Royal Family Wishes Meghan Markle A Happy Birthday

After the Royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, wished Meghan Markle a happy birthday, Graeme O'Neil and Keshia Chante react during "ET Canada Live".

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Joshua Young
Joshua Young:
I love the clickbait photo implying we'll see some of the video of them
al w
al w:
Remember H & M do not have a social media account right now. So they didn't have a platform to post the Queen's Happy Birthday greeting. They announced it through the only means they have currently which is a public statement via their reps. Simple.
Mrs Smith
Mrs Smith:
Meaghan kept the title, but lost the HRH before it
Mea Culpa
Mea Culpa:
How many more birthdays will she be 39? I've counted 3 times now
Khadijah Jacob
Khadijah Jacob:
Donna Williams
Donna Williams:
Remember that they did not have an account. They are in the process of getting the new account up since they can no longer use Sussex Royal
People are so dumb. Neither lost titles.
Dolores Williams
Dolores Williams:
As far as the release of that statement, blame The Sun. They were going to release it. As far as the Queens birthday a call probably was enough for her. Just wish the Duchess Happy Birthday. She is still a Duchess, just not using HRH.
Happy birthday Meghan!!!!
Frederica. R Coleman
Frederica. R Coleman:
She didn't loose that title. They lost the title HER ROYAL HIGHNESS
Mokodji Mabele
Mokodji Mabele:
Rupert Bosch
Rupert Bosch:
The same person wrote all of those birthday wishes. Just look at it closely. The same words juggled around. Even the same emojis.🧐 I've done it before, when posting for more than one friend with the same birthday.
badgurl badgurl
badgurl badgurl:
How you figure he did not talk to his grandmother first 😔😔😔
Donna 1j
Donna 1j:
They still wish the queen a happy birthday why do I have to do it publicly.
Joshua Green
Joshua Green:
Harry probably called the Queen and told her happy birthday. He probably didn’t want to post it.
arnold sanders
arnold sanders:
They didn't then, nor do they NOW. Have an active Social media account.
Naturally Charitable
Naturally Charitable:
Y’all report on them all the time and y’all are acting so confused. they didn’t lose there title. They talked to the Queen on her birthday. The royals do not use social media so it’s not like they are really trying at all and H&M didn’t have an Instagram acct on the queen’s birthday to make a copy and paste birthday statement.
Listen, if you comment in the issue, you should have knowlwdge on it. They did not lose the title of Dutch/ Dutchess of Sussex, but their Royal Highness title.
Babs 66
Babs 66:
She didn't lose the title. They lost the right to use HRH.
Valentina M
Valentina M:
That's a really nice move, at least a good move! Bravo and happy birthday Meghan!!!
Mery Me
Mery Me:
Well i have expected that to happen. They are family.🙏🙌
Simone Haughton
Simone Haughton:
I love listening to you guys, however today I feel like you guys need to look at this video again and redo it.You may not care about the storyline but there’s other people out there that may be kind of care about it. That was horrible I honestly don’t even think you got any of it right
They still have the courtesy to be kind to that viper .
Patricia Howard
Patricia Howard:
What A Blessing 😇🙏❤️
Katherine Jordan
Katherine Jordan:
No one owes you a public display of affection. Just because they didn't make a happy birthday post to her doesn't mean they didn't express their well wishes in some other way. Tbh, I appreciate a phone call much more than some happy birthday message. It's much more private and intimate. It means so much more. Social media isn't the entire world you know. 🙄
Lungelo Mntungwa
Lungelo Mntungwa:
They were in discussion of an exit for months before they announced, were is this guy getting his information from.
Mpupi Ntoane
Mpupi Ntoane:
It's nice hearing something different happy birthday.
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones:
True it makes sense the RF wished her a happy birthday.
FYI: They both retained their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, but dropped the HRH prefix.
Patricia Anderson
Patricia Anderson:
I feel they only did it because they don't want to look bad.
E 3
E 3:
Hey Me-gain! I hope your old nose grows back.
Alyssa Zamora
Alyssa Zamora:
They look the same J.lo n Meghan <3 hard to be pub Figure, eyes on you Girl! <3
William Dubose III
William Dubose III:
Happy Birthday!
Audrey Washington
Audrey Washington:
Harry had to do what he did do to get the message across once and for all. Done
Farhan J
Farhan J:
They've retained all titles but they're officially no longer using HRH because they're not working royals.
Nahomie Joseph
Nahomie Joseph:
They no longer have a social media account. Like even a simp knows this. Please stop reaching for a story.
Paula Farmer
Paula Farmer:
They lost their HRH titles, not Duke and Dutchess. I don't think they can use Duke and Dutchess commercially, but it was a gift from the queen that she didn't take back. As far as them not doing a social media shout out to the queen on her birthday, did they have any platforms to do it on? Remember, they had to give up their IG?
Jane Galati
Jane Galati:
Happy birthday to you Meghan 🎁🍦🎂🍷💕
She joined the Royal family, wanted out to head back to L.A. She got her claws into Harry who needs a mother figure, gets pregnant and bingo job done. She has left a trail of destruction by dropping friends and family and last husband, so Harry don't expect this to last more than a few years before she changes you for a new model.
Sophie Oliphant
Sophie Oliphant:
Harry and meghan please give archie a sibling. More important than anything else right now❤❤❤
This is all formal business for the public to see. Ahha prob have same group of people that sent those message out 😂🤣😂.
Jan Edmunds
Jan Edmunds:
Thanks for sharing a little sweet forgiveness
Wieslaw Sobocinski
Wieslaw Sobocinski:
Piekne zyczenia sa do spelnienia
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers:
If the Royal Family wished Meghan a Happy Birthday out of sincerity, that’s wonderful!💖
Avril Chester
Avril Chester:
No she did not lose the title and they did wish the queen happy birthday privately Face time. Do u remember they were not allow to use the HR account to text publicly?
Leo Ashu
Leo Ashu:
What makes it different wishing her publicly a happy birthday if they call her private fine . Like you said if they did it u talk about it and vise vessel
judith snow
judith snow:
Of course the Royal family would wish her a Happy Birthday. They have manners.
Vilma Alder
Vilma Alder:
Janex Kabarangira
Janex Kabarangira:
I think if I remember correctly, they are not to use HRH but they kept the Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles. I stand to be corrected.
Martha Wilder
Martha Wilder:
Who cares, it's her birthday, they could probably do it next year.
Megan Markel on t aime, tu es est très belle, humble, sincère, simple, gentille, honnête, intelligente, courageuse, généreuse. . Merci pour tout ce que tu fais dans le monde, que dieu te bénisse et te protège contre les tabloïds menteurs qui veulent salir ton image. Nous on t'aime, soutient total à meghan markle et prince harry ❤️❤️❤️😍😍🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘👍👍👍❤️❤️🙏💖💖💖😍😍
She didn't lose her title Duchess of Sussex nor did she lose her HRH title her and Harry agreed to not use their HRH title but they still have them
mana mugar
mana mugar:
Bring our prince back woman he is not happy in La uk is his home anywere happy 39th lol
Shirley Berry
Shirley Berry:
43 more like
obessei peters
obessei peters:
It’s not a big deal because if you look at it properly the wording all look the same even the little emoji look like it’s the same person did all three
Fulhamboy1981 H
Fulhamboy1981 H:
I expect they hate her , like most people in England 🤣
Susan Arsoniadou
Susan Arsoniadou:
Happy birthday,Meghan
Pablo Ochoa
Pablo Ochoa:
HRH are styles. Duke/Duchess are titles. They both have not lost either. They are still technically TRH’s (their) Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They just can’t use the HRH STYLE publicly since they are no longer senior working royals. This information could have been found easily on the site. Where she is listed as a member of the royal family.
Deanna Pino
Deanna Pino:
She knew what she was getting herself into. The Marriage will not last.
Vee C.
Vee C.:
The guy gossips more than a woman 🤦🏻‍♀️
Annie Allen
Annie Allen:
Title is the HRH. She's still a Duchess
Anny E
Anny E:
You guys are so ignorant. My God. Who gave them a platform without an atom of basic knowledge about any subject??
Alyssa Rhodes
Alyssa Rhodes:
john lennon
Milo The Russian Blue
Milo The Russian Blue:
I still don't understand why there is such an interest in the Royal family.
A Whi
A Whi:
Smh. If they said it publicly they would be attacked. They keep it private and people still have something to say. She can’t ever win.
Katharina Sejr
Katharina Sejr:
she still has her Duchess title, but they are not allowed to use their HRH (Her Royal Highness) title since that is reserved for working royal members, and that it could have been as a marketing stunt in order to make money by being a part of the royal family, I would think at ET Canada would research this ahead of them talking about it :)
d currie
d currie:
Honestly if you are going to have a public platform you should at least educate yourself on the subject you talking about, unbelievable.
Princess Moyo
Princess Moyo:
This proves that you all make noise about things that you dont know. She will never lose the title sorry guys do your research before you start lying on air.
Michelle Cave
Michelle Cave:
This conversation is a non starter. Leave them alone. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Just wish her a happy birthday and leave it at that! They dont even have any solid facts lol 🙄
Spathiphyllum Araceae
Spathiphyllum Araceae:
🎂 👑
The girl wanted to leave the royal family. They aren’t throwing shade. She LEFT them. Not the other way around.
C Berry
C Berry:
It’s hard to believe they did it, but I guess it was the proper thing to do. I’m thinking that the “fight” with the royal family is made up & that there really isn’t friction among or between them.
Poultry Man
Poultry Man:
I will only ever see her as Rachel from suits
The Nomadic Jamaican
The Nomadic Jamaican:
Very poor reporting. Very inept at getting and reporting correct information. Maybe you should find a job you're more suited for.
Klesk Quake
Klesk Quake:
Speriamo.. ciao coppola
Carissa Daughtry
Carissa Daughtry:
If she says “rogue” one more time...
Cimone Little
Cimone Little:
I love you guys.
Linda Quisenberry
Linda Quisenberry:
Black princess?! Where did that come from? She went rogue like you said!
Tamam Igdır
Tamam Igdır:
Nutty Doctor
Nutty Doctor:
Dude they don’t have a social media account. Have you forgotten?
Henrietta Desirée Grunitzky
Henrietta Desirée Grunitzky:
At his age and for his job it is unbecoming.
Lola Blakeslee
Lola Blakeslee:
His "earrings" go nicely with his 70's porn mustache. He isn't even informed on the subject he's speaking about!
She lost the title her royal highness HRH
neil burnette
neil burnette:
Don't you all understand they just want to raise their son and live, god damn it just let them LIVE..... SMDH
Henrietta Desirée Grunitzky
Henrietta Desirée Grunitzky:
This Guy is naïve on purpose.
How do we know what you are saying is true. Say Happy Birthday and move on...stop analyzing everything...she did not lose her title.
Heno willson
Heno willson:
They didn't wish her happy birthday last year. Did you know that?
Suzette Phinn
Suzette Phinn:
It's funny how they make up stories about what the royal family is doing. You'll don't know them!!! Who cares about a title!!!
From this INEPT RESEARCH, Graeme O'Neil should lose HIS title of "Below Average Gossip Pundit".
Brittany Andersen
Brittany Andersen:
Calling in person is MUCH more meaningful. If they (Harry and Megan) had wished the Queen A Happy Birthday in public...people would have criticized them for wanting more attention.
Do they even have a Twitter account? They had to shut shut the royal account down, so???
Daunette Okoroh
Daunette Okoroh:
She didn't loose her title. She lost HRH
Inspired By Nature Inspired By Nature
Inspired By Nature Inspired By Nature:
We absolutely Love Harry, Meghan, and baby Archie!
sther anglade
sther anglade:
Harry and Maghan doesn't have a public social account. Please leave them alone. Happy birthday people princess . We love you
Khadijah Jacob
Khadijah Jacob:
No, she didn't lose the title Duchess of Sussex!! She lost the title HRH!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN DUCHESS MEGHAN!! FOREVER PEACE & ALWAYS LOVE TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND THE WORLD!!!
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker:
They did not loose the Dude and Duchess they lost " Royal Higness". Part of their title
Naturally Charitable
Naturally Charitable:
They didn’t have an Instagram and they don’t manage the account so stop being dramatic
Allen Martin
Allen Martin:
They have people manage the accounts.
Erikka Juvonen
Erikka Juvonen:
Keshia chante is doin a great job as a reporter for ET used to love her music too. 💗 al 💕