Sassuolo 4-1 Spezia | Berardi strikes twice in emphatic Sassuolo win | Serie A 2021/22

The Italian international reaches the 100-goal mark in Serie A as Sassuolo dismiss travelling Spezia thanks to his brace and goals from Ayan and Scamacca | Serie A 2021/22

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66 comentarios:

204Percent SpaghettiMan
204Percent SpaghettiMan:
100 up for Berardi, what an incredible talisman he's been for this Sassuolo side. Without him there's a high possibility of us being back in Serie B! Tireless work rate, the skills, dribbling, finishing, assists, he's such a priceless asset to this side and he deserves to celebrate the 100 goal landmark! Frattesi was immaculate in this game too, only lacking the finishing touch to his dribbles, and Ayhan pulled that finish out of thin air the last person I expected that from, awesome finish. A strong second half and a deserved 3 points. Shoutout to Verde for that beautiful finish too. FORZA SASOL!
Ethan Warren
Ethan Warren:
englishman here , serie a is the only other domestic league i try to watch every game for, even between two teams lower in the table like this it still makes for a great game with brilliant players
Edward Satria
Edward Satria:
That Verde's goal tho....Berardi is a superb player !
Rudis Lasmanis
Rudis Lasmanis:
Berardi having ANOTHER incredible season
That goal by Verde is the definition of '' FINESSE ''
Scammaca is a great striker ...just underated still, time will tell
L8est Music
L8est Music:
Berardi been putting out crazy numbers for years now, he needs to get a big move to someone like Arsenal or Ac Milan
Que golaço do Spezia.
Con Man
Con Man:
All goals were magnificent in this match
George M
George M:
A player who plays as a Winger on a mid table team and scores 100 goals is something really special. Domenico Berardi should have done a big team move 2-3 years ago.
Enoch Korir
Enoch Korir:
Fantastic goals scored!
Osmane Ibrahim
Osmane Ibrahim:
Berardi is a phenomenal striker congrats for 100 seria A goals your indeed a serie A Legend
Berardi is gonna go to Milan and there he will probably shine and all the Midea will go crazy on him.
Nicolai Billy
Nicolai Billy:
Scamacca is my favourite player in this league ❤️👑💯
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh:
Congrats Sassuolo respect from Milan fan 🤝🤝🤝
Afolabi Samsudeen
Afolabi Samsudeen:
Scamacca is a big big talent
Raghwender Rai
Raghwender Rai:
Congratulations scamacca for coming in Italy
Anthony Mammoliti
Anthony Mammoliti:
Verde is a class player. I hope he becomes a classic Italian late bloomer. Something about watching sass. They player beautiful football. More entertaining than top clubs. I’d rather watch them player than juve
Marco alviverde
Marco alviverde:
Saludos de Palmeiras, Brasil
Grand equipe Sassuolo
thomas swords
thomas swords:
Berardi is different class defo loving in summer
Jackomo BonariVR
Jackomo BonariVR:
Sassuolo is BEST❤️ from finland
Rezkky 016
Rezkky 016:
berarrdi is the best strikes ❤️😍😍👍
Borbow Ahmadey
Borbow Ahmadey:
Scamacca is the near future of the azzurri 🔥😳🕺🏾
Gabriel Joseph
Gabriel Joseph:
The commentator was really majestic..😊👍👍
Berardi has to start for Italy. As does scamacca. If they choose belotti, they’re going to stay home.
Made B_jil
Made B_jil:
Scamaca and berardi🔥 🇮🇹
Endy Sep
Endy Sep:
Berardi goes to Milan .. Insya Allah .. Forza Milan
Fabricio Costa
Fabricio Costa:
Come to AC Milan in next season my buddy
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez:
Verde is underrated like Berardi he should go somewhere else
Alexzainder Asaga
Alexzainder Asaga:
great goal by verde tho
How come Berardi did not make a big transfer to the big clubs for years?
Guillermo Francisco
Guillermo Francisco:
The DJ of Sassuolo 😎
Classic 10 spesia 😍
black vlog
black vlog:
Berardi 2 goals
Warmaster AceJoker
Warmaster AceJoker:
Welcome Domenico Berardi to Milan / Inter / Napoli 2022/2023 🎉🎊
buen partido del sassuolo
Tech & Travel in Tamil
Tech & Travel in Tamil:
Could the highlights be posted without the scoreline as the title, please? like Dazn highlights, we fans can fully enjoy the highlights!!
Austin Zammit
Austin Zammit:
Sassuolo kings of serie A
Grass hopper
Grass hopper:
È stato più forte il boato degli spezini in trasferta che i quattro dei padroni di casa 🤣
Israel Davi Neris Alves
Israel Davi Neris Alves:
Scammaca,Raspadori e Berardi ,q trio mn!!!
Francesco Vitagliano
Francesco Vitagliano:
Berardi comes to Napoli next season
Benjamin Daniels
Benjamin Daniels:
Dominico berardi great player 👍👍
Novian Kristanto
Novian Kristanto:
Please sign him milan
ikbal Saeful
ikbal Saeful:
Berardi in milan
Coming here to see Kaan Ayhans Goal
TheGemmich Family
TheGemmich Family:
Berardi will pe perfect for Milan's right winger
Kamel Hamo
Kamel Hamo:
ggwp sassuolo
Farid Telmanoğlu
Farid Telmanoğlu:
Turan Serce
Turan Serce:
what kind of wall was that? it looked more like a swiss cheese or dutch cheese with holes 😂🤣😂🧀🧀🧀
Wilhelmus Oladoko
Wilhelmus Oladoko:
Forza italiano @Berardi @Scamacca @Fratessi
Sayang @Raspadori abstain
jeremy owen
jeremy owen:
Pioli's dream
Devon Yardi
Devon Yardi:
Forza sassuolo
Jelena Zivkovic
Jelena Zivkovic:
Forza Sassuolo!La Serbia ti ama molto.
Josef Ariandi
Josef Ariandi:
sasuolooooooo !
daschy t
daschy t:
@2:10 not sure what you mean... check out this goal -
Dhanx Ramdhan Milano
Dhanx Ramdhan Milano:
Come Join AC MILAN 🔴 ⚫ BERRARDI to be a Legend in Rossonerri 💪 ✊
Layana Sarath
Layana Sarath:
Massimiliano lauer
Massimiliano lauer:
Redi Sulejmani
Redi Sulejmani:
Scamacca come to 🖤💙
Sina Fenty
Sina Fenty:
It has picked up
Maurice Rose
Maurice Rose:
...lot of English on that shot...
Manat Hati
Manat Hati:
Skor akhir 4-1 padal gue liat 3-3
Puba :
jr. Traore best!
Khalid Alli
Khalid Alli:
Berardi join spurs in the summer pliz
David Mark
David Mark:
Corrispondenze fisse e punteggi corretti