Roma 2-2 Inter | Roma snatch late draw with Inter | Serie A TIM

A late mancini header denies Conte’s team | Serie A TIM

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100+ comentarios:

Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Ac Milan: thanks Rom😁
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
Now this is how serie a should be- Gasping goals, high rush adrenaline and last minute drama, Hope serie a’s resurrection continues and it reaches to it’s past glory
Vasil Gyaurski
Vasil Gyaurski:
if Roma want to be a big team, They have to continiue playing agressive and attacking after they lead 1:0, not going back in defence and waiting for Inter to attack
Vipper Kong
Vipper Kong:
How does Hakimi only have 2* weak foot he seems to only score left footed goals 😂
Made in Italy ASMR Official
Made in Italy ASMR Official:
Handanovic, would you like to stretch for the ball once?
“ no, I don’t think I will”
Raymond Forest
Raymond Forest:
And Hakimi has 2 stars weak foot in Fifa...
Bers end
Bers end:
Haha! Hakimi scores a goal and speaker says "Inter are 'right back' to their best" xD. Clever.
SCCP nobru
SCCP nobru:
Hakimi the best right back in the world 🔥 top speed in serie A history 36.86km/h ⚡️😱
angga nugraha
angga nugraha:
Imagine if hakimi and Theo Hernandez playing together
Aziz rising
Aziz rising:
Match was on fire 🔥🔥🔥
Milan is happy on other side 😀😀😀😀
Nurettin KOCA
Nurettin KOCA:
hakimi always scores with his left foot, although he is right-footed lol
moskos dz
moskos dz:
Achraf Hakimi 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Xavier Pakito
Xavier Pakito:
Handanovic when the opponent shoot the ball:just watch and insha'Allah
Royston Mendonca
Royston Mendonca:
Serie a this season is srsly one of the best ,most competitive since a long time 🔥
El Aficionado
El Aficionado:
If Theo and Hakimi play in one team, the team will turn into an aeroplane.
William Wallace
William Wallace:
Hakimi's goal should've been the winner, shame that Conte thought otherwise
Corentin Carles
Corentin Carles:
Hakimi ☄️💨
Hakimi's goal remind me of Salah's goal against Roma
July Entertainment Tv
July Entertainment Tv:
Hakimi is a forward 😪🔥
118 Pratyush P Kurup
118 Pratyush P Kurup:
Milan be like : Roma is our best friend
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali:
Hakimi is something else
Navy Opa
Navy Opa:
Inter losing: "I'm about to end this teams career " Inter winning: "Panik"
Fili Marc
Fili Marc:
An absolute BANGER by hakimi💪!!!! Forza Inter💙🖤
Albert Saroha
Albert Saroha:
I dont know why inter play so defensive after taking a lead and have so much momentum going.
That finish from hakimi, just class 🔥
Hakimi = 🐐🐐🐐
Napoli Talk
Napoli Talk:
Serie A has 2 of the best 5 full backs in the world.
And Roma Inter drawing is a classic!
Zubayer Raiaan
Zubayer Raiaan:
What a goal from hakimi
Am I crazy or does Hakimi always score goals with his left foot...? The dude's right footed. 🤔
Itri Sadoq
Itri Sadoq:
What a goal from Hakimi 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Ilyass Elbanouj
Ilyass Elbanouj:
Zanta 22
Zanta 22:
Thank u Roma , Milan ❤️🖤
Inter played great until 75th minute then Conte messed up the game with those subs.
Sagar Mane
Sagar Mane:
Just don't get why did Dortmund loan hakimi the guy is an absolute baller!
Salle 94
Salle 94:
Hakimi man of the match. Anyway FORZA MILAN <3
Dynamis Konzern
Dynamis Konzern:
Thank you Roma. Love from Milan ❤🖤
Akram Maghnaoui
Akram Maghnaoui:
Hakiimi ❤
Serie A change the picture of the video to a Hakimi one, because he scored one of most best goals in Serie A this season.
Jns Fts
Jns Fts:
SERIE A is awesome 🔥🔥love the English Commentators
Achraf Hakimi vs Theo Hernandez is like the regen of Zanetti vs Maldini
zubair baig
zubair baig:
This match was really skillfull and was stunning to watch..
Lukaku, what a player he is.
yassin gg
yassin gg:
What a goal that was from hakimi
That Hakimi goal was world class.
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
Shashi Shekhar
Shashi Shekhar:
Every passing day, I wonder why we sold Hakimi, and WHY TF WASN'T A BUYBACK CLAUSE INSERTED?!! 😡😡
Master Yoda
Master Yoda:
I wish they showed Vidal missing the ball in a clear shooting opportunity in the penalty area. was hilarious
Hakimi moroccan boy is not normal ❤🔥🔥🔥
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich:
Thank you Roma. You did Milan a big favour.
ਸੁਖਵਿੰਦਰ ਧਾਲੀਵਾਲ
ਸੁਖਵਿੰਦਰ ਧਾਲੀਵਾਲ:
Bello spettacolo è stato offerto da Roma e Inter. Giusto il pareggio.
Galya Bian
Galya Bian:
Inter's players decided somehow that the match was over. They really didn't try to save the match. They just let opponents score the last goal for a draw. No patience or desire to win.
Aarush Kadam
Aarush Kadam:
Well that’s disappointing
What a game though 🔥
Brian Riley
Brian Riley:
Pau Lopez was fantastic today, hopefully he can keep this up and find his form that we paid for
Halim Denzen
Halim Denzen:
Big Match Serie A🔥🔥🔥🔥
sami issa
sami issa:
Serie A is back on top!
Amine Algerie _ امين الجزائر
Amine Algerie _ امين الجزائر:
The best R B In The Word Hakimi 👏
Thanks Roma from Milan fans ♥️🖤
He Is Yahweh
He Is Yahweh:
Ffs Hakimi, what a player he is!😲😲
Roma held back after lead and pays the price, can't believe Inter does the same at the end of the match. need to step up for Juve game.
Farid Arrozi
Farid Arrozi:
mancini heads the ball while giving a gift to Skriniar's face an said "happy nyew year friend"
Yudi Setiawan Sucipto
Yudi Setiawan Sucipto:
Important point for AS Roma. Next : Lazio
portal engineering perkasa
portal engineering perkasa:
Thank you Roma from Milanisti around the world....
Văn Phan
Văn Phan:
The goals of both teams are very classy.
M. fachri jama'syari
M. fachri jama'syari:
Conte have no more excuse 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hazim Karić
Hazim Karić:
As a Roma fan we need to start winning vs Big teams if we want to stay at top4
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh:
What a goal by Hakimi 🔥⚽️
I loved how handanovic reacted to the shot, I hope he keep doing it 😂😂😂
Lucca Caixeta
Lucca Caixeta:
Hakimi is a beast, beautiful goal
Roma tem tradição demais , sem dúvidas um dos melhores times , sempre tem muita garra , direto de 🇧🇷
찬우형이 화내는거 보고싶다
Ανδρέας Αυγέρης
Ανδρέας Αυγέρης:
0:46 Blink 182 - all the small things .... noiceee
Dark Syndrome
Dark Syndrome:
Serie A becomes so competitive! I love it so much!!!

Btw, Thank You, Roma, from Milanisti :*
Kelvin Kamau
Kelvin Kamau:
2:06 that kiss sound 😅
David Oram
David Oram:
Thank you Roma!! From the Rossoneri 👏🏻♥️🖤
nikhil verma
nikhil verma:
A big thanks from juve to both roma and inter
Ady Marcella
Ady Marcella:
Milan fans : we love you roma 🥰
Thank u Roma❤
I really like how The Serie A is not having a crowd noise playing in the speakers, instead they are letting us hear what we don't usually hear in normal circumstances. I think it's a great decision.
Jack Howard
Jack Howard:
Hakimi has really developed to be a great player from a youngster at Real Madrid 🔥
Hilmi Robbyn
Hilmi Robbyn:
" when the ball slowly come to him "
Handanovic: Please welcome (with gesture arm)😂
Yashaswi Sood
Yashaswi Sood:
I love how discreet the highlights of seria A are
Azhar Mulop
Azhar Mulop:
Thank you Roma, from Benevento ♥️
Split 2000
Split 2000:
Im from Croatia and i love Inter but what a great goalkepper Pau Lopez is...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Art Decor
Art Decor:
Наконец-то Серия А возвращается на свой уровень
Thank u Roma ❤️🖤
Raden Johari
Raden Johari:
First from Malaysia
as Milan fan, thank you :)
Muhammad Nizam
Muhammad Nizam:
DjCotes Musik
DjCotes Musik:
Always entertaining when these two go at it..
Ak A
Ak A:
Thanks you Roma!! You did your thaaaaang
c.casiis siisey
c.casiis siisey:
All roma fans this season for us
DEWNX .20:
Goals and emotions⚽🌟
*See perisic, kolarov, and gagliardini in almost in same time*
Yup, no win tonight for Inter..
ayoub hazouka
ayoub hazouka:
hakimi <3
Halim Denzen
Halim Denzen:
Humberto Alejandro Capello Reis
Humberto Alejandro Capello Reis:
Roma ♡ Chile es romano!
aldex k
aldex k:
Villar always play excelent