Roger Federer vs Lorenzo Sonego | Fourth Round Highlights | Wimbledon 2021

Highlights from Centre Court as Roger Federer faced Lorenzo Sonego with a quarter-final place on the line at The Championships 2021...

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Getting to the semis would be an insane achievement at 1 month off 40 years old
Sonego could learn a thing or two from Federer's quiet game.
Federer looks like he's firing on half his cylinders yet still winning in straight sets....
Thomas Brunkle
Thomas Brunkle:
Federer and the Wimbledon crowd, a love affair that deserves a blockbuster movie.
I got a goose pump. I'm really looking forward to seeing his historical winning moment at the final. He is getting stronger and stronger as he advances. GO ROGER!!
Travel Vlogs
Travel Vlogs:
Roger Federer is at his best. Age is just a number. Hope he plays forever. Looking forward to seeing him win more matches 🥇🏆
It just makes my eyes 'perspire' every time Federer wins. Lets go Roger to the finals !!!
nishant c
nishant c:
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" ~Keats
Freda Patel
Freda Patel:
Federer is back!! Watch him go all the way. I have always said he can do this. Well done.!!
The 39-year-old Federer humiliated an extremely noisy Italian.
Moving to the semis at his age... Federer is already a winner!
Ambalavanan T
Ambalavanan T:
Roger is clearly getting into the groove match by match despite his age. This is sensational stuff
Vinz W
Vinz W:
Still teaching the younger guys the intricate game of tennis. GOAT.
gabriel feuning
gabriel feuning:
Toying with Sonego the way he did OMG he's almost at 80% of Becoming the Roger we all praise
Didnt i say from the second round. Federer is only going to improve further as the tourney progresses.. Hopefully he has in him one more grand slam.
G Dimiev
G Dimiev:
Lorenzo "the delayed screamer" Sonego losing brings me a joy that I can not fully understand. He's just not likeable to me the way he screa... plays.
At his age Federer still moves with more grace than a wild Mustang roaming through an empty field in an overly cinematic panorama
Amanda Mlose
Amanda Mlose:
I don’t understand why Wimbledon highlights are always so short.
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar:
Some people said Gasquet would beat Federer, some said Norrie, some Sonego....😁

Keep them coming, He is waiting....
To get to quarter final its a big big a achievement Federer and his Team should be proud of this WIN. Next match will be the tough one if medveďov will WIN against hurkacz then berritini and then the toughest tašk Novák dojokovic. I would love to see Novák Federer final
Margarita Tzaneti
Margarita Tzaneti:
Why only 3 minutes? Federer deserves at least 30' of highlights!
2pac Wawi
2pac Wawi:
Maybe there is one more bit of magic left in the tank for the Swiss Maestro. God bless him what a legend
I feel blessed to have lived in a time to see the entire Borg era and so many greats but when Federer and Nadal and djokovic are gone I can't help but think tennis will dip for some time.. for me Roger is the best I've ever seen
alex hodgson
alex hodgson:
go fed wer’re so lucky hes still able to play at this level even though its no where close to his final form
robin kalousek
robin kalousek:
First set Federer was little rusty, but 2 and 3 were peRFect. Keep going Roger
MD 31591
MD 31591:
Federer schooling the youngsters, playing like a warm up match.
Omkar Nagarhalli
Omkar Nagarhalli:
Watching this back and I'm almost sure whatever injury Federer suffered was an impact injury during the qf, he was so effortless in the previous rounds, especially this one
Rami Qz
Rami Qz:
Still got his magic ! I hope Federer wins it this year. Truly an era of class!!
Siwon's Armpit Hair
Siwon's Armpit Hair:
wimbledon crowd surely love him! and it stays for a freaking 20 years!!! their love last longer than some of ours lmao
Samuel Yeo
Samuel Yeo:
It will be great for Federer to get into final. He had missed the chance to beat Djokovic the last time and if he does,then it will be truly amazing for him.
Dave Sinaga
Dave Sinaga:
Age is just number, C'mon Fed Nothing is Impossible 💪💪
B18-42 Le Nguyen Phuoc Vinh
B18-42 Le Nguyen Phuoc Vinh:
A bit of dissapointed that Federer hit only 4 aces. This might be well the 1st time Djokovic score more aces than Federer in a single Wimbledon edition (excluding the horror 2013 Wimby)
After the 1st round when Djoker score 25 and Fed hit 16 aces, i thought the surface is faster🙂
Baskar Deenadayalan
Baskar Deenadayalan:
FedEx is on another level. He is building up his game so good and he will he will definitely get to semis without a doubt.
Benjamin Lim
Benjamin Lim:
nobody expected him to be in the QF after the first round. Amazing.
Rahul Dev
Rahul Dev:
All the people in this comment section saying, "Oh a 40 year old Federer got to the quarters. Djokovic is dominating in a weak era" are undermining not only Djokovic's achievements but also Federer's.  Not every good player who has aged to 40 can win like Federer does.

I don't think they realize the genius of Roger Federer. He was one of the fittest guys on tour when he was dominant. They have lost sight of how fit these guys are and how advanced sports science is nowadays. Their nutrition, fitness regimes and recovery procedures are controlled to the T. A

One reason for the dominance of the Big 3 has been their superior fitness right from a young age. They haven't lost a lot of that fitness. If anything Djokovic has become even fitter. And all three of them are unbelievable match players. They find ways to win. A lot of players will lose matches in slams where they lose the first or second set. But these guy consistently find ways to win.
queen venus
queen venus:
Amazingly and incredibly he is playing ....
Neeli Aziz
Neeli Aziz:
These new players cant handle pressure and emotions
They lose there heart after losing 1 set
Abdullah Zackariah
Abdullah Zackariah:
If he gets to the semis it might even be more impressive than some of his slam victories, dude's 40 and he's winning straight sets
TACombustion A
TACombustion A:
What's amazing is that Federer is the one who stands the most chance against Djoko but the level gap is so far between the 2
FED is the 🐐 after all 🥰. He has turned the clock back...GENUIS🧡💛💛
The true legend is back, happy to see him in full swing
B.Willis Federer
B.Willis Federer:
Federer now won 105 matches in Wimbledon, that's 21 more than the previous recordman, Connors, and his 84 wins there.
nir S
nir S:
amazing and clean easy win for the goat happy to see Roger Federer continue to win
Kambal Ni Pedalista
Kambal Ni Pedalista:
Federer can still play at the highest level .. Good luck to the next round king ...
Sonego's monster serve can't stop Fed. Congrats to both players!
At this point no one can say he's not one of the favorites here.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
It just makes my eyes 'perspire' every time Federer wins. Lets go Roger to the finals !!!
Almost 40 and still going strong!
I want to see the last scene of two players encouraging each other in front of the net after the game. It's too sad that that part was edited out. - from South Korea
Good to see he won in 3 sets! Saves energy! He should not do dropshots like 2:12 though...those will be destroyed by other quarter finalists.
Yogesh Rupani
Yogesh Rupani:
Aren't we all so lucky to witness Roger's beautiful game. Bliss...
Sebastian J
Sebastian J:
woohoo! Go Fed! When his first serve percentage is up it is a great advantage.
Putu Bagus Pramandhita
Putu Bagus Pramandhita:
Coming from Nole fans.. I certainly hope a Fed vs Nole in the final!!
Willy Hernandez
Willy Hernandez:
Bravo RF,the best of them all no matter what,God Bless
Arif Azami
Arif Azami:
The whole first set was GRUELLING to watch! Keep on going Roger!
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Federer as usual ❤❤❤👏👏👏
Tony Stuck
Tony Stuck:
i kept checking the score after Sonego's continuous shouting and victory celebrations, like am i missing something?
When he’s finally old enough for the Seniors tour, this guy has the makings to be a gun!
gabriel feuning
gabriel feuning:
Art on court. This time we can all say that the GOAT is back 👏👏👏
Donald Mcdonald
Donald Mcdonald:
Hes just amazing.
Jose Rex Balili
Jose Rex Balili:
This is why we love Federer!
Lol that crowd was super noisy or is it me? Literally “woooowing” at every potential winner/lob, in middle of the game😅
Sonego was playing really hard. Respect!
Joel Wright
Joel Wright:
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, there’s my lesson to fed
Emmanuel Buenviaje
Emmanuel Buenviaje:
Straight sets...good for his recovery time. Hope the knees hold up.
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes:
Oh my goodness how he did that I don't know but it was pretty clinical in the end..........all the best for the next one coming up...........he's amazing, what a champion.
The 🐐 still producing!
roel dulay
roel dulay:
very superb performance of the king roger..
Othello Academy
Othello Academy:
Still waiting for a Djoko Federer Final :)
James Corbett
James Corbett:
I actually wept a little when it looked like Roger was going to beat Djoker in the 2019 final. A couple of minutes later he lost.
Medvedev will be a huge test though. That guy is a tireless workhorse.
Nonchalance_ 91
Nonchalance_ 91:
Looked like an easy opponent, considering the level of play being played by the rest of the players in the 4th round.
Medvedev would be putting up a way tougher challenge, i hope Federer brings his best at his age otherwise it would be hard to watch.
Майкл Джексон
Майкл Джексон:
Great Roger, beatiful movements...
sus shibe
sus shibe:
I hope to see Nole vs Roger finals..
I am a huge nole fan,but i love federer play style.
I didn't understand why Sonego played to the right hand of Federer lot of time. He really wanted to be punished
Glenn Farac
Glenn Farac:
Looks like he hasn’t broken a sweat. Hasn’t hit 3rd gear yet!
Kwstas Gkou
Kwstas Gkou:
We have to BEL21VE!!! Let's go ROGER!!!
Pinki Rai
Pinki Rai:
Federer on fire
He will surely dispatch medvedev or hurkacz in not more than four sets in the quarters
12 Wimbledon Finals in last 17 years for Roger Federer
Next generation is useless!!!
Infact the big three legends are all generations!!
Arnatri Bandopadhyay
Arnatri Bandopadhyay:
2:23 Just mesmerizing!!
I call that score the Federer erosion 🤣
Simon D. Liebert
Simon D. Liebert:
I am glad to see Federer moving forward, but I am honestly surprised to read so many comments talking of how he is cruising through opponents and playing close to his historical top form.

What Roger is doing at almost 40yo is fantastic and of course he still has the magic touch, but he his forehand so far as not look as the killer shot that it used to be and his serve percentages and aces are fine but not impressive.
He has not faced serious challenging opposition so far in Mannarino, Gasquet and Sonego, with home-hero Norrie being the biggest test, so it is probably very soon to pick current Federer as a favourite for the title. If he was to beat Medvedev/Hurkacz, I'd still say that he would not be the favourite in the semis against Berrettini or Augier-Alassime. If he can pull it off, really great for him!
M Daniyal Umer
M Daniyal Umer:
im missing Stan Sport highlights. 50 fps
with every important game.
dr sajjad Hussain Bhatti
dr sajjad Hussain Bhatti:
The Swiss Maestro going stength to strength, but real test of game starts from the quarter final. Roger service games crucial for him to get through to the final
Adnan Riz
Adnan Riz:
Greatest player of all time Roger Federer….
YEAH, can't wait his next match, who's next.
Others are going downhill and retired in early 30s, Roger still comes back strong, age is just a number, only for Fed
Jonathan Francesconi
Jonathan Francesconi:
Few results could be as satisfying as this one!
gabriel feuning
gabriel feuning:
C'mon, 2 minutes seriously?? And some few seconds to show the score we already know?? Ridiculous Highlights
When the roof went on, Fed started to play. What a champion he is!
Hyman Sahak
Hyman Sahak:
Federer still needs to find another gear or two from here to beat the players coming up. To many easy unforced errors off his forehand (yes his forehand is still not yet there yet) today which we never see from Novak or Medvedev. His return of serve also needs to improve, especially off the opponents second serve where he doesn’t seem time those 90-100MPH second serve return balls well. And I’m still afraid that at key moments (break points) he is going back to his old self of being shaky or making the wrong hasty decisions as he missed so many break point opportunities in the first set, some which were so easy.
5:5에서 비가 살렸고 ㅋㅋ 8강 상대인 메뎁 후르카츠 비오는 예보도 있는데 지붕없는 코트로 배정하는 윔블던 대회 클라스 ,...아주 페더러 먹여줄려고 주최측 고생이 많다
Sinisa Ninkovic
Sinisa Ninkovic:
Somego almost doesnt scream against Federer!?!
Aysegul Cil
Aysegul Cil:
Brenda Brenda
Brenda Brenda:
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I am a huge fed fan..i am loving every moment of his on the court..but i am afraid that more than he winning the matches the opponents are loosing would be near to impossible to beat djokovic with this gameplay. Hope i am wrong.
The good thing about this match was that he still was holding on his best, didn't exert on return serves, so he hold his A game but still performed at this level 👏 TBH if he plays finals against Djoko I have a feeling he'll give everything and yes h needs to play for his life
Piper Lauren
Piper Lauren:
Sonego's game looks like it came direct from the 80's or 90's.
Teegee Vestar
Teegee Vestar:
Wimbledon and Roger♥️