Rúben Dias - Welcome to Manchester City - 2019/20

Rúben Dias Defensive Skills, Tackles, Interceptions, Goals and Highlights for Benfica
Rúben Dias Welcome to Manchester City

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85 comentarios:

Anthony Abrahams
Anthony Abrahams:
I can see him scoring in a Manchester derby
55m + Otamendi? It's a robbery... Im not even talking about his skills on the field but his leadership at Benfica is one of a kind. We need him here.
People calling Ruben slow lol, this is not FIFA ok
Gonza _
Gonza _:
The new Sergio Ramos, good luck Rúben🔴⚪
R. W.
R. W.:
Plays a high line with Benfica (as City) ✅

Has pace ✅

Leadership qualities and young ✅

Has an aerial duel success rate of 85% in his own final third ✅

Yes he likes to dive in a bit, but so does Koulibaly and he’s been considered one of the best CBs in the world for years.

How can people complain? He’s one of the best young centrebacks in world football.
kurnia firman
kurnia firman:
laporte + ruben🔥
Bryn Akukwe
Bryn Akukwe:
Don't know why City fans complain. In Uniteds success teams they had the brain and the brawn. Clearly this guy will be the brawn the one diving into tackles like Vidic while Laporte will be like our Rio Ferdinand. So stop the complaining because Koulibally as well is a tackling merchant
George Abraham
George Abraham:
I wanted United to sign him last summer instead we signed a Fridge
José Aguiar
José Aguiar:
You're quick lol
CTID 1994
CTID 1994:
What’s up with some city fans slagging him off? You guys wanted a new cb right? Instead of giving Tosin a chance, you guys wanted a new cb. Ruben looks pretty good so live with it.
Foot Rosi
Foot Rosi:
Quicker than fabriazo tweet
Solar elect
Solar elect:
You don´t know him, if you did, you would be running to get him as quicly as possible, I hoppe Benfica
requires the amount established through the termination clause, to sell him, and I hoppe aswell, manchester city do not accept it and that the business do not happen. It is allways the same shit, come to Portugal to buy cheap to later one sell expensive.
Ñùřkìv ø
Ñùřkìv ø:
This guy knew we would come here to search for him 🔍 .
Haitham Mohammed
Haitham Mohammed:
Guys who are hyping him just go write stones highlights it will be the same these things dont decide
more aggressive than softy Johonny stones
NoNameBoys 1904
NoNameBoys 1904:
Noooooo ffs benfica ...
Marcelo Amaral
Marcelo Amaral:
He's gonna be ez top 3 centre backs in the prem
Let Love Lead
Let Love Lead:
Great signing for the present as well as the future. I really wanted a younger but experienced CB to partner Laporte for the next ten (10) years or so and Diaz is the perfect man for us. We welcome Díaz warmly and wish him a successful journey with Manchester City.
Borusse James
Borusse James:
Wow you’re quick bro 😂
Exactly what city needed and laporte! Its checkmate for city my fellow citizens..
sunil ambrose
sunil ambrose:
please change that thumbnail he looks like a dwarf 😭 in there
Perez qwr
Perez qwr:
Get him fast city!
Blue Cityzen
Blue Cityzen:
Welcome to Manchester City! 💙
모두가행복해졌으면 좋겠다
모두가행복해졌으면 좋겠다:
come on city~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Beto Sousa
Beto Sousa:
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN WE Dont Want Him to Go What Excelent Defender and Also from Portugal !
In this order
augusto cordeiro
augusto cordeiro:
Just came to say you made Ruben dias look so big headed in your thumbnail lol
But what a player he is...
ddd mmm
ddd mmm:
He's very calm
Galaxy 25
Galaxy 25:
Carlos Filipe
Carlos Filipe:
Great Defender, enjoy :D
samaya bagirova
samaya bagirova:
Good transfer!
*Welcome to Tottenham!*
Mashapi Matimba
Mashapi Matimba:
Who's here after Fabrizio's tweets?
Eduardo Francisco
Eduardo Francisco:
In england is my favorite team is manchester city in portugal is the benfica. Rúben Dias stay good.
João Morgado
João Morgado:
Sad to see our Ruben Dias Going away if so ...He is a rock, a leader in defense and will be one of the best defenders in the world soon...We knew this day would come cause he is a outstanding quality player...Benfica will miss his presence in the team and pitch , But if he goes to another team I hope that team whatever will be take good care of this guy..Outstanding professional and great defender , tactically he is a sponge that absorbs every tactic the coach will fit him in...He is fast and tackles like the last man standing... God bless you all guys stay safe and strong.
Genza Edolh
Genza Edolh:
Wow amazing @
Saravanan Rasadurai
Saravanan Rasadurai:
Manchester United needs Rúben Dias
Koulibaly, kounde, know dias com on city make up your mind
Akhtar khan
Akhtar khan:
Man can't stand on his feet
Daniel Shaffer
Daniel Shaffer:
Idk why city fans are upset.. this guy is fantastic..big , strong, good tackler , etc
He's got a massive head in thumbnail 😂
haha quickly cashing in on those transfer rumours, absolutely shameless!
Abbas Hassani
Abbas Hassani:
Has he got pace
Setyasa Yoga Hastatama
Setyasa Yoga Hastatama:
Good luck with pepteam
New Vidic
how i like this channel
Christian Skancke
Christian Skancke:
The only stigning they need to win the leauge.
R M:
Ernestas Stoskus
Ernestas Stoskus:
Very good solid player
No Rúben dias is a stay in BENFICA. This is awesome
Fabio Carrola
Fabio Carrola:
Fica ruben! N vas miudo, Benfica é a tua casa
braghi tam
braghi tam:
lindelof looks like this before
Diogo Fernandes
Diogo Fernandes:
Don't worry city fans, on thing u will have for sure, determination !!!!
I am saying or arguing how good he is but I personaly don't like this type of CB. we need someone who stay on his feet and fight to get the ball back. Tackling should be a last option and depending on the situation.
F , for benfica defensive line
Julian Mbezele
Julian Mbezele:
Harwood bellis looks better than him if he plays for Benfica in Portuguese league
Ahmed S
Ahmed S:
solid but reckless
I am the worst scout, but Ruben is an amazing player. big loss for Benfica.
reza moghadam
reza moghadam:
Mark N
Mark N:
He's a tackle merchant I don't like this type of defenders. I hope we buy Kounde
Ñùřkìv ø
Ñùřkìv ø:
This guy slides too much😐😐😐
Rúben Dias→ City and Laport+50M→Benfica
Can it be like this
M. Batista
M. Batista:
Congratulations, Mancheter City hired a great central defender for the present and future, and still with a great margin of progression.
Ruben Dias will soon be the new Pepe. Big, strong and aggressive. Powerful.💪⚽👌
Cjay Slim
Cjay Slim:
He is good, Pep should do the signing before he's spotted by the likes of madrid 💯💯
Guna Getcarter
Guna Getcarter:
Jesus is injured,we need a striker as well...
Arjun Sivakumar
Arjun Sivakumar:
He may dives so much ,but Kompany dives a lot too. The thing is we r lacking the leadership from behind,and he is an replica of Kompany .But otamendi dives a lot too,but he don't have the recovery pace,i hope Ruben dias don't have that issue.
Regardless whoever plays beside Kyle Walker and Mendy, they will be exposed. Both of them are jokers
Srijith Menon
Srijith Menon:
As a city fan,I think spend wisely on him. Playing in premier League is not as easy as playing in Portuguese league
Dives in a lot
danson thatima
danson thatima:
We are signing soo many average players 😢 this guy is no different to stones, Ake or otamedi... Break the bank and sign a top class likes of koulibaly or kounde....am still pained on how we missed on van dijk😭
Hingle Mccringleberry
Hingle Mccringleberry:
Kounde is younger, faster, better at aerial duels, plus experience at European level. From there he’ll just get better. Don’t rate this guy tbh.
Yunus K
Yunus K:
This guy looks slow 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
eoghan cummins
eoghan cummins:
Mendy 50mil.flop.
stones 50mil.flop.
cancelo 50mil.flop..................
Ricardo Q
Ricardo Q:
a lot of pp here say some dumb things about Dias LOL but believe me Ruben Dias has been on every list of all bigger clubs and agents in europe for the last 5 years, since he was 18, but there´s a lot of ignorance in football fans...I don´t believe Benfica will sell him, unless is for the release clause...100M euros.
Coelho Gamer
Coelho Gamer:
For me, Ruben dias, is be like van djik
Karisa Shedrack
Karisa Shedrack:
Man city are signing everyone on you tube but we have not seen there contracts plz style up don't just mention everybody if you can't sign them
Noredoos No
Noredoos No:
This guy is just otamendi 2.0
G Bailey
G Bailey:
Looks slow and beatable
Edwin Kanyongo
Edwin Kanyongo:
Paolo Maldini: "If I have to make a tackle then I have already made a mistake." This guy is a tackle merchant big mistake City
Aisosa Oyakhire
Aisosa Oyakhire:
I’m not convinced
Gabriel Perera
Gabriel Perera:
City fanbase is really annoying and stupid.
Kenny Liu Galarza
Kenny Liu Galarza:
ruben dias = otamendi + stones, he's not a upgrade for ManCity :(
Ospin Tello
Ospin Tello:
England must have the worst scouts in the football industry. This guy is much worse than Otamendi! He is extremely aggressive, scores own goals and commits penalties. The only reason he's not sent off more often, is because 40% of the Portuguese population are Benfica supporters, which includes referees, of course. This player will be one of the greatest flops in European football... 😂🤣😅