Sarah Jessica Parker On Kim Cattrall’s Diss | WWHL

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker talks about how she felt when her “Sex and the City” castmate Kim Cattrall said on Piers Morgan that she and SJP were colleagues, not friends.
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Sarah Jessica Parker On Kim Cattrall’s Diss | WWHL

100+ comentarios:

Archduke of Belgrade
Archduke of Belgrade:
I checked few videos with this subject and Im dead serious 90 percent of people are supporting Kim. Me too. They were co workers and professionals thats about it, I never understood why most Hollywood people are always claimimg how they are all great friends. They arent.
Kim Cattral was the reason we watched the show. She was the best.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams:
What Kim actually said and Andy should’ve asked is “what did you think of Kim saying that you could’ve been a nicer towards her”
MArie Livingston
MArie Livingston:
Listening to her stuttering response plus her body language makes me think Kim wasn't lying about their relationship.
Sorry to say this maybe I am wrong but SJP strikes always a bit hypocritical to me.
The fact that Sarah couldn't give a straight answer without tripping over her words and stuttering is all the proof we need that she's lying, and that Kim Catrall is telling the truth.
SJP is a good actress and this is the best act she has ever performed.
E. Olu
E. Olu:
Sarah looks like she knows why Kim doesn't like her
Kim is the only one I watched the movies for tbh. It’s her right to say when she wants to stop. As she said in the interview they’re referring to, she’s the oldest member of the cast, and there’s other things she’s wants to do. It’s a dead topic.
Sada De Vries
Sada De Vries:
Give me a break!! The good girl persona is getting so old now. Team Kim allll the way
Kim called it as it is, they worked together, they were colleagues, move on. Typical SJP playing the 'victim'. At her age its tiresome and annoying. Next!
it’s like SJP wants to relive her “glory days” as carrie, when we all watched the show because of samantha.

team kim, all the way!
I believe Kim Cattrall ..
If you're really concerned about someone who has had a loss, you send them a private message. Sending a public message is only trying to get attention for how sympathetic you are.
Kim Cattrall was honest but also very polite.SJP couldn't wait to get petty and make things seem worse than they actually are
SJP and Andy are part of the East Coast media elite. They all stick together. Of course Andy neglected to ask SJP about the end of Kim’s statement, “I wish Sarah had been nicer”.
Sally Atwater
Sally Atwater:
Oh yeah! She's heartbroken! What a phoney! They iced Cattrall out for years and now she is being exposed. Karma just got served to SJP.
Sjp has been bringing up kim in interviews for years, shaming her for not wanting to do another satc movie, and now she's surprised kim doesn't want to talk to her? And she KEEPS talking about her still? That woman has no class
Nada Syed
Nada Syed:
I believe Kim.
SJP's answer looks too made up. Well thought out like
Lady Luck Downunder
Lady Luck Downunder:
They obviously kept Kim on the outs, excluded her intentionally & now SJP is making out they were besties. People don't have built up resentment for nothing🙄
adi sh
adi sh:
I believe kim. Maybe because i think she wouldn't have reacted that way unless sjp was truly awful.
She didn't just say that, she also said that SJP could have been nicer to her.
Danielle D
Danielle D:
The root of all this is that Sarah envies Kim. When Kim was recounting her experiences from the beginning of the show, it was obvious Sarah felt jealous and threatened. Kim is beautiful and a natural comedian. She was the light and humor of the show. And of course she always looked stunning.
Dodger Lane
Dodger Lane:
She is not thinking of Kim, just her own little washed up career and a few more dollars in the bank. Kim was right to hang up her hat and coat, she went out on top, SJP is going out from the bottom.
Lyn Dobla
Lyn Dobla:
Kim Catrall is direct to the point and sounds very credible, frank but sincere.
Maxmillan Maxmillan
Maxmillan Maxmillan:
After watching several interviews of both Kim and SJP I’ve concluded that SJP is not the nice person she portrays in public Sarah has always played the poor victim, someone who may react passive aggressively to try to look like the innocent one Kim is the strong respectful person who is comfortable with her age and is very intelligent and assertive. Kim has even published a book for young girls in learning self confidence. Kim is childless by choice which I believe is a very selfless act as she has said it’s no way to have children when you’re working long hours. I have a coworker who is like SJP who is very selfish but on outward appearance she appears concerned for others and always playing the victim. SJP is very good at branding her good girl image by choosing a pre-vetted interview with a friend. And like the rest of the commenters have said, SJP should not be shocked unless they’ve kept in contact outside of work. Good acting SJP.
SJP- Classic covert narcissist. Any empath would be able to pick up on this no-brainer.
Angels Are Real
Angels Are Real:
I believe Kim.
hiwot demissie
hiwot demissie:
For kim to lash out at her on instagram, there definitely a side to SJP that we don't see and that clearly has affected kim Cattrall deeply
Deng Deng
Deng Deng:
Huge fan of sjp but I believe Kim in this one
She’s very hesitant...that’s what people do when they lie and try not to say something that could give it up ...just sayin
Oh the SATC drama... Kim Cattrall has been saying “NO” to the sequel of Samantha Jones since 2016. So the whole rumor abt her being a diva or holding up production is completely false. She’s 61 & is in a different place. I totally respect her decision but would have killed to see her in another sequel. Love her!!
Everybody has another definition of "friend". I also know a lot of people and our relationship is personal, but I wouldn't call them friends. I have had a lot of colleagues and we had a very friendly relationship and we talked about personal stuff, because we spend a lot of time together at work, but they were not my friends. I have just a handfull of real friends, which are like my family. But I also know people who call around 500 persons their friends.
People should grow up and realize that being friendly, even over years, is not the same as friendship.
Kim is totally reasonable to not want to beat a dead horse. They worked together for so long and did two movies just move on already.
Ash Mukherjee Official
Ash Mukherjee Official:
When a mean girl gets called out....
Doug Dorsey
Doug Dorsey:
When Carrie said, "If you're tired you take a napa, you don't move to Napa" I wanted to punch myself in the face.
Billy Harding
Billy Harding:
Ok. I watched Piers Morgan's Life Stories with Kim.
The way she explained in great detail about how SJP behaved is really bloody difficult to dispute. Piers prompted her on the whole thing & she rightly gave an articulated answer that you could tell is genuine but also as honest as any human being can be....

The way SJP is behaving in this interview is purely to 'save face' along with whatever reputation she is trying to cling on too & what makes it even more obvious is her silences in her response, they speak louder than any words. Ever.

I truly think Kim was telling us who the real SJP is & she only came on here to cover herself. That's the only vibe I get.
Sternenguckerle yo
Sternenguckerle yo:
I think SJP could be a coldhearted snake.
chomp chomp
chomp chomp:
anyone bullied at school understands that you can go to the same classroom for years and not be friends. Kim stated that she could've been nice, meaning Sarah was a biach towards her& I think it's true
I seem to remember, before the deal was in place for the 2nd movie, Kristin Davis went on an interview and threw "shade" at Kim Catrall, saying "the 2nd movie would be happening sooner if it weren't for someone being so stubborn." That was Catrall not wanting to do the sequel, but instead of hashing it out with her, her own castmate decided to throw shade at her in public. I got the impression back then that was a common occurence between the women, with Catrall getting the beating. I think, out of all of them, Cynthia Nixon is the most level-headed.
helena krmpotic
helena krmpotic:
when i just look at the body language, eyes especially - sjp and kim - it's obvious who is lying. isn't it?
Mina Mina
Mina Mina:
Can we pls just move on. Kim has every right to say no. End of story.
Qui Pedro
Qui Pedro:
Well Andy helped there a little... Kim Catrall added that she ''wished SJP was nicer'' that wasn't adressed
Craigslist Oceanside
Craigslist Oceanside:
Kim told the truth as she sees it. It was YEARS ago. Keep it moving.
Kim is a wonderful ambassador for womanhood. Whilst SJP is an icon for little girls.

I did like SJP but she’s too airy with no real substance in her interviews. Lots of words without really saying anything... as if she’s just portraying an image or persona.

Kim Cattrail? Now she does have substance. She’s far more interesting, classy and genuine with a wonderful intellect. She may be different from Samantha but she’s just as phenomenal.

Kim does look younger than SJP and more natural and attractive.
carole lerman
carole lerman:
Always the wounded sparrow.
City Trees
City Trees:
Kim Catrall stole every scene.
If they were truly "friends", then why can't SJP pick up the phone and call KC and say "wassup?", as opposed to hash it out to Cohen on a talk show and acting like a victim?
Rahul vinal Narayan
Rahul vinal Narayan:
The fact that they never got along in real life just proves how great of actress these two women are. They are professionals who do their jobs in the very way possible. That is why they win awards for their work. People should learn some work ethics from these actresses.
little miss sunshine
little miss sunshine:
I've always liked Kim
Dianna A
Dianna A:
Kim is believable and I believe her version of their relationship.
Kim recalls her experience differently,
Aleksandra Hrynkiewicz
Aleksandra Hrynkiewicz:
I just don’t see the need for a third film. I love SATC. Own the collection of DVDs. Could not possibly think how they would go about a third film. I don’t think they need Kim to even make a 3rd one, cut her out. Tell a story of what happened and that’s that. SJP knows the third movie wouldn’t work out in the theaters unless Samantha was involved so I guess the next move is to stir the pot.
Gary Davies
Gary Davies:
Sometimes you just get on with people like Teri Hatcher with the other ladies from Desperate Housewives.I still am on the side of Kim though.
SJP and Kim were never friends. Everyone of us knew it already back when SATC was being filmed. For years Sarah has lied and claimed that there was never any problem with them and they were always friends. Sorry, but I believe Kim when she says that they were only ever co-workers. And now Sarah acts all hurt. Please.
Pringle Pringle
Pringle Pringle:
I believe Kim. Sarah never really answered the question. Kim comes over so much more genuine than Sarah.
Arlene Alvarez
Arlene Alvarez:
I’m here just to say “ Sarah, you should’ve been nicer !”
I still love you both tho ❤️
Sad but who cares lol clearly Kim didn’t feel the same about their relationship (whatever kind it was)
I have this sudden urge to watch Seabiscuit again.
Stella Kim
Stella Kim:
IF Kim was really bullied as many believe, what really bothers me is the other two women joined SJP in bulling Kim together. Playing mean girls at age 50s...? Seriously grow up...
Sounds like high school all over again. These are mature women in their late 40's, ffs!!!
Abby Yorks
Abby Yorks:
I completely understand why Kim does not want to continue with her character and do another movie. Time to move on. But - I understand SJP’s pain too.
Luiz H Oliveira
Luiz H Oliveira:
If she is the star of the show and one of the producers why does she need Kim? Go and do the movie, stop crying. It looks like she really admits that Kim was the real star of the show.
Team Kim all the way.
Terry Cole
Terry Cole:
Doesn't everyone remember the rumors for years that Kc and SJP didn't get along? When ever there was a photo of the 4 ladies those 2 were on opposite ends. Everyone kept their mouth shut during the series cause they were getting up to 60 grand per episode towards the end.
I just watched that interview, I believe Kim. She sounded very sincere. You can tell, this woman is lying.
Olga Zakka
Olga Zakka:
I believe Kim it's hard to believe SJP...
If you have to recall an experience then you weren't friends just colleagues .
Sunny Dayz
Sunny Dayz:
Sjp was a producer, Kim wasn't asked. Now she can control any future. Cry me a river
SJP needs to rethink her look, it’s extremely ageing and doing her no favours
When someone says “they could of been nicer” that’s that. Obviously sjp was too self centered and all the other women on the show didn’t get enough credit. You call tell by just looking at sjp that she has too much ego.
Rocky Rhodes
Rocky Rhodes:
People define friendship differently. Seems like a misunderstanding. Kim probably doesn’t value deep adult friendships in a work environment past a certain point . Not everyone does.
Miguel Souza
Miguel Souza:
Kim Cattrall lost my respect when she lashed out publicly in reaction to a condolence message. Obviously she secretly harbored Ill will without anyone knowing.
this is so sad to hear and see :(
Volvoreta Jolie
Volvoreta Jolie:
Omg! Kim is older and looks much better than Sarah...
Friendli Persen
Friendli Persen:
Had no idea they were beefing .....😯 So I just watched Kim Cattrall's Pierce Morgan interview and am floored. What happened? Kim shaded the hell out of SJP so there must be real bad blood. Wow!!
Sherry X
Sherry X:
Kim did love / remember the work fondly, she just didn’t love or remember her co-workers fondly and there is nothing wrong with that. That SJP doesn’t want to even remotely acknowledge that there was tension on the set and gets so defensive is telling. She was probably the mean girl and doesn’t want to cop to it.
Lizea Donnelly
Lizea Donnelly:
I absolutely loved SATC used to watch every episode with my girls KIM was my favourite omg loved her she was the STAR of that show I believe sjp did mistreat Kim sjp WAS DESPERATE for another movie she knew it couldn't be done without Kim as she was THE STAR Kim said no sjp probably got a wee touch of karma LOVE KIM omg what a beauty inside and out ❤️
Jean Hantman
Jean Hantman:
She’d never come back now—she’s ten years older than they are. It doesn’t work with her in it at this point
SJP - never buying a ticket for any project u r involved in! ever
Sheryl Dolls& Pooh Linsley
Sheryl Dolls& Pooh Linsley:
Hi, Love Sarah! If Kim thinks it was just a Job then why not do another movie since it's all "business"?😷🤗🐽✌❤, Sheryl
prokop jonas
prokop jonas:
I saw SJP outside of my apartment building last year and she was very nice
Yeaaaa... we're with Kim on this one.
She obviously did something that pissed her off that she won't talk about... I guess we'll never know what it is.
My favorite was always Kim! She was the best actress on the show and the reason why I tuned in every night before bed without my parents knowing let's be real here! I believe what Kim said was true, she has no reason to lie.
Ashley Morales
Ashley Morales:
I'm honestly on neither side. You have those work relationships where someone thinks it's a friendship, but others just see it as a job. I've been on both sides of those, and it's equally awkward. It's no ones fault
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Oh please. SJP is a typical passive aggressive woman who has selective memory.
I actually love them both and believe them both, it's their both own right to view it differently.
SJP looks like Madonna and reminds me of her to. The kind of ruthless business women that will stop at nothing and step on whoever they need to to get what they want. Kim is a beautiful soul
Maria G
Maria G:
There were egos and jealousies on both sides I’m sure and that caused them to not trust each other either over time or over a single incident or both. They probably each wish it could’ve been different.
Ludvig Patterson
Ludvig Patterson:
I love how she handles this situation.
A A:
Idc I will always love Kim Cattrall.
Moon Ze
Moon Ze:
"This is how I recall our experiance ..." ... really, you just admitt Kim was right ... if thad was friendship you would never call it experiance, you would say like "relationship" ...
Team Kim.
Antonina Rivituso
Antonina Rivituso:
id like toe see both of them together in an interview and just have it out see what really happens
Love Kim non-stop
Mady Hondo
Mady Hondo:
Always Kim Cattrall,always Samantha Jones!!! 😘❤️
Andy Griffiths
Andy Griffiths:
Body language expert has a field day with this one 😆
Lori Crockett-Owens
Lori Crockett-Owens:
It's okay Sarah I had someone do the same thing to me I feel u. ♥️