Sadie Sink, Noah Schnapp & Gaten Matarazzo Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Stranger Things stars Sadie Sink, Noah Schnapp, and Gaten Matarazzo take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview, answering the Internet's most searched questions about themselves, Stranger Things, and its new 4th season. What Stranger Things fan theories are actually right? What does Noah Schnapp do in his free time? What inspires Sadie Sink? What zodiac sign is Gaten Matarazzo? Find out when they answer these questions and more!

Season 4 Volume 1 of Stranger Things releases May 27 on Netflix; Season 4 Volume 2 of Stranger Things releases July 1.

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100+ comentarios:

Man this season is really, really on the horror side rather than the mystery side
I honestly really hope Sadie Sink goes far in her acting career. She deserves it so much she always works so hard especially this season.
Wall Kids TV
Wall Kids TV:
This is such a good trio together. The vibe was so chill but still fun and funny, they should put these three together for press more often.
7:50 Sadie's "that way" was beautiful omg, I hopefully she might go back to the stage after stranger things!
Allie Lockman
Allie Lockman:
5:36 had me laughing so hard because of Gatens laugh!He legit sounds like he is singing a high note it’s awesome!!😂😂😂
Sadie better go sooo far in the acting industry she has soooo much talent it’s insane
I love Sadie's she so perfect and has such a good vibe 🛐✨✨✨
I love the whole cast so much.. they seem just fun and cool to hang out with.. especially Gaten!!
Nobody gonna talk about how good Sadie was singing/whispering 🤩
Savannah Smith
Savannah Smith:
“It’s been seven years, why are we now just talking about this?” Caught me off guard lmao 🤣
Sadie is such a good actor she can like be the sweetest girl on the earth and be such a badass like mad it’s INSANE
Don’t ask
Don’t ask:
I’d say season 3 has my favorite aesthetic despite it being said to be a “black sheep.” Like idk I just absolutely love the summery vibes and showing the kids just enjoying summer and going to the mall (when they’re not being attacked by the kind flayer that is).
Tbh Sadie and maya deserve a lot of recognition there both great actors
Gatens sarcastic humor is golden
Sadie is gorgeous
and Noah is adorable when he gets all awkward lol
Aaryaman N
Aaryaman N:
Sadie is finally getting the recognition she deserves 👏🏻
Look at how comfortable Sadie looks in the interview to like talk and stuff it makes me soo happy 😊
Jess Herr
Jess Herr:
5:37 Gaten’s wheeze made me wheeze as well 😂😂 they all compliment each other so well they’re a bunch of goofballs 😂😂 Sadie is so stunning too !!
Darkworld_ team
Darkworld_ team:
3:11 *"Star Wars prequels are underrated"* . That's exactly what I've been thinking my whole life. Thank you Gaten for acknowledging this fact. I absolutely love Prequel Trilogy. Episode III is my all time favorite one
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen:
Sadie really get a long well with Noah and Gaten and she looks so comfortable in this interview
Kalee Smith
Kalee Smith:
Sadie’s acting was standout in this season!! That girl is going places
Comments full of Sadie and I just love how she's getting the attention, like yeah give her what she deserves since season 2
Mia Egan
Mia Egan:
Noah is so chaotic you can’t make it stop. Also Sadie is always sleeping has anyone noticed.
cheska bagnes
cheska bagnes:
sadie and noahs harmony when they sing together 🙏🙏 (time stamp: 7:52)
Autumn Leaf
Autumn Leaf:
No cause its the fact that Noah and Sadie vocals together is actually good......
moksh gauri
moksh gauri:
The maturity Sadie showed in all too well is INSANE!! But what's even more insane is that she is exactly that mature IRL. Truly a queen.
Hayley Clifton
Hayley Clifton:
my favorite season of stranger things is probably season 1 or season 2 I just really like how it began and they were so young there the newer seasons are for sure more interesting but i prefer the older seasons in my opinion.
Amelie Grech
Amelie Grech:
Sadie trying to whisper and Noah pointing out that she's miked really got me 😂
Gatens laughs never fail to crack me up 🤣
i love the questions that people ask abt sadie bc it makes me laugh so hard. also, she is so pretty and i cant get over how good her acting is! max will always be my favorite in stranger things. i rlly hope she doesnt die, ill be so sad 😭
Honestly, when Sadie says “Does Sadies character goes to jail” and Gatens wheeze has me dead! I can’t stop laughing
5:38 Gaten’s laugh was music to my ears 😂
Slimer Believer
Slimer Believer:
Gaten’s laugh at 1:40 is killing me I love him😭🫶🏽
Mplays - Roblox
Mplays - Roblox:
in these vids I always saw Millie and Noah its great to finally see Gaten and Sadie there really great actors and have lots of talent!
Reagan Blakey
Reagan Blakey:
Hearing Gaten and Sadie talk about the Star Wars prequels is my favorite thing ever. Those movies are so good
Connor Cohan
Connor Cohan:
Sadie killed it this season , she’s solidified as one of the main cast forever.

PS - Despite her Dying for MINUTES she’s in a coma and will be back otherwise they would have just kept her dead , nice troll comments 😏
when they sang I want it that way the vocals were literally amazing I keep listening to it like the ending riff that Sadie had was literally awesome
Mariam Huggins
Mariam Huggins:
Sadie, I love you, my heart melts when I see you; and quite frankly, this is the most I’ve seen you talk during an interview!! I hope you speak more, lots of love!
Demogorgon 🇺🇦
Demogorgon 🇺🇦:
1:19 love the way noah hesitated before he swore lol 😂
Churnoinferno the MLGnoob
Churnoinferno the MLGnoob:
Gaten is dressed like a grandma and I love it, he works it well 😂
Annie Moore
Annie Moore:
the fact that sadie is legit the complete OPPOSITE of max but still plays max SO well & im here for it<333
Ananymous Commentor
Ananymous Commentor:
80% of the comments are here about Sadie here, the impact she's created by this season is amazing, Idk my gut feeling tells me she's gonna be doing a Spiderman movie and playing MJ... she's got all the qualities of being a big actress, i wanna see her doing big movies real soon.
The Glitches
The Glitches:
I love how seriously Noah says his free time is eating it’s so like serious
Gatens laugh got me dying😂
i love how she pronounces her own name. "SSsadie SSsinkk". It's her diction... she can narrate books for me any time.
Gaten is so good at carrying conversations with anyone really, loveee him
Audbod13s acting
Audbod13s acting:
The way sadie says googling just makes me laugh so hard
STL Entertainment
STL Entertainment:
Gaten’s laugh is my life 😂
Siiri Pynnönen
Siiri Pynnönen:
When Sadie and Noah sang "I want it that way" it was so smooth in my opinion.. like, is Noah actyally good at singing🤣
please get Jamie and Joe Quinn to do the autocomplete interview!!! I love their dynamic and think it would be so fun to see!:))
5:15 love how sadie tries to hide what she was saying to avoid spoilers but then there’s noah who says it straight up to the mic
Alonso del Río G.
Alonso del Río G.:
I wish I had a friend like Sadie.
bubbles asmr
bubbles asmr:
sadie’s acting is just on point in stranger things!
Dagan Amaral
Dagan Amaral:
I dont know why but i have watched this so many times XD some of these questions are so stupidly funny. I love how these 3 react to all these questions they are hilarious.
mEh .
mEh .:
Gaten’s faces are worth everything 😂
okay but the fact that Noah went to see Les Miserables when they still didn’t even know each other’s existence and then they both got a role for the same show 🤯🤯
Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez:
Love these videos and I love the stranger things cast because they are so funny
5:09 I like how we couldn’t hear her but Noah told us anyways 😭
Raedits :
These are my 3 favorite actors and characters in stranger things Im glad they got an interview
Yamila Fajardo
Yamila Fajardo:
Gaten’s laugh while Sadie it’s not trying to spoil anything is such a mood, i just love him so much
The way they praise the Star Wars prequels makes me love them 100000x more
Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones:
When Noah said ''Crystals'' Gaten's wheeze had me laughing so hard
Justin Van Veen AR
Justin Van Veen AR:
Gaten Wheeze at 5:38 Kills me every time 😂🤣
Alyssa Antes
Alyssa Antes:
6:46 love Joe's laugh 😂
bilinas mini
bilinas mini:
I like Noah’s answer on why he is going to college. Such a grounded man and he will go far with that mindset.
Patsy Marie
Patsy Marie:
Gaten is such a natural comedian 😆💖
SADIE is gorgeous,stunning,talented,and amazing!
Luisinha Gamer
Luisinha Gamer:
I LOVE “ the sound of music “ I love old movies bc you can kinda of learn about history and the storyline of “ the sound of music “ is great
Gaten is so hilarious 😂👍
Sadie is soooo talented, she made me ugly cry with her performance on the "Dear Billy" episode
Sad we don't get to see Noah that much this season, he's an amazing actor as well, he's been on point since day one tbh
And Gaten is just precious
Erin Christiansen
Erin Christiansen:
who else is thinking that when sadie sang i want it that way she sounded amazing
Look at Sadie's face! 😆
Kenza Lukasch
Kenza Lukasch:
I want a Sadie and Noah duo
Liz Kelley
Liz Kelley:
The “thanks bud” was so heartfelt 🥹🥹🥹
"why isn't noah schnapp zendaya" is exactly the kind of thing I would google at 3am, or if I'm drunk, or especially if I'm drunk at 3am. Honestly there's a solid chance I searched this before 🤣
AR Bainbridge
AR Bainbridge:
7:53 : Me when singing in the shower (listen to Sadie)
5:36 : Me when singing in front of my parents (listen to Gaten)
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee:
Now I understand why Taylor Swift loves Sadie Sink so much. I mean she's simply a real life princess. She's very regal and just screams elegance and class. She doesn't even try. I love her so much, my heart.
Yashal Yousaf
Yashal Yousaf:
Gatens laugh at 5:36 is amazing.
Mangle Baud
Mangle Baud:
5:36 has me wheezing. Gaten's laughter-
Nobody survives even one bit
Nobody survives even one bit:
Gaten matterazo laughs never gets old 🤣🤣🤣
gaten is so well spoken and now i wonder if he could make a great director
Kactus Juice
Kactus Juice:
Noah: "What are these questions?"
Sadie: "Who's googling that?"
Vlogs by hollie
Vlogs by hollie:
Gaten laugh is too funny 😭😭
Gloria Preidl
Gloria Preidl:
I love how Noah spoiled it immediately by saying „The name on the tombstone“
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
This went off the rails when Sadie tried to quietly discuss a production error & is just HILARIOUS!!!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!! (Sadie's hair is GORGEOUS!!!)
Gaten is right about Libras. I'm a Libra, I look at both sides of the story, but I can be a bit indecisive at times.
Goose Games
Goose Games:
5:38 Gaten's laugh though 🤣
Idk What
Idk What:
🎸 Eddie Quinn 👹
🎸 Eddie Quinn 👹:
Emily Sanchez
Emily Sanchez:
The two second harmonies between Noah and Sadie singing Backstreet Boys I NEED MORE OF THAT HOLY CRAP
i love that they just give answers and sometimes they are sarcastic
Gaten: “see, I’m a Virgo, but I don’t like virgos”
Me, a Virgo: “💀👍🏻 ok.”
She has a great talent
Emma T.
Emma T.:
Did anyone notice that the part where it asks, "Did Sadie Sinks character go to jail?" and Gaten wheezes, it says "Most replayed" HAHA that got me CRACKING UPPPP
I love how Sadie shines whenever Millie isn't there. It's not Millie's fault but they always make her the main female star whenever they interview the cast.
Anyone else hear Sadie when she sang I want it that way? Umm gorgeous
Edit: spelling
Laura’s fantastic lifestyle
Laura’s fantastic lifestyle:
5:38 gatens laugh I just love it
Hey it’s Rio
Hey it’s Rio:
7:54 they had some good harmony lmaoo
Nadia Donat
Nadia Donat:
Sadie sink gets prettier every time I see her I swear
Crazy how life plays out. Noah was in the audience watching the show Gaten was in as kids, now they’re working together!