Sad News! Actress Marion Ramsey Has Passed Away

My commentary video on the actress Marion Ramsey.

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Mr.Terry my heart is sadden by this! Wow it makes it more clear that tomorrow is not promise..🙏🏽 A beautiful soft spoken sista on Police Academy is how I will always remember her..
Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm:
I can imagine her up in heaven telling someone “don’t move dirt bag!!!!” 😂😂
RIP Queen
priscilla wade
priscilla wade:
My Condolences and Prayers go out to her Family and Friends.
Jasmine Bischof
Jasmine Bischof:
No way this woman was in her early 70's. She just DID NOT age. Loved her in Police Academy
Sad news.
I enjoyed her in "Police Academy".
Joanna B. Marketing
Joanna B. Marketing:
No one should have different opinions about "this topic". Wow, she was 73 and she did a lot in her career! I loved the Police Academy franchise and loved her character. I didn't know her and Steve Guttenberg were best friends, so nice! I also didn't know that she was in a movie of his in 2016 and with the great Michael Winslow. Thank you for that great clip you showed of Police Academy with Bubba Smith. Rest in peace to Ms. Marion Ramsey, Bubba Smith, Shabba Doo, and Ecstasy of Whodini. I'm going to look for the Steve Guttenberg movie and look for the Police Academy movies. Thank you for this video.
Michael Ashcraft
Michael Ashcraft:
Oh man, not her too, she was so sweet, and, talented..RIP blessed soul.
Wow what a way to kick off 2021 at least she’s with Hightower & Tackleberry my condolences goes to her family RIP
James Wright
James Wright:
I forgot that she was a cutie back in the day and still was a very pretty.
Lennox Braithwaite
Lennox Braithwaite:
Wow didn’t realise she was in her 70s rest in peace lady.
Petes Smith
Petes Smith:
It's like one 80s celebrity a day that passes away. Makes me realize how short life is.
Lymon Mclean
Lymon Mclean:
Sorry she past, and she didn't even look like she was the age she past away at.🤔😢😓
I grew up in the 80 and Police Academy was a decade defining movie series . My condolences
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas:
Terry was just talking about her. R.I.P
She had the Michel'le voice first
Ray Ray
Ray Ray:
May she rest in peace "°DONT MOVE DIRTBAG"
Brian Pullin
Brian Pullin:
This is so sad may she R.I.P. She was so good in Police Academy!
King Willie
King Willie:
“May we dance wiff yo dates?” Police Academy was funny AF!
Justin Dececco
Justin Dececco:
Omg whenever I see her I immediately hear her high pitched voice & lmao she was so cute rip
m3 talent agency
m3 talent agency:
"Don't move, dirtbag!" That line always makes me laugh! RIP
gregory netus
gregory netus:
She was also on a episode of the Jefferson as a prostitute and George didnt know about that so he hook her up with his son lionel.haha.funny episode.r.i.p.word up son
Cuda Mopar
Cuda Mopar:
True story: she adopted that soft voice in Police Academy to imitate Michael Jackson
She looks like she can be Tichina Arnold's sister.
R.I.P. M. Ramsey💖
The Figs
The Figs:
Who didnt love “ FREEZE DIRT BAG”!!!!!
G L:
She passed away on my birthday. Not to shift gears, but she was fine as heck on that Jeffersons episode. R.I.P. good sista!!!
steven franklin
steven franklin:
I enjoyed her character, she seemed to have had a good life. How fortunate for her troubles are over. OURS IS JUST BEGINNING!!!
Dexter Norman
Dexter Norman:
Oh No my condolences goes out to her family and friends thanks for posting this
Tanya Petersen
Tanya Petersen:
I was blessed to.mert Ms. Ramsey in Lord and Taylor Department store in New York City. She was very humble ,soft spoken, and very nice.
eric williams
eric williams:
I grew up in the 80s and 90s watching Hooks, along with Hightower & Tackleberry in the POLICE ACADEMY movie series. Thoughts and prayers goes to Marion and loved ones. May all 3 legends RIP🙏
She looked damn good for her age 4 years ago.....I'm sure this is covid related so many people just dropping dead without symptoms or anything
May God rest her soul in peace and prayers to her family.
Cutz Hits
Cutz Hits:
73 year's old wow definitely did not look her age🙏🙏🙏
Tony P
Tony P:
My Condolences to the Family’s and Friends May She R.I.P. R.I.H.
RIP🙏🙏 Ms Ramsey You Will Truly Be Missed😢😢
Sadly, actress Ms. Marion Ramsey from the police academy movies suddenly passed away Month of January 2021. Ms.Ramsey joins Collegiate All American, former pro football player from the Indianapolis colts turned actor 6ft 7" Mr. Bubba Smith. Bubba played officer hightower known for his incredible strength came to aid the actress when Lt. called her a racial slur for accidently ran over his foot. Hightower turns over the police car with bigot Lt. inside who tried to make a get-away ! Actress Marion Ramsey Joins fellow actors Bubba Smith, David Graf,"Tackleberry" 6ft 3 from Zanesville Ohio died in 2001 at the of age 50 in deaths. Smith died in 2011 at the age of 66. RIP Ms. Ramsey
Tyrone Price
Tyrone Price:
Miss Ramsey was great in Police Academy. I am sorry about her death.
Bonnie Taylor-Williams
Bonnie Taylor-Williams:
My condolences to her family and friends. May she Rest In Peace.
Patricia Thomas
Patricia Thomas:
I remember her. May she rest in peace
Jennifer Diaz
Jennifer Diaz:
Loved her in the Police Academy movies. She will be missed....
Hazel Anglin
Hazel Anglin:
I just loved her in the police academy franchise
I cannot believe this! T.S.V. just talked about her and we were all thrilled that she was still alive. Thank God for her coming into our lives and making us laugh and swoon over a beautiful woman! R.I.P. Ms. Ramsey.
S young
S young:
I loved her in the police academy movies,
Oh Miss Marion 😢
Antonio F.L.Y
Antonio F.L.Y:
You just did a video on her! Aww Maaan ! R.I.P Queen!!!!
I'm sadden by the loss. She was a wonderful actress in the PA franchise. My condolences. God Blessed her time with us. RIP
Rick Shade
Rick Shade:
R.I.P. Wonderful Sister your smile and humor will always be alive with us.
John NY
John NY:
i am sorry to hear the news. I didn't know she was also a singer. I know her best from the Police Academy movies. RIP, Ms. Ramsey.
Being Kyle Busch
Being Kyle Busch:
who's here after learning that Hooks ( Marion Ramsey.) passed away today? :(

I won't frown for long, because I'll be watching all the police academy movies in Marion Ramsey honor all this weekend, so hooks can make me laugh just one more time. ^_^ *Sniff *Sniff

Anyone else will be watching police academy movies, starring Marion Ramsey?

I'm an 80's kid and grew up watching the police academy movies as a kid. I laughed so hard on all the movies.

Although hooks character wasn't my favorite, i thought she was adorable with her squeaky cute voice. ^_^

may she rest her soul after brining so much laughter to millions of people's lives.
Chris Estey
Chris Estey:
Great tribute.Thank you.Im 62 still look and feel 40s
Reason I'm saying this,you're correct many stars from the Era of the 80s are passing.Feels surrealistic. Scary too.The world we're in right now feels like The Matrix.We thought those days would never end.Marion was adorable,talented and beautiful. She encompassed that Era.Wouldnt it be a kick if when you died you went back to the 80son the heaven side and back to 2020 on the hell side. Now thats
Such a pretty lady. Damn.
Renee Pruitt
Renee Pruitt:
Tara Spearman
Tara Spearman:
I just looked at her video you did OMG RIP
Jack Soltren
Jack Soltren:
I remember her performances in those movies. What a sweet, wholesome character
Who becomes tough
I'm sure she was the same In real life
RIP. You'll be missed.
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara:
Rest In Paradise Ms. Marion Ramsey!!! "Freeze Dirtbaaag!"
Anthony Banks
Anthony Banks:
GOD BLESS her soul, her family & friends & fans!
Well done Sir
Murda Muzik
Murda Muzik:
Rest in Paradise sister my condolences go out to her family kids and friends🙏🏽
Kane Parker
Kane Parker:
Dj Rek
Dj Rek:
R.I.P Marion Ramsey .Thank you Terry Swoope!
Antoinette Tyus
Antoinette Tyus:
I met her in 2009 a friendly kind person sorry to hear of her untimely death. She will be missed.
Sun King
Sun King:
Just was watching her the other nite wIth her sweetie pie self...REIGN WITH THEE ANCESTORS 👑MOTHER 👑 GODDESS 👑 QUEEN 👑 YU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN
Henry Garner
Henry Garner:
Loved her in the Police Academy movies! R.I.P.🙏🏾
She was fine too and still looked good until hee last days
Rest In Heaven Marion Ramsey 🙏🏾❤️
Murties Frierson
Murties Frierson:
I love her, she made me laugh. God bless her soul, pray out to the family.
talk sense
talk sense:
Rip sweetheart x
Nathaniel Scott
Nathaniel Scott:
Going to the greatest Academy of all time rest in peace
Phoenix J NYC
Phoenix J NYC:
She is such a great actress and very beautiful. RIP Marion Ramsey
Travell Fitzpatrick
Travell Fitzpatrick:
Man damn she was beautiful
Ronald Watson
Ronald Watson:
Wow you're absolutely Right, I remember the piece you did on her recently. She was a favorite of mine. RIP💐🌹
Charge7 whitebag
Charge7 whitebag:
My condolences to her family and friends 🥺🙏🙏🙏
Kecia Garner
Kecia Garner:
I will never forget her or that movie my prayers to her family
Oh no, this is sad news😔
I loved her in Police Academy.
Ms Marion was beautiful and talented.
My condolences to her loved ones.
May she r.i.p. 🙏🏾🕊💕
Pastor Gibson
Pastor Gibson:
I remember watching this at the movie theater with my little brother when this came out...the theater is gone as many of our 80's celebrities...thank you for the GREAT memories!!!
Brad Latimore Aka Sugarbear
Brad Latimore Aka Sugarbear:
Marion Ramsey! Another Old School Movie 🎥 Legend Gone Into Glory! RIP Honey😘
Lena Smith
Lena Smith:
Ms.Ramsey was a beautiful actress. Loved her soft sweet voice. Her character was funny. Rest In Heavenly Peace and Condolences to her Family and Friends.
Regenia Staggers
Regenia Staggers:
I’m just finding out. This is sad R.i.p
I absolutely loved her character on Police Academy.
Pierce Lawless
Pierce Lawless:

RIP Marion.
Oh no she was funny In police academy she will be missed 😭RIP
Child of the 80s here. I'm so sad to hear this. RIP. You made me laugh so very much.💔💔💔
King Yudah
King Yudah:
Awwwww Noooooo!! First Zeus(Deebo), then Shabba doo, now Hooks. My 80's childhood......If I could save time in a bottle!!! This is sad.
Spicy Hot
Spicy Hot:
Oh No! I remember her from.Police Academy .Rip Marion Ramsey.🙏🏽
The Georgieality Show
The Georgieality Show:
Wow I'm sad by this unexpectedly happening.My condolences to Marion Ramsey's family.She was a big impact in my life Police 🚓🚨 academy 80s.That wish commercial was my favorite I was a kid then.
Chief Bubba
Chief Bubba:
Wow that was my favorite movie thru out the whole 80"s with her beautiful voice
Rest In Peace you will be missed and loved 🙏
Karen Brown
Karen Brown:
She was so funny in the Police Academy movies. May she Rest In Peace.
Norman Thompson
Norman Thompson:
Man police academy was my shit, still is. She was a trip in that show. R.i.p.
I saw the podcast you just did about her last month. My deepest condolences to her family. Wow.
Jose Pagan
Jose Pagan:
My condolences to my love Officer Hooks.
Renee Morris
Renee Morris:
God Bless Your Soul. I will always remember your smile.
cherry pop
cherry pop:
RIP to her she had a very cute and distinctive sound to her voice. Sorry to hear this I loved in police academy! Prayers up 🙏🏾
Rest in peace. she was so funny in the roles she played.
Phillipe Vieux
Phillipe Vieux:
Damm that s sad she was one of my favorite actresses.R.I.P
Liesa Reese
Liesa Reese:
She was so beautiful and one of my favorite characters in "Police Academy." I can't imagine the movies without her. She was major in her role. RIH Sweet Angel, Marion Ramsey. Thank you for the laughter. I love you...
R B:
That is so sad! I loved her in Police Academy. I am a child of the 80's and I have introduced my 17 year old to the Police Academy series!!
Jeannie Rodgers
Jeannie Rodgers:
Sad news she was a fantastic actress loved police academy
Charvette Shumaker
Charvette Shumaker:
She was my favorite character from Police Academy. “DON’T MOVE DIRT BAG!!!”
I also remember watching the Whisk commercial when I was a kid.....RIP little lady🙏🏾
Lawrence Holmes
Lawrence Holmes:
Rest in Power Queen, loved you in Police Academy, my favorite cop" Officer Hooks"
Vinyl MASSacre
Vinyl MASSacre:
Never forget when Hightower stood up she's a classic
Hiram Lewis
Hiram Lewis:
That show was one of the early shows you had to see on Cable. Love it early on with some Airplane like scenes. May she and all those original members of the Show who've passed Rip