Sabrina Carpenter's Skin: Why Fans Think It's About Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett

On Thursday, Sabrina Carpenter dropped a new song, ‘Skin.’ Now, fans think it’s in response to Olivia Rodrigo’s track, ‘Driver’s License,’ which fans theorize is about Olivia’s rumored ex and ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ co-star, Joshua Bassett, and his alleged romance with Sabrina.

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The fact that all 3 of them released a song so close together and everyone's so invested there all blowing up
Disney is clearly orchestrating this whole love of triangle. They all have contracts under Disney, Olivia releases ‘Driver’s License’ 2 weeks ago, Joshua releases ‘Lie Lie Lie’ a week ago, and now Sabrina releases ‘Skin’ this week. This is not a coincidence!!
Paloma Sousa
Paloma Sousa:
You guys can not tell to an artist that he isn't allowed to sing about his own point of view about something that involves himself. That's what ya'll doing it to Sabrina, if Olivia can sing about what she is feeling, so does Sabrina.
If Selena can sing about being heart-broken by Justin, The weeknd can sing about being dumped by Selena, if Taylor can sing about Harry Styles, Harry can sing about her. It's their right as artists express themselves through music. Just because you don't like it or you think they shouldn't, doesn't change the fact that it's their right. Just get over it.
Joel Duah
Joel Duah:
Y'all talking about Josh but I'm over hear wondering what Lucas is gonna think
i think sabrinas song is more addressing the hate she’s getting from it, it’s not an attack on olivia. of course sabrinas song mentions olivia but it’s not as an attack. she mentions it for context
All Things Olivia Rodrigo!
All Things Olivia Rodrigo!:
Honestly, I luv them BOTH. Olivia and Sabrina are queens 👑. WHY JOSH...WHY!!?? 😩
Bailey Fadrilan
Bailey Fadrilan:
It's ridiculous how Sabrina is trending more for being mentioned by a 17 y/o in her song rather than for her actual music.... underrated af
Lijah Chanel
Lijah Chanel:
what if they all planned these songs being released at the same time just for laughs
Edit: Thanks for the likes
J Adelaide
J Adelaide:
why are people attacking Sabrina for A SONG!? That is literally her career. Do the guys that Taylor Swift writes about get death threats on the daily for a supposed song about them...?
In my opinion it’s literally just Sabrina pouring her feelings out. She was getting a lot of hate and still is and I think the under my skin lyric is more towards the hate than towards Olivia. Sure there’s some shade, but that’s no reason to call her a bad person or anything, she’s human too she has feelings and this is her way of venting, let her vent.
First of all, Olivia wrote a song talking about a blond girl. We don’t know if her intention was to shade Sabrina, or have people hate on her or what, but the toxic “fans” made all these theories and were so set on believing them when nothing was ever confirmed. This caused new “fans” to believe it too and become toxic as well, when they LITERALLY did NOT know the full story. Soon enough, Sabrina started receiving soooo much hate, even death threats!!! She stopped posting for about 3 weeks most likely because of the amount of hate she was getting. It was probably making her feel like s***. So of course she took a break from social media (or at least from posting on social media). I’m sure that at this point everyone knew about Sabrina getting a lot of hate. So I know that Olivia knew about the hate Sabrina was getting, too.

Now get this: we don’t know what Olivia’s intention was when she talked about the “blond girl”. However, if it was not her intention to shade Sabrina or have people send her hate, why hasn’t Olivia addressed this? We all know that Olivia knows about the hate Sabrina has been getting. I just think that addressing it would’ve been the right thing to do. She could’ve said something like “I know there has been a lot of speculations and theories about my new song, ‘drivers license.’ I just want to say, whoever you think it’s about, please do not send them hate. It was never my intention to have someone receive hate. Please, do not send anyone hate.” You know, something like that. But since she didn’t do that, I am now questioning Olivia’s intentions.

Let’s talk about the song now. This song is (clearly) in response to Olivia’s song. Sabrina is basically standing up to Olivia because now Sabrina feels like it WAS her intention to have people hate on her. See what I’m saying? Sabrina has every right to stand up for herself.

My final thoughts: I am questionable about Olivia’s intentions. I wouldn’t be questionable if Olivia had just cleared the air for us, but she didn’t. Now, don’t get me wrong, I, in fact, do love her song. And I hope to see Sabrina and Olivia become friends or make peace one day and that they will continue to grow as people, as well as as artists. Thanks for making it to this last sentence 🙏😊💕
Sabrina is incredible and so is Olivia let them be happy
puffer fish
puffer fish:
I think we all just need to stfu we don’t know the whole story.
Temptation Abhipsha's kitchen
Temptation Abhipsha's kitchen:
There is no way Joshua is worth all this drama
Victoria V
Victoria V:
I love both songs, regardless of all the drama
Dariana Loro
Dariana Loro:
Sure cause Sabrina heard Driver’s License and in that short amount of time wrote, record and made a lyric video.
Izzy Donati
Izzy Donati:
No matter how many songs people sing against Olivia and her song, Drivers License always comes out on top like it should. ❤️❤️
It’s a publicity stunt it’s way to direct to be genuine
Kelsang Diki Bhutia
Kelsang Diki Bhutia:
Olivia makes a song and mentions Sabrina,everyone: yes girl go girl
Sabrina responds back by making her own song,everyone: omg how an she do this eww 😷
Tate Novikova
Tate Novikova:
Amazing how you managed to completely ignore “we could’ve been friends” and “hope one day we’ll laugh about that together”, as well as “it won’t always be this way”=your pain will ease down.

And make it all about hate, when in reality it’s just bittersweet, where artist expresses her pain and anger because of the situation, but shows she’s ready to overstep it, to be amicable in the future.

And you totally missed the point. Just amazing. Bravo.
Y’all are acting like Sabrina can’t tell her feelings and her side of the story. Anyways...IF I DON’T LET YOU IN PERIODT SABRINA
Amina :D
Amina :D:
You do know that Sabrina received death threats, and a bunch of hate messages because of DL right? Lol she might not only be talking about Olivia when she mentions her not letting ppl get under her skin.
Morgane Jenne
Morgane Jenne:
Olivia mentioned Sabrina ONCE in the song. She didn't even mention her in a bad way. She simply wrote about how heartbroken she felt. And Sabrina is so much older than her and tried to rub it in Olivia's face. Thats so immature. There has to be more to the story otherwise thats just such a low blow.
Gloria Shawnie
Gloria Shawnie:
Okay, I get that drivers license popped off and got pretty popular.. but in all honesty I think that sabrina’s song is better.. vocally and lyrically! I’m not saying that Olivia is not good.. it’s just she’s new, young and inexperienced. Sabrina is a lot more famous than Olivia, so there for a lot more people know who sabrina is... so Olivia writing this song ended up affecting Sabrina’s career, and nobody really understands that... Olivia’s not even an adult yet, so her actions are kinda uncalled for... she should know that messing with someone’s career is a lot worse than any high school boy drama.
abbey rosey
abbey rosey:
Not ppl say DL has nothing to do with sabrina carpenter but a week ago everyone was busy hating on sabrina🤷🤷🤷
Roy Mars
Roy Mars:
reducing someone to some annoyingly perfect girl who stole your man while you're just so vulnerable and real is not a compliment y'all.
Jada Rogers
Jada Rogers:
i’m convinced that Skin is towards her haters more than anything
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez:
Not them fighting over a guy that looks like a walmart version of sid the science kid
not them fighting over a rip off version of young Leonardo Decaprio I-
They're in a song wars. HAHA. I'm totally on Sabrina's side only bc I met her, she's amazing I even got a picture with her on the set of "The Hate You Give".
Guys just enjoy the song, about who the song is about is the least important part of the song,
Honestly tho I feel like the parts directed to Liv were the verses and the bridge, not the pre chorus and chorus.. It think those are directed more to the people who hated on her cause of Drivers License. I literally refuse to believe Sab would do Liv like that.. honestly tho a Sab x Liv collab would literally be the best thing ever
swiftie 333
swiftie 333:
ik sabrina stans have said she's been teasing music since december, but tia scola (one of the songwriters on the track) said they wrote it last thursday, so yes sabrina is all within her rights to say her side of the story and to speak her truth but the way she framed it did not sit right with me. "You can try/To get under my, under my, under my skin/While hе’s on mine", like girl we get GOT THE GUY. And the fact that she wrote it last week, and wanted to drop it THIS week (exactly 2 weeks after drivers license is in my personal opinion not the good marketing move she thought it was..........). her chart numbers are up but her reputation went down so at what cost was this the move to drop??????
danna kishi
danna kishi:
am i the only one who thinks that
“while he’s on mine” could be some kind of metaphor? maybe she meant that people can try to make her feel bad but she is already happy and she has what makes her happy.
only one
only one:
Literally Olivia barely even through shade it wasn’t even about her it was about josh
Alisia Joy
Alisia Joy:
BRO I’d pay to see them all respond to the drama in a recorded Zoom call
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega:
I dont thinks its only for publicity Even without this love triangle story olivia's song will still be this popular i mean the song itself really is something and her voice is so damn good. Just saying🤷🏻‍♂️
Imani Campbell
Imani Campbell:
sabrina didn’t have to do her like that😂 it slaps hard tho
Desiree Ortiz
Desiree Ortiz:
Proud of Sabrina 🤷‍♀️
i like olivia and sabrina and i like both songs but i feel like olivias song is more from the heart and more emotional whereas sabrinas song was just kinda petty ish like she did it to kinda show off that she got the guy no hate or wtv but yeah that’s what i feel
Emily nam
Emily nam:
I feel like some parts of it were directed to the fans though. I can clearly see that some could have been directed to olivia. But the under my skin part kinda to me feels like its directed towards fans. but that just me
It’s obviously about drivers license lmao
but maybe we just need answers am i right?
yall only nitpicking the parts that are bad. she said maybe we could laugh abt it at some time , and like chill cus in the end it won’t rly matter “don’t drive yourself insane”.
Gail A.
Gail A.:
Everyone in the comments saying Josh is "not that cute" should be ashamed of themselves. Just because YOU do not think someone is cute does not mean they are not cute. More importantly, looks are not everything.
No One
No One:
So like if you guys knew that Olivia was looking up to Sabrina?
Why were you sending Sabrina death threats?
Sabrina write this song because Olivia didn’t even stop her fans to stop hating on Sabrina.
She was basically allowing it.
And that’s why she shaded.
I'm with Sabrina on this one cause Olivia isn't even an adult yet💀 she literally 17-
Gail A.
Gail A.:
Joshua did not "leave" Olivia. They broke up.
The Aspiring Writer Of 2022
The Aspiring Writer Of 2022:
ngl all of the songs are BOPS. And I love the High School Musical vibes from Lie Lie Lie.
Fatjon Murati
Fatjon Murati:
The power move here would be for sabrina and olivia to get together in a healthy relationship
Danica Smolyar
Danica Smolyar:
These 2 queens r WAYYYY 2 good for a off brand Shawn Mendes! Stop fighting on make a song about him TOGETHER!!! ❤💜💚
A lot of buzz, but we need to celebrate their artistry guys. Well written songs and also very amazing songs. Olvia´s Drivers is my favorite.
Sabrina didn't had to clap that hard at Oliva whatever 😫😭
Y'all need to react to Olivia's "Apocalyptic Crush" and "21st Century Girls" I feel like Sabrina's song "Skin" is a reaction to those songs. 🙂
moon child
moon child:
These artists profiting from Olivia's feelings. Gurl, you deserve better. You wrote a conquering song for a wrong person.
Not me investing my time in a love triangle ... 👩‍🦯🧍‍♀️
I don’t know these people but this video was recommended to me. From an outsider’s perspective, Olivia’s song sounds much better than Sabrina’s. Better voice and production imo.
Lacy Green
Lacy Green:
This is like blowing up, I hope that my fav artist itsjustmegraceofficial gets this much fame as well! And FAOUZIA!
Jada Keryn
Jada Keryn:
I think Sabrina took the song the wrong way :/ "She's everything I'm insecure about" talk about compliments!!
Edit: At this point, I think they just shared their pov and fans start picking sides. I think if they talk about it, they'll truly understand what each other were saying and see eye to eye
Dani Moses
Dani Moses:
When they all can sing and I'm here sounding like chalk on a board
Mavis Moon
Mavis Moon:
When you know these dramas aren't exactly what these people think but you still wanna get on it like natcho dips 😁😁😁
vanshika andriyas
vanshika andriyas:
Lmao who doesn’t love a good Disney drama imma sit back and enjoy all the tracks
Adriana Reyes
Adriana Reyes:
The chorus of skin is for Sab’s haters and the bridge and first verse is for Olivia
anonymous turkey
anonymous turkey:
maybe she's just replying to all the ppl shaming her about making Olivia heartbroken and wants to say how she feels about all the fans driving themselves insane trying to find proof of the whole drama.
personally i think that sabrinna was mentioned in like 3 lines so skin to me sounds like a bit of an overreaction if it is about olivia which it sounds like it is
Jazmyne Buffett
Jazmyne Buffett:
Even if Olivia did write that song about Joshua and him seeing sabrina she didn't shade her she just said she feels insecure about her basically saying she is beautiful she credit sabrina a little I think the fans are the ones who took it to far olivia cant controlled her fans and supporters. We dont know the full story. I think sabrina had a right to make a song about it but some things she said was unnecessary especially the part when she said he was on her I felt it was rude especially if u heard Olivia's song she was hurt by him moving on .
Celine Terra
Celine Terra:
I bet josh is loving the two girls sing about him 🙄😂

Update: no guy is worth your energy I said what I said lol
this is probably one of the best executed pr stunts in history. this is also the best sab song in history aha
Sophie Caton
Sophie Caton:
All I have to say is I personally think that it's a publicity stunt. In Olivia's original version of drivers license she says brunette girl. I'm guessing they ended orchestrating this whole thing and then they said say blonde girl instead.
Cindel Melody
Cindel Melody:
i honestly dont like sabrina's song as much as drivers license, sabrina was being petty whether we like it or not, but i dont think that she shouldve gotten death threats from it, i mean she is allowed to tell her side of the story, but i dont think the song was needed
S C:
They should be loving and thanking Olivia.
It reminds me of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez about Nick Jonas lol ddiissneyy drammaaa ☕️
this drama is ridiculous. We don't even know the whole story, and it's hard to tell if these songs are even about olivia, josh, and sabrina. Just break it up and forget about. Admire the songs.
THIS SONG IS JUST PURELY TOO PROVOCATIVE AND IMMATURE TO BE A RESPONSE TO “ur probably with that blonde girl who’s everything I’m insecure about” 🤭🥴
We can all agree driver licence is the best😂
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
the song is definitely a response to the song
it says "maybe blonde was the only rhymee"
Olivia wrote a song called Apocalyptic Crush. I’m not a fan of it because she belittles someone and people think that this is about Sabrina. Whether the song is about Sabrina or not, she’s still belittling someone, which is not okay.

And if people say, “It’s just a song”, I can say the same thing about Skin. But the thing is that Sab didn’t even shade Olivia in Skin, as she explained on Instagram. Just watch videos from the channel called ‘Sab Fan’. I actually love the other songs I’ve heard from Olivia, just not this one.
Um so y’all realize ppl write songs bc they want to....right like mind ur business
Olivia's song feels way more real, Josh and Sabrina's songs feel way more forced and disingenuous.
Don't yall think the girls in enough pain already, just let have her damn song and get on with your lives.
Not ppl saying “but Olivia complimented her, this is rude”... you guys do realize how much hate she received after Olivia released her song right? Death threats and all? After spending years building her career she’s been reduced to the “blonde girl.” And not that it’s Olivia’s job, but she hasn’t rlly encouraged ppl to stop sending hate to Sabrina. So, yeah, Sabrina has every right to respond. And tbh, she was pretty damn mature about it."
I just hope one day sab and liv could fix things with josh.
lowkey controversial opinion (since every opinion is controversial nowadays)
It's okay to be sad when a relationship ends, especially if it's the first relationship where they say ilys. I don't get why people are saying that it's his fault for making her feel like the relationship would last forever? Like the first real relationship where you say you love them is normally never the only relationship. She's like seventeen? Why are you thinking that a relationship at that age and or stage would last literally FOREVER?? Next, it's not like he cheated on her with Sabrina. Are people not allowed to move on from relationships with other people? Love isn't really "I LOVED HIM SO BADLY, WHY'S HE ALLOWED TO MOVE ON" because ngl that's pretty toxic. Thirdly, the song that Sabrina made sounds less like "hah bitch he's mine, stop trying" and more like, "i know its hard but dont drive yourself insane over someone being happy when you arent"
What if, by next 2 weeks, they collaborate & make a song ? XD
elia mae
elia mae:
they should just be a three way couple IM KIDDING BAHSHAHD
Jacie Harelson
Jacie Harelson:
we don’t think this, we KNOW it. she just blatantly tells the flip side to the whole thing. why are y’all confused
can we just agree that they are both really pretty.
Lambo 21
Lambo 21:
I love her
Olivia makes one line about her and she makes entire song about Olivia 😂😂
Aidan Lakso
Aidan Lakso:
No one can actually listen to skin and think it’s just a coincidence
Jade Gomez
Jade Gomez:
Kathleen Brigole
Kathleen Brigole:
"One thing for sure they are bringing us some bops"
Erin S.
Erin S.:
did sabrina really have to be that DIRECT in her song? olivia's song was a coming of age story about her first love and first heartbreak and how it affected her. while it may have alluded to josh leaving olivia for sabrina (that blond girl), it was about her relationship with JOSH. it wasn't an attack on sabrina. sabrina can release whatever music she wants but there was no need for sabrina to confirm that she was the girl josh left olivia for with a direct clapback at olivia. like cmon this isn't about YOU. olivia's song is a beautiful masterpiece telling a coming of age story that so many ppl can relate to. sabrina's is just a stupid pop song dissing olivia like nah girl shut up this isn't about you quit tryna play victim
Claudine Vasquez
Claudine Vasquez:
There's waaaaaaay too many similarities in these songs and music videos for there to not be some kind of thing going on in the background
Michael Pinch
Michael Pinch:
One thing I learned this drama or whatsoever.... It's a healthy fight both parties I mean they responded through a song...and at the same time they earned $....
Lily Clark
Lily Clark:
How could it not be about drivers license
Adriana Hernandez
Adriana Hernandez:
Hey I’m confused! Because Olivia said “in that song about me”
Which was that song? It wasn’t “anyone else” because that song is definitely about Sabrina.
jin the worldwide demon
jin the worldwide demon:
at this point everyone is just like a slave to celebrities. always waiting for some drama to go and throw hate towards someone even without understanding the whole context. everyone is so quick to jump on the bandwagon as if it's trendy to hate on another human being.
i wasn't sure at first watching the other ET videos on this, but this one makes so much sence
Medes, Mhicaela
Medes, Mhicaela:
Olivia's drivers license is so much better 🥺
He’s not that cute tho babes move on!!😭