Rudy Giuliani and President Trump's legal team continue to undermine the election

The president's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and legal team held a press conference at the RNC that undermined the 2020 election. Weijia Jiang reports from the White House.

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Stuart M
Stuart M:
America is basically a reality TV show at this point.
Nico Nesta
Nico Nesta:
Lets see how it pans out before passing judgment.
Michelle A
Michelle A:
News stations should be unbiased not giving their opinions but allowing viewers to make up their own minds.
If there is truth in what they are saying then it's far more important than either candidate... It would be treason
Penny Wiser
Penny Wiser:
2020 isn’t over so expect more DRAMA
500 pages of affidavits isn’t a conspiracy lol
Phil McKinney
Phil McKinney:
CBS is continuing to put their head in the sand. Too funny to watch
Jamie M Boley
Jamie M Boley:
There is a lot of descriptive language in the reporting of this new report. Very strange.
glenn wilson
glenn wilson:
He who laughs last laughs laughs loudest.
Douglas Haumesser
Douglas Haumesser:
Were all going to watch you cry when the president wins a second term !!!!!
Roberto Vargas
Roberto Vargas:
America is in peril. Fight for her at this time. History will judge our resolve hundreds of years from now!
Charles Ward
Charles Ward:
So utilizing the legal review process due to documented issues is now undermining the election process? I hope CBS never has to sue anyone for any reason.
C-Mo 313
C-Mo 313:
Marcus Chzh
Marcus Chzh:
I like seeing this video has more dislikes than likes.
Burn Slow
Burn Slow:
Hey fake news you do realize that the videos of the proof is literally all over the internet right??? You are the enemy of this country...
Pipo Batanga
Pipo Batanga:
...undermine the election ?
Fraudsters Biden/Harris are undermining the election !!!
the media is getting scared now lmao
Shaolin Slumz
Shaolin Slumz:
Why don’t you cover as to why they have lawsuits against counties , these are real documents . Inform people of what’s really going on
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez:
Wait for him to come out of the throne and see how his Lawyer and him be in a hold for ever
Alex m
Alex m:
“Skufudimish ffftutm”

- Joe Biden
John Smith
John Smith:
"Frantic and spectacle"............. Just had to watch this with my air-sickness bag. I made it to 44 seconds.
Mr. Natural
Mr. Natural:
The msm today is so much like the priests of the Holy Roman Empire. As if they are the only source of truth in the world, and anyone who seeks the truth outside of the msm is a blasphemer who needs to be punished and “re-educated” as so many in the msm have already called for.
George Pettit
George Pettit:
I’ve done nothing but undermine this president in the last 3 elections. Pravda
Avon Dee W
Avon Dee W:
Fact check: Wisconsin did not 'find' 100K ballots around 4 a.m. the morning after the election, or take break from counting votes
Nathan McClellan
Nathan McClellan:
Headline correction: Media All In On Election Fraud; Trump's Legal Team Continue to Undermine Their Objectives
John Deere X758
John Deere X758:
CBS spewing more lies, Dominion lawyering up because they have been caught red handed.
John K
John K:
One day very soon, we will all wake up in America and realize that we are no longer free.
Heather Epley
Heather Epley:
Kind of like the Democrats for the last four years.
M Hutchins
M Hutchins:
why does CBS say "NO" evidence? Don't affidavits count as evidence? There may be contradictory evidence but you are totally false saying "no evidence"!
It's not undermining if they're taking action that they're legally entitled to take.
Chris atc
Chris atc:
I remember when a reporter was a respected career with fact checking and to report the truth not a biased opinion, remember the days when they used to retract incorrect or false info they published ? Now a days it's a joke, really hurts to see the decline in values
Graham Turner
Graham Turner:
A clumsy attempt at a coup is still an attempted coup.
Glenn Ianuale
Glenn Ianuale:
Democrat corruption undermined the election and your just as bad.
Dorset Big Cats
Dorset Big Cats:
Ask yourself why is the media quite obviously lying about this so blatantly? Do they really think people are that stupid?
S. Labouisse
S. Labouisse:
(0:05) CBS News is wall-to-wall lying, including from the 'arschloch' above who's sold his soul for the sake of drawing down a nice annual salary.
Joanne Wilson
Joanne Wilson:
Judging by the thumbs down they know you guys are shilling.
The only honor among corrupt people is the reverence they have for those who are more corrupt than they are
_ -Intensity- _
_ -Intensity- _:
what does hair dye or overall appearance have to do with this situation?? this is the media folks, not worth watching.
we need an alien invasion to bring us all together
Nathaniel Austin
Nathaniel Austin:
He's freaking out under the collar.
Albert Corola
Albert Corola:
There’s so much evidence! Wow
Clare Shaughnessy
Clare Shaughnessy:
‘This verdict is written on a napkin- and it still says guilty-and guilty is spelled wrong!’
Tikka Masala
Tikka Masala:
The president is not a king. We have 3 CO-EQUAL branches of govt. The media is playin y’all like a fiddle.
Tony Martin
Tony Martin:
Amazing how AMERICAn news is the only news claiming theres no fraud......latin America news reports fraud!
How can y’all make such a gross misrepresentation of what the press conference was about much less why do y’all continue to push that the election is over when the electoral college hasn’t voted
That was a hand recount of the exact same votes not an investigation into illegal ballots, if there are illegal ballots in there this proves nothing...
Len Black
Len Black:
He's too cheap to buy good hair dye. Gets it from the dollar store.
Steven Mehl
Steven Mehl:
No it’s called exposing the election fraud, you MSM are conspiring to undermine Our Democracy
George Kent
George Kent:
Why are Trolls so active with CBS News?
Maggie Blueskies
Maggie Blueskies:
CBS Clowns.
Imagine beings this scared
Jorge Sepulveda
Jorge Sepulveda:
Theyre not undermining anything, they're shinning a light on the shenanigans and there's plenty of evidence lol
James Moreing
James Moreing:
And now they are undermining 😂 just another coup.
If usa loose purity of elections whole planet in danger
Gabe Mtz
Gabe Mtz:
1:40 jajajaja ja yes sr we have a lot evidence
Thousands of thousands
Jajajaja yes a lot why you don’t say that to the judge coward
Ivan Sir
Ivan Sir:
If Rudy can smell crimes, why can’t he smell his boss’s crimes???
Kenny Loggins
Kenny Loggins:
The former mayor of one of world's biggest cities has come a long way
Professor C
Professor C:
If they have nothing to hide, why are they lawyering up?
rainer nolywaika
rainer nolywaika:
The Super Power turned in to the " Looser Power "
This comment section makes me wish I hadn't even started reading.
And ain't it grand?! When the truth comes out, you will all go down including the press for sedition and interfering in an election.
We can only characterize this as a COUP attempt at this point. Elected Republicans that don’t stand up against this, are complicit. No more silence, or equivocation...America or Trump.
Joseph Risner
Joseph Risner:
American's are honest, hard working, freedom Loving people of all races. We out number the dishonest lying, cheating politician's and their goon's. Who's going to defend them? Not me how about you?
Samantha Bazan
Samantha Bazan:
Nice narrative 👏 👍. Keep it up. Likes/dislikes says it all. What happened to actual news coverage 😕
Wes H
Wes H:

They started off the press conference saying that they wouldn't provide evidence, it was just an overview 😂😂
Oahu Kid
Oahu Kid:
The Election had been COMPROMISED
Debbie Hartman
Debbie Hartman:
Please enlighten me on what does the media gain with such blatant bias?
Victoria Royce-Pagett
Victoria Royce-Pagett:
You are having a laugh right ?
9 months missing my parcel ,and passed from pillar to post
Julian Davies
Julian Davies:
Thin channel and CNN best start employing GOOD Lawyers after expose
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith:
Starting to look like grandpa from the Munsters! Except grandpa wasn't as CRAZY! 🤪
Logically Thinking Daily
Logically Thinking Daily:
Hahahaha you all are truly the ENEMY of the PEOPLE!
Kenneth Hills
Kenneth Hills:
CBS - since when is sworn testimony under oath not considered evidence?
N A:
CBS. "Censored Bout Says" it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just another distraction of what is really going on behind the scenes. Hegelian Dialectic...
Chris White
Chris White:
Can some one please explain to me whether this is going from tragedy to farce, or from farce to tragedy.
Lori Gokey
Lori Gokey:
Judges living in terror. Period
Joey Biden
Joey Biden:
Oh man, no evidence. It means I win! And they wouldn't take it to up to the supreme court if you know what I am sayin''
You Don’t Know Shit About Boxing
You Don’t Know Shit About Boxing:
Y’all do know it’s statements from normal working people. That’s enough evidence to get a black man locked away for life 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
Albert Ojeda
Albert Ojeda:
lol these people are morons hahaha making news for themselves 😂😂
Tangent Radio
Tangent Radio:
Oh yes, let’s believe CBS news.
Brian Gemmet
Brian Gemmet:
Keep preaching CBS, that this is all just “conspiracy theories” , maybe all this will just float away, like the Coronavirus in the wind haha
NoWeapon Formed
NoWeapon Formed:
make that statement or claim in court, so they can suspend your license. Good for America and DOJ.
Craig Donaldson
Craig Donaldson:
Rudy is the personification of the cartoon character from Underdog, Simon Bar Sinister; only dumber.
Release The Kraken
Release The Kraken:
Failing ratings, loosing subs, same old recycled talking points, fraud news as usual. But I'm still blue pill loyal💯
Remember that these are the same people who said" mostly peaceful protests" and " defund the police".
Tien Dat
Tien Dat:
ok then what is "evidence" mean to you then ?
Bryce Bowman
Bryce Bowman:
"It's really easy to make unsupported wild conspiracy claims"..... Where was that logic in 2016 🙄
Everett Amador
Everett Amador:
Rudy knows crimes...He's a Crook!!
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson:
Is Sydney really Game of Thrones
Tom grove
Tom grove:
Give me 1 hr with rudi guilliani. I would really enjoy that
Rusty Naile
Rusty Naile:
Ditto! !!!! For the one below. You’ll see.
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots:
As per his deal with Lucifer, once a year Giuliani has give the Dark
Lord the soul of a virgin. The closer it gets to the deadline the more
he melts away.... Tick tock, Tick tock....
tl z
tl z:
Legal team? More like Conspiracy theories team or hearsay affidavits team. Do not insult the real lawyers of the world.
Ricky I.
Ricky I.:
Operation Mockingbird was amazing these past 4 years.
sidharth chand
sidharth chand:
Did Rudy give trump the friends and family discount as a lawyer
This is the type of low budget content we're going to get until they go out of business. Enjoy the show!
Mike Pelligrino
Mike Pelligrino:
Thank goodness only 2 more months of this Baffoon