SAUL NIGUEZ - Welcome to Chelsea - Unreal Skills, Tackles, Goals & Passes - 2021

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Saúl Ñíguez Esclapez is a 26 year old Spanish footballer who plays for Atlético de Madrid. This video shows all of his goals, assists and overall play from the 2020/2021 season.

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Devin Franklin
Devin Franklin:
Leaving a team that just won La Liga to play with the UCL champs, not a bad timeline 👀
Kev SUB23R0
Kev SUB23R0:
Tuchel's midfield options are ludicrous. Its gonna be Interesting to see what plans he has for this lad. I'd say Chelsea are title contenders this season.
His playstyle fits Tuchel's like a glove. Im sure he will be a success.
Hopefully he can find his form again. He’s a spectacular midfielder on his day.
Miles Enunwaonye
Miles Enunwaonye:
He looks similar to kovacic the way he can glide past pressure from other teams. Hopefully he will do well.
Atletico Madrid lost 3 (Rodri, Thomas and Saul) of their 4 starting midfielders from 2019 to Premier League teams and yet they are still challenging for big trophies every year. Mad respect for the job Simeone is doing at the club.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams:
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin
Wonder Mokoena
Wonder Mokoena:
I'm here for his passing ability, great positioning and defensive contribution. We already looking like we gonna be the team to concede the least goals this season and then you add this guy into that squad, come on man...this is not fair😂💙
Discipline is one of his strenghts, not weaknesses. You dont play 340 games for Atleti without a good discipline.
J P:
Saul was world class literally 2 years ago... and he's still very young. I think him moving out of Atletico Madrid is going to shift his mentality and provide a fresh start in one of the most competitive leagues in the world with Chelsea. Exactly the challenge he needs
Tomás L
Tomás L:
We love Saul at atleti and always will. For years he was one of the key players for Simeone and the squad working with Koke in the middle and scoring wonder goals in big games. Then, for whatever reason, it seemed like he started to have an identity crisis for the last season and a half.. almost like he disappeared from the team to the point we’d say “where’s Saul?”. Suddenly, he wasn’t even starting games anymore.. thankfully he came back stronger at the end of last season being crucial in taking liga just like the normal Saul. All that being said, I think this move is best for his career to freshen up his game and see new challenges. He’ll be loved at Chelsea! Wish him all the best and will miss him in red and white!
jaden King
jaden King:
Love that he’s coming but genuinely don’t think Tuchel is utilising Kovavic enough. The man was our player of the year a couple of seasons ago and never ever look like losing the ball when he has it. Then again I suppose having to choose him over the UEFA midfielder and player of the year would be crazy too but I genuinely rate Kova over Jorginho.
옵티머스황 OptimusHwang
옵티머스황 OptimusHwang:
Just like Kovacic when he came on loan, I hope Saul does great in Chelsea :)
Chris Maginess
Chris Maginess:
Without a doubt we'll be up there. We've brought in a quality striker. Niguez will add quality to the team. COYB.
Welcome Saul,I pray he scores outside shots for Chelsea
He is left footed,nice,what Chelsea needs.
@scoutnation add their weight please
Babatunde Adigun
Babatunde Adigun:
People underrate the importance of having both left-footed and right-footed player together in the middle. A fit Kante, Saul and Kova for me in the middle of the least he wont be bullied off the ball like Jorginho...him n Kante doing the dirty job in d middle, not forgetting our wing backs(James n Chilwell/Alonso) making sideways movement to the middle to support......TUCHEL is building something unreal....chelsea will dominate so many games, its left for Kai, Mount, Lukaku, Pulisic, Werner, Ziyech to improve their decision-making in the final third...i dont seem to have any complaints about the back 3.....5 reliable CBs (Silva, Christensen, Rudiger, Azpi(on his day), Chalobah)what else can u ask for
Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland:
Tuchel will turn him into the Saul we all know 🔥🔵
Sambit Sahu
Sambit Sahu:
Great editing and good soundtrack unlike majority of the uploads where they botch the video with awful and dreadful ear cancer catjam music but I digress. Absolutely enjoyed and hyped about Saul coming to Chelsea. Hes got a real familiar vibe to Kovacic the way he controls the ball when being pressed. Hope he starts at the EFL cup game against Villa.
CARD Creation
CARD Creation:
Whats best thing about him is he can pass like jorginho, dribble like kovacic and defend like kante, wow 3 in one player, expect Saul to replace Jorginho and paired with Kante
Really excited to see how he performs, maybe if Saul does good we'll buy him👀
Elisha Addotey
Elisha Addotey:
One thing I fear is La Liga allows players time on the ball unlike the premier League and Saul is a calm player too so he needs to adjust and improve.
Am in love with the way soul plays...his game play is ziyech and havertz style of play combined... I think he will shine playing alongside ziyech havertz and lukaku forward .....Tuchel is a masterclass coach
Was an unexpected transfer but if anything he will add to the possession in midfield and unlike kovacic he can take a shot outside the box
Connor Davey
Connor Davey:
Swear this channel is iconic now.. I bet actual clubs use it hahah
I loooove Saul, top midfielder. Wish he could join my team. Chelsea are lucky.
Fetti Nelli
Fetti Nelli:
Welcome to Chelsea!! Finally a player who can shoot long range!
Ferdi Rifki
Ferdi Rifki:
Angel Lagunes
Angel Lagunes:
He's just so smooth unbelievable world class.
fantasicvampire 14
fantasicvampire 14:
😭this beat tho damn...saul great player definitely excited to see what he can do 😭but can someone please tell me who made this beat cause damn 😭🔥
Il Capitano Alexandr
Il Capitano Alexandr:
Still a classic intro, always give me goosebumps.

The intro it's an Identity of your channel, it's like Cristiano "SIIIIIUUUU" he cannot change that, it's he's branding.

I told you to not change the intro and you didn't so. Still supporting your work always!!

Respect, hope you're well along with your Family.

Ahmed Sufi
Ahmed Sufi:
Tochel is doing something amazing
Would have been a great xhaka replacement.
Nate Hope
Nate Hope:
Love his composure dribbling and passing skills, eye for goals as well. Seems like an upgrade to jorginho.
Libertines Babyshambles
Libertines Babyshambles:
Yeah at last we got a midfielder that can shoot long distance like Lampard🔵💪
Jojo Dawide
Jojo Dawide:
I hope we get to see his attacking abilities finally athletico way of playing is the reason why we don’t get to see his attacking abilities I always thought this dude should move from athletico to reach his full potential
Sandile SandZAR Ngcobo
Sandile SandZAR Ngcobo:
Composed and confident like Kai and can drive in through the midfield like kovacic🙌
The Geth Consensus
The Geth Consensus:
Great signing. Unfortunately, we can no longer rely on Kante staying fit. He needs to be rotated, play maybe 35-40 games, most important ones. Last season we stumbled over the line – before the CL final lost 4 out of 5 mainly because Jorg and Kante got tired and Kova was injured. Saul on loan, left-footed, good on the ball, good defensively, can actually shoot, maybe score 4-5 goals – there are only positives. Don't have to buy him, if doesn't work out.
Tarik Moudian
Tarik Moudian:
He lost a lot of his potential last seasons hope he can find his form with Chelsea
Waqavelli S
Waqavelli S:
Finally a midfielder that has quality in the final third. Most definitely an upgrade on Kovacic
Troll Lelelele
Troll Lelelele:
Tuchel very clever..he need cdm that can score..kova..dribbler..kante solid wall..this guy had a very good vision towards assist and goals
Big Cheese Bill
Big Cheese Bill:
United really missed out ffs
Christa Rijkmans
Christa Rijkmans:
Bilal Tariq
Bilal Tariq:
Thanks for posting this dude
John Blessed
John Blessed:
I really wanted Saul to play for Barça but oh well... 😞
Like Left footed pirlo, thank you Thomas & Roman up the blues 💪💪
atleti had sold rodri, partey and saul to the epl
they produce world class DMs
Kris SET
Kris SET:
4:33 Well that will happen a lot more now during training
Louie knight
Louie knight:
Vamos saul welcome to London
Our new fabregas ❤
He's basically a budget Kovacic.
this is the craziest transfer market window everr!!!
Abu Dhakal
Abu Dhakal:
I know I should jus be grateful that we have such a great team, and believe me I am. But mannn I REALLY wanted us to get the Kounde transfer done
In a nutshell Saul is just like Fabregas but more of a dribbler... Tuchel wants a midfielder who can make 50 yard passes to our frontmen and he's perfect
Welcome to Chelsea 💙
Mboh Raroh
Mboh Raroh:
Chealsea fans looking for the receipt 😵
Rafo Boban
Rafo Boban:
Great player but nothing spectacular, hopefully he will prove me wrong..
Wai Tseng Chong
Wai Tseng Chong:
What is Saul's playstyle? Box to box? DM or what else?
Rumpel JA
Rumpel JA:
Good back up for Kante. I hope we keep Ampadu for Jorginho too.
We played against Saul twice in the CL last year against a very difficult Athletic Madrid, I'm sure Tuchel knows what he is doing. Saul looks assured and composed on the ball and looks like he will provide excellent cover for Kante, Jorg, and Kova, being left footed adds a different dimension in the DM role as well. I like the signing :-).
He's gooddd
Đặng Hưng
Đặng Hưng:
If we start Saul, Zi, Kai, Lu....= left foot.😀😀😀
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk:
chelsea didn't chase this transfer for a long time it's only a loan and I hope he does well in london, wish him the best!
Tellme ifyouknow
Tellme ifyouknow:
Welcome to CHELSEA !!
Jeremiah Pangurian
Jeremiah Pangurian:
Welcome Saul💙
Ronakk Patel
Ronakk Patel:
Rohit Jaiswal
Rohit Jaiswal:
I know he is not in a good form. Still if your 4 th choice no 6 is saul in a Double 6 system. That speaks volume and Depth 💙💙🔥🔥🔥 really happy.
Saul can score goals unlike our other midfielders which is really, really good for us
Pai Lin Loo
Pai Lin Loo:
Seems like Chelsea always interested in AM player!!
razis henry
razis henry:
Elegant version of Kovacic, kovacic more mobile, but this guy lot better passer
Fitri Aimal
Fitri Aimal:
a bit of jorgi and kova!
State of that shirt 😂 Migraine inducing eyesore!
Punyo Tadii
Punyo Tadii:
Like the profile. Weakness: Descipline. Lol
thabo motsohi
thabo motsohi:
Where can one get the music in the background ?
Syafik Supomo
Syafik Supomo:
Look how successful cesc fabregas and juan mata as a midfielder at chelsea. Saul will follow their step as a spanish.
Daniel S
Daniel S:
Pure class
tibwa kefas
tibwa kefas:
Chelseas midfield>>madrid
Fendyfizah Channel
Fendyfizah Channel:
Welcome to chelsea saul niguez ,..
mike mwihuri
mike mwihuri:
Saul is a monster. We no longer have to play kante and or mount to consider our team full strength. Infact I see him as a stronger and more experienced and skilled mount, a more mobile kovacic. A more technical kante and a more forward passing georginho. Looks to me he's like a multi hybrid of a that midfield ,even a kai havertz bit and I think a saul kante georginho havertz mount /pulisic lukaku combo attack doesn't even need a clean sheet to win .once we score two we can rest georgino and close shop with kante kova and saul in big matches. and un smaller ones we sub off kante . He will score at least 3 pts open play goals. 30 [email protected] around 20 G/A s .
To me, he is just a left footed Kovačić. Good for rotation, but I don't see anything special. Hope I'm wrong, but not sure based on midfielders we bought as second options in last years
Oscar Elite
Oscar Elite:
A lot of people with high IQs are terrible investors because they've got terrible temperaments. You need to keep raw, irrational emotion under control
M. Bison
M. Bison:
Him and koke both well overrated
Imamm Imam
Imamm Imam:
Saul Nigoes..... Chelsea.... 👍👍💪💪💪💪💪
nothing unreal in this
Naufal Rasyid
Naufal Rasyid:
Welcome 💙
ash swagga
ash swagga:
Tuchel should go 4 3 3 now put him on the left along side jorghino and kovo on the right
Ok Ok
Ok Ok:
Azneil Zikrey
Azneil Zikrey:
SAUL & PEDRI better Centre Player
3:02 in sync fall😂😂 sorry I had to point that out😂
ItsMataz Boi •
ItsMataz Boi •:
Kova is levels ahead
Welcome Saúl
Finally we don't need Rice
Oz Eye
Oz Eye:
Why would Man united let this midfielder join the likes of Kante and Jorginho without a fight? Looks like a very big mistake to me
can somebody who knows football more than I do tell me why Chelsea aren't playing Chilwell?
Brazilian Daft Punk Fan
Brazilian Daft Punk Fan:
Imagine saying his name in public 😳😳
Rumpel JA
Rumpel JA:
Good video, but where is goal against Bayern man
Shazz N.
Shazz N.:
Kovacic & Saul
Saul & Kante
Kovacic & Jorginho
Kante & Jorginho

Too many options, Saul’s dribbling skill is much similar to Kovacic which is good. Saul is good at finishing
Renzo García
Renzo García:
What do you mean with “discipline”? I dont belive it’s a weakness
Hermon hazard
Hermon hazard:
He has one thing which all of our midfielders don't have * SHOOTING* from outside
Come on!!