Royal Family Wishes Meghan Markle A Happy Birthday

After the Royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, wished Meghan Markle a happy birthday, Graeme O'Neil and Keshia Chante react during "ET Canada Live".

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Joshua Young
Joshua Young:
I love the clickbait photo implying we'll see some of the video of them
Babs 66
Babs 66:
She didn't lose the title. They lost the right to use HRH.
al w
al w:
Remember H & M do not have a social media account right now. So they didn't have a platform to post the Queen's Happy Birthday greeting. They announced it through the only means they have currently which is a public statement via their reps. Simple.
People are so dumb. Neither lost titles.
Naturally Charitable
Naturally Charitable:
They didn’t have an Instagram and they don’t manage the account so stop being dramatic
Anny E
Anny E:
You guys are so ignorant. My God. Who gave them a platform without an atom of basic knowledge about any subject??
How do we know what you are saying is true. Say Happy Birthday and move on...stop analyzing everything...she did not lose her title.
Nahomie Joseph
Nahomie Joseph:
They no longer have a social media account. Like even a simp knows this. Please stop reaching for a story.
Leah Sheffler
Leah Sheffler:
Happy Birthday Meghan.
You lasted this long.
Stay Strong.
Amie Amie
Amie Amie:
Why is that ET Canada doesn’t know that Meghan lost her HRH not the title Duchess of Sussex? They all question that. They need to do their homework before going on air.
Milo The Russian Blue
Milo The Russian Blue:
I still don't understand why there is such an interest in the Royal family.
The Oracle
The Oracle:
From this INEPT RESEARCH, Graeme O'Neil should lose HIS title of "Below Average Gossip Pundit".
Princess Moyo
Princess Moyo:
This proves that you all make noise about things that you dont know. She will never lose the title sorry guys do your research before you start lying on air.
The Nomadic Jamaican
The Nomadic Jamaican:
Very poor reporting. Very inept at getting and reporting correct information. Maybe you should find a job you're more suited for.
Hazel Chiyungi
Hazel Chiyungi:
You guys are naive for reporters. Get facts straight on the titles. No wonder you're confused.
Joshua Green
Joshua Green:
Harry probably called the Queen and told her happy birthday. He probably didn’t want to post it.
Makeda Melaku
Makeda Melaku:
Don’t event try it. The Sussex Royal Instagram account is closed. .... he’s talking about the Royal family is doing it for PR but he still wants Meghan and Harry to do the same thing. It’s crazy 😂
Lungelo Mntungwa
Lungelo Mntungwa:
They were in discussion of an exit for months before they announced, were is this guy getting his information from.
d currie
d currie:
Honestly if you are going to have a public platform you should at least educate yourself on the subject you talking about, unbelievable.
Gwen Marie
Gwen Marie:
You don’t know what Harry did to his Grandma. Stop it was you there when Harry Talked to his Grandmother
Suzette Phinn
Suzette Phinn:
It's funny how they make up stories about what the royal family is doing. You'll don't know them!!! Who cares about a title!!!
Mokodji Mabele
Mokodji Mabele:
Khadijah Jacob
Khadijah Jacob:
Khloe Hemsworth
Khloe Hemsworth:
Can't stand this man interviewer!! .... seems like he's always trying to start something against Megan and Harry! .. either it's personal! Or it's just something that his bosses want him to push out there!! .... either one he never seems to have his information right!! ..... Harry did tell his Grandmother the queen that they were stepping away! ... he didn't just leave without telling her!! ...
Nutty Doctor
Nutty Doctor:
Dude they don’t have a social media account. Have you forgotten?
Taylor mana12345
Taylor mana12345:
Happy birthday Meghan!!!!
Martha Wilder
Martha Wilder:
Who cares, it's her birthday, they could probably do it next year.
Annice Brown
Annice Brown:
Donna Williams
Donna Williams:
Remember that they did not have an account. They are in the process of getting the new account up since they can no longer use Sussex Royal
onlyuknowWhy ?
onlyuknowWhy ?:
She didn't lose her title Duchess of Sussex nor did she lose her HRH title her and Harry agreed to not use their HRH title but they still have them
Keturah Thompson
Keturah Thompson:
Good gief ET Canada you didnt do any homework before this post
1. She is a Princess, Archie's birth certificate says mother's occupation (Princess of the UK)
2. They do not have social media so how will they wish The Queen happy birthday on social media
3. Meghan never lost her title she is The Duchess of Sussex.
4. The Sussex Family did not go raoug they moved away from home to live a non royal life and make their own money.
5. The Queen was very aware of Harry wanting to step back as a senior royal. He made the annoucement early because the news was going to be leaked and he wanted to get ahead of the story.
I know ET is an entertainment news cast and really dont care about truth its more about ratings but at least try to appear somewhat informed.
Mrs Smith
Mrs Smith:
Meaghan kept the title, but lost the HRH before it
Patricia Anderson
Patricia Anderson:
I feel they only did it because they don't want to look bad.
vitamins79 P
vitamins79 P:
Meghan did not lose her Royal title she just can't use it for personal gain
Dolores Williams
Dolores Williams:
As far as the release of that statement, blame The Sun. They were going to release it. As far as the Queens birthday a call probably was enough for her. Just wish the Duchess Happy Birthday. She is still a Duchess, just not using HRH.
Sherry Groves
Sherry Groves:
Why are you two acting dumb!!
Henrietta Desirée Grunitzky
Henrietta Desirée Grunitzky:
At his age and for his job it is unbecoming.
Vee C.
Vee C.:
The guy gossips more than a woman 🤦🏻‍♀️
Farhan J
Farhan J:
They've retained all titles but they're officially no longer using HRH because they're not working royals.
arnold sanders
arnold sanders:
They didn't then, nor do they NOW. Have an active Social media account.
Adrienne Whitaker
Adrienne Whitaker:
Oh my goodness! How can you report on something and not know the facts. No, Meghan did not lose ANY of her titles and neither did Harry. They both are using their Duke and Duchess titles and Harry can also still use his Prince Harry title. They are not using their HRH titles because they are not working Royals; however, they did not lose those titles either. They merely are not using the HRH titles. And, by the way, although you keep saying they went rogue and walked away, officially they are on a one year leave from royal duties, at the end of which time, it will be determined if they will return or extend their leave longer. During this time they will earn their own money and support their own causes/charities. By the way, they are not the first in the Royal Family to attempt this.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex (aka Prince Edward and his wife) attempted to strike out on their own and earn their own money; however, they were forced to give up their television production and PR careers after a series of scandals and continue to be paid working Royals. And, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent have as well. He has never received a parliamentary annuity or an allowance from the British Privy Purse, unlike both his elder brother, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, and his sister, Princess Alexandra, who both carry out official royal duties in the United Kingdom. Instead, he manages his own consultancy business and undertakes various commercial work around the world.

Let’s face it. The reason that it is a big deal that Harry and Meghan have taken a leave from duty or have decided to earn their own money, pay their own expenses, and support their own charities has nothing to do with “going rogue” and instead has everything to do with Harry marrying a woman of African American decent. If Harry was still single and made the same decision, we would hardly be still interested and everyone would have wished him well. In fact, we would have said he grew up and took responsibility. Well done!
Listen, if you comment in the issue, you should have knowlwdge on it. They did not lose the title of Dutch/ Dutchess of Sussex, but their Royal Highness title.
Renee Reese
Renee Reese:
Leave Harry and Meghan alone! We don't know whats going on behind the scenes.
C L:
Harry & Meghan are no longer on SMS so calling her directly is their only way. Please do some research before putting your big foot in your mouth.
badgurl badgurl
badgurl badgurl:
How you figure he did not talk to his grandmother first 😔😔😔
R R:
She didnt loss any of the titles, shes still Duchess of Sussex and Her Royal Highness, shes not allow to use the HRH that's all.
mary gardner smith
mary gardner smith:
They’re grown ass ppl.
E 3
E 3:
Hey Me-gain! I hope your old nose grows back.
Justina Akeke
Justina Akeke:
Wether she is no longer a princess according to you, she will always be my princess. I wonder what planet these ones are from. Have you not been listening to news lately? #racistreporter
Michelle Cave
Michelle Cave:
This conversation is a non starter. Leave them alone. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Just wish her a happy birthday and leave it at that! They dont even have any solid facts lol 🙄
Kay Camille
Kay Camille:
I’d like to wish her covid 19
papa pie
papa pie:
It is well publicized that ET Canada is in the process of "cleaning house" from top to bottom. It came in light of management treating their employees of color in a discriminatory manner which prompted an internal investigation of ET Canada by its parent company. They can begin by ridding itself of this ill informed male host. He brings nothing to the table.and his delivery is flat. It seems the producers of this show need to be replaced but also this should be aware of basic facts. He has publically smeared Meghan with intentional misinformation. Meghan and Harry no longer have a social media platform to send out announcements. The host is very gossipy so I am sure he was also aware that the couples' spokesperson announced that they along with Archie had done a video call with the Queen for her birthday. How ignorant does one have to be to deceive his viewers like this? This is unacceptable and they need to retract this segment and correct this. This is Fake News.
Sheretha Wilkins
Sheretha Wilkins:
I’m sick of this male reporter. Everyone knows their account was close at the time. They call or zoomed her. What more do he want? He never have anything nice to say about H or M. Screw him.
Dana Shekkle
Dana Shekkle:
You ET reporters live under a rock or something. H&M did not los
Simone Haughton
Simone Haughton:
I love listening to you guys, however today I feel like you guys need to look at this video again and redo it.You may not care about the storyline but there’s other people out there that may be kind of care about it. That was horrible I honestly don’t even think you got any of it right
lola Blakeslee
lola Blakeslee:
His "earrings" go nicely with his 70's porn mustache. He isn't even informed on the subject he's speaking about!
Seer Guru
Seer Guru:
Black princess lmao 😂
Marcia Watson
Marcia Watson:
ET lives sucks leave Harry and Megan alone. These two have been under pressure since March. Where is your memory
Naturally Charitable
Naturally Charitable:
Y’all report on them all the time and y’all are acting so confused. they didn’t lose there title. They talked to the Queen on her birthday. The royals do not use social media so it’s not like they are really trying at all and H&M didn’t have an Instagram acct on the queen’s birthday to make a copy and paste birthday statement.
Michael Gibb
Michael Gibb:
Firstly, Harry and Meghan haven't left the Royal Family. They are just no longer working Royals, and that gets to the second point, which is that since they're no longer working Royals they no longer use their official social media accounts. As a result, their wishes to the Queen on her birthday are no longer on view to the public.
Annie Allen
Annie Allen:
Title is the HRH. She's still a Duchess
Valentina M
Valentina M:
That's a really nice move, at least a good move! Bravo and happy birthday Meghan!!!
Hillary Coley Fitness
Hillary Coley Fitness:
Please don’t be a fool... they did not do it out of love!
Alyssa Zamora
Alyssa Zamora:
They look the same J.lo n Meghan <3 hard to be pub Figure, eyes on you Girl! <3
Ocanada Standinguard
Ocanada Standinguard:
Ban the harkle topic - puhleese.
Mery Me
Mery Me:
Well i have expected that to happen. They are family.🙏🙌
Cynthia Cocroft
Cynthia Cocroft:
Meghan gave up the HRH title, not the dutches. They probably told the Queen Happy Birthday; just not in public. I don't blame them. Why, so the media can make another tolling news article? Happy Birthday Megan!
Rose phillips
Rose phillips:
The Queen is losing it...
R R:
Harry and Meghan have no social media accounts since March 2020 that's why they called the queen. The royals are afraid before y'all call them racist. 🤣😂🤣
Tik Tok Good Stuff
Tik Tok Good Stuff:
Happy Birthday. May GOD guide, correct and bless you this new season, more than ever before.

Stay positive and prayerful
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985:
This is Harry he used to have a loving caring family around him

Now he's all alone this Christmas

Please this Christmas have a place in your hearts and all REMBER Harry

Please REMBER Harry when your sat around the table on Christmas Day

Remember Harry has only Meghan getting him to do her dirty work on a daily basis

Let's bring Harry home to his loving family this Christmas

Let's bring Harry home where he belongs this Christmas
Allen Martin
Allen Martin:
They have people manage the accounts.
Sarah Gilbert
Sarah Gilbert:
Nice that the royal family wished Meghan a "public" happy birthday. However, those messages don't have any "soul" in them. They were written by their PR departments and don't seem to be personal messages. So let everyone chill. Also, what people do in public is ALWAYS so different from what they do in private.
virginia leigh
virginia leigh:
ET Canada is always raging on Harry and Meghan, what is your problem with them. Especially this guy, due your research! Harry and Meghan closed their Sussex Royal Instagram account at the beginning of the year and do not have an open social media account. So where are they supposed to wish granny happy birthday other than calling them. The reason they all wished Meghan happy birthday is because they all have an instagram account. You say the dumbest things on this show that why I stopped watching you.
This is all formal business for the public to see. Ahha prob have same group of people that sent those message out 😂🤣😂.
Leo Ashu
Leo Ashu:
What makes it different wishing her publicly a happy birthday if they call her private fine . Like you said if they did it u talk about it and vise vessel
Mary Smith
Mary Smith:
Meghan and Harry did not lose their titles. They lost the privilege of being styled Royal. That's why they could not use Royal Sussex.
Patricia Howard
Patricia Howard:
What A Blessing 😇🙏❤️
Mpupi Ntoane
Mpupi Ntoane:
It's nice hearing something different happy birthday.
Jamise Denari
Jamise Denari:
Now I see why after todays new of meghan miscarrying.
Donna 1j
Donna 1j:
They still wish the queen a happy birthday why do I have to do it publicly.
Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine
Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine:
“Our Black Princess”?
Beverley Turner-Kirton
Beverley Turner-Kirton:
You two are so ill informed .... pls do your research 🙏
Jan Edmunds
Jan Edmunds:
Thanks for sharing a little sweet forgiveness
Jade Beaut
Jade Beaut:
She’s so old
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers:
If the Royal Family wished Meghan a Happy Birthday out of sincerity, that’s wonderful!💖
They still have the courtesy to be kind to that viper .
No she did not
She lost the title her royal highness HRH
leonie hourigan
leonie hourigan:
39 haha 😂 sure.
Bonny Ducharme
Bonny Ducharme:
Seriously, they have secretary's to do this for them. Harry and Meaghan wished her private Happy Birthday wishes...that's enough. I'm sure it didn't bother her. Speculation people...their private life is their's and unless you know 1st hand what has gone on...then it's all Gossip. Let them live their life. There are lots of Royals to carry out the duties required. Mor power to them....
Cornelia Forrer
Cornelia Forrer:
Congratulations after all, that's class -
the class that Me-gain is missing.
Janex Kabarangira
Janex Kabarangira:
I think if I remember correctly, they are not to use HRH but they kept the Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles. I stand to be corrected.
Audrey Washington
Audrey Washington:
Harry had to do what he did do to get the message across once and for all. Done
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones:
True it makes sense the RF wished her a happy birthday.
There are some royals with etiquette, class, and above it all..plain and simple. They did what was right.
William Dubose III
William Dubose III:
Happy Birthday!
They no longer have social media, ok white commentator?
DeeMo Morris
DeeMo Morris:
They didn't have social media in April. Give these folks a break.
Alice Taber
Alice Taber:
They only did it to go on the ricord