Schitt's Creek Cast Reacts to HISTORIC Emmy Wins and Talks Reunion Movie! (Exclusive)

ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke to the cast of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ after their win for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 2020 Emmy Awards, which aired Sunday, Sept. 20, on ABC. Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy discuss the possibility of a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ movie as well as how they will celebrate their historic wins. ‘Schitt’s Creek’ won 9 Emmy awards in total, the most for any comedy series in its final season of eligibility.


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The executives at NBC and ABC who passed on this show are probably hitting their heads against the wall as we speak. Go Schitt’s Creek!
Carlo Barone
Carlo Barone:
Listen as a gay man, who finally saw two gay men, treated like: MEN. Was so damn heart warming it was actually a little historic! I actually miss them.
Kenny J
Kenny J:
Dan’s absolutely right, if their show was on ABC, NBC, or CBS it would have gotten cancelled. Which is why those networks don’t get nominated for awards anymore. Especially ABC, they cancel too many good shows.
Loni Smith
Loni Smith:
Crying like it’s my family who won! So happy for them all!
C Thomas
C Thomas:
Dan Levy is absolutely right. You have to take time to build good story and networks are constantly underestimating the power of genuine characters like the ones he created in Schitt's Creek. If that had been any US network they would have canned it after the first season because it wasn't giving them an immediate payoff. They underestimate the loyalty of a good fan base who want great characters and understand the build up. We're not all Kardashian fans or morons who need a damn explosion in the opening five minutes.
I really hope this is a lesson to networks, they need to stay in the boardrooms, give creators the freedom and space they need to tell a good story, and stop cutting them off half way.
And that goes for Netflix too, we all see what you did to The OA.
Sean Purucker
Sean Purucker:
I really liked how they did point out about how studios need to give second looks and be patient with shows and stories. It obviously made award show history 🏆.
Fantastic show. It deserved every single one of those Emmy Awards. Congrats!
Ocean le
Ocean le:
Schitt Creek is a fine wine .
Loooove this cast! Proud to be a Canadian! Very well-deserved❤️
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Horror Movie Scream Queen:
I didn't find out about this show till season 3 so I binged it on netflix years ago and I love it!! So sad its over....
William Sroka
William Sroka:
As far as the masks fogging up your glasses goes, Dan, I know the feeling! Believe me!
L Taylor
L Taylor:
So brilliant. Well deserved. And great messaging from the cast.
Lizabeth Duran
Lizabeth Duran:
A reunion movie!?! Now that would be great. I love the show. Congratulations for the win.
YESSS, my favorite show won all the awards!!
va L
va L:
We would have watched this excellent comedy even without the pandemic!
Debbi G
Debbi G:
Loved this series Every person involved in the making of this deserves the recognition, it deserves. No please don't let it be final. We need more Schitts Creek.
Ashini M
Ashini M:
Isn’t that ironic ? in a couple months Hollywood’s going to be up shits creek.😆
Erica Palmer
Erica Palmer:
Good point from Dan about networks taking a chance on shows. So many good shows have been dumped after one or two seasons without letting the story develops. I am thankful to my family members who pushed me to watch well into season one with this show because I was ready to give up on it and now I don’t know what life is like without it. One of the best shows that I will be watching over and over again!
A truly excellent show. Congratulations on a well deserved honor.
Caros Editorial
Caros Editorial:
Best show ever 🤩🤩🤩
He's so right. Studios don't even give shows a chance anymore. It's crazy. Thank God a major American network did not pick up this gem of a show because it would've have lasted past season 1!
Abed: "Six seasons and a movie."
Sehrish Sultan
Sehrish Sultan:
I’m So proud of you guys!! Congratulations and please continue this show again!! All of you had a special character which everyone loved.
Terri Bohn
Terri Bohn:
Wait, wait, wait! Did I just hear another season of Schott’s Creek!! OMG I am doing my happy dance for sure. My absolute favorite show ever!!!
Nonie kirk
Nonie kirk:
my favorite show...they DESERVED EVERY AWARD THAT THEY WON!
Netflix Australia has the last season already
Scott Summers
Scott Summers:
They ended the show on a perfect note. The awards were just cherry on top.
Kathy Major
Kathy Major:
So happy for them and so well deserved. My favorite show ever! Nothing can beat it. Congrats to all of you! Please come back.
We have already got the 6th season here in Australia! It's fantastic. Like the whole show is!
This is a Community quote, but if there was another show that really deserved #sixseasonsandamovie it would be Schitt's Creek.
You know there is so much love within them. They were the only ones who gathered
Fatima Abid
Fatima Abid:
this is making me so soo happy! absolutely loved the show!
Nomad O
Nomad O:
Well deserved! Congratulations!! Go, Canada! 😁❤️🍁
ha ro
ha ro:
I saw the last season on Netflix I saw it
Ryan Ford
Ryan Ford:
Making Canada proud.
As a nation, we are so damn happy
Great show
Janet Moran
Janet Moran:
I'm so happy for them! I loved this show.
I loved the show, but it ended perfectly...I don’t want to see a movie or any kind of reunion.
Jennifer Cseplo
Jennifer Cseplo:
An awesome show with an amazing cast:) bravo!!!❤️👏👏👏👏
This show makes me so happy <3 I am so grateful Netflix picked it up and I had the amazing opportunity to watch this series. I can't wait until the last season is available! I have only seen the first two episodes on CBC.
Wonder when will "working mom's" have a similar winning streak.
Jill Salkin
Jill Salkin:
Adored this show!!!!! So happy for them!
Let’s go Canada getting some love
Greg McIntee
Greg McIntee:
My high school friend Debra Hanson also won for costume design. Way to go Debby(I know she'll hate me calling her Debby). A lot of folks in the old hometown are very proud of you!
Jan Jack
Jan Jack:
Oh yes ! How much do we love Schitts Creek and a Movie 🍿 or another follow up series to what was and is such a beautiful , heartwarming show ..would be be amazing 👍🎉🌟🥰🌹🌹♥️
Michaela Belle
Michaela Belle:
This show is the best I'm so glad it's getting such good recognition 😍😍😍😍 such an excellent cast and excellent writing 😭
Shannon Wasserman
Shannon Wasserman:
Best show ever made! Love you all, would love to meet you!!!❤️❤️that would truly be a dream come true! David is my TV husband!!! So proud to be Canadian!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 you go!! Well deserved, are you writing any more shows?? Your to AMAZING not to continue. Cried when your show was over, rewatching it all over again! Love you all!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Painter's brush 16
Painter's brush 16:
I love Schitt's Creek and I was so happy that I got to binge watch it again during quarantine.
Jimmy M
Jimmy M:
What a Schitt filled night!! Very well deserved!
va L
va L:
I actually discovered this excellent comedy through Michelle Obama’s interview.
Alisha Fate
Alisha Fate:
Ewwwww David!!! Congratulations 🍾
Rosemary Johnson
Rosemary Johnson:
This show did help me get through the pandemic but I think it would be a big hit regardless. So happy they won.
FallonJ NZ
FallonJ NZ:
I binged watched SC long before covid.
andola jackson
andola jackson:
this is the goat of shows. Like an endgame of nuances and exponential gold.
Cheryl P.
Cheryl P.:
Greatest show!
Mary Karkela
Mary Karkela:
This show is the reason I have survived the pandemic and other unexpected situations in my life. Thank you, thank you, and I love Shitt's Creek!!!!
Holy Schitt! ♥
Oh how I’ll miss this show!!
Noelia Jaime
Noelia Jaime:
Not a movie,it's too short. A continuation...YES,COME ON DAN! Please.
I sort of loved that show from the beginning. They advertised it all over Toronto and I had. to. watch. it. I knew of Dan, I loved and appreciated Eugene and Catherine’s work... when I saw Chris Elliots characterization in there, that was it. Chris Elliot plays his characters hilariously well. Annie Murphy is my new favourite person. As a whole it was great to see Dan as an actor (and more) and ultimately win an Emmy! All I can think is that he’s definitely a gem like his dad and congratulations to everyone involved with Schitts Creek. Well deserved wins and I am a huge fan of Insecure. That said, it would have been a little hard for me to watch.. for that reason I am glad I missed it last night.
Wait has the final season not aired in the States? It's been in the UK Netflix for ages?!
Keo Tmetuchl
Keo Tmetuchl:
Can’t wait for October!!!!!!
Glynis Rogers
Glynis Rogers:
Is there a reason that Chris Elliot is never part of the Schitt's Creek interviews? Just curious. I love this show so much!!
So glad the show wasn't picked by networks like ABC or CBS etc.. they would have changed so many things including the name SCHITTS CREEK... only to cancel it after a season or two
Sophie Sihoe
Sophie Sihoe:
Such a proud moment
Tad Rogers
Tad Rogers:
Greatest show ever!
Greg Bryant
Greg Bryant:
The reason I dont watch network shows...they always get canceled
the people reading this:

I’m sending you virtual hugs to anybody that needs it! Stay safe everyone and stay positive!

My dream is to hit 5k, it’s free to help for any nice people😌😘
Edwin Szeto
Edwin Szeto:
Is that Patrick in the upper left?
Reid Wigen
Reid Wigen:
How bout a spin off for David...
Abby Maddox
Abby Maddox:
They deserve it
Billy Young
Billy Young:
just when you guys have time...I think the world is ready to watch the "critically reviewed , limited realty series- A Little Bit Alexis!!!"
Ryan Tan
Ryan Tan:
A movie would be awesome 👌
Omg please yes yes yes
David Rogers
David Rogers:
Congratulations to $chitt's Creek, so many Emmys!
Robert Herrera
Robert Herrera:
I've never heard of this show.
Khushbu Luhar
Khushbu Luhar:
Well deserved!!!!!!!
Why are the comments here as random as a Pornhub vid's?
Peculiar Groove
Peculiar Groove:
Its true what he said. For example the expanse is one of the best shows of the last decade. After syfy cancelled it amazon took it up and its been cultivated and let grow into even a better show, would only happen because of streaming.

Ps schitt's creek was pure magic, delighted for them all.
I love the masks
Many beautiful Noakhali dramas
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela:
Mark Garcia
Mark Garcia:
Isn't the final season all ready over
Joanna Rivera
Joanna Rivera:
Carmen Johannes
Carmen Johannes:
This is so true. I literally didn't know about Schitt's Creek before the pandemic lol. So congratulations
Lisa Elias
Lisa Elias:
Why does Chris Elliott never appear with the group?
*Didn't even know the Emmy's was on and I'm really glad I didn't.*
N ick Beltrano
N ick Beltrano:
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones:
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Ian Reed
Ian Reed:
We will all be up Schitts Creek if Trump gets reelected!
Kudos for Canadian content👍 simply amazing 😉
Kelly Bills
Kelly Bills:
You people need to quit being so damn negative. Grow up.
The show's humour is so bland and generic. I love Catherine Ohara and Eugene Levy, but the show is just terrible.
Miri Mn
Miri Mn:
Yes this whole one season thing is so annoying Netflix is the worst at it 😒
Dave B
Dave B:
My favorite show is Diarrhea's Creek. It flows better and runs longer than Shitt's creek.
Travis Shan
Travis Shan:
It's not because we Americans are home, bored. The show is just that damn good!!! Best comedy show I've seen in YEARS!!!!