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100+ comentarios:

Sumir B
Sumir B:
Suddenly, Alex Telles bid just disappeared🤣🤣🤣.
Johnny Dre
Johnny Dre:
Man Utd trying to convince Demebele to join. This is DI Maria 2.0 all over again if it happens.

Forget Dembele
Khublei phi peit comment
Khublei phi peit comment:
Phil jones will convince dembele to join him on medical room at man utd 😂
Karim Lichtsteiner
Karim Lichtsteiner:
Mark when romano says something he likes "fabrizio knows, he's reliable the only person I believe"

Mark when romano says something he doesn't like " I dont think its true, romano got that one wrong, I dont believe that"
Sancho isn't forcing a transfer. Instead he extended his contract. What ddi u smoke u lost lad?
Suya Mirembe
Suya Mirembe:
Where the hell did the telles deal go?
Joshua Gouveia
Joshua Gouveia:
Is this man mental, 90% club. How does that make sense
Mr Gaudy
Mr Gaudy:
Guys, Sancho is on the move! Oh, he was just going to the bathroom, my bad.
Edward Boateng
Edward Boateng:
We are tired of this Sancho nonsense.
Richard Jowi
Richard Jowi:
😂 Now Mark is cherry picking Romano's updates
Why do you have to be in a percentage club ? Why can't you just wish the deal gets done?. All people want these days is to be "proved right". It's embarrassing. The reality is no one really knows what's happening apart from the people involved
Cress Welsing
Cress Welsing:
The amount of players we have missed because of the Sancho signing is worse than not signing Sancho at all.
kevin joy
kevin joy:
What if Dortmund do what Woodward did with David de gea and Real Madrid.
Then James Cooper and his rich journalist friends should go down in salary to save all the other journalists who lose their jobs because of all these media that go down.
Rishi Bissumroy
Rishi Bissumroy:
I think all the Man Utd fans are fed up with sancho transfer.
Adam McGuckin
Adam McGuckin:
This is ridiculous, leaving it to the last week is a joke regardless of if we get him or not! If there wasn’t a pandemic I’d hope there were protests outside old Trafford everyday
Way, way, way too many adds in these videos
Hope we can get a forward , yesterday's match was the last call !! We all clearly saw the performance of James and ighalo .
In a few years time when we see sancho scoring goals for Liverpool against United we’re going to remember the days mark was mr 90% club lol. We’re gonna be known as L-Chester United by then
Apote tavio toni
Apote tavio toni:
Tired of this sancho thing. I clicked on the video, paused it after " welcome to United stand "and went to read comments.
RLK 1980
RLK 1980:
There are a bigger chances for Sancho to win CL staying in Dortmund then moving to United... NO top player want to go there right now, with a manager that have no track record...
Will Beames
Will Beames:
I for one can't wait for this window to end. Enough of this nonsense.
Tommy Owens
Tommy Owens:
Obvs I want United to sign Sancho, but if he doesn’t I’d love hear the excuses this muppet will be coming out with!
happily eggs
happily eggs:
Jadon Sancho forcing a move. Give him syrup of figs if he's constipated.
kai xian luo
kai xian luo:
Manchester Utd is the biggest club in the world. But the board isnt the supporter. It is just one of their business entity. I need to look for buyer of the Man Utd Adidas Ultraboost shoes. This board is ruining Man Utd, big times.
Dyls F
Dyls F:
Next video : sancho wants out... out of the united deal
G R:
Why do people seem to think buying Sancho is so good we aren't winning the league with him we are more likely to win the league with a settled decent defence
Amir Mekanovic
Amir Mekanovic:
James cooper Basically works for glazers I wouldn’t listen to him...
Fjortoft: Sancho was back in training today.

All is normal. No Transfer request. NO EVIDENCE that he's unhappy.
G R:
If we get Sancho and no one else we've lost out to left back , centre back and a forward
Ram Winter
Ram Winter:
Sancho will join Manchester United but in January. They we’re in the same situation with Bruno Fernandes at this stage of the summer transfer window last year.
Ricky Hester
Ricky Hester:
They do the same every transfer window, smoke and mirrors, keep you looking at one thing with the hope of getting another and wham bam window closes followed by excuses.
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
Scary how some Utd fans are happy with Dembele
Golden One
Golden One:
Fab said (in a reply to a comment on Twitter) that bvb are confident that man utd won't pay up that 120 that bvb want . Don't think sancho is coming ..smh
Chris Green
Chris Green:
Mark Your just guessing an making false opinions, funny thing is we sit and listen to it. Sancho story has done no credibility to the United stand FACT
Brainiac 1209
Brainiac 1209:
In the end we wont sign anyone other than VDB mark my words
Darth Pepe
Darth Pepe:
"It's a phone!" You sounded so special then Mark 😂
Quadry Ridley
Quadry Ridley:
Goldbridge talkin Ps is the highlight of my morning so far 😂😂😂.
Chris Catsiyannis
Chris Catsiyannis:
Mark, you mentioned that Sanchez was sold... was it actually confirmed that the club got something in return? I remember him joining Inter as a free transfer. Was certain the club paid him out to terminate the contract.
Aron Butler
Aron Butler:
Toooooo many adverts !!!!
Roach is Alive
Roach is Alive:
Forget him and get some decent mix players in honestly where is this club going now
Colin Greig
Colin Greig:
The deal is over Mark! Sascha Klaverkamp has stated it LIVE on TV.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow:
It’s gotta happen last year we brought slab head last min too
chris beesley
chris beesley:
We can get sancho before spurs because we play on Sunday and that means we will not sign him on deadline day so it has to be before spurs
Nikolas K
Nikolas K:
Get Sancho signed at all costs.
Barry Hetharia
Barry Hetharia:
DvB, Telles, Dembele, and maybe Cavani.. 6/10, but at least squad depth is good
Md Kajol
Md Kajol:
0:50 I can finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
If Sancho don’t move in our Club I will watch Swiss Foot Lesgue
Kershen Naidoo
Kershen Naidoo:
I would rather rather buy upamecano, saul niguez, tellers. Sancho is overrated. The same thing happened with Maguire whom to me still has to prove himself. I totally agree we need a technical director. Woodward needs to resign. Appoint Edwin van der sa as CEO.
Ernest Simson
Ernest Simson:
Let it go mark its never gonna happen by next summer other clubs already have their pockets lined up to get him
I love how people talk about transfers like its a peice of cake "give him 80 now , 20 later" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
David Bridges
David Bridges:
0:37 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Tobennamy Metu
Tobennamy Metu:
Fab isn’t really getting good info on this deal ,after he leaked the salary and agent fees . I feel he has been repetitive even when it seems to moving slowly and he seems to be well informed on dembele so it looks like he is pushing it
Mapesho Lj Zamar
Mapesho Lj Zamar:
There's a lot I know! I know you should never ever eat yellow snow!!!
luis santos
luis santos:
1:29 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Lf1 O76
Lf1 O76:
They don’t need to sell,. What price respect. Who says he wants to leave you’ve dreamt that.
Muntasir Yussuf
Muntasir Yussuf:
So this transfer window like we’ve all known really highlights that the board is just a JOKE, 🤦🏾‍♂️ i mean a longer than usual transfer window and the deal still ain’t done 😑. We’re getting taken for fools both the fans and the club when it comes to transfers.
Was Los
Was Los:
Here in germany people laughing that United and the fans still believe that Sancho is moving this year 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Roar Jennie
Roar Jennie:
I’m very happy at the rate that my profits came to me . The way they told me that was exactly the same way that I got my profits back . Tanks to mrs Joel I’m debt free today . I want the world to know about you, and your good works . Connect with her on Instagram @joelclaytonfx
Jacob Hexamer
Jacob Hexamer:
Remember when we thought this would happen on the 7th😂
truth seeker
truth seeker:
6:40 bang on 50/50
Oge Marony
Oge Marony:
SANCHO AIN'T COMING THE SAME WAY TELLES IS NOT COMING TO UNITED,It's Woodward why do you set yourself up for disappointment ,He's not doing anymore deals.
A Castle
A Castle:
Dembambulance.... I've seen less injuries in a Saw film!
It is just basic finance common sense.. covid 19 will at least stay for 4 years.. Revenue drop massively... They still need to pay salaries.. We r in fact business entity... Like any other clubs..let.see which club will survive during this pandemic..
his sub count is growing good
When Mark said it used to be a long weekend, now its just a normal weekend, the united stand journey.
Gareth Mason
Gareth Mason:
Sancho could of done this weeks ago. I know its not his fault its the Glazers but still, if he wanted a move so badly then force it straight off
Jeez, could you put in any more ad roles in this video? I stopped watching about half way through because there was an add every few mins.
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha:
Great news if Sancho can force Dortmund to let him go to Man U !!!
Colin Greig
Colin Greig:
Be prepared for players joining UTD Ole didn't ask for. IT IS A FACT MARK! Get a grip of reality.
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew:
HE'S BEEN INJURED MORE TIMES THAN A BLINDFOLDED ZOOKEEPER!!!!! OMG Mark ur the king dude!!!! It may be an old saying, but I'm in San Diego California and its the first time I've ever heard it!!! AWESOME🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Iam The truth
Iam The truth:
Mark, just imagine how much time you waste talking about the sancho deal. That won't happen for sure. Ed woodward and the glazers have done more damage to that club.
Red Mc
Red Mc:
He will arrive at carrington on Sunday ! Private flight booked ! Remember me !
Cantona's collar
Cantona's collar:
We have had months to do this deal , I cannot see us doing it now with 4 days to go . Ed knows what he has to pay , he’s always know ethical or not . James cooper probably sees his neighbour on his arse but it won’t cross his mind to chuck him a score , it’s the same thing
Bryan Teles
Bryan Teles:
we have forgot that we need a cdm we could get zakaria because he can play cb and cdm
Champions league draw soon, we don’t have a champions league squad to compete, need sancho just to save face, still will most likely go out early and not make champions league next year. Shocking stuff
Pogba has been forcing a move for last few windows and United force him to stay every window haha Dortmund will do the same to Jadon and have every right too
Brian Jenkins
Brian Jenkins:
Meanwhile the players are clearly confused as shown in having an uphill battle for a team like Brighton, and we're heading into a weekend match against spurs... great!
Jay Singh
Jay Singh:
Surely Sancho must be looking at the loss in wages if he stays at Dortmund for another season, dont forget his agent fees which Dortmund considers additional to the €120m. So the agent also has to wait until the buying club pays his fee.
ben lennon
ben lennon:
I feel like Romano has become so reliable over the summer but he might feel scared to get something wrong so he is covering both bases. (cud be Sancho or dembele)
Neil Buckard
Neil Buckard:
Can you give us your heartfelt view will we get him
david cox
david cox:
Sancho Forcing A Move😉
But Woodenhead & Judge Don't Fill Me With Promise, Where's The Ethics Putting Utd Into Untold Debt ?
taye gabriel
taye gabriel:
Why begging for dembele when we can afford Sancho who is ready to play for us
Rohaan Kayum
Rohaan Kayum:
Have u noticed marks wacky comments at the beginning of the streams???
Sarah Nafula
Sarah Nafula:
Sancho agreed personal terms by July with Man United...
he’s still on his position. If BVB sell me, I’ll be so happy to join Man United [he has an agreement... obviously he *wants* to move, this is not new 😄]. If they don’t, I’ll stay here at BVB and I’ll respect the club. From Fabrizio
u cant force a move if u are under contract.... stop IT ... just stop..
All the ards are getting to be a pain,but I will still always watch united stand ✊💯
Evil Gouki
Evil Gouki:
He ain’t going to United this year...
17:19 Mark glitched.
17:19 lol
Da Enigmatic Conundrum
Da Enigmatic Conundrum:
If you believe this guy i feel sorry for you.
tarn Bainbridge
tarn Bainbridge:
Unethical? I'm not having that james cooper (on the utd payroll). Chelsea spent over 200m is that ethical? Chelsea spent 100m on havertz? (75m up front 25m in add ons) is that ethical? Why is it whenever man utd sign a player they get scrutinised on the cost but other certain clubs get away with it?
Carl Herrera
Carl Herrera:
It took us 18months to get Fernandes... what makes us think we can do Sancho's transfer so quickly?
Thomas D
Thomas D:
Mark plz stop this ur destroying my soul about him he aint coming man utd bound. Mayb jan window
Derick Williams
Derick Williams:
How sancho is gonna foce a moves when there’s no solid bid yet from Manchester United and I really don’t think he’s pushing a moves
madhavan sowrirajan
madhavan sowrirajan:
17:19 LOL
Ayub Mohamed
Ayub Mohamed:
I’ll share this to my friends uncle( Ed Woodward)
rivaan manilal
rivaan manilal:
I really think Mark jinxed this transfer just as he did with bruno last summer!lol

He is 90% not sure I can guarantee you!
Dean Mullaney
Dean Mullaney:
U want to listen to Gary hes spot on with what he says about utd
Lucifer sixsixsix
Lucifer sixsixsix:
With all the shenanigans going on with Sancho, if (and a humongous) he comes to UTD the pressure will be on Sancho so much more than any other player in the history of Manchester Utd.