Sampdoria 2-1 Inter | Inter’s winning run ended by former players Candreva & Keita | Serie A TIM

Ranieri’s Sampdoria end a run of 6 straight defeats v Inter with a 2-1 win | Serie A TIM

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Alik JustF2O
Alik JustF2O:
Inter Milan giving their fans hope every season just to flop at the end. Just what is wrong?
If you ever wondered what is Inter, what kind of club it represents, you just have to watch this game.
1. Inter misses a penalty.
2. Samp gets the penalty and scores.
3. Two ex Inter players score for Samp
4. Inter loses in a day when Milan and Juve play against each other.
Inter haunted by their former players Antonio Candreva and Keita Balde today
Mouril Shah
Mouril Shah:
Inter conceding so many goals every game
What an irony that in this match all scorers were once at Lazio. De Vrij, Keita Balde, Candreva.
Albert Li
Albert Li:
Summary: Gagliardini contributes nothing to both offense and defense. Candreva is still a better wingback than Perisic. Conte's plan B is just to keep crossing.
geez the amount of penalties given after var.Players need their hands strapped
Abraham Moore
Abraham Moore:
Inter blew a massive chance know that AC and Juve will be playing later on
Azam Edwards
Azam Edwards:
Three former Lazio scored the goal
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Sukardi percaya brow
The big issue is not just Conte, this Inter Milan depends too much on the duo Lau-kaku.
Lautaro is inconsistent, "pecho frío" (cold blooded or cold hearted as they say in Argentina).
Lukaku is incredibly strong and fast given his height and weight but he can't do it alone and the other teams are learning how to stop him. And he didn't play today more than 30 min.
Vladimiro Parlato
Vladimiro Parlato:
Glad for C.Ranieri , not only he’s a romanista , he’s a gentleman, this result come handy for us as well 💛⚡️❤️
Felix Jeremy
Felix Jeremy:
Serie A 🙌🔥🔥 you guys are so effecient. Love this channel. Quality vids
Jason Soares
Jason Soares:
“Title challengers”... not even a panetone scudetto this season 😂
Abdullahi Sharif
Abdullahi Sharif:
mikel damsgard is a top talent and i would be surprised if he is still at sampadoria.
Barça and Milan I love
Barça and Milan I love:
We have lead.Hope we win against Juve. Come on Milan 🖤❤️
Iwan Nur Soleh
Iwan Nur Soleh:
Former lazio exactly
inter and the theory of January always go together
Ilhamreus88 Channel
Ilhamreus88 Channel:
Shevayafi Irdi Fachrezy
Shevayafi Irdi Fachrezy:
ex's killing you
Paul Mangoma
Paul Mangoma:
Conte is to blame for this defeat. With this mentality, he will never win a trophy with Inter despite the great team he has. When you just see who started, he underestimated Ranieri's Sampdoria.
huhu hahaha
huhu hahaha:
History repeated... always going down after halfway competition
Get Up Inter!
Los Pollos Hermanos
Los Pollos Hermanos:
This is like a scripted game of fifa
2:04 those pigeons are AC Milan fans
Pandjie holic
Pandjie holic:
2:03 dang, that goal is so dramatic with some birds fly beside the goal
Adrian Billy
Adrian Billy:
Same old stories. That is why no scudetto.
IV Chocolate
IV Chocolate:
Sampdoria you’l newer talk alone...
Ces Salvator
Ces Salvator:
Audero looked really solid in this game. Italy sure does have some promising goalkeepers
4 juan rodriguez
4 juan rodriguez:
" what a terrible day, inter needs to win today, and after that gets 3 necesary points, to get on top of milan, and aproach the juventus victory over sad sad day,🤔
sugandi sanjaya
sugandi sanjaya:
Be strong interrr
Tommy Taylor
Tommy Taylor:
Always looked out for Samp ever since the early 80"s when they were fantastic,I'd love those glory days to return to Sampdoria!!
Tommy Taylor
Tommy Taylor:
Lol,early 90's typing to quickly
Noah Okoth
Noah Okoth:
When it matters Inter bottles it,Juventus to win the title yet again, useless Inter Milan
Mohammad Aga
Mohammad Aga:
Saw the thumbnail and thought : " Django has learnt to shoot in a different way"
Salle 94
Salle 94:
forza ac milan <3
Morten Christensen
Morten Christensen:
Damsgaard you absolute mad lad! 🇩🇰
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar:
If Lukaku started from 1st minute then the results would have completely different
Dez Felix
Dez Felix:
Stephen Mason
Stephen Mason:
If you are a young player out there, practice penalties, because VAR gives them away like candy.
Pavan Meka
Pavan Meka:
This is what u get when u sell out to Stephen Zang , Conte , and retirement bound players 💀💀
MANpro 107
MANpro 107:
Tommy Ardiansyah
Tommy Ardiansyah:
0:03 when you get bored of using a mask
Cosmic Significance
Cosmic Significance:
From 0 to Conte, how bad are you as a manager?
Jackattack Jackattack
Jackattack Jackattack:
Assist work & cross for Sampdoria's second goal was superb!
Aldi Alvaro Winata
Aldi Alvaro Winata:
After entering the month of January Inter Milan always loses and is likely to continue the negative trend in the next matches 🤣🤣😂😅
Thinh Nguyen
Thinh Nguyen:
hahahaha :))
Sea and Sky song
Sea and Sky song:
1:08 am here
Francesco Totti
Francesco Totti:
All sampdoria goal scored by inter former club.. Candreva and balde!..
Anggi Prabowo
Anggi Prabowo:
Inter wkwkwk
ulajarad 2002
ulajarad 2002:
im happy for this hhhhhh
Kohila Sid
Kohila Sid:
Same old story from Inter......😂
purnomo Bagus
purnomo Bagus:
Adhink Ramadlan
Adhink Ramadlan:
Hasan MD
Hasan MD:
The Serie A seems to be rising in level 🔥
เราอะแฟน อินเตอร์มิลาน💓💓💓💓😄
aleqsnadre amkoladze
aleqsnadre amkoladze:
how much sampdoria shoot on ? flashcore 6 , espn 3! true ?
Vicky Purnama
Vicky Purnama:
Made in Italy ASMR Official
Made in Italy ASMR Official:
I'm not going to say anything because we came from a lot of wins in a row. Still....if Conte doesn't bring us the Scudetto with all the money he's getting.... what a failure
rizki pratama
rizki pratama:
Audero 🔥🔥🔥
Rizky Hermawan
Rizky Hermawan:
Emil Audero Mulyadi 🔥
Abdi Faiz
Abdi Faiz:
Tumben jago si Mulyadi (Audero). Wkwkwk :v
Alex Petrescu
Alex Petrescu:
Well done, Lazio! :) Candreva, Balde and DeVrij all scored! Forza Lazio! :)
The ONE:
Grazie ranieri❤️🖤
indrohari 1908
indrohari 1908:
Hello darkness my best friend ..

Another ex players comeback against Inter .. Same old story ..
Hehe Arigatou
Hehe Arigatou:
always losing in january is standard operational of Inter .
ain't that the same defence from last year, which was also one the best defences that season?? what happened
Jorge G
Jorge G:
Сергей М
Сергей М:
Вратарь походу голубей кормил))
Budi Tri
Budi Tri:
Wkwkwkwk ikutan kalah
Ade Cadel
Ade Cadel:
Thanks sampdoria forza milan 🇮🇩
A.V. Blink
A.V. Blink:
Cheers Sampa 🤝
Man of the match emil audero
Hakan Özbek
Hakan Özbek:
Great defensive organization on 2nd goal 🙃
Kevin KL21
Kevin KL21:
KIKIM Chanel
KIKIM Chanel:
mantap raneri 😁
Cherief Zakaria
Cherief Zakaria:
Forza Milan 🖤❤️
Ilhamreus88 Channel
Ilhamreus88 Channel:
Forza sampdoria....
Den Ori
Den Ori:
Di bobol duo mantan. Tetep semangat inter 💙🖤💙🖤
Rizq Akhmad Fauzi
Rizq Akhmad Fauzi:
Two ex. Two goal 😅👌
The Cure
The Cure:
Haha inter🤡
besm allah
besm allah:
الحمد لله
Thank You
Adam Zaki
Adam Zaki:
Juve is back 💥
x k
x k:
This is great news.
Abdale ismail
Abdale ismail:
inter the smallest club in milan😅
Agus Kede
Agus Kede:
I feel Lazio of this match
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ:
M abid Murtadho
M abid Murtadho:
Rishan Kp
Rishan Kp:
I thought inter can win the seri A🤕
Handanovic should get retired. He has been awful since last few months
Marco Morelli
Marco Morelli:
Sampdoria very lucky on this occasion, inter deserved at least a draw
tecto grand
tecto grand:
All the goal : ex Lazio 😁
Nurdin Hidayat
Nurdin Hidayat:
Ex intermilan, Keita balde & Candreva, hahahaha,,,
Hahah Forza Milan !! 🟥⬛️👹
Alister Mitchell
Alister Mitchell:
Im a simple guy i see inter lose im happy
Pria Ramah
Pria Ramah:
Both milan defeats this day,what a league 🏃
Dedy Kmpes
Dedy Kmpes:
inter mh gtu ada ksempatan bagus bwt d pucuk eh malah kalah...