Schitt's Creek: Real-life Partners and Future Plans Revealed! |⭐ OSSA

Which talented Schitt's Creek actor is also a musician in real life? Which on-screen cast mate is Daniel Levy’s sister in real life? Find the answers in this video!

Before hitting the big time with Schitt's Creek Annie Murphy aka Alexis Rose made a few appearances on TV shows such as Rookie Blue and Blue Mountain State.

Annie has been married to singer and musician Menno Versteeg for over 9 years now. When it comes to future plans, Daniel Levy aka David Rose has signed a three-year-deal with Disney’s ABC studios to develop new projects.

After the show’s sky-high success, Eugene Levy aka Johnny Rose is looking forward to some downtime before looking at any future projects. On the romance side of things Daniel Levy is married to his wife of 43 years - Deborah Devine. We don't know much about Deborah but it appears she is a screenwriter and producer.

If you didn’t know before, well now you know - Sarah Levy aka Twyla Sands is actually Dan’s sister and Eugene’s daughter in real life. Sarah has been dating actor Graham Outerbridge,
who is most known for his roles on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Super Single.

The similarities between Emily Hampshire and her character Stevie Budd seem to not be limited to her love for cabaret but her sexuality too. Can you imagine that Catherine O'hara was not keen on doing the show at first, she only jumped on-board after Daniel told her that she could be involved in the creation of Moira’s character.

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100+ comentarios:

Did no one see Best in Show. One of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara’s greatest peace’s of work together.
When David went missing and was found on the Amish farm. Hilarious.
Nick Whelan
Nick Whelan:
"Chicago's" Maybe This Time? No no NO! That song is from Cabaret. Research....
Lauren T
Lauren T:
I'm sorry...the ENTIRE career of Eugene Levy and you choose CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN 2 to include? wow. wooow.
Rachel Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez:
"You know what David You get murdered first for once" "No You get murdered first"
Julie Szwedo
Julie Szwedo:
Daniel explaining his sexuality to Stevie with the reference to wine.
Tash Foster
Tash Foster:
When Moira stood up at the funeral and sang Danny Boy. I died. And of course every time she said, "bebe." 😂
Greg Brossia
Greg Brossia:
“Fold in the cheese”
Karen Druckman
Karen Druckman:
Moira dressed like the Pope at David and Patrick’s wedding. Priceless.
Jared Hamlin
Jared Hamlin:
I swear, it's like the writers of this video googled each actor and read the first three sentences of a wikipedia page.
Moira - "What have I told you about putting your body on the internet?" ----"Never, never without proper lighting!"
Schitts Creek changed the course of Eugene Levey's career...HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHAHA
Wayne McKay
Wayne McKay:
Love Schitt’s Creek but wondering how Chris Elliot was left out of your piece. To me Roland Schitt was a cringe worthy star of many episodes!
Vickie GRMI
Vickie GRMI:
"I have asked you thrice now for a towel"
Chandra Ingram
Chandra Ingram:
This did not "change the course" of Eugene Levy's career. He's a solidly established veteran. This was a fun opportunity to bring his wisdom and VAST experience to a collaboration with his son. Do your research. There was life before you were born, believe it or not.
Howard Levinger
Howard Levinger:
No mention of Eugene and Catherine as longtime collaborators on several hilarious Christopher Guest films? “Best in Show”??? Anyone? Anyone?
Deirdre Tucker
Deirdre Tucker:
Moria referring to Roland’s child “ when is it scheduled to be dormant?”
Renan Luiz Baruffi
Renan Luiz Baruffi:
the Bebe is crying is my favourite Moira's moment
Rita LoMagno
Rita LoMagno:
Loved when David (Dan) sang “Simply the Best” to Patrick. It was hilarious but at the same time very heartwarming!
Chris Maxner
Chris Maxner:
One funny moment was when David and Moira , were attempting to cook a meal, and did not know what “ FOLD IN THE CHEESE” meant!!!! LOL 😂
Jennifer Goellner
Jennifer Goellner:
"Alexis! Let's not count our poultry before it's incubated!"
James McCully
James McCully:
It wasn’t Chicago’s,”Maybe This Time”; it was Cabaret.
Linda Harrington
Linda Harrington:
Funniest definitely David with the Amish family
Lizabeth Wolfe
Lizabeth Wolfe:
Funniest moment....Moira being a crow and falling asleep at the cafe table making crow sounds.
Jasper Jordan
Jasper Jordan:
I feel so dumb not recognizing Kathrine from home alone!!!!!
Rhonda Bennett
Rhonda Bennett:
I'm sorry, but there is "no" funniest moments in this show.... The ENTIRE series is jaw-dropping, gut-aching HILARIOUS!
I'm so 💔 & devastated that this show had she to an end. But I look forward to up-and-coming new shoes from Dan Levy
Foxy Lady
Foxy Lady:
I am 41 years old. And have seen many sitcoms come and go. But this show was by far the best. Loved every season. And I am a forever Levy fan. ❤❤❤
doug w
doug w:
why no bio on chris elliot who was hilarious as Roland Schitt.
Pat S.
Pat S.:
The Moiras Roses Garden ..... "is that mom's birthday?" "No, those are the last 4 digits of your fathers credit card".
Vicky Risiott
Vicky Risiott:
A little bit Alexis .... one of my fave bits
My husband and I just discovered this show earlier this month and have been bingeing the heck out of it! I love it so much! ❤️
Janet Palin
Janet Palin:
When David mutters "what just happened here" after he gets "invited" to host Jocelyn's baby shower.... his facial expressions crack me up.
Leslie Carter
Leslie Carter:
For me it has to be when Johnny brought home a lincoln continental..david was appalled and said...were all the other cars on fire??..i laughed for days over that !!!loved the show...thx for helping to add laughter thru this you all....
Sonia Clarkson
Sonia Clarkson:
My absolute fav! Alexis” dance audition !!!!! Laughed for hours and couldn’t get jingle out of my head!!!
suzanne bracker
suzanne bracker:
The funniest scene was when they all broke character and laughed when Alexis got a degree in “Pubic Relations.”
Calvin Fry
Calvin Fry:
The entire exchange between Moira and the motel guest who left a bad review was my favourite television moment I’ve ever seen hahahaha
“Are the pillows feather or foam?”
“I don’t care”
“I’m sorry?”
“I don’t know. I’m not entirely versed on the contents of the motels pillow collection”
“I was just asking”
“And I’m very much looking forward to the moment when that stops”
just sayin'
just sayin':
any scene with Anne in it, was comedy gold, same with Catherine.
Melissa O
Melissa O:
When Moira asked David to search for nude photos of her on the internet!
Jan Van
Jan Van:
The entire series and cast are brilliant. So engaging and watchable.
Celeste Keenan
Celeste Keenan:
It was Cabaret not Chicago. The name of the episode is "Life Is A Cabaret."
Seriously. Everywhere he appears the name “the Great Eugene Levy” follows him and it sounds like this writer never even heard of him aside from a cursory Google skim 5 minutes before this was done.
Tamara Brunozzi
Tamara Brunozzi:
Loved “Moira’s” out of the blue “SCREAMING” living in a constant state of breakdowns and sleeping in her clothes every night.
Will C
Will C:
It seems like the writers and producers of this show did 0 research on Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy 😂
Azha B
Azha B:
Maybe do some actual research on Eugene Levy.
Barbara Dolan
Barbara Dolan:
The funniest moment for me was when Stevie came out of the back room with the make up on that Johnny bought as a gift. I practically fell off the couch from laughing. I love this show so much, I think I’m watching it for the 8th time.
Candace Walker
Candace Walker:
Is it me or are they showing the wrong actress when they are attempting to show Annie Murphy’s other works?!
Too many to count. I’m again re watching . For the 3rd time. So many gems. The cast is a cornucopia of riches.
Herzig Harte
Herzig Harte:
Y'all left out the mayor and his wife, and the sister's love interests
Kim Rudner
Kim Rudner:
David's expressions when he is tasting the wines that he and Moira had been mixing to find something suitable to endorse. Could not stop laughing.
va L
va L:
I love the ingenious way that Moira speaks & Dan's facial expressions with under his breath murmured comments. There are so many funny moments & comments but those two are the best.
Thanida Skye
Thanida Skye:
i've watched the entire show TWICE !! sooo good!!
pretty cool to say I live 20 mins away from the town they shoot in :)
Edward McAuliffe
Edward McAuliffe:
Y’all act like no one has ever heard of Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy. And no mention of mockumentaries like Best in Show?
Ms. W
Ms. W:
I love alexis!!! i love love love how she plays the character obsessed!
Robyn Harris
Robyn Harris:
The entire show was hilarious, touching and brilliant! Miss Schitt’s Creek so much! 😢
Sadaf Taj AA5, 5th Semester.
Sadaf Taj AA5, 5th Semester.:
I love Annie's all expressions. She does it so well.
Karen Blevins
Karen Blevins:
The funniest scene for me was the town sign and Johnny trying to explain to Roland why it's a bit inappropriate - and then they attach a sign *to* the sign that says, "It's okay. It's his sister!"
Taryn Webster
Taryn Webster:
When David leaves voicemail for Patrick
Empty Eski Adventures
Empty Eski Adventures:
I used to think Americans were funny, until about 1995, when I realised they were mostly just Canadians... lol Aussie
charlene swift
charlene swift:
I can't believe that this summary overlooked Eugene and Catherine's work together on Christopher Guest projects over the years - those roles are highlights for fans of theirs!
The funniest scene for me was David singing Tina Turner's "Simply the best". I laughed until I cried. He was so sincere in the delivery. I replayed this scene at least 10 time, each time laughing until I cried.. Thank you Daniel!
Laura Beilhes
Laura Beilhes:
I can’t even pick just one episode, they are all my favorites! Great show to watch over again during this Pandemic. 👏🏼👏🏼👍👍❤️
Lori McMillan
Lori McMillan:
When Moira woke up on Rolands bed at RMKA! Hilarious!
Maki Burgess
Maki Burgess:
Eugene and Catherine were in SCTV and a series of brilliant Christopher Guest movies.
Troy Sartori
Troy Sartori:
Without a doubt, the funniest scene is “sign the f#%&ing contract!”
Good Golly, Miss Lolly
Good Golly, Miss Lolly:
Hands down, the funniest moment for me was when David and Moira were cooking and didn’t know how to fold in the cheese
Dolores Troeller
Dolores Troeller:
Moira's reaction at the front desk when the weasel man guest came in😂
How do you ignore and omit Eugene and Catherine's work in the Christopher Guest films?!?!? Did you even Google them?!
Claudia Scott
Claudia Scott:
So many funny moments, but I laughed hardest at Ted coming in from a run being caught, unaware, on the bunny cam.
Dee Argueta
Dee Argueta:
My favourite thing and I think the most genius thing in the writing of this show is the character development of the ensemble. Amazing!!!
Lynne Stephenson
Lynne Stephenson:
Funniest-Alexis' hand gesture and pout.
K A:
When Moira emerged in the throes of her nervous breakdown sleeping on the floor of the closet with that spiked white wig all over her head, I slipped off my couch and rolled uncontrollably through my ENTIRE living room!!! Seriously. I DIED laughing.
Alex King
Alex King:
I love this show so much. So much love and beauty in the story. Especially happy to see a Canadian production making it big ❤️
Cher Siegel
Cher Siegel:
Any scene Catherine is in is the funniest .. imho. Her audition for Jazzagals and singing Danny Boy at the funeral are 2 examples.
Wanda Ballou
Wanda Ballou:
When Moira says "Johnny, the bebe could have crawling pneumonia" Thought I would die laughing. I almost didn't catch it.
Dusten Hay
Dusten Hay:
"I've never had a happy ending, did you have to pay extra for that?" ~David Rose
Alina G
Alina G:
“‘Chicago’s’ Maybe This Time” .... um, did you watch the show? it’s Cabaret...
0:31 is that supposed to be Annie? Because it 100% does not look like her.
roxanne cirelli
roxanne cirelli:
David in a baseball uniform playing catch
just sayin'
just sayin':
Lazy, ill informed synopsis of a good show.
Arpi Haroutunian
Arpi Haroutunian:
Funniest moment...Moira in the final scene of the crow movie.
Cetrulo Trifecta
Cetrulo Trifecta:
I loved the zip line episode.. Alexis tells David he looks like a little toad stool person with his helmet on.
Mary- Jean Currie
Mary- Jean Currie:
Moira doing that Winery commercial and screwing up the name so badly at the end it became hilariously obscene!
Martha Ptomey
Martha Ptomey:
I loved it all. It was funny and sad. But the best scene was the rendition of Simply the Best of Tina Turner by David and Patrick UNFORGETTABLE!!!! The absolute best show I have seen in a long time.
Arman Akşit
Arman Akşit:
A little bit Alexis ;))) <3
I love the use of the quip "ok" to excuse just about everything.
Clair Rollings
Clair Rollings:
Amazing refreshing talent, great writing and great chemistry with all the characters!
Randee Collins
Randee Collins:
When Moira woke up in the bed with Roland! LOL, there were tears streaming down my face...
Amy D
Amy D:
Funniest moment for me: “David, stop acting like a disgruntled pelican!”
Kim Stephens
Kim Stephens:
"Ewwwwwwwww " and "I hate you !" Oh and " Nobody cares David " Because you know it's pure love.
I believe I was one of the very first viewers to totally fall in love with this show and each and every character.
Brilliant writing brilliant cast and brilliant chemistry. Love this show and I will certainly miss it, but bravo to everyone involved and thank you for all of the funny moments and for all of the precious ones!
Holly Widdowfield
Holly Widdowfield:
I’ve often thought that the first thing I would do if I met Eugene Levy is look down to see if he has two left feet!
Gabrielle Worth
Gabrielle Worth:
I can’t pick o e moment. I loved every single second of every show. It’s the best show ever.
Bro -- why you showing the actress from Reaper for Alexis? wtf XD
shainer joseph
shainer joseph:
I love all of them and especially when Moira says the baybayy as in baby lol I die Everytime
Kevin Fleming
Kevin Fleming:
Whom ever put this together REALLY needs to go back and watch SCTV. Bobby Bittman and Lola Heatherton!
Rafael E. Reyes Rueda
Rafael E. Reyes Rueda:
1:05 i think that offer to Abby Elliot had something to do with the fact that Chris Elliot (Roland) is her father 😄
Stacy M
Stacy M:
"A Mighty Wind," "Waiting for Guffman," "Best in Show" -- brilliant Christopher Guest "mocumentaries" Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara did together. They even performed their nominated song from Mighty Wind at the Oscars, for crying out loud! And all you can come up with some obscure tv show and that they dated for five minutes when they were kids? Did you even put five minutes of research into this video? What a joke.
Pj Dallas TX
Pj Dallas TX:
Funniest thing? ‘Lil bit Alexis’ for sure!
Antinitia Hardy-Hatchett
Antinitia Hardy-Hatchett:
I love when Moira was freaking out when she thought her diamonds were stolen on season 1🤣😂
Ms. Brizown Kasey Brown
Ms. Brizown Kasey Brown:
I miss this show so much already! I wish it could have went on longer but I’m pleased they all got their happy ever after. Definitely, one of my favorite shows to date.