Saka & Grealish NUTMEGS | Pogba ROULETTE | BEST Premier League Skills of 2020

A compilation of the best tricks and skills performed in the Premier League throughout 2020. This video features Bukayo Saka, Jack Grealish, Paul Pogba, Roberto Firmino, Allan Saint-Maximin, Adama Traore, Sergio Aguero, Timo Werner, James Maddison, Kevin De Bruyne, Jack Harrison, David McGoldrick, Wilfried Zaha, Sebastien Haller, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Bruno Fernandes and more!

รวมลูกเล่นเด็ดๆที่เกิดขึ้นตลอดปี 2020 ของพรีเมียร์ลีก พบกับ บูกาโย่ ซาก้า, แจ็ค กรีลิช, ปอล ป็อกบา, โรแบร์โต้ ฟีร์มิโน่, อัลลัน แซ็งต์-มักซิแม็ง, อดาม่า ตราโอเร่, แซร์คิโอ้ อเกวโร่, ติโม แวร์เนอร์, เจมส์ แมดดิสัน, เควิน เดอ บรอยน์, แจ็ค แฮร์ริสัน, เดวิด แม็คโกลด์ริค, วิลฟรีด ซาฮา, เซบาสเตียน อัลแลร์, ปิแอร์-เอเมอริก โอบาเมยัง, บรูโน่ แฟร์นันเดส และอีกเพียบ!

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100+ comentarios:

Davis Oute
Davis Oute:
when the skill is soo good that the camera man is confused.
Saka’s nutmeg was outrageous also Rashfords is my top 2
Is it just me or does Rashford just love to nutmeg everyone all of a sudden. In his latest matches I swear nutmegs at least 2 people every game
shaafici cabdullaahi
shaafici cabdullaahi:
Bukayo Saka the little chilli 🔥🔥
Roey Kivity
Roey Kivity:
They really put a referee as one of the clips 😂😂😂😂😂
Even tho it wasn’t 2020, we need to see Jonny Evans roulette best skills of all time
Miss seeing Hazard here😫💔
Aufa Baraja
Aufa Baraja:
00:36 grealish nutmegged virgil, NOTED
Aashish Menon
Aashish Menon:
1:10 even the cameraman got sent 😂
0:39 😂😂😂
Starting to remember why I fell in love with this sport.
Saksham Jaiswal
Saksham Jaiswal:
What about Podence nutmegging KDB and then delivering a cross for Jimenez which he converts?
Or was it there and I missed it?
Matias Samayoa
Matias Samayoa:
0:56 saint max even got the cameraman lmao
Premier League
Premier League:
What was the best piece of skill from 2020?
Samuel Zenebe
Samuel Zenebe:
I can’t believe they forgot rashford elastico vs Brighton
John Eudes Ndayisaba
John Eudes Ndayisaba:
Rashford is the King of nutmegs 💯
devil heart
devil heart:
The cameraman is so tired to catch up the players as the players keep dribbling😜
Tyrece Miller
Tyrece Miller:
Saka was the best for 1 of the youngest player in EPL,(The lil chilli)saka was outrageous 😍👌🏼
Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju
Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju:
As expected, Saka. 🥺
1.52 when De Bruyne says "let me talk" and u do exactly that ......smh
James Miller
James Miller:
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Dhiraj Chakrabarti
Dhiraj Chakrabarti:
Grealish is the goat
I tried doing this with my friends, did get thr nutmeg tho, but at the risk of twisting my ankles lol.
My friend-Which is the best League?
Cricket match live
Cricket match live:
0:39 Robertson nutmegged Ref amd Fabinho Thunderbolt 🔥🔥🔥
xd Ltd
xd Ltd:
And Fabinho’s thunderbolt goal
Aldrin Michael Benny
Aldrin Michael Benny:
Yvenel Merisier
Yvenel Merisier:
Those bicycle kicks 🔥🔥🔥
Ben Q
Ben Q:
I like the fact the chosen skills were part of a goal action and were useful. I hate people doing stupid tricks that are essentially useless and can even cost their team a chance.
Mr Pember
Mr Pember:
Love how Eze breaking Walker-Peters legs isn't on this video. 1 palace clip to almost as if its bias 🤦‍♂️
Brijesh Achar
Brijesh Achar:
The editing gave me a bloody seizure
Alaa Badawi
Alaa Badawi:
2:12 Salah goal
Reinaldo López
Reinaldo López:
Gracias negrito.
Stanley Oseh
Stanley Oseh:
Robertson intentionally nutmegged the ref for real
xd Ltd
xd Ltd:
Timo Werner’s nutmeg was outrageous to me
Faizan Ali
Faizan Ali:
martials skill was one of the best of all time, to create room from such a tight angle from absolutely nothing, whilst taking out 2/3 players at the same time, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GENIUS!!!!
Tom Lesinski
Tom Lesinski:
The techno beats actually work with this.
Pramath S
Pramath S:
martial's the best nutmeg 1:24
RakoonstarCFC __
RakoonstarCFC __:
no Pulisic running through 5 Liverpool players then squaring it for Tammy?
Alex Young
Alex Young:
Pulisic against Liverpool.....??
Premier League
Premier League:
Which Premier League player has the best skills?
PL adopting the standard youtube compilation tropes: obnoxious dance music and unnecessary replay edits et al.
Ayiri Irone
Ayiri Irone:
I'm Palace fan and I couldn't even be mad at Hallers goal
Piyush Joshi
Piyush Joshi:
Did I just saw our 80m CB get nutmegged not just once but two time.
maxdives in
maxdives in:
Was surprised not to see Maguire mentioned in the title.

At least we saw a clip of him
Eghosa Omoruyi
Eghosa Omoruyi:
The prem is lit asf
Sumehr Singh Pasricha
Sumehr Singh Pasricha:
Salah or mane
Seventeen x
Seventeen x:
The fact that there are no chelsea players here proves how our play is sauceless robotic and laboured
S D:
Firmino pulled off a nutmeg people would say "you wouldn't get away with that in the Prem".
What about Rashford's elastico
Harry J
Harry J:
Might as well make a ndomballer highlights
Reinaldi Godil
Reinaldi Godil:
The best liga,
No spain no italy no germany,
sharks _ke Tv
sharks _ke Tv:
Does it mean since hazard left Chelsea, there's no Chelsea player who can even nutmeg the two posts at the pitch??
Ronaldo Madeira
Ronaldo Madeira:
Why there's no greenwood goal vs west ham? That goal was a stunning piece of skill too..
LiionPlayzz -TTV
LiionPlayzz -TTV:
Trent got turned into a tin of beans
Tyrece Miller
Tyrece Miller:
Tyrece Miller
Tyrece Miller:
Tyrece Miller
Tyrece Miller:
Alireza jahanbakhsh was the best
Pokemaster Dracoon
Pokemaster Dracoon:
Pablo Vinícius
Pablo Vinícius:
Ok but... where is the TAA nutmeg against Tottenham?
Pete Amos
Pete Amos:
just realized Danny Ings lowkey looks like Adam22
Kyle Riordan
Kyle Riordan:
That Harrison goal is so underrated
cabdinaasir 7900
cabdinaasir 7900:
Richaralison best Skill Match position
Lebo Makgetha
Lebo Makgetha:
Ooooh Kevin De Bruyne w the footwork
Chibuike Azode
Chibuike Azode:
These guys just completely ignored all of Rashford's elasticos??
The Hassassin
The Hassassin:
How does masuaku not have 5* skills on FIFA
Samiko Siouanos
Samiko Siouanos:
حتى رابطة الدوري لالانجليزي م تتذكر محرز طيلة 38 جولة الماضية
Muhammed Raja
Muhammed Raja:
Maguire in here as a defender twice 😂🤣😂. These video clips is why Rashford plays football. F the goals assists and good performance for the team, its all about looking cool on YouTube 🤣😂
rummy s
rummy s:
Haller = baller
salka koloi
salka koloi:
Thriller absolute thriller
EPL = quality football
Someone might mistake Sebastian Haller for a World Class Footballer after watching this.
Midlajk Vava
Midlajk Vava:
Grelish meg against Virgil 👌
William Archie
William Archie:
I liked the part with the skills
Mr Thawne
Mr Thawne:
Glory glory ManUnited 🔴❤️🔥
Christain robbinson
Christain robbinson:
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Leo Ribeiro
Leo Ribeiro:
I didn't notice chelsea player doing the trick, oh they are the ones being tricked
kesawa alkara
kesawa alkara:
villa robbed
Ismail Khlil
Ismail Khlil:
maguire getting nutmegged
Nipuna Carnifex
Nipuna Carnifex:
Seb Haller is underrated
Saint Lionel
Saint Lionel:
Alireza Jahanbakhsh ❤️🇮🇷
Saikrishna Karra
Saikrishna Karra:
Venkat Ganta
Venkat Ganta:
i am stuck at home during lockdown and they are showing those i want to go out
Nurul Hanifah
Nurul Hanifah:
What about Trent nutmegged Son the other day? 😁
Danny Power
Danny Power:
Man united I am supporting themmm
the best campeonato do world
The Boxing Society
The Boxing Society:
SharK - AttacK
SharK - AttacK:
West ham is highlights kings)))
Florence Ruby
Florence Ruby:
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Jameel Far
Jameel Far:
where is pogbas yesterdays skill the one that started the atrack for 1st gosl???
Manav Eshwar
Manav Eshwar:
fun fact: 12 people cant be first
Ma Devi
Ma Devi:
It ain't skills if Zaha is not in it😎😏
Louis Dnd
Louis Dnd:
Maguire 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elkin Ampadu
Elkin Ampadu:
Rashford with like 5 teams sitting defenders down couldn’t make this video? .
Matt Malmberg
Matt Malmberg:
I'm a little upset that Sebastian Haller is in this video more than Daniel Podence...
some of these even faked the camera crew out
hamza suleiman
hamza suleiman:
Pogba last night agiants Aston villa 😳
Where is Parteys nutmeg on Pogba???
Khushaal Arora
Khushaal Arora:
Fred's roulette against KDB?