Sassuolo 1-2 Juventus | Kean snatches late winner for Juve | Serie A 2021/22

A fine display from the hosts is not enough to take all three points as the ruthless Bianconeri comeback from 1-0 down to win the match | Serie A 2021/22

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204Percent SpaghettiMan
204Percent SpaghettiMan:
Really feel we deserved at least a point here, maybe even three. I know Juve haven't been at their sparkling best this season and Sassuolo haven't been at their peak either recently but we all know they turn it on when a top side shows up. Once again, a solid performance let down by a few mistakes. Consigli showed his worth throughout with some important saves but maybe one too many with the last goal. Solid performance from everyone and Szczesny with some brilliant saves to keep out the forwards, unfortunate to come away with a loss. FORZA SASOL!
Pau Franco
Pau Franco:
Such a shame for Consigli, played a fantastic game but was beaten in the worst way
Surprised that Vlahovic started on the bench, nice match.
Nice goals from Dyabala and Kean
Gabriele Paccione
Gabriele Paccione:
I don’t think Bonucci can read an offensive attack for his life without chiellini playing next to him
"it's not been a vintage display"

That applies for like the last 4 seasons.
iran gzr
iran gzr:
Honestly juventus just thinks we can live without dybala but the truth is we can’t just look at the goal he scored today
Ghi Fay
Ghi Fay:
Juve doesn't need striker. Juve need's some creative midfilder to support all stiker on next competition.
Raditya Semara
Raditya Semara:
Both keeper was beaten in the worst way😅 but applause for Raspadori and Kean 👏
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by both teams 👍👍👍. Dybala and Kean strikes given Juventus the important win 👍👍👍.
Shqiprim Hasanaj
Shqiprim Hasanaj:
It will be a big mistake to let Dybala go. Juve will regret it
Damian Chramega
Damian Chramega:
Juve need to step up sometimes and Vlahovic needs to be more consistent. I want to see more!
lutfy salim
lutfy salim:
If Juventus Management were smart, they would tie Dybala down to a new contract after his goal last night.
Why me
Why me:
Stunning saves from the keeper
Данель Халель
Данель Халель:
It was amazing match! Sassuolo was nice! Juve was strong. I loved De Siglio, Danilo played. Morata could score, but...
Mouhamed Ciss
Mouhamed Ciss:
Paulo Dybala 💖
Observer of Football
Observer of Football:
I hope Moise Kean can keep the goals coming!
Peeradech Lee
Peeradech Lee:
Allegri has interpreted his philosophy in Juve game play which is counter attack. Mostly Juve under him will likely has less possession percentage than opponents. Also shot count.
englewood price
englewood price:
i feel like juve got to be patient with Kean. i dont think he is a pure number 9. he doesnt have the physical gifts to be a pure number 9 like vlahovic. i feel like with a better midfield and if he gets chances created for him he can score. i really like raspadori game. i like the fact he can use both feet. he would do well at juve. dybala for me peaked in that season when he scored 2 goals vs barca. after that it has been a steadily downhill
Juve out classed but Sassuulo. What a team and what a manager, they deserve much more.
Gorbi Norbit
Gorbi Norbit:
Wow amzing mov for Sassuolo's goal, really beautiful👌
Allegri is still the best coach in the world to play a boring game. 😴
muhd safwang
muhd safwang:
All three goals are on 🔥 🔥 🔥
It's very difficult for Juve now to find three points forza Juve
Michael Mohammed
Michael Mohammed:
All left footed goals 😎😎😎
Marco Andriani
Marco Andriani:
Just Give Kean some Game time and He will perform🙏🏾💪🏽
Amman Borneo
Amman Borneo:
I Was Born to be Juventini..
Dan saya bangga menjadi Juventini...
Lost Win Or Draw 4 me Always Juventus 4Ever..
Salam Dari Juventini Sampit Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia..
4za Juventus 4Ever..
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz:
Great game Sassuolo,they deserved a point...
Both keeper was beaten in the worst way😅 but applause for Raspadori and Kean 👏
Mehedi Miraz
Mehedi Miraz:
Dybala's goal are Awesome exhibition of football 🥰😍
Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs:
Kean starts to be Origi for Juventus
Ar M
Ar M:
Dybala, Raspadori, Scamaca. 👏🏻
Morata missed more than Werner 😂😂
Juventus are lucky to finish in a Champions League position
În mintea copiilor⚽
În mintea copiilor⚽:
Paulo Dybala scores an incredible goal!
Pureblood and Proud
Pureblood and Proud:
Sassuolo were great fun to watch, Consigli was excellent apart from the nutmeg at the end
Abubakarr Rashford bah
Abubakarr Rashford bah:
Juventus 4life i am proud of you
RUDI ABIMANA official:
if dybala is no longer in the Juventus shirt next season, there are plenty of talented alternatives like raspadori
Pureblood and Proud
Pureblood and Proud:
Juventus are playing rough right now., Holy moly. Injuries and layers missing? sure, but certain players who are leaving that aren`t bernadeschi mentally left two seasons ago, and it shows.
Bagas Keren
Bagas Keren:
Juventus in the first half didn't seem to want to play
Consigli should be playing for a top club like Inter, Napoli or Juve. He is so consistent, for quite a long time.
E Reinaldy
E Reinaldy:
all sasuolo chances come from Dybala's wrong Passed.
Mirko Delgrossi
Mirko Delgrossi:
Io il Like qui lo metto sempre solo perché è l unico canale che mi fa vedere tutti i goal. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Non perché sono felice del 1 a 2
Jelena Zivkovic
Jelena Zivkovic:
Forza Juve!La Serbia ti ama molto.
Arifin Hasibuan
Arifin Hasibuan:
Forza Juve 🔥🔥🔥
Muhibbin Fishing
Muhibbin Fishing:
Mantap Juventus 👍
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam:
Forza Juve
Morinaga Bold
Morinaga Bold:
Stefano Castelli
Stefano Castelli:
all goals were class this game
John Koi 89
John Koi 89:
Road to Champions league 🔥
bang roy nursery
bang roy nursery:
kean 🤸🤸
Eric Noveanto
Eric Noveanto:
It's so painful to watch Allegri's style of football...
Bayu Ananto
Bayu Ananto:
La Juventus è ancora fragile (manca un leader offensivo) ma sono 3 punti importanti che hanno presso.
iwan putra
iwan putra:
Forzaaa Juvee... From Indonesia
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam:
Juve per sempre!
Nice play for sciglio
DG doang
DG doang:
Forza Juve !!!
wow nice comeback
Mr T Does
Mr T Does:
Such an underrated game for morata
Dybala should be permanent in the team
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam:
Forza Juve!
Jurij Antonov
Jurij Antonov:
Forza Juventus
buen partido del juventus
putra Supriadi Pratama official
putra Supriadi Pratama official:
Forza Juventus
Alunk Haris
Alunk Haris:
🤩💗💪👍..Ottimo lavoro #juventus.👏👏👏.. ForzaJuVe FinoAllaFine 😍
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam:
Forza Juve!!!!!
Mii'h Carvalho
Mii'h Carvalho:
#ForzaJuve ⚪⚫
Goal moise kean 👍
Semoga Berkah
Semoga Berkah:
Kean is a hero
jacques Adiang
jacques Adiang:
So we letting dybala go 🤦🏽‍♂️
Zaenuri Zaenuri
Zaenuri Zaenuri:
Juve,l know you can scudetto in this season....go juventus,l suport you
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam:
Forza Juventus!
Meteor ors
Meteor ors:
Forza Juve 👍👍👍😀
turino ik
turino ik:
We have to buy a de Jong and a world class side back.
Muhammad Lsalim
Muhammad Lsalim:
Goal Kean= Drogba🔥
Akel Bowrin
Akel Bowrin:
Forz Juve
Pietro Contorno
Pietro Contorno:
Super juventus sempre sperando che almeno finiremo in champion 🙌🙏👏👏👏💯x💯
Juventus is the best 👍👍👍
thomas swords
thomas swords:
Juve really need a rebuild I know they won but they have been so poor considering how big of club it is
Lazaro Cordeiro
Lazaro Cordeiro:
Forza Juve!!
There are 2 world class strikers that has bad finishing, they often (not always but often) misses in a golden opportunities (like 80-90% goal chances), they are:
1. Alvaro Morata (example 1:44)
2. Timo Werner (chelsea's striker)
Andrea Chierici
Andrea Chierici:
It's weird to see all the stadium cheering for the Juventus goal, even the "home" side
Dem Demi
Dem Demi:
Forza Juventus!
Sassuolo merecía más, y como siempre la Juventus ganando sin merecer
Data Areno
Data Areno:
dont let dybala leave....
Elçin Əliyev
Elçin Əliyev:
Bravo Dybala ve Mouse Kean.
Skyzof 62
Skyzof 62:
1:22 huge foul from Morata on the sideline. shocking call from the referee to allow this. Dybala's first goal shouldnt have been allowed.
indra lemana
indra lemana:
Juve on champions league next season,,,
Forza Juve❗
Moise keannn !!! 👍
phantom ninja
phantom ninja:
Fair play to moise Kean, didn't think he'd do anything when he came on, sure shut me up ĺol
Drajat s
Drajat s:
welcome to milan dybala😁
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam:
Juve per sempre!
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam:
Juve per sempre!
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam:
Juve per sempre!
Forza Juve
They should use Moise Kean more, honestly
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam:
Juve per sempre!!!