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Grande roger sigue avanzando emociones se viene pronto
A really quality match .
Both FedEx and Norrie played well.
Federer looked good in the first 2 sets and then dropped his level in the 3rd .
4th set IMO was toe to toe and the difference was who made comparatively less errors .
maestro h
maestro h:
"Roger will now answer questions in Esperanto"
Just the best in history. Not more, not less.
If roger at this age wins Wimbledon it doesn’t matter if Novak and Rafa surpass his overall total eventually. He would be the goat if he manages to pull of Wimbledon 2021
Richie Gray
Richie Gray:
Old man winning 🥇
Paul Liebhart
Paul Liebhart:
I wish him well, but I think his serve has lost something, whether it is some location or mph. He had 25 aces against Novak in the 2019 final; 8 or 9 today. Unless he serves more like the old Fed, he has no chance. He may try to serve bigger as the competition gets better, however......
jagadish pallagani
jagadish pallagani:
Roger will be the best inspiration to the forthcoming player's
Nirva Simeon
Nirva Simeon:
Big 3 have always nice things to say about each other 😊🥰
Pankaj A
Pankaj A:
the first 2 sets it was good but third set it was bad. 4th wasn't that good too but he somehow managed. it is just that norrie does not have a strong weapon to hurt fed. Norrie relies on defeene and precise placements. Norrie definitely did not play as good as he did when he played berrettini. Hard hitting players will create problems for Feddy
TheString Breaker
TheString Breaker:
Roger HAS to play next year as well. I’m gonna be crushed if he doesn’t.

2022 I’m gonna see him play live at Wimbledon 🤞🏽
James Henderson
James Henderson:
Just baffles me how he jumped from one language to another... Intelligent on and of court.
Congrats Roger Thanks Wimbledon that Roger can express himself in Swiss German/ Schweizer Deutsch, super bravo, Alles Gute Rogie❤️🇨🇭🙏✝️🧚‍♂️💐
Franco Fiorenza
Franco Fiorenza:
It is beautiful when players can speak and talk about In their own language, showing more of themselves
Beautiful comment about Andy from Roger, my respect to both.
Othello Academy
Othello Academy:
Hope we get a djoko fed final :)
Remy Buenaobra
Remy Buenaobra:
Lefty, right handed, lefty. Not a lot of matches, windy. Knee operation recovery. Roger played very well. Also impressive he interviews well in English and French (even German).
Elizabeth Malaurie
Elizabeth Malaurie:
Why could 41 people give a thumbs down for this press conference?
Khan Munaz Ahmad
Khan Munaz Ahmad:
For god sake to all the salty djoker fans, appriciate the fact that a 40 year man is still entartaining the major part of the tennis world! u guys cant even bear the fact that even fed's opponents are his fan!!
Fernando Robles Gonzalez
Fernando Robles Gonzalez:
Si Roger Federer va ganar un
Grand Slam tiene que ser Wimbledon no va ver oportunidad en otra superficie aparte el es muy bueno en sácate y si es su última chance
Allez Roger!
plot twist:
Nole suffers a surprise defeat, and Roger wins the tournament.
Atul Singh
Atul Singh:
I don't understand swiss- German.....neither do I understand French....but still love watch roger speak these languages
Jack Bravo
Jack Bravo:
I wish Roger could speak some more languages. That would be even more entertaining for sure. :)
Phoenix Protocol
Phoenix Protocol:
He is such a great role model.

Much better than Cardi B imo
Peter Parahuz
Peter Parahuz:
most of the questions seem ridiculous. no wonder osaka could not bare to sit through that.
Sreeram Reddy
Sreeram Reddy:
Only 7 aces in 4 sets! It is not good. He is struggling to get first serves. Just lack of confidence & concentration cost him third set.
Arnatri Bandopadhyay
Arnatri Bandopadhyay:
There should really be subtitles!
timur rakhimov
timur rakhimov:
Liam Live
Liam Live:
Suely Kawana
Suely Kawana:
It is a shame we don't have the Highlights in the channel ....
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
Will Fed get his revenge on Novak this year? Is the stars, finally aligning for him?
sureshkumar 1099
sureshkumar 1099:
Thalaivan vera ragam pathu viladu
ForYouTubeIIM A
ForYouTubeIIM A:
Can somebody translate non-english part of the interview please
Silver Wind Entertainment
Silver Wind Entertainment:
We already know about Roger always tennis Magician, And king of Grass court. I think this year we can see Roger -Novak final and Roger will win his 21st Grandslam title and maybe will retire from tennis life. 🤔🤔
10:17 Chum jetze
12:25 Allez
14:38 Chum jetze
Hope this muddling through ends in the next rounds...
Kevin Coulthard
Kevin Coulthard:
It is a crying shame that they haven't caught Djokovic taking whatever he is taking. I wonder if he hired Lance Armstrong's old trainer?
If it wasn't for him stealing Roger and Rafas tittle they have worked so hard for without needing to cheat their records would be amazing!
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
Rogie is looking good !!!
Liam Live
Liam Live:
Is it going to be the last year for Roger playing tennis?
Stocky Guru
Stocky Guru:
Pranav Karve
Pranav Karve:
Can anybody please give a gist of each Q and A in the non-English languages?
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
The great Federer does need more and more competitive matches to get fully match: fit and sharp. Well done so far, nevertheless.
Brown Potato
Brown Potato:
I can't understand the native language, wish there was translations available
noah arbab
noah arbab:
happy roger
j c
j c:
aye now Switzerland is out of the cup roger please focus on wimby
michael jordan of tennis
ماشاء الله كم لغه يعرف
Lesbian Trump
Lesbian Trump:
4:59 Clown. He made the 2nd week at RG and at AO 2020
Why no questions about a comparison between Fed-Norrie 6-1 6-1 match in 2019 and this performance? Yes Norrie is a bit improved but c’mon. Please no “he’s a half step slower” platitudes. Good luck to Fed 2021, but he’s a completely different player aside from serve.
Ahmed Bani Hani
Ahmed Bani Hani:
I think Roger can play another year, his movements is better now, i think his absence of playing last year make him withdraw from Roland garros, but now he seemed to be back to his usual level
Joe Herbert
Joe Herbert:
Ну Чего
Ну Чего:
black mamba
black mamba:
I would like to hug him! If i was in the press room i would hug him! But i dont think he would want... so eventually i wouldnt...
Charles Mendias
Charles Mendias:
Wow, three languages English, German and French.
Ana Gomez
Ana Gomez:
Can someone tell me why he sounds British when he speaks english?
Martina Filipova
Martina Filipova:
Such a respectful person Roger is. No one is like him nor ever will be.
Silver Steel
Silver Steel:
Covid Cough from Rodger?👀
Kalpita Joshi
Kalpita Joshi:
What are the other 3 languages he spoke?
Duminic The Dumb
Duminic The Dumb:
Subtitle the non-English bits, Christ
Novak Ism
Novak Ism:
It was a battle of unforced errors . The guy with fewer errors won. The quality of tennis was really sub par . The kind of errors I saw I am surprised Norrie made it to the 3rd round. Really pathetic level of tennis . Compare that to Zverev vs Frit ..the quality was much better, the same for Medvedev vs Cilic.