Sampdoria 1-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Header Wins It for the Visitors | Serie A TIM

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brilliant header as Juventus overcame Sampdoria to go top of the Serie A table | Serie A

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Elias nasrallah
Elias nasrallah:
People on land : the wether is very hot

Ronaldo : up here its very Windy
5k subs with videos challenge
5k subs with videos challenge:
Ball: Wait, I am coming down.
Ronaldo: Just stay there. I am coming up there.
10 million views because of a header
5k subs with videos challenge
5k subs with videos challenge:
Boeing CR7
Ten Sharps
Ten Sharps:
Teacher : today's topic is Gravity....
Ronaldo : what is that?😑
Alex Pantaleone
Alex Pantaleone:
Dybala deserves some respect, his goal was amazing too.
Even if you put Messi on the shoulder of Pique they can’t score a goal like this
Scientists : human can't fly

Cristiano Ronaldo : hold my nutrients
If anyone else landed like that they would have an acl injury
I love Claudio Ranieri's smile at CR7's header. He just loves football.
Sreesh Reddy
Sreesh Reddy:
Everyone's here to see CR7 jump over the empire state building
Axel C
Axel C:
This has more views than el clasico
Marvel Gaming
Marvel Gaming:
90% viewers are here only to see that Epic Header!
Ashwin Sapkota
Ashwin Sapkota:
1:53 CR7 goal
5k subs with videos challenge
5k subs with videos challenge:
Pi7on -
Pi7on -:
This is something that Messi simply can't do.
Samaxx xxDo
Samaxx xxDo:
Gravity doesn't pull Rolando
Ronaldo pulls gravity
"the 6th nuten law"
Rózsa Flórián
Rózsa Flórián:
Scientist:"Humans can't fly!"
CR7:"Hold my beer!"
The Legend27
The Legend27:
Superman has arrived
Awnish Tiwari
Awnish Tiwari:
It would not be wrong to say
that 80% of people's just came to see Ronaldo's goal just like me☺️😋
20UEC042 Debanil Bhattacharya
20UEC042 Debanil Bhattacharya:
Sarri:We need a drone for tactical analysis
Ronaldo:Hold my siiiii
Adaji Victoria
Adaji Victoria:
He still behaves like a teenager even at 34, he just not aging at all........unbelievable❤👏💪
Alehandro Da Costa
Alehandro Da Costa:
This is such a beautiful comment section 😂😂
Zubair Yusuf Ahmed
Zubair Yusuf Ahmed:
Gravity : *exists*
Cristiano: I'm gonna end this man's whole career!
al becerra
al becerra:
How Ronaldo didn’t tear his acl on that come down of flight is most impressive
Don't lie everyone, u came here to see CR7 goals✔✈👍
Basil Jaradat
Basil Jaradat:
If u wanna know what will happen in 2020 ask Ronaldo he saw the whole year while he was up
Anjo Pham
Anjo Pham:
I know this is why you came here 🚀

RAMTBB aka Zlatan
RAMTBB aka Zlatan:
He believes he can fly 😂✌😂
Breaking news :- a Portuguese number 7 was spotted flying today in Italy at the height of 2.56m and 28 inches off the ground and hanging for a second !
Ryan Scri
Ryan Scri:
This is just absurd, how can he do it?! Especially when he is running so fast and then not only insane jump, but he also hit so precisely
Urban Street 254
Urban Street 254:
1:53 believe me everyone is here for this
So is nobody gonna talk about dybalas goal
hisham Shalaby
hisham Shalaby:
Can we just acknowledge that Paulo dybalas goal was just as great as ronaldo and for hundredth time Issac Newton INVENTED gravity so earth should pull all of us to the center EXCEPT ronaldo and this is a worldwide information.
HM 03
HM 03:
Ronaldo: header
Newton :Am I joke to u
فلان بن فلان
فلان بن فلان:
None talks about the Classico because of Ronaldo lol.
Caade abdi
Caade abdi:
Calm down guys, he didn't jump to early he was just lagging in the air obviously
Ben Swolo
Ben Swolo:
Cross:bet you can’t get me!

Ronaldo:hold my Ballon d’Or
*1:54** Who says man cant fly!?*
*Quién dijo que el hombre no podía volar!?*
Anurag Ghosh
Anurag Ghosh:
You're welcome.
Jose Sosa
Jose Sosa:
Shaik Fahad
Shaik Fahad:
Humans can't fly !
Cr7: am I joke to u?
kingsley maynard
kingsley maynard:
Legends are saying his still up there even after the header
Retro Fury
Retro Fury:
Juventus’s training ground is a no-fly zone in order to avoid the risk of planes hitting Ronaldo while he’s practicing headers
Forget Air Jordan's, I want some Air Ronaldo's!
Dawn Broker
Dawn Broker:
Ronaldo is back. Once he starts scoring, a goal rain completes the season.
le sampster
le sampster:
He flew higher than my spirits
2:08 from heaven
For Ronaldo, Gravity is not problem.
YTG- Emre
YTG- Emre:
🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷Merih Demiral🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Turk varsa yoruma destek olsun
Almasi Rashidi
Almasi Rashidi:
Who see CR7 jumped drop down your like on the bottom
watching it one more time and just wondering that he doesn't wear antigravity shoes 🤨.
Reyhan Taşdemir
Reyhan Taşdemir:
1:55 Ronaldo Hava Yolları 💪🏻 adam uçuyor 😂♥️♥️
nasrun mohamed
nasrun mohamed:
Day 2 still trending in INDA❤❤❤
Sunny Thomas
Sunny Thomas:
"Football is my Life"
AliMuncet kann
AliMuncet kann:
Yes!! C'mon Dybala my IDOL!!

Lets go FORZA JUVE!!
Billy Gates
Billy Gates:
Messi fan but that leap from Ronaldo was inhumane🤩
Let’s appreciate both whilst we have them both.
jaja jaja
jaja jaja:
1:53 iconic moment
QuinN GB
QuinN GB:
Think he picked the wrong sport jumping like that 😂
taha tosun
taha tosun:
Cr7 is best of the world
"They fly now?..." no, HE flies now
My name Is jeff
My name Is jeff:
Ronaldo probably broke his old jumping record there lol
Vijay Poudel
Vijay Poudel:
Meanwhile post bar:
I thought I was up..
Mo Tacheedo
Mo Tacheedo:
He could have smoked a cigarette while he was in the air.
bharath A
bharath A:
That header goal of cr7 in my frd's status made me watch this highlights
Paul Burner
Paul Burner:
3:20 Ronaldo wearing a kippah 😅
Rocco Siffredi
Rocco Siffredi:
He never fails to impress even after all he's done.
If i jumped that high and landed like he did on one leg my leg would crumple or tore ligaments in hip and groin...and not scored.
1:51 the moment you came here for
Tomisin Onasanya
Tomisin Onasanya:
Gravity took a manitanace break at that jump 🔥
Betta Manise 20
Betta Manise 20:
Wow.. this amazing!
Ken Tang
Ken Tang:
0:17 : Best attempt produced so far
Cr7 : Catch me in the air
Elias nasrallah
Elias nasrallah:
scientist : humans cant fly

Cristiano Ronaldo : hold my beer
dead evil
dead evil:
Akbar Dewa
Akbar Dewa:
Trending 1 Indonesia
Kiên Hoàng
Kiên Hoàng:
Alex Sandro was very happy <3
Van Damme
Van Damme:
Best Header I've ever watched
Jay Silva
Jay Silva:
CR7 + Dybala! 🇵🇹🇦🇷🔥
I love my greetings Ronaldo from turkey
Johnny Lam
Johnny Lam:
Wt amazing headshoot!!!
Datox Curiosos
Datox Curiosos:
"PIKNEBZ ALF" subscribe yah 🙏
Jumps, tells gravity to relax, hangs in the air without touching the defender then puts the ball at the back of the net. Almost 35? This guy is superhuman! 🙌🏻
Vaibhav Patel
Vaibhav Patel:
1:51 for the goal you came for!!!
Agung Riszki
Agung Riszki:
Living legends is real!
Mo_Eazy 07
Mo_Eazy 07:
CR7 Air Jordan🙌🔥🔥
Bassel Sharif
Bassel Sharif:
Who needs gravity anyways?
Fubuki Akira
Fubuki Akira:
Gravity : he is hacking
Dzaky Riawan
Dzaky Riawan:
Alex Sandro🔥
bala siva
bala siva:
Gravity:do you know me?
CR7: I don't even know who you are
Anov Siradj
Anov Siradj:
3:23 awesome dipping shot
Leonardo Yukawa
Leonardo Yukawa:
My heart stopped thinking his leg would fold at that landing, what an insane jump. No way he´s human gg
Piyush Gedam
Piyush Gedam:
Ronaldo jumps!!!
Sonic: Heavy Breathing!!
Schuler Fernandes
Schuler Fernandes:
5th time watching this😁
die apriliandie
die apriliandie:
Crazyyyy 🔥🔥
Фернанду Кардозу
Фернанду Кардозу:
*I feel sorry for defenders because they can't jump that high to intercept it. Cristiano Ronaldo is like a cheat code*
Bima Bimaan
Bima Bimaan:
Cristiano Airlines
Kissor Magar
Kissor Magar:
Trending in Nepal
#lots of love CR7 🔥🔥💕🤘