Sassuolo 3-3 Juventus | Alex Sandro Saves Juve in 6-Goal Thriller! | Serie A TIM

Sassuolo came fought back from 2-0 down to go 3-2 up before Alex Sandro rescued a point for the league leaders | Serie A TIM

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Devansh Gairola
Devansh Gairola:
Seems like Juve will be in big trouble against Lyon with this kind of form
Musa Alkhadim
Musa Alkhadim:
Soo nobody's gonna talk about Szczesny performance 😳🔥
Me Nice
Me Nice:
Szechsny is such an great goalie, that shot that deflected man what a save almost impossible to get
Aleksy Citriauskidis
Aleksy Citriauskidis:
If not Szczęsny, Juve would have lost like 10:3. What an underrated goalkeeper.
The chance created from 1:19 to 1:28, was pure TikiTaka class. I regret they cannot score after such beautiful display😔😔
Mehmet Cicek
Mehmet Cicek:
Respect to Sassuolo. They have only lost 1 game after the restart and this was the first match against Bergamo. They are having a very great season 🔥💚
Juve’s defense is like FIFA’s AI in beginner mode! 🤣😭🤦‍♂️
I‘m a Juve fan but that deserved to go in, what a beautiful play from Sassuolo... not complaining though👀
reali twain
reali twain:
Sassuolo jogando muito bem q continue assim
Kazimierz Odnowiciel
Kazimierz Odnowiciel:
Szczęsny brawo jestem z ciebie dumny ❤️
killer con
killer con:
While everyone is talking about juves defence....
Let me tell u, Sczeny saved juve.
He saved 4 well placed shots
Hes soo underrated
Wojciech Kukułka
Wojciech Kukułka:
Brawo Wojtek ! Swietne interwencje.
Erol Dautović
Erol Dautović:
Pjanić showed pure class ❤
Zaxarias Zaxarias
Zaxarias Zaxarias:
That pass from Pjanic to Higuain though...
CraszeSusz Auu!!
CraszeSusz Auu!!:
SZCZĘSNY !!! 👏👏👏💪👍
Android Pack King
Android Pack King:
Alternate title: Schezny saves Juve from losing
Jay Stewie
Jay Stewie:
Szczesny saved them from an embarassing loss. I'm worried for Juventus
Sammy Mwoka
Sammy Mwoka:
Caputo is underrated. ...18 goals this season 🔥
all football highlights
all football highlights:
6' Danilo (0-1); 12' Gonzalo Higuain (0-2); 29' Filip Djuricic (1-2); 51' Domenico Berardi (2-2); 54' Francesco Caputo (3-2); 64' Alex Sandro (3-3)
Sam S
Sam S:
Wow what a pass from Pjanic on 2nd Juventus goal!!
Henry Rincavage
Henry Rincavage:
If it wasn’t for szczesny juve would’ve lost like 7-3. Despite the fact he let in three he seemed to be the best player on the pitch for them today.
Some masterclass from sassulo to rescue the situation props to them
1:19 what a play from sassulo.. Pure beauty.. That reminded me the 2011 barca playing style. ❤
Gav G 89 II UKTV II:
Unlucky To Not Get The Win Juve ... Some Brilliant Goals From Both Sides ... 🙏🏻
Jose ulises Monroy cruz
Jose ulises Monroy cruz:
Festival de goles 😈😇🇲🇽⚽
andrew millar
andrew millar:
Finally a striker through on goal, and he doesn't just shoot as hard as he can and lifts it over the keeper. Well done higuain
0:43 CR7 showing he really got that speed
Данель Халель
Данель Халель:
Сассуоло атакует сверх быстро! Прекрасная игра команды, какие быстрые и техничные игроки у них, на заглядение! Вторая Аталанта прям))
Danilo scores on he’s debut and now he scores on he’s birthday, he must be loving it😂
Svyatozar in different languages
Svyatozar in different languages:
Sassuolo is probably most underrated Seria A team! Love his attacking and combinational style! Hope they’ll fight for Europe league! Forza Sassuolo!
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
Wow, sassuolo after pandemic break is awesome one, they score so much goal, if they can maintain performance and keep their player for next season so they should be team that we can't underestimate anymore...
No suspect penalties to bail Juventus out for once. Amazing
Alexey Belkin
Alexey Belkin:
я за ювентус с самого детства,когда ещё дель пьеро играл,зидан, эдгар давитс! но,в этом сезоне реально аталанта заслуживает чемпионства
I love how after every Sassuolo goal they played Thubthumping by Chumbawamba. They've been doing it for quite sometime.
Klajdi Koci
Klajdi Koci:
If they play like this against Lyon, they are going to be eliminated
Alex Sandro actually done something for the team
Mindflower 89
Mindflower 89:
Sassuollo are the kings of comebacks. Such a vivid and spectacular team, play their mad football, like they play at local hood pitch.
Affan Amer
Affan Amer:
Why does sarri not start dybala? Just look at the impact he made by coming on
Dimas Panji
Dimas Panji:
Sassuolo is like another Atalanta this season, solid and full of surprises
Are you kidding me? He said nothing about that Pjanic's pass, that's the highlight of the match!!
Esse Berardi e bola, ninguém fala do cara.
Love how Atalanta and Sassoulo doing the most!😂
Victor Elnegaard Kjærulf
Victor Elnegaard Kjærulf:
1:17-1:29 what a beautiful play!
Amazing goalkeeping by the Juve goalkeeper.
Slava Blinkov
Slava Blinkov:
Как же хороши Соссуоло. Блестяще поставленная командная игра.
Bert aan den Boom
Bert aan den Boom:
Nice Goals : Nice Match😇⚽️
Daniel Janas
Daniel Janas:
Szczęsny 💪💪
Wikus Botha
Wikus Botha:
Incredible keeping by Szczęsny 🧤. Juve need to step up their defensive efforts before meeting Lyon.
John Reyes
John Reyes:
Sassuolo solo le falta ser mejor en defensa para poder tener un nivel parecido al del Atalanta, juegan muy bien lastima que la defensa no es la mejor y por eso es que están en media tabla...
Well play to Sassuolo...
Amazing game. Italian league is tight
Kevin Raichura
Kevin Raichura:
Exceptional from Sassuolo👏🏼
abhi verma
abhi verma:
Let's just take a minute to appreciate Juve's Goalie. He did a super job otherwise juve were done in this game.
LM10 Vamos
LM10 Vamos:
Well done Sassuolo 😍😍😍
misolou fout
misolou fout:
6' Danilo (0-1); 12' Gonzalo Higuain (0-2); 29' Filip Djuricic (1-2); 51' Domenico Berardi (2-2); 54' Francesco Caputo (3-2); 64' Alex Sandro (3-3)
Luan Amaral
Luan Amaral:
Danilo ta jogando muito mais doque jogou no city
2:35 “ what a goal that was, and what a goal this is”
Raum deuter
Raum deuter:
Szczesny is on fire I think he's the best keeper if it wasn't him and a keeper like navas it would've been 8 3 sassulo
Paijo Mas
Paijo Mas:
Amazing goal keeper
Jacob Springall
Jacob Springall:
I love the chemistry between Caputo and Berardi
Нурдаулет Саматулы
Нурдаулет Саматулы:
No DYBALA , No party! :)😀
Juventus was playing like their season is over, and this was just a practice after a barbacue. Sassuolo could have made 6 or 7 goals if they had better luck.
This was actually an incredible match and Sassulo deserved the win although Ronaldo deserved more luck. Sarri deserves something too...maybe to train Juve's second youth team.
Tinito EventsTV
Tinito EventsTV:
This game was extreme brilliant
Aryaman Purkait
Aryaman Purkait:
This match was looking a lot like high school matches we had.
Marcus Mountain
Marcus Mountain:
Sassuolo deserves so much more
Mvuselelo Sean Sean
Mvuselelo Sean Sean:
The Juventus defenders love Social Distancing 😂
Varun Sharma
Varun Sharma:
0:38 Messi be like where was this 6 years ago?
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
CR7 simply the G.O.A.T
Chukwuka Agu
Chukwuka Agu:
1:19 - 1:28 . The commentators were just silent because of the tiki taka sassuolo were doing.
Gaurav Rajput
Gaurav Rajput:
Tremendous passing skills, sassuolo...
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
Szczesny is very very important for Juve in every single match
Максим Вишневский
Максим Вишневский:
Сасуолло респект. Крепкий коллектив. Против них сложно всем. В Юве отмечу Щесны, отличный матч хоть и пропустил 3...
Rosario Macias
Rosario Macias:
Muy buén partido
Arikpavlik SFX
Arikpavlik SFX:
Awesome Sassuolo!
Reale Roma
Reale Roma:
Never thought I’d see the day when Milan are looking stronger than Juventus again.
nivea men
nivea men:
Caputo is an amazing player, scored 1 goal and made like a 6 goal scoring chances for his teammates which unfortunatetly they couldn't convert into goals. GO SASSUOLO!
Дима Неважно
Дима Неважно:
Худший Ювентус из всех времён что я болею за него
Krishna Mishra
Krishna Mishra:
I had seen yesterday's match full live stream and I think that after two goals Juventus must have changed it's tactics from offensive to defensive if they did this they must have been won
Naoufal Driouchi
Naoufal Driouchi:
Juventus's defence was like Arsenal' defence
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
I pity anybody who has't been watching Serie A this season. The most exciting league this season in europe by miles.
Happy Birthday to Danilo the goal opener in the thrilling game !
Sassuolo passing is joy to watch
Had Dybala started the game, Juventus would have won. The team's body language changed after Dybala came in.
Hussein Taherali
Hussein Taherali:
It Is amazing how schezny has improved since leaving arsenal
S. O
S. O:
Had Atalanta not conceded that late penalty against Juventus, now it would've been Juve at 76 and Atalanta at 72. A real possibility for surprise of the century..
Tobias Andersen
Tobias Andersen:
I cant believe How lucky Juventus have been this year espeacially afte the break
Dominik Szilder
Dominik Szilder:
Sassulo it's Piccolo Atalanta, great style of play. In the second half there was an action in which they hypnotized Juventus and Hamad Traore had a chance. IT WAS AMAZING !!!
الخدمة الوطنية في الجزائر
الخدمة الوطنية في الجزائر:
sassuolo . great team work they deserve the 3 points
Amine Persepolis
Amine Persepolis:
what a Sassulo team !
Harden Danilo
Harden Danilo:
Juve has a great problem with defense. They should thank the goalkeeper for having prevented them take many goals
Champ No.5
Champ No.5:
why wasn't Dybala there in the starting xi
Juve really needs Dybala always
Juventusun defansı sıkıntılı merih olsa böyle olmazdı
Luis jose Romero
Luis jose Romero:
El lunes se confirma la nota de oro para cristiano Ronaldo sin duda alguna donde juegue es un fenómeno el mejor de todos
The Amaze Lab
The Amaze Lab:
0:30 Pjanic is World class
Константин Кругляков
Константин Кругляков:
Juventus won't go past Lyon if they keep playing like this
Edit : They didn't
ray kon
ray kon:
Without schezny it would've been 6 for sure 🙏
After sassulo match:--
Media:-- Your defence gave many spaces to opponent

Sarri:-- I told them to maintain social distance. As Health should be prioritize than game.
Abdalla nur
Abdalla nur:
I love to watch Sassuolo and Atalanta’s games, so much entertaining !
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh:
Sassuolo first goal was pure team effort done by Juventus defence.