Santiago Arias Skills & Assists & Goals 2017-2018 Welcome to Atletico Madrid

Santiago Arias Goals, Assists, Passes, Speed and Skills 2017 - 2018 PSV : Welcome to Napoli
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Santiago Arias Goals, Assists and Skills 2017-2018 PSV & Colombia
Compilation of Santiago Arias 2017-2018 – PSV & Colombia
Santiago Arias – Goals, Assists, Skills, Technique, Pace, Passes, Crosses, Creativity, Dribbling, Speed, Defending, Tackles .

Santiago "Santi" Arias Naranjo (Spanish pronunciation: [sanˈtjaɣo ˈaɾjas]; born 13 January 1992) is a Colombian footballer who plays as a right back for Dutch club PSV Eindhoven in the Eredivisie.

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This video shows Santiago Arias best moments for PSV & Colombia up to 13.05.2018.

Сантяго Ариас – ПСВ и Колумбия
Santiago Arias Napoli
Santiago Arias Welcome to Napoli
Santiago Arias Welcome to Atletico Madrid
Santiago Arias Overall Review

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30 comentarios:

Welcome to Atlético 🔴⚪🔴
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez:
Welcome Atlético de Madrid
CentralCoast ClimbingCruiser
CentralCoast ClimbingCruiser:
It's official!!!!
ya llego a Madrid Arias
Uplift Your Spirit
Uplift Your Spirit:
Great work, Arias is lovely player, he can be important part of Juventus team next season!
Michiel de Ruyter
Michiel de Ruyter:
Santi 😍
georgi pruhchev
georgi pruhchev:
Yes gifted player indeed ! Great clip music too, insperational :)
Nice video! your channel is growing up fast, very deserved bro
Johnny Black
Johnny Black:
:'v ya no es lo mismo, sin embargo es un excelente lateral, espero que simeone le de mas rodaje
Denilson Vespermann
Denilson Vespermann:
Welcome Atletico-mg
Valencia 👀👀
محمد بوخليل
محمد بوخليل:
donghyuck kim
donghyuck kim:
Welcome to juventus
cristito Arias
cristito Arias:
Ohhh my cousin
iñigo moreno
iñigo moreno:
Atlético 😎😎😎
omfg his right knee 0:51
Mark 1
Mark 1:
He has the skills of Leichsteiner.
mister x m
mister x m:
Welcome to Napoli? Hahahahaha
he is on my master liga team
Berkay Hafızoğlu
Berkay Hafızoğlu:
alex Alberto sandro 22
alex Alberto sandro 22:
Yeah let s carry on with south americans please
Cristian Morales
Cristian Morales:
No esperen que sea Cafu, pero les digo que se lleva al jugador mas disciplinado y trabajador de la selección Colombia, su nota por partido es de 7 en promedio, corre a todas y busca siempre rendir al maximo, para mi, la muestra pura del jugador que se esfuerza y rinde siempre, Arias = el siempre cumplidor.
santiago ruiz beltran
santiago ruiz beltran:
very speed
Gamer Yt
Gamer Yt:
Juan manuel 2020
Juan manuel 2020:
Bienvenido al atlético de Madrid Luis advincula(Usain Bolt, flash) temporada 2019 ✌ 😉 ✌
Juanjo Capel
Juanjo Capel:
Arias quería seguir de rojiblanco
Admin Naponapo
Admin Naponapo:
Non so...non mi fa impazzire...sabaly crossa molto meglio,forte e tagliato,mentre Arias più che crossare prova ad arrivare sulla linea del fondo per poi appoggiarla indietro...pensiero mio ovviamente,poi casomai è un top player...
Muhd Khaleef Izzaldeen
Muhd Khaleef Izzaldeen:
Not that impressive to be Vrsaljko's replacement. Pass
Christopher Armijo
Christopher Armijo:
Ojalá nos de pelea el atlético este año 🔴🔵 el año pasado les pagamos una repazada