Sabrina Carpenter - Skin (Official Lyric Video)


Lyric Video Created By: Jessica Severn (@j3ssica7) & Chris Shelley (@create) for Deadhappy

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seokjin myfeels
seokjin myfeels:
there is NO WAY joshua can be worth all this beef
marriam ismail
marriam ismail:
imagine if
Olivia and Sabrina both collab on a song called. " He wasn't worth it"
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury:
Joshua: Didn't want to date a minor.
Olivia: Didn't want to be heartbroken.
Sabrina: Didn't want to get hate.
Valmora Bleu
Valmora Bleu:
This is just me but i interpreted it this way: the first lines are for olivia (i don't hate you and i understand why you're hurt) then it gradually turns to address the people assuming things and sending hate (this is my side and you won't hurt me if i don't let you). Then there's lines for olivia again (hope that we'll be okay one day). I think this song is both for the angry olivia fans and olivia herself but i didn't feel like she's taunting anyone. More like expressing her strength and being hopeful that it will be okay someday?

Sorry for that long comment.
Zoeya Nazir
Zoeya Nazir:
I finally understand the meaning of “ blond was the only rhyme”. She didn’t mean it in a shady way or anything. Her haters/fans were bring up the “ probably with the blond girl” a lot. So this is what I think: The word “brunette girl” doesn’t fit the song “blonde girl” seems more smoother. So, Sabrina is trying to say that it was just a rhyme and y’all haters are comparing that verse with me. So, this whole song is about how the haters take things seriously. I think she used “ blonde was the only rhyme” as an example for the haters. I might be wrong but at least this is what I think she means

Here’s the most ignored lyric

"You're telling me how you see it
Like truth is whatever you decide
Some people will believe it
And some will read in between the lines"

These lines are towards those you create false accusation without knowing the whole truth. And it’s like your deciding what’s the actual truth no matter how convincing it looks.
One day both of them girls will be sayin
”damn we really wrote songs about this guy?”
why was everyone making this seem like an aggressive song? She’s literally saying that the fans were twisting the story and that she hopes Olivia and her can move past this
Shreshta Guniganti
Shreshta Guniganti:
Leave all this ‘old’ drama, This song is amazing. Driver’s license is also amazing, they are all amazing and I’m also amazing 😌✋🏼
I. i
I. i:
Everyone's talking ab "don't drive yourself insane" and forgetting that t continues to say "it won't always be this way" telling Olivia that it gets better
I don't feel so good
I don't feel so good:
Not y'all making Sabrina look like the villain
All Sabrina did was write a song and y'all acted like she committed a crime when you livies sended death threats, created rumors and acted like y'all did nothing?
Leroy Sanchez
Leroy Sanchez:
If you grew up watching telenovelas you know this is just the begging... where’s my popcorn?
Hecate Celestia
Hecate Celestia:
Okay okay, before y’all start hating on me. Hear me out.

Stop dragging Sabrina into issues she shouldn’t be in the first place. You all referred to her as the “blonde girl” who stole olivia’s man but take note that josh and Olivia weren’t even dating. Olivia had a crush on josh but that doesn’t mean Sabrina stole anyone’s man. I don’t understand why people are saying “liv complimented her, she said she was all she’s insecure about” ...INSECURITY is not a compliment. It never was and it never will be, if you think that someone being insecure about you is a compliment, you have a problem.

Remember that people dragged Sabrina here, when it was josh that left Olivia in the first place. Toxic fans hate on Sabrina because she released a song Thats ‘bragging and attacking a 17 year old.’ So Olivia can write a song about her feelings and Sabrina can’t? Remember the effect of olivia’s song to Sabrina too. It made people send her death threats and hate. Even if Olivia didn’t intend to do it, fans just keep

“You’re telling it how you see it like truth is what ever you decide”

Honestly I feel so bad for Sabrina, She’s getting dragged into a mess she didn’t even start in the first place. She even hopes liv and her can be friends but the toxic fans keep twisting her song and words as if they were there when sab wrote it. What’s more is how immoral it is for the fans that keep saying “oh she was being mean” like you know her personally and know what she was thinking.

Stop getting involved in all this because this isn’t your problem, it’s Olivia and josh’s. Sabrina just got dragged in it because of the fans. Get a life.

Sorry for the long paragraphs, I just got frustrated by the comment section.
This is actually such a mature response
Kiki Boers
Kiki Boers:
She is literally saying 2.10 that she hopes her and olivia will be fine, yall really dragging her for nothing. Olivia made the song first and although theres no direct insults it is not exactly positive being called “that blonde girl” and Sabrina is just responding and even saying good things in the song
cow headbitch
cow headbitch:
If you're siding with Sabrina or Olivia, Don't talk to me. They have their own opinions.
Esty Levy
Esty Levy:
Olivia: " And you're probably with that blonde girl"
Sabrina: "Maybe blonde was the only rhyme"
everyone: 👁️👄👁️
Ariadna Botello
Ariadna Botello:
"Maybe blonde is the only rhyme" and "don't drive yourself insane" it's just😳😳
drunk croissant
drunk croissant:
like sabrina said in the song, olivia was sharing her side of the story, and sabrinas doing the same. what makes it so wrong in sabrina’s case?
Not people attacking Sabrina for trying to say her side of the story- 💀✋
Maria Araujo
Maria Araujo:
Ngl this is a really good song
Reagan’s World
Reagan’s World:
All of our faces when she says “maybe blonde was the only rhyme” 👁o👁
Gemma Pegg
Gemma Pegg:
"Don't 'drive' yourself insane" what a genius line haha
kaylee rein
kaylee rein:
first i related to drivers license, but now skin is my literal life.
Viola’s Aesthetic Ideas
Viola’s Aesthetic Ideas:
2:10 unlike Olivia, Sabrina is actually being mature and positive....
Isabella Ward
Isabella Ward:
Idk why people are hating on Sabrina like she's really only telling her side
Danielle Graham
Danielle Graham:
This love triangle has taught me one important life lesson: Dont date musicians specifically singers...
London Johnson
London Johnson:
I'm not on anyones side but Olivia rodrigo can Express her feelings through song but when sabrina carpenter does it's a problem it
Doesn't matter how old you are your still allowed to express your feelings no matter if your 17 or 21
debjani sengupta
debjani sengupta:
Imagine all three of them writing a song "Shut up" (to the ppl spreading rumours without being sure)
Edit: omg 235 is the most l ever got 🤯🤯
Revania Azzahra
Revania Azzahra:
"you're putting me in the spotlight but ive been under it all my life." - said the✨queen✨
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson:
This is her best song... and I'm impressed by how she delivered her side with so much grace.
From all this beef I've learned one thing, never mess with a song writer
kingyos vfx
kingyos vfx:
Is it just me or is this song making us tear up because of sabrina’s calm words
Bee Pharaoh
Bee Pharaoh:
All I want is for Sabrina and Olivia to release a song called “He’s not worth it” that has bisexual undertones, and then proceed to start dating each other a couple months later
Faizah Hasna
Faizah Hasna:
Maybe we could've been friends
If I met you in another life
Maybe then we could pretend
There's no gravity in the words we write
Maybe you didn't mean it
Maybe blonde was the only rhyme
The only rhyme

Want my heart to be breaking, breaking, no
I'm happy and you hate it, hate it, oh
And I'm not asking you to let it go
But you been telling your side
So I'll be telling mine, oh

You can try
To get under my, under my, under my skin
While he's on mine
Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin
I wish you knew that even you
Can't get under my skin
If I don't let you in

You're telling it how you see it
Like truth is whatever you decide
Some people will believe it
And some will read in between the lines
You're putting me in the spotlight
But I've been under it all my life, said, all my life

Want my heart to be breaking, breaking, no
I'm happy and you hate it, hate it, oh
And I'm not asking you to let it go
But you been telling your side
So I'll be telling mine (mine)

You can try
To get under my, under my, under my skin
While he's on mine
Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin
I wish you knew that even you
Can't get under my skin
If I don't let you in-oh

You can try
To get under my, under my, under my skin
While he's on mine
Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin
I wish you knew that even you
Can't get under my skin
If I don't let you in-oh

I just hope that one day
We both can laugh about it
When it's not in our face
Won't have to dance around it
Don't drive yourself insane
It won't always be this way

You can try
To get under my, under my, under my skin
While he's on mine
Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin
I wish you knew that even you
Can't get under my skin
If I don't let you in
Clay Hale
Clay Hale:
Erika Lupian
Erika Lupian:
Two weeks later: Olivia Rodrigo "he wasn't worth it" feat. Sabrina Carpenter
Hailey Alden
Hailey Alden:
Honestly the dude doesn’t deserve either of them.
Jemiah Blase
Jemiah Blase:
Everyone: Fussing over the love triangle
Me: Listening to drivers license and skin one after the other
Blue Mellow
Blue Mellow:
“Don’t drive yourself insane, it won’t always be this way” hits different.
Jennifer Lamont
Jennifer Lamont:
Can't wait for Olivia and Sabrina to realize Joshua isn't worth the drama and make a fantastic collab about getting over the drama and the boy
Reyna Chavez
Reyna Chavez:
If sabrina and joshua break up, I feel like her a olivia will become good friends and maybe made a great song about all of this lol
Mx Emrys
Mx Emrys:
This is song boosts my confidence so much
"don't drive yourself insane"

bruuuuuuuuuuuuuh 😂
Irish Levy
Irish Levy:
Now that the drama is over, we should be happy for both sabrina and olivia and stop the hate
Sweet Evie
Sweet Evie:
👁👄👁 I don’t have words
Maud Rslt
Maud Rslt:
Plot twist : Olivia was in love with Sabrina not Joshua that’s why she’s so sad :)
alessandra natalie
alessandra natalie:
Everyone literally misinterpreted this song the song isn’t abt Olivia she never said it was when she was interviewed about the song. It’s about who’s the haters have been giving Sabrina death threats telling her to kill herself etc which is so horrible and no one should ever get that. And how she’s been in the spotlight for years she’s been doing this since she was a kid.
Travis Parrish
Travis Parrish:
this song is actually good , driver license is a song where you can constantly think about what went wrong in your relationship & Skins is about moving on & being happy
Your Sexy Uncle
Your Sexy Uncle:
This sounds a lot like “Touch It” by Ariana Grande.
Jaemin Lee
Jaemin Lee:
Imagine Sabrina and Joshua broke up and Olivia and Sab made a song about him💀💀💀
Focus on lyrics!
It's not for Olivia but for the hater that came to her for no reason.
Sadie Kane
Sadie Kane:
I've never realized until now how relevant this music is. I mean, think about bullying and homofobic comments on social media and the hate that LGBTQ+ community receives, this song just fits so many different scenarios. I think we all got caught up in the drama and forgot to see the relevance of this song
I hope sabrina doesn't get hate she's awesome <3
Tom Chhakchhuak
Tom Chhakchhuak:
She is telling her side ......... i love this queen sabirna carpenter strong women
Material Boy
Material Boy:
The tea is piping hot
the blond is not always a villian lol
they both are amazing and it's just life,
breakups are normal,
it's good they are making some bucks through it.
let's not hate and enjoy all their songs as they all are actually good!
Amanda Hyde
Amanda Hyde:
My opinion about this song is that it's that best song she ever wrote ,now don't get me wrong her songs are beautiful but this one just stood out greatly.
Vibe's with Kiki
Vibe's with Kiki:
Dang she said " don't drive yourself insane"
Disha joshi
Disha joshi:
Why this masterpiece has such less views ? Some people don't really have good music taste.
Imagine a third girl writing a song about Josh
Srishti Sinha
Srishti Sinha:
It's so hard not to sing along u sabby
Davina Jones
Davina Jones:
Who else is here cause they've realized Olivia’s new album videos look a lot like this one. Being a scrapbook and the lyrics being written in it 😳
Miraculous Marinette
Miraculous Marinette:
She is so underrated😭
Shaikha ali
Shaikha ali:
I swear, this has to be some Disney shit or Sabrina is an insanely fast songwriter
A K:
Don't know shit about the drama, don't care. This is a beautiful song, with universal meaning that everyone can relate to. Self-love and acceptance ❤
T G:
imagine bashing sabrina because joshua likes her and olivia, who you want joshua to be with is heartbroken and writes a song as a way to ease her pain and then that song caused death threats and bullies to sabrina, and then get all furious when sabrina, whom you're bashing stands up for herself and call her immature for making a song as a way to let all of her frustrations and pain out just like what olivia did.... Don't you just feel embarrassed for being the one who's acting immature and petty? XD
- I d i o t-
- I d i o t-:
When the Queen 👑 hits us with the words ‘maybe blonde was the only rhyme’ That’s when I knew-
P.S- I don’t think any of this drama is either Sabrina or Olivia’s fault... I think Joshua just maybe left things with Olivia on really bad terms...
People need to calm down. They think they know everything from two songs. Stop hating on Sabrina! This song is amazing and we should all appreciate it!
Me patiently waiting for Joshua's song to be named "EVERYBODY LET'S CALM DOWN"
"Your putting me under the spotlight, but I've been under it all my life." the SHADEEEE yes queen.
I've been on tiktok and it pains me to read the comments hating on Sabrina, I've known Sabrina for a long time now (I actually only knew Olivia because of Sabrina) and to be honest it's not fair for Sabrina, Olivia started this drama when she mentioned "blonde girl" in driver's license, and Sabrina replied by "Maybe blonde was the only rhyme" giving Olivia the benefit of the doubt that maybe she just didn't mean all of it and maybe it was just for the song.

Sabrina also says "Maybe we could've been friends if I met you in another life" stating that she hopes that if they weren't under the spotlight they could've friends.

And I also see people hating on Joshua like for God's sake how is it the guy's fault that he moved on? how is it Sabrina's fault that she fell in love? Olivia started this drama because she was heart broken but don't blame Joshua and Sabrina for it.
World Sites and Music
World Sites and Music:
That ending tho
"dont drive yourself insane it wont always be this way" LOVE THAT!
This is one of those meaningful and, at the same time, empowering songs
Noor Asi
Noor Asi:
Sabrina and Olivia are having fun with all the money they're getting while their fans are fighting each other
The start of the song I got flashbacks on when I was reading "In another life|A BokuAka Fanfic"

Other than me thinking of the Anime Fanfic, Wonderful song 😖💜
Call Me Marsela 🦋
Call Me Marsela 🦋:
She's a sweet little woman,why y'all hating her for no reason?
That's so sad . Olivia didn't say that song was referred to her .
Dont care about any drama, I have loved sabrinas songs for so many years and she still does not let me down with her music
chanchala chanchala
chanchala chanchala:
For some reasons n i love this song more than driver’s license
Mrs. Marmalade
Mrs. Marmalade:
"Dont drive yourself insane" "maybe blonde is the only rhyme" uh.. This wasn't a coincidence... 😅
- marta -
- marta -:
Life asks death..
“Why do people prefer you over me?”
And death replied..
“Because you’re the beautiful lie and I’m the painful truth..”
I love how the comments r so mature in her music video. No one is fighting of how one person is right or wrong. Everyone is just so positive here I love it 🥺
Andrea Pattinson Cullen Diggory
Andrea Pattinson Cullen Diggory:
the whole sour album lyrics animation is too similar to this 😭😭😭
proof that olivia probably listened to this
When joshua breaks up with sabrina just watch olivia and sabrina are gonna collab
“maybe blonde was the only rhyme” “don’t drive yourself insane” the teaaaa
Jechand Chennupati
Jechand Chennupati:
Ya'll need to stop with all this drama. It's their personal lives and we shouldn't get involved to the point where it starts to really affect their lives and mental health. Olivia and Sabrina were just expressing their feelings. Olivia had no clue her song would blow up so much and it was not meant to be a diss track. Sabrina was emotionally hurt and wanted to defend herself. Neither of them did anything wrong, please stop hating on either of them.
Quincey Watson
Quincey Watson:
This is one of the reasons why this week is Sabrina Carpenter Appreciation Week (SCAW) and tomorrow is Sabrina Carpenter Day & today is Sabrina Carpenter's Eve.
Someone You don't know
Someone You don't know:
Gurl idc abt the drama or if she is better or worse, my opnion: This song is hella great. I listen to this more than driver's licenses, just sayin
S M:
I don't care about the drama one bit, but for anyone who has been bullied, this song is VERY powerful.❤
Auni Aqilah
Auni Aqilah:
They literally fighting over a guy named joshua pls 😭
DA - 05LM 854711 Britannia PS
DA - 05LM 854711 Britannia PS:
The parts referencing drivers liscense are for Olivia, the rest is for the death threat people who are obviously physcopaths. I wish the so called "stans" understand that.
Jan Moon
Jan Moon:
The so called "fans" are the ones making this toxic. Tbh, I don't think Sabrina even cared about the drama until people were SENDING HER DEATH THREATS and straight up CYBERBULLYING her.
Big NO to bullying. Even an 8 year old can easily understand the importance of RESPECT.
Cassidy mukherjee
Cassidy mukherjee:
honestly it kinda feels like both fandoms r arguing and sabrina and olivia r asking themselves"how did i get involved in this".in my opinion i'm in both fandoms and this fight has nothing to do with them its the fandoms
yeehaw maties
yeehaw maties:
Y’all this song isn’t even actually only about olivia💀 love how quickly y’all jump on a scandal that doesn’t even exist honestly even if it was about Olivia it doesn’t matter because Sabrina’s the only one who’s been open about the situation while no one else is saying anything💀
Maya Tamimi
Maya Tamimi:
olivia: you’re probably with that blonde girl
joshua: LIE LIE LIE
sabrina: he’s all over my skin
me: 👁👄👁
Sunshine Flower
Sunshine Flower:
Skin is a bop.
the amount of dislikes she got is heartbreaking... this is such a great song, just let her be happy ffs
This actually a good song, the voice quality is 🔥🔥🔥❤️
Hannah Oñatè
Hannah Oñatè:
when you used to relate to driver’s license and now you relate to skin 😌✨