Schwarzenegger compares Capitol attack to Kristallnacht, brandishes sword

Former California governor and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger condemned last week's attack on the Capitol building in Washington DC, comparing it to the events of Kristallnacht in Germany, 1938.

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He also called US president Donald Trump the 'worst president ever' and used a prop sword from the Conan franchise to emphasise the point that democracy, like a fine sword, becomes stronger the more it is tested.

Trump supporters broke into the Capitol on Wednesday after the president told them to “fight like hell” in support of his attempt to overturn election defeat by Joe Biden.

Five people died, including a Capitol police officer who was hit with a fire extinguisher and a rioter shot by law enforcement

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100+ comentarios:

Thank you, Arnold. You speak with great powers of persuasion! This is the very message that people all over the world want to listen to after the horrible things happened. I hope more and more young people will speak out about the importance of cherishing the American democracy. For many Japanese people including me, America is always the ideal country in the world.
Enigma Bletchley
Enigma Bletchley:
Worth finding the whole speech. His description of seeing his broken parents and the parents of that generation whose lives were altered forever by the lies and intolerance of the politics they followed is a salutary account of what happens when hate and ignorance drives people. Moving.
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo:
Siempre lo he comentado con los grupos violentos que había en mi ciudad, tanto fascista como antifascista, se juntan en grupos porque así se sienten menos cobardes de lo que son como personas individualmente.
Orion Slaver
Orion Slaver:
Over-tempered steel becomes brittle and shatters under force.
Don Juan Trumpeta Johnson
Don Juan Trumpeta Johnson:
I love Arnie as an entertainer. I grew up on his movies. Just don;t forget he's an entertainer. Nothing more. He uses his fame to get to places and he has many times. Personally I don;t think he's authentically compassionate. He just likes the power, attention and everything else that comes from achieving a goal. Let's not forget he cheated on his wife and had a child with the housekeeper which he kept a secret until the kid was like 18. Crazy! This whole video is way to set up and planned. It's like a trailer for his next movie. Why not speak from the heart?
ja ma
ja ma:
When the Establishment became Anti-establishment and are now once again Established
El Pony
El Pony:
This guy is off his meds
Dusty Boi
Dusty Boi:
It’s more like the Beer Hall Putsch honestly.
2:20 _Every_ democracy, not only in the US.
lulu dv
lulu dv:
Eloquent speech, especially the reference that the more you temper a sword the stronger it gets ( like USA).
John Smith
John Smith:
Man gotta love Arnie 💪
I dont think brandishing is the right word here
Frank Mielke
Frank Mielke:
Das waren klare Worte. Danke dafür.
J Sheridan
J Sheridan:
Well said.
Elaine Wass
Elaine Wass:
Wasn't your dream to come to a free America?
Mr. B
Mr. B:
Didn't California go bankrupt when he was governor? Arnie, please stay out of politics and stick to what you do the annual Arnold Strongman event.
He is a great person as a actor.
You are colaborated old mad man. 😔
Tortoise Gamer
Tortoise Gamer:
For a moment, I thought we had fallen into the Fallout Universe with that background flag.
Joe Williams
Joe Williams:
What happened to the capitol was a disgrace no denying that. And the people responsible should be in prison.

But I disagree with trump being the worst American president. He’s done a lot more than people think.
Missna Missna
Missna Missna:
* Pushes Arnold to the side...

Hey you all! Who do I call? Haven't gotten my first stimulous check and the IRS tool is down again.😡
Stefan Dr. med. Hoenen
Stefan Dr. med. Hoenen:
Starker, unmissverständlicher aber auch weiser Standpunkt - ich hoffe, dass noch weitere Republikaner sich von diesem Spirit anstecken lassen
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo:
Si se juntan con mi madre o con alguna amiga de mi madre les dirá las muchas veces que le he salvado la vida, pero con tantos disgustos de la vida y tan poco trabajo que me dan se va a convertir en algo insoportable.
Linda Nafey
Linda Nafey:
You go, Arnold! Thank you.
Horatio Huskisson
Horatio Huskisson:
Everyone should watch the whole speech
When the terminator tells about patriotism, you know it's serious.
Surowy Szef
Surowy Szef:
Kristallnacht. Come back to school Arnold, what are you talking about??
Dagga Boy
Dagga Boy:
I have always been a fan of Arnold. I enjoyed his movies. I admired his will and his attitude of never giving up. But after this I can't. I hate to say this about one of my childhood heroes, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is wrong.
Bobo Maigret
Bobo Maigret:
Great, Arnold!
harry troglodyte
harry troglodyte:
I love the sentiment but if you do that to a sword itll brake
Malcolm Adams
Malcolm Adams:
Lesser evil.

Even if you thought he was..
Lord of Dunvegan
Lord of Dunvegan:
I searched and found this speech on Youtube - strongest speech he has ever made. Right on Arnie!!
Eduardo Galluzzo
Eduardo Galluzzo:
Con Trump e meglio non compromettarsi
L *
L *:
Preach Arnold
Jean Ditou
Jean Ditou:
Dane Cobain
Dane Cobain:
What a headline
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo:
Ya sé que les han dado un ultimátum, es más o menos lo que les diría, pero esta gente no atienden a súplicas o propuestas bondadosas.
Your Quirk
Your Quirk:
I'm not even American and I just became a patriot
Darryl Amatsetam
Darryl Amatsetam:
The dislikes are from people who really did wanted to become swordmakers.
tom weber
tom weber:
Read your lines dont spew your politics...
Dino G. Papadopoulos
Dino G. Papadopoulos:
Dear Mr. Schwarzenegger and dear Mr. Bidden and you Democrats and some of you Republicans; since you are all so sure about the election results then you should be the first ones to advocate for A FORENSIC AUDIT ON THE PAPER BALLOTS, in order to save the legitimacy of the new administration . "αυτου γαρ η Ροδος και το πηδημα - hic Rhodus, hic salta"
Deliverance In Jesus
Deliverance In Jesus:
Your sword to destroy America?
Mr. B
Mr. B:
Is Portland rebuilt yet?
Dog Poo Fairy
Dog Poo Fairy:
New Guardian political correspondent Arnold Schwarzenegger lol
This is not an accurate description of how to heat treat a blade. Very disappointed.
Andrew Gawler
Andrew Gawler:
His dad joined the brown shirts 6 months after Kristallnacht 😂
Mao rong nonno Sheng
Mao rong nonno Sheng:
the USA must be wise. During pandemic everything is stunning.
Tarte Ampion
Tarte Ampion:
Godwin point
What about our freedom of speech Arnold?
I don't agree with the Kristallnacht reference but I totally understand what he's talking about with democracy.
I never thought I would reverence Arnold as much as I do at this moment.
He truly embodies strength of character and nobility.
I was not born into the dirty, disgusting lunacy of mob action from the gullible far right and all of the racist groups that have been exposed.
America must return to a time when the rule of law was not open for debate or mitigation.
We are witnessing brazen open sedition with no consequences in sight.
panos 111
panos 111:
Conan The Barbarian!!!
Daniel Vargo
Daniel Vargo:
It was the movie ""Cell ""? With John Cusack and Samuel Jackson !😮😬😱😵😳🙄everyone should WATCH THAT MOVIE!!
The Wander Boy Jitin Raj
The Wander Boy Jitin Raj:
Only the commando could have cleared those miscreants from Capitol.. Get to the Choppa
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill:
Politicol imposter
Be Low Below
Be Low Below:
US democracy isn't honest democracy, it's an Oligarchy, let's be honest about that fact
Linda Christie
Linda Christie:
Better to watch the whole video which is over 7 minutes long. An excellent speech. Well done Arnie. 👏 👏👏👏
Justan American
Justan American:
I saw this earlier. This is why we need immigrants, they see what we have better sometimes than native born citizens can/do. Thank you Arnold, we needed to hear this!
Brutal V
Brutal V:
Old Tweets are NOT irrelevant , just ask Kevin Hart.
I think Arnold and Donald should have a televised fight.
Lance Robert Hough
Lance Robert Hough:
Just because somebody sound like they know what they're talking about does not mean that they are not spewing logical fallacies as he is right here. I have always liked Arnold. I am against what happened on January 6th. I am not attacking Arnold. I am not defending January 6th. But what I am doing is calling out bullsht. He is stating false equivalence and mischaracterizing both kristallnacht and the January 6th. He is overdramatizing what really happened and his discourse suffers greatly for lack of valid comparison. All the inspiring background music and sword metaphors do not make what he is saying true. And if you think so then More's the pity.
Deliverance In Jesus
Deliverance In Jesus:
Your movie star but it’s not movie it’s spiritual war psalms 2:1-4. Proverbs 21:1-2;
Jamie Barraclough
Jamie Barraclough:
Man I love that guy. I'm not even American lol.
Arny with souvenir sword
I think Arnold's words were really meaningful. You just need to acknowledge that Conan is not a real person and this sword, is not a real sword, it's hollow.
If you acknowledge these facts, you can understand the deeper meaning of what he said.
Mellamo Trump
Mellamo Trump:
He grew up in Austria dreaming to coming to the USA to “Knock up” a maid!
Дмитрий Владимирович
Дмитрий Владимирович:
Very sade Schwarzenegger is from Skull and Bones - The Brotherhood of Death or The Order or Order 322...
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo:
Tenia que decirlo, aunque sea para que parezca que le quitó hierro al asunto: yo tengo la espadilla, pero ni con esa el castillo, la copeta ni el oré se van. Les dan un poco de coba y ni a tiros los quitas. Ya sé que les han dicho que se vayan suicidando pero poco a poco, mientras tanto tienen que, en su camino, seguir intentando conseguir su objetivo principal. Mi familia les dejaba estar porque podría caber la casualidad de que alguno encontrase alguna fórmula mágica. Por si no os habíais dado cuenta sé que a mi no me estaban poniendo do guapo, se aproximaban de todo las niñas para que a los demás les pusieran guapos.
Guy Atkinson
Guy Atkinson:
I am interested to know who on here thinks that only the American right is undermining things here?
Cesar Leon
Cesar Leon:
Arnold your great.
Poenix _urL
Poenix _urL:
Waiting for him to denounce the BLM riots
Get to the choppa. 😊
Bored ______
Bored ______:
We appreciate you Schwarzenegger!!
Samuel Cooke
Samuel Cooke:
Thanks Arnold!! We must be bigger and wiser and move on from this disaster of a presidency!!
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo:
Destierran a Puigdemont y se creen que se ha ido de vacaciones o a trabajar al extranjero...
Is this scene for his new movie
Deliverance In Jesus
Deliverance In Jesus:
If you really love America shouldn’t show your sword
Sebring Dodge
Sebring Dodge:
tiene qué alinearse chochowarsenegger si no lo hace ya no lo contratan en Hollywood
Sub Zero
Sub Zero:
*Ηeavyweight klown*
Harley Sunhaven
Harley Sunhaven:
You can see why he's never won a Oscar 🤣🤣... saying that he has won 3 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards...🤡
Dick Riggles
Dick Riggles:
Completely ignores last year...hmmmmm.
Günter Reisacher
Günter Reisacher:
Thank you Arnold!
NotA RussianBot
NotA RussianBot:
All of my admiration for Arnold is gone.
We love you arnold
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo:
Eso de poner calefacción en las calles me quiere más que todo lo que hacen las de por aquí...
Ludovico Pipitò
Ludovico Pipitò:
he knows the secret of steel...
森田. Morita淳一郎 Junichiro
森田. Morita淳一郎 Junichiro:
i knew it it was similar to the kristallnacht
Vas Vas
Vas Vas:
New film from Arnie. Just movie...dirty words and dirty life has Arnie.
Lie about Trump.

89.000.000 Trump had in Twitter! 89.000.000!!!
Stallowned Stallion
Stallowned Stallion:
Ze broke ze glaaass at Kahpitahl...ze broke ze glass in is same zing.
respect to a man who understands humility.
Orion Slaver
Orion Slaver:
The point went right over Arnie's head.
a dally
a dally:
He does know that's a prop sword doesn't he ,
David Johnson
David Johnson:
this was a powerful Speech
Marina Riboloni
Marina Riboloni:
W trump.....
David Hunt
David Hunt:
Arnold, I grew up with you in Missoula, MT. Your images on the walls of the gym were my inspiration. Today! Today, YOU rekindled that fire that made me the person I am today.
As an Independent, I gather all my resources to align myself with your vision. I know your history, and as a Navy vet, I have maintained my stance because I carried a piece of you in my heart. You are a MAN that I would offer a seat at my humble table. Stay Hungry! ✌🇺🇸⚓
Eduardo Galluzzo
Eduardo Galluzzo:
Sì faccia gli affari suoi
Mari Rivera
Mari Rivera:
Where is the credibility of a lying man who lies to his family
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo
José Luis Oseñalde Murillo:
Pero gracias a todo el sistema económico europeo, y más a los españoles, por recaudar limosna de todos y donarmelas para subsistir sin necesidad de dar palo al agua.