Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic - Extended Highlights (SF) | Australian Open 2020

Watch the best of the Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic semi final at Australian Open 2020.

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Fed wins the point
Novak’s score goes up
Turquoise Diamond
Turquoise Diamond:
Djokovic seriously have a monster level mental strength.
I think this scoreboard is counting wrongly. In this highlight I counted that Federer had 36 points and Djokovic had 28 so it must have been that Federer won this match. Propaganda can change your perspective of seeing things. Highlight should be short represent of the event. Shame on you journalist
Sam s
Sam s:
In reality Djokovic beat roger, but in highlights it seems roger beat djokovic, 😆😆😆 a absolute middle finger
jun lags
jun lags:
Nole shuts their mouth. I love that!
Carmine Fry
Carmine Fry:
The commentators and the highlights kind of weird, all I can hear and see that Federer's playing so well but he ends up losing!!
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones:
5-2 30-0 first set.. dude has an extreme mental block vs djokovic. He needs to see some guru guy to improve his confidence or something. If it was anyone other than djokovic he would win. And its not necessarily because Djokovic is playing god like hes just not making unforced errors and roger just chokes.
Henk J
Henk J:
I love how Novak silences these biased crowds and commentators at various tourneys!
Marija Marija
Marija Marija:
The thing I love about Novak is that he doesn't have to play his best in order to win against the best. He can always find another way.
This is how long the highlight should be!
Good work!
Arnel Yumul
Arnel Yumul:
as usual crowd against Novak. this only makes him more determine to crush roger... 17th and more to come
Ho Young Won
Ho Young Won:
2020 was so long that I totally forgot this match ever happened
I feel the exhaustion and muscle aches just by watching the game. Just by the first set. Jeez tennis is insane.
Hallie Taufik
Hallie Taufik:
Amazing tennis by Nole!!! Absolutely brilliant againt RF..Wooohooo..!!!!
thuong huyen
thuong huyen:
Djokovic is the best
Federer has the whole court going with him, still lost
Marwan abdel moneim
Marwan abdel moneim:
It is amazing how Federer could play that well, but Djokovic manages to win anyway.
Alex Shah
Alex Shah:
17:39 that index finger is a middle finger to the crowd. They deserve it too.
Den Victor
Den Victor:
Still couldn’t believe how Roggier lost 1st set after that...
Novak certainly silenced that crowd lol. Good on him!
Farid Damasio
Farid Damasio:
Even when he loses, Fed's backhand looks so good these days. Not just beautiful, but really, really solid and steady. Great job to Ljubicic for turning that shot around.
Zoran Gacesa
Zoran Gacesa:
17:28 furious look... precious!!!
By far, most of the highlights were Roger winning points. However, Djoko won the match. Learn with it. This is what tennis is about.
Robert Star
Robert Star:
Djokovic is simply the greatest hard-court player ever. A joy to watch how he counteracts Fed's attacking game with his own defensive/offensive game. Brilliant entertainment.
I love that you can always sense that Federer cannot take a loss, especially against Djokovic.
I'm beginning to think that Djokovic is purposely taunting Federer, by letting him Think his going to win.
And then shut that door in the end.
Sony M.
Sony M.:
After these highlights one would think RF has won! Why always so biased and unfair to Novak??
3:53 How did he manage to lose this set??? LMAO!!!
It's so satisfying to watch people do something they're brilliant at . Wow
4:25 The momento when I knew than Roger was fucked up :(
Quant Regio
Quant Regio:
First set 4-1 0-40 and Mr. 40-15 in action.
Anant Joshi
Anant Joshi:
Fortune changed at 4:11 to 4.30 in favor of Djoker. Fed missed easy forehand at 4.30, it would have given him to serve out on 5 is to 1 score.
trung nguyen hoang
trung nguyen hoang:
Not sure if the crowd was chanting Roger or Nole cuz like Nole said last year, sounds similar :p
Rodrigo Escobar
Rodrigo Escobar:
Federer chokes all the time vs Djokovic.
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee:
Fed tried but Djokovic was a little faster and played important points much much better. Great win for Djokovic!
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
4-1 Federer: Groin injury: Am I a joke to you?
Djokovic produces magic: crowd just claps
Federer drinks water: crowd gives standing ovation
Roger Federer
Roger Federer:
Federer wasn’t well guys he just played rather than retiring
Great match on Djokovic's end. Federer was visibly worn from his 2 five-setters against Sandgren and Millman that really went the distance...Either way, we are fortunate to still see Federer and Djokovic dominate tennis as they have done over the past 2 decades (with Nadal) - truly incredible!
Sunrit Roy Karmakar
Sunrit Roy Karmakar:
he just finds newer ways to choke against djokovic every time. how did he not win the first set
Kevin Nicholas
Kevin Nicholas:
Federer's backhand technique is wonderful!
Not much grunting in this match? Damn, I was expecting to hear women giving birth-levels of grunting in a semifinal. I am impressed.
This is my favorite matchup. Mental giant vs mental midget.
Imran Sahir
Imran Sahir:
I don't know why but the colors both are wearing, purple and green, make me feel like this match is from the 90s.
Annie Chan
Annie Chan:
Fed played 100% in the first set while Nole played 50% and still lost lol
Always a pleasure to watch Federer vs Djokovic in 20 fps <3 , ty Australian Open for the amazing video quality
Sibling cat
Sibling cat:
Crowd : Roger. Roger.!
Djokovic : When the crowd chant Roger, i hear Novak. Hihihihihi.
Upload the whole matches like wimbledon
Shreyans Ray
Shreyans Ray:
That shot at 15:27.....perfection
Happiness Oasis # Dushyant Singh Panwar #
Happiness Oasis # Dushyant Singh Panwar #:
Nole rules 😎🤘.Fedal are secretly unhappy that they have to make way for him. Evident even in the post match handshake.😂
Jason Broady
Jason Broady:
Tbf in this match Fed was injured and Novak admitted he knew that in the interview after this match. Not saying fed would win but it defo be more competitive. Tho fed has a mental block his body seems to relax on match point break pt subconsciously even tho the game is still going on which is horrible.
Mario Minaya Parra
Mario Minaya Parra:
Mohan Pujar
Mohan Pujar:
So nice to see Djokovich winning finally, without much crowd support!
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer:
The real rivalry is now between Nadal and Djocovic.
Sylvain Lumbroso
Sylvain Lumbroso:
The crowd needs to cheer for Nole, then he might loose;)))
Ákos Kuli
Ákos Kuli:
12:48 Nole vs crowd XD
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic:
Roger had some magicall volleys in this match
Federer is the best player ever .. ❤️
Camille Cotillec
Camille Cotillec:
choquant quand on parle de la blessure de Federer qui ne le gene pas beaucoup!!!
r m
r m:
Too bad a lot of these AO matches were in the middle of the bloody night...this one included..not just for US watchers but for most of the world
Aleksa Cerovic
Aleksa Cerovic:
Roger is like a crying baby with those chalenges, do you know every time Novak beats Federer, when they greet each other by the nets, that look of Federer's, full of hate, every single time when Novak beats him, it can t be hidden
sunny days
sunny days:
Fast play by Roger. Nole was soaked in sweat after 3 games.
So Ham
So Ham:
Typical example of biased media against Novak and pro Federer. Most of the highlights are Federer’s winning shots, while Novak beat him in 3 sets! Pathetic western media!
Saunok Chakrabarty
Saunok Chakrabarty:
I find it amazing that even after WB 2019, fed still went to the net on many points without pushing Novak into a corner. Amazing how he throws out his brains on deciding points, smh
Federer will go down in history with one of the NASTIEST (in a good way) backhands ever to play the court.
To Nole 🎾
It's a shame that Federer will never have a positive H2H record against Djokovic anymore. Should have won Wimbledon 2019, should have won that first set here.
Ajay Upadhyay
Ajay Upadhyay:
Not a bad match from federer
Marcelo Maeta
Marcelo Maeta:
O Federer perde em vitalidade, mas na técnica e no don de jogar tênis ele é incomparavel!!!
Camille Cotillec
Camille Cotillec:
pour un joueur blessé, il joue relativement bien, on se fout de nous!!!
Ajde Nole legendoo🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
R T:
Federer did play good shots in the match from both wings the BH and FH . The timing of the shots is what made the difference . Federer double faulted twice when serving @5-3 . To be honest Djokovic was NOT at his ABSOLUTE BEST but was Good Enough to get a win . Bad luck for Federer , yet gave his best shot .
bruhh...... federer was moving during whole match like he just wanna finish the feels like there was nothing left inside him for this match
though i am federer fan
but i cant deny the fact that...with this kind of fitness where he is even struggling to defend he cant defeat djokovic
you need to be fully fit to defeat djokovic
hoping for his return in 2021
Jason Broady
Jason Broady:
As a fed fan the key difference to why fed chokes matches he should've won compared to big 3 is that he relies on opponents to make mistakes. That's why Nadal and Djokovic have more wins against him and in general better than him... they're always looking for the winners even if they outlast the opponent if they make a mistake. At Wim 2019 Fed when serving for the title , was convinced Novak's (best returner rn maybe all time) return was gonna be out... I mean c'mon. That's why Novak and Nadal r exceptional champions, they're not gonna make a mistake you have to get the winner against them.
Fatih Kaleoglu
Fatih Kaleoglu:
Both of them have improved unbelievably since I started watching them.
ameya velapurkar
ameya velapurkar:
Rafa , Federer, djokovic and Del potro . The day these guys stop playing, my interest in tennis will drop by 98%.
Lets not compare these 3. All are legends in their own good way. Lets enjoy the rivalry while tuy are still active
What this channel meant by an "Extended Highlight" is replaying all of Federer's winners in slow mo while praying hard that it will somehow change the outcome of the match. A classic Fedtards' doing.
Federer’s choices are just wrong when it matters the most. He needs to respect Djokovic and not tryout shots, at least he should coz their H2H tells him so!
Novak at his defensive, scrambling best, legs splayed apart like Van Damme can beat anybody.
DLegend C
DLegend C:
Watching these highlights you'd think Fed won....but he didn't. Thanks for the unbiased highlights AO.....i remember djokovic hitting more winners that you showed here.
Idemoooo Nole!!!
Rock J
Rock J:
Federer is a great player but he want to improve his mental strength. He is weaker in mental toughness compared to nadal and djokovic that's why he lose so many important matches...
Great match from Djokovic!
Dhanalakshmi Parthasarathy
Dhanalakshmi Parthasarathy:
10:29 Djokovic 1 handed BH! LOL
Mirko Đukić
Mirko Đukić:
Over a year later Roger still hasn't played another match since this one
Humberto Canonico Garcia
Humberto Canonico Garcia:
Federer tuvo 5-2 en el primer set y lo perdio Djokovic tuvo 5-2 en el tercer set y lo gano Djokovic tiene una fortaleza mental enooooooooormeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Lin sanity
Lin sanity:
tough duel💪💪💪
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer:
*Novak came back from* 4-1 0-40 down to win the set wtf.
He really is on another level.
Gandhi has Denounced you
Gandhi has Denounced you:
why are the hard courts playing so slow, it reminds me of the blue clay it's a joke
Nikhil GABA
Nikhil GABA:
Federer fans, watch till 3:53 and no later.
عبد الله بن أحمد
عبد الله بن أحمد:
The most sad defeat is the Wimbledon 2019 final
1st set roger leads 4-1 (40-0) but roger lost that 1st set.because roger faced mental giant nole.
jo p
jo p:
Even when it's 3 setters they always play amazing matches.
Definitey the highest in quality rivalry of the big 3.
Alejandro Heredia
Alejandro Heredia:
I like how Djokovic lures his naive victims into believing they can actually win. Then destroying their hopes entirely, shattering their spirits. So beautiful. What a master, Novak.
Tiny Pony -
Tiny Pony -:
i wonder if roger's coach is old or young. i kinda wanna see if a young coach can actually help roger.
Manuel Navarro
Manuel Navarro:
17:45 :/
Akshay K.R
Akshay K.R:
I am loving this , though i dont know the score patterns , though i am a CRICKET fan
Seyma Demirhan
Seyma Demirhan:
Please tell me, when was this man defeat 🤦🏻‍♀️ I will watch with pleasure
T H:
Federer absolutely exhausted here after his very tough matches in previous rounds. He only really got the lead in the first set because Djokovic seemed to have really bad nerves and played very tight at times. Djokovic switched his game on exactly when he needed it. Once Djokovic got his game going, Federer didn't have the energy left to keep up.