Roger Federer vs Richard Gasquet | Second Round Highlights | Wimbledon 2021

All the best bits from Roger Federer's clash with Richard Gasquet on Centre Court, with a place in the third round of The Championships 2021 at stake...

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B.Willis Federer
B.Willis Federer:
Pfeeeew, Roger is back at a waaaaaayyyyy better level than in the 1st round and in Halle. Hopefully he'll play better and better as the tournament advances.
G M P:
I never stop being amazed how well he is able to place his shots. It saves him so much energy!
Shaan Kanuga
Shaan Kanuga:
At the age of 39 this man with 2 knee surgery’s is playing like this is amazing
Parikshith K.S 70
Parikshith K.S 70:
Should’ve showed Gasquet’s amazing backhand down the line in the second set
Sam Aashik
Sam Aashik:
Something snapped Fed back to his confidence levels when he took a fall with Gasquet's drop volley. Go Roger!!!
Final: Djokovic vs Federer!
Igal Snitivker
Igal Snitivker:
If Nadal were playing Wimbeldon this year, it could be great (Nadal, Djokovic, Federer and murray) like good old times
The king has found some of his form back. Let him improve and win the wimbledon
I am so happy to see roger playing this well
Rami Qz
Rami Qz:
Roger starting to feel it , he's getting better. Hope he wins it
R T:
2 one handed BH players facing each other is always a delight . Though after 1st set , match was 1 sided , however ground strokes and shot making from both players were brilliant.
Amey Sharma
Amey Sharma:
Goosebumps! Good to see roger playing freely.
kaustubh sangam
kaustubh sangam:
2:14 crazy angles, amazing point!
Lud Buhalov
Lud Buhalov:
Federer Masterclass after the 1st set TB
Barry O'Donohoe
Barry O'Donohoe:
Pretty good standard in the over 35’s men’s invitational tournament.
NitWit YT
NitWit YT:
Seems like federer is still good enough to go further 🔥🥰🥰🥰
Very clean performance. RF appeared to be very light of food. Impressive performance overall!
Every time Fed ran for the ball my heart lost a beat. Lets go~~~
Damian Eboh
Damian Eboh:
still the most graceful player I've ever watched in my lifetime. the way he hits a ball is unparalleled. he might not have the body to beat the likes of Novak & Rafa anymore but in my mind, still the greatest to ever pick up a racquet
Matthew Mashava
Matthew Mashava:
even an around the net shot can't stop this man!!
Baskar Deenadayalan
Baskar Deenadayalan:
Excellent shot making. He is getting his groove. Now we will see the Federer we were waiting for.
Joao Antonio
Joao Antonio:
There's nothing quite like watching 2 one handed backhands, without grunts, on grass, on center court. I love tennis.
A solid match for Roger after ATP Finals 2019 against long time rival Djokovic and he proves that he plays on grass like that
Probably Lying
Probably Lying:
Federer's level was much higher today. He seems to have regained his confidence. In his post-match on-court interview, he seemed super confident. The possibility of something amazing is here. Fed's old fire may be back.
Arnatri Bandopadhyay
Arnatri Bandopadhyay:
2:14 Holy cow! That point was just exquisite!
Very impressive match from Roger. It’s the best since he came back !
Gilson Silva
Gilson Silva:
I love watching this man playing
Hacantya Pradipta
Hacantya Pradipta:
Sometimes people watch him play for granted, expecting the man to be an automatic win until the second week.

Just remember the fact that he's almost 40 with 2 knee surgeries and 10 matches played since January last year!
What a difference from the first round and in Halle. I really hope that he keeps this level up consistently!
Mr_Afridi Official
Mr_Afridi Official:
In Sha Allah Roger Federer will win this Wimbledon . My prayers are with fedi.
He gives the impression if he decides to take something he can! The way he prepares to serve on Centre court with no nonsense and no fuss (ball bounce etc) he looks like a BOSS!!
Yasir Tech
Yasir Tech:
This is old Federer the best match he played after 2019 Wimbledon final ❤️ I hope he keep getting better from here and won the final love from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Marco Tulio Peñalba Valladares
Marco Tulio Peñalba Valladares:
It was a great match played by @Roger! There is a group of great ATP player, but
Roger has something unique: The plasticity of his plays! It is something that no one else has! Good luck Roger in your next match against Norris!
Logan Legend
Logan Legend:
"Federer looking betterer!"
Nao Classic
Nao Classic:
Hot damn he looks good right now. I only got into tennis July 2020 so I have only seen his recent stuff now!
His first few games we're rough but his confidence is shining here
nir S
nir S:
the legend Roger federer with another amazing win i want to see him in the final against Novak that will be epic!
César Córdova
César Córdova:
Well, Federer finally remember that he's Federer and starts playing like him again....
Phoenix Protocol
Phoenix Protocol:
I love Roger Federer
Almaz Sungatullin
Almaz Sungatullin:
Absolutely beautiful game Federer
Ralph Z
Ralph Z:
Probably two of the nicest one hand backhand in the game !
Андрей Х
Андрей Х:
While Roger is in tour, I feel that I am still young and I am 40 already, come on Roger!!!!!
Jan Kott
Jan Kott:
Getting better match by match. 👍🏻🐐
Ayan Mukherjee
Ayan Mukherjee:
They clearly missed the shot of the day. That Gasquet backhand down the line of a Roger overhead.
Alycia Uzelac
Alycia Uzelac:
It's nice to see him playing well on his favorite surface. Let's not get too excited yet, he's only beaten two unseeded players(and one is only 4 years younger than him) The real test will be Medvedev and then Berettini...if he makes it that far.
Pika Sup
Pika Sup:
Federer is truly back in this match. Big shots from both sides and good serving, great play ROGER!!!
P.S: Why is no one talking about Gasquet's crazy around the net
PràVéeN KùMáR
PràVéeN KùMáR:
It feels like a very old school tennis match..💕
I can't get over the ballboy at 2:26 chasing that ball
Bharat Sharma
Bharat Sharma:
That 2nd Set was the best set he's played in 2021...
dr sajjad Hussain Bhatti
dr sajjad Hussain Bhatti:
The Maestro Roger needs couple of matches to boost his confidence n get well oiled machine on the grass, coz this surface makes Roger lively n energetic
Eunice Suero
Eunice Suero:
Roger😘 excelente hasta la final que Dios te bendiga te queremos ERE muy humilde y buen compañero❤❤❤👏🇩🇴
Muhammad Saad Godil
Muhammad Saad Godil:
Federer played gr8 in all 3 three sets.very solid,played the right shots at the right time, 10 aces !!!
V I:
federer play today was amaizing!!! He can win Wimbledon this year!!
Prashant Kumar Singh
Prashant Kumar Singh:
2nd set was dope ❤
Blair Sveinson
Blair Sveinson:
On a couple of these highlight points Richard should have went with a slice backhand. Although he has one of the very best one handed backhand drives in the world, I sense that he may overuse it at times.
gunnar jauch
gunnar jauch:
Daring prognosis of an old Swiss RF fan:

After watching his last two sets vs Gasquet it could well be that he wins on more WB tournament (if his knee holds) -- and then retires.
And Veronica Golubic wins the ladies tournament (she just beat much better rankes players, a Russian and a US girl, hopefully two)
And in the same week the Swiss soccer team who just kicked the French and -hopefully tomorrow the Spaniards) becomes European champion.
That would be a huge boost for Swiss sports!
As a Nadal fan I am ashamed of myself to have hated him in the past. What a great guy he is and I understand now why he is the greatest ever. I hope he wins the tournament!
chuck playz
chuck playz:
Fun fact- this Gasquet has played 10 slams with federer but didn't win even a set
B.Willis Federer
B.Willis Federer:
What a pleasant match that was!
Tech C
Tech C:
That’s how Federer can play on grass!
Haider Raja
Haider Raja:
Federer played well his next opponent however will be a very tough test, if federer has any hope of making it to the quarters/semis the norrie match could prove to be pivotal
C'était un beau match, ils ont vraiment un beau tennis tous les deux, on prend du plaisir à les regarder jouer. Ce sont des beaux joueurs. Quand on voit le jeu de Gasquet, on aurait voulu qu'il ait des meilleurs résultats. On aurait aimé qu'il gagne Roland Garros. C'est la vie.
Daniel Kurtović
Daniel Kurtović:
WoW Gasquet have such a beautiful onehanded backand, it`s a beauty. And that`s it.
Kiki Karayenzi
Kiki Karayenzi:
Funny to see that Gasguet is 35 years old and sweating like crazy this match while Federer is 39 and no sweat at all.
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar:
Go go Federer ❤
Ale x
Ale x:
With almost 40 ... That's just incredible
Tri Sumardiono
Tri Sumardiono:
the engine has started...go federer
Solo Tiana
Solo Tiana:
When Roger returns well, he is almost unbeatable. 😊
Vishal Anand
Vishal Anand:
Two backhand greats
Romain Provost
Romain Provost:
Gasquet c'est l'adversaire idéal pour te faire briller. Des beaux coups esthétiquement mais aucun n'est réellement tueur. Enfin le physique n'est plus vraiment au point sur la durée.
its weird to me that during the 2nd set Gasquet didnt seem hustle to return the ball
Manju Sharma
Manju Sharma:
Back in form Federer 😀😀
Gasquet is a treat to watch, a feast for your eyes that backhand. Federer is just Federer, a gift to tennis.
Chris Braas
Chris Braas:
Where is the best shot of the match? Casquet had one of the best shots of the tournament so far, straight down the line after Federer smashed it from the baseline towards the corner. Federer himself even said in his postgame interview that that shot motivated him to do even better
Bukhtiar Shah
Bukhtiar Shah:
Roger federer golden legend in universal
Madhurendra Mishra
Madhurendra Mishra:
🔥🇨🇭 Roger Federer Is Set For A Fiery Comeback ❣️💥
Federer on fire!
leesya WS
leesya WS:
seriously i want Federer to win Wimbledon this time, its kinda tough but who knows , maybe luck on his side ...
Sridevi Mendu
Sridevi Mendu:
Ma man Roger on fire....I hope e improves as tournament advances
Dave Lind
Dave Lind:
this double-fault by Gasquet was so exciting to watch.
Rishika Dalvi
Rishika Dalvi:
Let's go Roger❤❤❤❤💪💪💪
charles lucas
charles lucas:
C'était l'adversaire et le match parfait pour Federer. Je crains le retour... sur terre contre le sordide Norrie.
Othello Academy
Othello Academy:
Vintage Federer is back!
Tran Nam
Tran Nam:
30s and 10 game pass, what a highlight
Максим Олимпиади
Максим Олимпиади:
3:00 Game, set, match, mister Gasquet - Federer :D
VerSaTiLE Janmejay
VerSaTiLE Janmejay:
excellent strokes...nice technique shots...roger d goat
Arctic Wanderer
Arctic Wanderer:
If by a miracle someone beats Djokovic or he gets defaulted, I can see #21 here.
After a few rusty games it was like "God mode.exe has been found and loaded". After that it was a different player. But seriously Wimbledon highlights are the worst. So many fantastic shots today. Also show that Gasquet 102 mph backhand monster!
Ethan Yoo
Ethan Yoo:
Every move Roger made in the game looks artistic.
Bobba Frett
Bobba Frett:
If someone else knocks Djokovic out, Federer may win, but I cant see him beating Djokovic.
Jonathan B
Jonathan B:
How did Gasquet's backhand at the start of the second set not make it in to this?
god watching snoozefest nadal/djokovic matches then this is night and day. federer's aggressive elegance is simply unmatched
Sunny Singh
Sunny Singh:
Nice to see him play but don't think he will win
Roberto :
2 rounds in a row Roger beat a French opponent, the Swiss are really going all out huh?
Hilmi Firdaus
Hilmi Firdaus:
Lets keep it up for a straight set wins
8067_Vishal Sharma
8067_Vishal Sharma:
Set aside the argue who is greatest ever, but one thing for sure Federer is the Figurehead of tennis, when ever we talk about tennis most often Federer's name automatically comes in our minds that's the legacy he has left behind. So winning two more slams than roger would affect his status of being the best
Somaia Khalid
Somaia Khalid:
HE’S BACK!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Prad G
Prad G:
Lovely to see Fed doing well. But this match was too easy. Gasquet played well in the first set but was not effective seco d set onwards
Rr Ll
Rr Ll:
And as usual the French players shine with their defeats