Scarlett Johansson & Florence Pugh On Filming Black Widow & Their Friendship | GLAMOUR Unfiltered

On-screen sisters Florence Pugh and Scarlett Johansson, who play Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova in the first female superhero Marvel movie, Black Widow, on their close friendship and what they learned from one another while filming.

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52 comentarios:

Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie:
I watched the movie today. It was great. I didn't want to spill spoilers but it was really touching at the beginning. Get your tissues ready. 😭
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g:
Their chemistry was amazing, Black Widow is in great hands with Yelena Belova.
W Y:
Scarlett is a legend, the movie is amazing, please go and see it!!!!!!
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho:
Pls this is the best duo in MCU. Their chemistry and relationship in the movie tho. 😭
I need them in more movies together!
luvyou baby
luvyou baby:
Florence really does have a unique wonderful personality, I noticed it when I saw her interview With jimmy kümmel. I haven’t seen any of her movies yet but I’m a fan already. Her cooking videos on YouTube/Instagram are so entertaining.
Wish we got this movie before End Game, that would have made more sense.
James Pittman
James Pittman:
I like Scarlett and Florence they are great actress.
giuliana papariello
giuliana papariello:
love them sm, cant wait til Friday🥺
just saw it today. an amazing film. please go and see it in cinemas as it was meant to be seen. support scarlett!
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho:
Their friendship. I can't! 😭
What did you learn about yourself from each other? How important is it to push the conversation around gendered superheroes? When have you been your own ally the most?
One question is worse than the next.
oh my gooood, i'm so pumped for this movie and i love these two so so much
Christopher G. Poeschl
Christopher G. Poeschl:
“For every flaw that you see in yourself - the world will see, 10 times that…”Christopher G. Poeschl Stay Amazing…

COVID-19 Inspiration…❤️

Love ya’
Ella Films
Ella Films:
I’m so excited I’m going to go see the movie tonight
Nicholas Cowling
Nicholas Cowling:
I've heard this interview talked about a lot but fortunately there aren't too many negative comments. I agree with her thoughts but really feel like Hollywood has changed in the past 10 years or so and is continuing to change. Is it still fair to call them out for their past behavior (the past behavior which also very much led to Ms. Jo's success?) Also, I don't get why she has a problem with the term 'bankability'? The amount of money that is put up to pay for these movies including Ms. Jo's salary is a huge investment with a lot of risk involved. Bankable lead actors/actresses ensure that people will go see the movie (even if it sucks) just so they can see their favorite star. She has to understand why it's such a risk for studios to cast either unknown actors/actresses or less popular ones in movies. A lot of male actors have proven this. Think of Tom Cruise for example. Despite his beliefs and erratic behavior people still flock to and love his movies. Ms. Jo might be setting a female example here with her pushing wokeness and yet people will look past that to see the movie because she has bankability.
toppa toppa
toppa toppa:
The posh sounding one done the Russian accent really well
Ash Fuller
Ash Fuller:
Scarlett "I don't know if I said that right"
Me "Are you reading from a script right now because you seem to be looking down a lot?"
natasha romanoff
natasha romanoff:
I just watched the movie it's amazing and yes i cried
Jessica Wong
Jessica Wong:
I just watched the movie yesterday. It was a great movie. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to watch it but I'm glad I did.
It is so nice to see her overcome all of that oppression to become super rich. So strong.
Lilly Anctil
Lilly Anctil:
I need to stop watching these things until I see the movie cause I am so just going to watch the spoilers. Anyone else have this issue?
the movie was great
Hailey Ward
Hailey Ward:
Watching the movie tonight can’t wait😁😁
Philip Moore
Philip Moore:
I really enjoyed the film
President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden:
Can't wait to see scarlett in her next movie as the foxy aunt or wine mom. Sexy kickass leads is best left to women not hitting the wall at 39 and surprise surprise discovering that they've been oppressed for the last 20 years.
An Errant Knight
An Errant Knight:
I like Scarlett, but I think she has re-written some of history. Saying someone ‘isn’t a box office draw’ isn’t systemic or sexist. How many male actors needed to be convinced of getting a leading role? Favreau needed to push for RDJ. There were questions about Kurt Russell playing Snake Plissken in Escape from New York. They needed to push for Will Smith to have a leading role in Independence Day.

And hasn’t Angelina Jolie been considered a ‘box office draw’? What about Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock?

Unbalanced pay, always had me wondering if actors negotiate for more money. If Evans made less than Ruffalo in the movies, wouldn’t that be the fault of his agent for not negotiating for a higher pay? If Evans made more then Scarlett in the Avengers movies, isn’t that the fault of her agent? By the way, aside from Downey, I always thought the other main cast should’ve pulled the ‘Friends’ card and made sure they all got the same amount for each Avengers movie.
Grace Fowler
Grace Fowler:
The movie is amazing but get ready!
Mateo Llerena
Mateo Llerena:
Very beautifuls 😍😍
Lara Mohammed
Lara Mohammed:
I watched the movie yesterday its amazing the end credits seen get ur tissues ready
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi:
Emily Olivia
Emily Olivia:

#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑)
#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾
Kimberly King
Kimberly King:

#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑)
#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾
Help Others
Help Others:
Mr. Weinstein holding on line one! Multi-million dollar/Multi-picture deal/Multi-commercial deals. Scarlett sure loves the service menu, just ask Harv.
Jasta Ykotuce
Jasta Ykotuce:
Pleasee i want to see the movie
Vee Nalinasegrem
Vee Nalinasegrem:
Makes it all the way to 15 million/movie by crying like a girl to jump up and down a sound stage with a stuntwoman.

Also, demands to get paid 50 million/movie like Tom Cruise who literally attaches himself to a flying plane.
Subjugation, obviously.
M C:
Is there a reason that Florence Pugh keeps making faces and looks bored whenever Scarlett is talking? They're friends? I guess that I must be missing something
Bumble - Bee
Bumble - Bee:
The highest paid actress of 2018
The state of 165 million dollars

- once again talks about the injustice to poor poor women, saying that the film is FEMALE-because it was shot by a WOMAN and about women ( yes, it's not sexism at all)
that women have finally PRESENTED in the cinema (hi Brie Larson)
Kate A
Kate A:
Filiberto Giron
Filiberto Giron:
Subjugation of women? Trauma? Under-appreciated? Equal pay?
lexi lex
lexi lex:
Ed B26354
Ed B26354:
She must retire. As good as a planck. Disney must crash.
The big salad
The big salad:
2:15 - that was beyond painful to listen to. She had no clue what she was talking about, just using any buzzword she can muster up. Embarrassing.
Elisabeth Cuningham
Elisabeth Cuningham:
I always get confused when she talks about how horrible the equal pay issue is, like she literally got paid like $20M for AoU when all the male actors besides RDJ got like $6M. And she was pregnant so she didn’t even do her own stunt work or anything for that particular film. Not sure about the other films, but based off that glimpse into it I wouldn’t say she’s oppressed. Again, I probably don’t know the whole story, but still I always think it’s odd.
Not to mention in this type of movie a male actor is typically expected to bulk up and train and stuff for a good 3+ months before filming even begins, and hold to that standard while filming the whole entire time, whereas a woman typically isn’t expected to do anything that extreme for a movie besides maybe learn fight choreography (which I also think they should to make it more realistic but that’s another issue….) so based off that I would think a male actor who worked that incredibly hard for a role should be paid for the work and time put into it, verses a female actor who likely didn’t work as hard and long. That maybe inaccurate though, just based off the videos and stuff I watch and read it seems like guys commonly go through a way more extensive body transformation and girls don’t often do that.
Rogue Gallery
Rogue Gallery:
Scarlett Johansson was part of a protest against Trump, she asked something about her daughter in Trump's America, she is suposedly against Trump, but one of the Disney/Marvel executives used money he gained from Disney/Marvel to support Trump.
Wow lol 2:26 to 2:40 was painful to watch. She's just digging and digging to find a deep meaning for an action film.
vader344: she is one of the most highest paid actress..
Andrew Baldwin
Andrew Baldwin:
“I’m such an oppressed multi-millionaire”
Rogue Gallery
Rogue Gallery:
So Disney/Marvel are trying to make sure that people believe that theyre not behind the Pandemic? Theyre doing a terrible job a it.
Can we stop talking about gender so much in these interviews 🙄
Max Power6000
Max Power6000:
Equal pay 💰? Scarlet is the main ⭐️ of the movie 🎥 idk get the argument of equal pay 💰 she is also the highest paid actress in the world today. Maybe a decent pay for writers and background actors and crew. I don’t buy the argument called Show business 👩‍💼 for reason.people livelihood are dependent on Scarlet and the success the movie has at the box office, hence more work for everyone. Lebron James is the NBA biggest draw he also gets paid the most because of it! The guy playing 6 string should never get paid the same wage as Lebron.
"Women in Hollywood are underpaid" she says while collecting her check for $25 Million. The "gender pay gap" is a thoroughly disproven myth. Stop gaslighting people with this fallacious garbage.

Also, this isn't the first "female superhero Marvel movie", Captain Marvel was. Though oddly the lead actress in it is yet another completely out-of-touch, self-absorbed and uber-rich Hollywood lout.
Krayton 86
Krayton 86:
Disney lied!
This movie supposed to be about when Barton and black widow was in budapest, way back when they somehow crossed paths... But instead we get a timeline that is not so in the past! :D Get three or four sentences about the real far away past, about the real stuff about what she done with barton, we get bartons voice... and one repeating short flasback scene! But the whole f.-ing movie is about something completely f.-ing else! :D :D

This movie should have been way before avengers first movie... and tascmaster should have been barton brain f.-ing washed... and that would been an epic twist and the reason, why barton said, we remember differently what happened in budapest! :D

But,noooooo, we needed this sh_t that is completely is about something else!

Woman are opressed in countries, that feminist activist never been before, and they never will be! Because, in this countries they will be, imprisoned, or killed!

But feminist activists are having a blast, in all the different other countries around the world, where man and woman, are equal as THESE ONLY TWO EXISTING GENDERS can be!