Portugal international Ruben Dias has put pen to paper after completing a move from Benfica. The new defender sat down with us for his first ever interview as a Man City player.

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Rabona TV
Rabona TV:
Miss you already.
Welcome, I hope you give the best performance
David Omisade
David Omisade:
I love this guy’s mentality. Just listen to the way he speaks. You can tell he came here to be serious and win trophies and that’s what we need and have lacked since big figures like Kompany and Toure. Just need someone to lead and hold that defence. Hence why Ruben has been one of the most exciting signings for me for a while.
Raheem City
Raheem City:
This guys mentality is someat different, he’s gonna do good inshallah.
Jair Oliveira
Jair Oliveira:
4 players Made in Benfica : Ederson, Cancelo , Bernardo, Rúben 🔴⚪🦅
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Gak sabar liat aksinya📺
Matti Mcfc
Matti Mcfc:
“In Benfica, it’s a different league, not so competitive” 😂😂 I love this lad already
Billie Kemna
Billie Kemna:
Letsgooo! Now play him with Laporte and Aké leftback. That’s the best possible I think.
Day Trader
Day Trader:
Yes we sign a CB. He speaks better English than Harry Kane
Ryan Ye
Ryan Ye:
Yesss! Ake dias Laporte Walker/cancelo what a improvement!
Let’s go we signed a good defender
Zachary Molloy
Zachary Molloy:
He's gonna be a fantastic leader for us! Welcome to Manchester City, Ruben Días.
Nick Fox
Nick Fox:
Such an impressive character, he’s a born winner, we definitely need his leadership qualities. He speaks perfect English, finally someone in our defence who can organise those around him, a good partnership could be Dias and Ake, someone with pace next to Dias. Can’t wait to see you in a sky blue shirt Rúben
Daniel tres
Daniel tres:
He seems so driven at such a young age exactly what we need
Jonny Abril
Jonny Abril:
The way he talks and his seriousness reminds me of Sergio Ramos, it's been a while since I had so many expectations for a player
Trevon Connell
Trevon Connell:
This man speaks English very fluent🙂💙#Welcome to city⚽️
mightymorphingreen Valverde
mightymorphingreen Valverde:
When the interviewer ask him to describe what type of player is he...and he responded with " I'm a player that loves to win " . he got me hooked . great mentality and years beyond his age . we got ourselves a good one boys .
Sam Kershaw
Sam Kershaw:
I love this signing. A couple of years ago when everyone wanted de Ligt I said we should look at Ruben. He's got a great mentality and looks and acts like a leader. This interview shows a bit of that. Welcome to Manchester Ruben.
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
The next Sergio Ramos !
Player, Manager, Captain
Kevin Sky
Kevin Sky:
Wow, he speaks English so good
Official Pure100
Official Pure100:
They is defiantly something
Special about these Portuguese
players they general use of English
Is insanely so Good 👍
Great signing 👌
Papa le bon
Papa le bon:
Is it just me or he sounds exactly like Bernardo Silva
Bass Reeves
Bass Reeves:
"I like to Win - that's all you need to know about me" 😁
Ñùřkìv ø
Ñùřkìv ø:
He knows English now no need to adapt he will be a leader💙
Loving how the portuguese lads already speak solid english! Keep it up Portugal, solid education!
Connor Barnett
Connor Barnett:
Good signing for us. Let's hope he improves our defence.
James Strang
James Strang:
Chills down my spine. He's only 23?? he spoke like a seasoned pro. I loved how he spoke and his desire to win was all that matters. Think we found something special here!!
surprised how good his accent is. Looking forward to seeing him playing alongside Laporte! Good luck man
Bobby Clarke
Bobby Clarke:
I love how he’s emphasising that he’s joining cos we’re a big club - not cos pep. We’re getting that respect internationally now for how good we actually are! 😏 I do love pep tho 💙
charles asamoah boadi
charles asamoah boadi:
I LOVE THAT SIGNING he's gonna be great I can tell and I'm an arsenal fan
too lazy to write it
too lazy to write it:
Man this guy is all we want. He speaks smartly, aggressive, shows leadership quality. Boys he is the answer to our defensive ailing
lol, he sounds like bernardo but with a deeper voice
Melberry Lion
Melberry Lion:
"Without going into details you will see it when am about to play" I love this guy already 💙💙
RD: Its WIN or WIN....

Me: You know what I like this guy...
Can't believe he didn't sign for wolves
Love his comments and positive attitude. They say he is a leader and this interview makes me think he definitely is. The best of luck Ruben for your career at City.
Harvey Obrien
Harvey Obrien:
Can we talk about his perfect English...WOW
Mancity fan80
Mancity fan80:
Interviewer : "What kind of player are you?"
Ruben Dias : "I am player that loves to win"
What a mentality 🙌🙌🙌
usm algerie
usm algerie:
Welcome to Manchester City
Abdul Mannan
Abdul Mannan:
INSHA ALLAH, he will be the Best Defender of Manchester City History ❤️. But why didn't he take Number 4 instead of Number 3?🙄
All I got from that interview is Rúben likes to WIN!!!
Shofiul alom
Shofiul alom:
Finally someone who can speak fluent English not like " hi, I Carlos tevez I play for Manchester City hahaha" ....
João Diogo Vieira
João Diogo Vieira:
Vamos Ruben todos cá em Portugal cremos o melhor para ti trás o caneco!!!!
Artur João Costa Rebelo
Artur João Costa Rebelo:

You got me there.
dharma wiguna
dharma wiguna:
damn , that's Leader spirits

miss that since Kompany gone
Erlangga Febrian
Erlangga Febrian:
“this is a top club, a top club needs a top coach and top players” i love him already.. Welcome to Manchester City Ruben!
CTID 1994
CTID 1994:
Finally! Why do you guys do this to my blue heart 😰💙 #welcomeDias
Rúben "The Sheriff" Dias
Matt2 Muscly
Matt2 Muscly:
Finally we might have a good centre back partnership
kindeez كنديز
kindeez كنديز:
He’s going to be the next viny
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
I know most of us Portuguese speak English quite well but I wasn’t expecting Ruben to be so great thus far 👍 easier for him to adapt to his new teammates and the environment in England
brinton muriithi
brinton muriithi:
I wish he settles our back line issues✌️
Andre Chin
Andre Chin:
Already speaks English better than Kane ffs 😂
Jake Silvester
Jake Silvester:
Great English will help him settle! Excited to see him!
Ranger Gamer YT
Ranger Gamer YT:
The fact that he is even younger than ake and second-youngest player with gabby amazes me
MrNoobGaming Ent
MrNoobGaming Ent:
He sound like bernardo silva
Esteemed Kompany - A Man City Fan Channel
Esteemed Kompany - A Man City Fan Channel:
Guillermo Franco
Guillermo Franco:
Wow finally a player that knows what he wants and what he expects from his team mates. Please ignite a fire under these guys to be hungry for every point. Cmon City!!
Samuel DeRousse
Samuel DeRousse:
I’m glad to see that his English is really good
Salim Shahnewaz
Salim Shahnewaz:
Welcome to City Ruben, impressive interview and personality as well.
Don Labz
Don Labz:
I won't be able to recognize Laporte and dias when the start date paring them ffs 😞
raplang marb
raplang marb:
He’s so confident I like this guy already 👍🏼👏🏻 commoncity
K C:
He is going smack Kyle walker if he doesn’t run
He sounds angry 😡
Dias future captain
Kofi Koranteng Owusu-Koranteng
Kofi Koranteng Owusu-Koranteng:
He bout to become a city legend
He’s literally perfect for us, can’t wait for him to play
Vuyolwethu Tshirana
Vuyolwethu Tshirana:
I love his mind set, we really need that at City, someone strong psychologically at the back, i can see us going places with Ruben...
Jared Rodney
Jared Rodney:
He speaks so good English was he expecting a move to wolves
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies:
Captain within 3 years maximum - calling it now
He Plays Like Ramos
Looks Like Ramos
Acts Like Ramos
I think we found a new ramos
Pes Mobile Gamer
Pes Mobile Gamer:
Dang his English. I thought he would speak in Portuguese. 🙄
Nawaz Shah
Nawaz Shah:
Number 3, my favorite number and new favorite player 💙💙 ... He seems very confident.. loved his attitude 💙💙
Randy Saputro
Randy Saputro:
I'm really surprised by how he speaks really fluent English.
Solid English. He'll adapt quickly when he gets over the weather
Waylon Grech
Waylon Grech:
His English really impressed me.. Hopefully, he's the missing piece in our defence, a true leader.
Ibra YT
Ibra YT:
lets goo this guy seems really genuine. Its almost like hes motivating me
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV:
Já estamos com saudades ❤️
Temos a certeza que vais brilhar 🔥
ken kicktal
ken kicktal:
Since kompany left we have never seen one like him, I hope he fits in his shoes
AlexJ Airey
AlexJ Airey:
He has decent English hopefully he can link with silva can actually say silva without the first name now as there is only one 😂😅
citizen Bashir
citizen Bashir:
Here we go, come to on city, a perfect defender on the pitch, now, all the concentration to win the premier league this season!
Mr Aric
Mr Aric:
Can’t wait to have him in my fifa 21 career mode!
Virgil Harriott
Virgil Harriott:
The fact that he can speak English just screams a surprise partnership with him and Stones 😳
Suhaas Bhat
Suhaas Bhat:
Everything about him screams leadership! 💙
Ricardo Fernandes
Ricardo Fernandes:
I'm so hyped up about him with Ake as our CB, shish!
Denteh M
Denteh M:
Let’s get it man this guy is gonna be a big game player u heard it here first 💙💙
Jax 51
Jax 51:
Future City Captain incoming...
Joao Bandeira
Joao Bandeira:
He almost started to cry when they asked him about benfica🦅
Boa sorte Rúben, tu mereces!❤
Daniel tres
Daniel tres:
Man city: we need an intelligent leader in defense and I think dias fits the role perfectly

Dias: "I dont like to think"
Welcome hope this will be great🙏🏽
Abdul Godana
Abdul Godana:
Best signing for man city, Walker, Dias,Laporte,Ake left back
Simon Flatau
Simon Flatau:
Lads he’s already speaking English
Sridhara Vignesh
Sridhara Vignesh:
Wow his English is so smooth. Let's goo city 💙
Adhie Sathya Wicaksana
Adhie Sathya Wicaksana:
Welcome to the I've-bottled-everything-man club, Ruben. Enjoy your evening on the bench.
Reameans l
Reameans l:
His mentality is what we need so much! Good signing.
Uzair Ahmed Khan
Uzair Ahmed Khan:
Already he speaks like a Captain.. He is a dominating figure like Kompany.. A Great signing for CITY💙
Charles O Simeon
Charles O Simeon:
“Win or win” I’m still glad a premiere league Club got. I love city as an arsenal fan tho.
Good English too got alot too look forward to ruben. CTID
Was waiting for this masterpiece mancity
Daniel MaravalhasFPS
Daniel MaravalhasFPS:
My boss 😭 i cant believe that happen , im waiting for you to see you come back to your home , we love you Forever RUBEN 🖤