Roma vs Inter reaction: Are the Inter Milan players frightened of Antonio Conte? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Alexis Nunes and Janusz Michallik discuss Inter Milan’s 2-2 draw away at AS Roma, with Michallik asking whether the Inter players are scared of manager Antonio Conte. He also heaps praise on Achraf Hakimi after his wonder-strike put Inter ahead in the second half but explains why he believes Inter’s substitutions allowed Roma a way back into the match.

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26 comentarios:

Hakimi is absolutely world class
Bungee Speaks
Bungee Speaks:
Conte should be tried for his crimes against football
brendan mahlatse
brendan mahlatse:
Conte won't win everything with Inter🤞🏾
After going 2-1 up, inter got scared. Roma overrun them.
Shrey Jain
Shrey Jain:
dzeko is the most underrated player
Andy S
Andy S:
roma could’ve also won. it was 50/50 with blown chances
Chris Kara 1926
Chris Kara 1926:
Are Milan going to win Serie A for real?
R S:
Inter lost 2 points with vidal's exit.
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth:
Inter's chance was last szn they're not good enough to beat Milan for the title i'm afraid
Amko Ugljanin
Amko Ugljanin:
It's so true dzeko is very underrated 😔
It doesn’t matter What your name is
It doesn’t matter What your name is:
Another crunch big game that this so called “world class striker” can’t make no difference in. Lol
TheMan WithNoName
TheMan WithNoName:
Yeah.... Mad props fam..... 🙄
Z. Inzaghi
Z. Inzaghi:
Thought Lulaku would block the header just like UCL!
تاريخ نادي
تاريخ نادي:
The reason of inter looses is conte. Somtimes i feel he never traine a team or even never watch football
Matthew Tham
Matthew Tham:
God there is so many ex man united players on both teams
Alexis needs to lay off the twinkies
Shervin Loghmani
Shervin Loghmani:
Roma is sick🔥
Nosakhare Obadigie
Nosakhare Obadigie:
Forza 💪 Milan 🔴 ⚫
Sempre Milan 🔴 ⚫
mustapha mimoun el kheir
mustapha mimoun el kheir:
Fratello, siamo tifosi di intir da (Marocco). Siamo arrabbiati con l'allenatore (Conte) quando ha cambiato l'attaccante (Lotaro Martinez) e (Achraf Hakimi) che è stato (Conte) a dare il pareggio anche alla Roma. Questi due giocatori quando sono stati sostituiti .. E tutta la Roma ha iniziato ad attaccare e ha quasi segnato il gol della vittoria .. Noi riteniamo (Conte) responsabile perché non ha saputo affrontare il coinvolgimento dei giocatori e le modifiche che ha fatto.
They drop too much points
Peter E
Peter E:
Find myself agreeing with this guy a lot. I don’t watch that much Inter but Conte at a Chelsea was the same. He’s a great great coach like aside from Pep, I don’t think anyone is better at coaching their players to do what they want but I don’t think he’s a good manager. He doesn’t seem to know how to push his players in such a way that they do what he wants in terms on mechanical movements and such but still have enough personality within them to improvise when things are going well
paw petersen
paw petersen:
I don't believe in Conte's system. It doesn't work. He only have a few players who can actually play well together, and when he change the team, everything falls apart. When he uses the same players, they get injuries and he has to use the ones that cannot play well. I wonder how Inter is not able to see that. This system will not win the scudetto this year and probably never will. I miss the days when Inter was a well known team with lots of class players and was feared in all of Europe. Now they are not feared in Europe at all. New signings are needed and some players needs to get sold. A new manager would also be nice.
i agree with this guy,...
Martins Tardelli
Martins Tardelli:
The clown must go
Brad Leiyman
Brad Leiyman:
Bro Milan is so overated everyone thought they were gonna win serie a but they not