Ronaldinho Produces Magic Again vs Real Madrid Legends | 20/07/2021

FC Barcelona Legends vs Real Madrid Legends 2-3 (20/07/21)
Ronaldinho Gaúcho vs Real Madrid Legends HD Home 20/07/2021
41 Years old Ronaldinho Gaúcho Produces Magic
RONALDINHO BACK IN BARCELONA JERSEY! Amazing Performance - Barcelona Legends Vs Real Madrid Legends

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100+ comentarios:

JoMaTra in
JoMaTra in:
Ronaldinho will never stop impressing
HB initials
HB initials:
He might not have the same pace or same stamina. But man this guy can still make today's players dance around him 😂
This AZ
This AZ:
If I was to pick one player to represent football I would pick Ronaldinho
S40 Blogs
S40 Blogs:
Form is temporary,class is eternal
And Ronnie is full of it 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾
Triva Gravia
Triva Gravia:
i think FIFA should introduce a different league called FIFALegends...where by clubs can still sign up old players and let them continue playing football even after they retire from conventional level football.
dennis kirimi
dennis kirimi:
my whole life i have loved this man, the impression he left on me as a 13 year old football fan in 2005, has been with me my whole life.... absolute gem of a player the man is.
THAT Ronaldinho smile 😍
He is an absolute beast at age 41
Niranj Sanju
Niranj Sanju:
He left the game. The game didn’t leave him. 🙌❤️
Dr Wences
Dr Wences:
Only player who deserves 7 star in fifa
Hancock Sucks
Hancock Sucks:
Considering hes 41 and high all the time this is exeptional performance,those passes and touches are better than the most todays players, if you ask me,he is the real GOAT
William Rocha
William Rocha:
For a guy who parties every night of his life , this was pretty good lol
Blackman is God
Blackman is God:
Ronaldinho and Nelson Mandela still heroes after spending time in jail.
😍👋❤💙 The Man Who Made Me Fall In Love With Barcelona... Forever! I Love You Ronny!
Noah Ry
Noah Ry:
We love him.. the world still loves him. Really good to see his great performances again on the pitch.
Saagar Bhargava
Saagar Bhargava:
Man, this takes me back to the mid 2000’s. Players back then were just built different. Ronaldinho could probably still make defenders dance to his tunes.
Eziukasss&NComps JR
Eziukasss&NComps JR:
Ronaldinho magical plays❤️🇧🇷
The TRUE entertainer of football RONAL-MAGICAL-DINHO...
for me he is the best player of all time , not Messi not Ronaldo, him!
Press Kevin To Continue
Press Kevin To Continue:
To be honest I think he's the youngest player in the field. Still he's amazing
Dave Jb
Dave Jb:
Someone sign this man a contract 🔥🔥
Official Mus-B
Official Mus-B:
Always smiling..I started watching football cause of this guy..❤️💯
Atiemie Gift James
Atiemie Gift James:
The man that played football with a smile.
He should play for the main squad 😅
I love how he is so nice to the other team and his team.
El jugador más mágico de la historia.
Ricardo Gomes
Ricardo Gomes:
Muita qualidade R10 ❤️
Super G V2
Super G V2:
After all the booze, jail and partying this man has still got it 😂 really is the most entertaining footballer
Ugur Asci
Ugur Asci:
A day is going to come where we won’t have him on earth, I hope people really know his worth and generations to come
najaf jaffery
najaf jaffery:
Magicaldinho ..
Barca legends missed all the chances Dinho created just like Messi created chances & playrs missed them in 1st team. . 😐😐
Weslley Costa
Weslley Costa:
O bruxo continua fazendo suas bruxarias . Ronaldinho é fantástico 🇧🇷
Biman kar
Biman kar:
Once a legend always a legend ❤️
angel harveylandia
angel harveylandia:
that rivaldo pass 🔥
Paulo Lange
Paulo Lange:
41 anos, fora de forma e acima do peso. Porém, é impressionante o que ainda consegue fazer com a bola nos pés. Eterno craque!
It is incredible how much he enjoys the game
Abraham Muthuri
Abraham Muthuri:
he’s still so agile!
Melisa Qaili
Melisa Qaili:
Wouva, you have a great channel and lots of subscribers, and your videos are great I wish you all the best to continue for more. And also Ronaldinho of course made a masterclass in this match😉💢👑

Edit: Ronaldinho is my second idol after Messi❤💙
seems like he can still play in china😂
Once a magician Always a magician ⚽️ 🔥
Lance 10
Lance 10:
Duy Nờ Hắc
Duy Nờ Hắc:
he smile everywhere, everytime :))
DASS Garagem
DASS Garagem:
Bruxo!! Habilidade sobrenatural.
Allan Izidoro
Allan Izidoro:
Sou brasileiro, então vou falar português igual ao Bruxo! MÁGICA, MEUS AMIGOS, FOI O QUE VOCÊS VIRAM!
Mthabisi Nyathi
Mthabisi Nyathi:
When your PES squad is full of legends and your opponents has them too😂
enrique camacho
enrique camacho:
Que lastima que no entro ese desde la mitad de la cancha, iba a ser un golazo
Jymmy Kelson
Jymmy Kelson:
Fiquei impressionado que mesmo velho e fora de forma, o cara bate falta muito bem, tem visão de jogo.. poxa Ronaldinho, porq se aposentou cedo? Queria te ver jogar até hoje
That laugh 💯🔥😢💎🥺
Alex Teran
Alex Teran:
Notice how he isn’t diving like the clowns playing today
Fé & Motivação
Fé & Motivação:
Ronaldinho o melhor!!🤙🏼😎🤙🏼🇧🇷
Karem Cristine
Karem Cristine:
Voto por Ronaldinho no meio campo da seleção
Enjoj Enjoj
Enjoj Enjoj:
with diet and gym he can still play on high lvl
Faizy FOUSE:
Somethings never change❤DINO🖤
Wake no.
Wake no.:
Best player ever!
BTS Gamers
BTS Gamers:
The think i like with Ronaldinho is that no look pass 😍 😍
3-2 Figo: halla la camisa *
Alisson Dias
Alisson Dias:
Just had a nightmare and woke up with this suggestion, now I feel much better! What a video to relax
Lester Garcia Saez
Lester Garcia Saez:
Que maradona ni que nada este mounstruo si era un verdadero espectaculo, ninca se quejaba se reía y de infinita humildad cosa que Messi aprendio de El
Alexey Smolyaninov
Alexey Smolyaninov:
Damn.... he still can play. Those passes are fire.
It’s like you can see him thinking it’s 15 years ago. The default style of play 🔥🔥
D D:
After Diego he's my 2nd HERO!!!
Unknown Johnson
Unknown Johnson:
Ronaldinho is a living legend! I think Messi learnt a lot from Ronaldinho in his rise to GOAT status.🤩👏
sanogo Daouda
sanogo Daouda:
Ronaldinho est le meilleur ❤️
Esse e ídolo na Espanha eu assisti muitos jogos nessa época não tinha pra bater boas lembranças de Madrid crack
Onur Sun
Onur Sun:
boylesi 100 yılda bir gelir iyiki bizim zamanımızda geldin
Damn boii...he's aged but he's still a living danger moving on the court
Man he still moves very good for a guy that is over 40, doesn't really stay in shape and just parties all the time lol.

Who doesn't love him haha
Mengekyo Syaringan
Mengekyo Syaringan:
Class is temporary, legend is permanent
Fahad Alqrni
Fahad Alqrni:
Wizard 🧙‍♂️
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez:
A sus 41 años retirado tiene mejor toque que algunos que están jóvenes y en primera división 😂🤙🏻
André Gamer
André Gamer:
3:43 He almost did it again !! 😱😱🔥
oswaldo medrano
oswaldo medrano:
2:30🥵💗💗💗💗👾💗💗💗me enamore
Luiz Fernando Desete
Luiz Fernando Desete:
Ronaldinho joga melhor que muitos jogadores que estão nos clubes brasileiros.. a lista é grande
Issam Tayar
Issam Tayar:
I guess he no longer has an icon 😂😂😂
Jackie Drew Mendonca
Jackie Drew Mendonca:
Vende o Lucas Lima e traz o R10
Dinho always got dat smile
We’ve seen Pele, Maradona, Zidane, even Messi. But non will have you smiling like Ronaldinho.

My favorite player from childhood.
Elvis Araujo
Elvis Araujo:
The Best ever Ronaldinho!!!
sem nenhum exagero, Ronaldinho, mesmo em suas atuais condições físicas, demonstrou que joga muito mais futebol do que muitos jogadores jovens atuais de renome.
Szymon Maliszewski
Szymon Maliszewski:
The Magic Johnson of football.
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer:
Legend ❤
Theko Mohanoe
Theko Mohanoe:
I love this guy
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Jovanovic:
Footbal father ❤️
Only Maradona, Ronaldinho and maybe Ronaldo and Messi can have that class at that age! 👏🏽🔥
Raul Silva
Raul Silva:
Narração em português que bom mano
Diego Pascoal
Diego Pascoal:
Ronaldinho Gaúcho VOCÊ É O MELHOR!
Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony:
The greatest double R of Barca
Mengekyo Syaringan
Mengekyo Syaringan:
Yo thanks for the upload
Luiz Alberto Pinheiro
Luiz Alberto Pinheiro:
3:48 he tried the World Cup goal
OskarToJa xD
OskarToJa xD:
Ronaldinhoooo 😍 this smile change football
Anime Dragon
Anime Dragon:
Legends Ronaldinho ♥
Bryson Sabun
Bryson Sabun:
I wish Xavi Hernandez el maestro could play
I swear, if he loses 10 kg and trains good, can easily play for Barcelona
Tong Yang
Tong Yang:
He just looks so comfortable on the pitch.
Win it all
Win it all:
Ball seems to enjoy in this legend´s feet
Anwer Editor
Anwer Editor:
Still doing magic 🔮
BTS Gamers
BTS Gamers:
Barca's goalkeeper disappointed me 😢😢😢
Bryson Sabun
Bryson Sabun:
Could we sign ronaldinho as a free agent please??😅😂😂
DMR Android Gamer
DMR Android Gamer:
The Best 🤙🏻
Futebol United
Futebol United:
Leon Williams
Leon Williams:
and people really want me to respect players like mbappe and dem man 😂😂😂 they’re are not Dinhos level even at this age