Screw Apple, Screw Google, And Screw Epic Games

Screw the lot of them. Yes, Apple and Google need taking down from their high towers. Yes, Epic Games has a point as it sues to keep Fortnite on mobile devices. But absolutely all of them are as bad as each other.

Epic Games is currently trying to mobilize fans into an embarrassing sort of freedom force. The company deliberately broke terms of service with Apple in order to manipulate a situation in which Fortnite's removed from the App Store and Epic positions itself as a rebel icon.

Fortnite started trying to see virtual currency directly, ignoring the mandatory payment processes that give Apple and Google their cuts on iOS and Android. It's a gigantic fight over money that Epic has more or less staged, and while Apple and Google take huge cuts from developers, there is no way Epic should be seen as a hero - especially with the tasteless way in which it's performing said "heroics."


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We live in a dystopia where a multi-billion corp poses as the little guy against the regime
The only good about this is some kid might read 1984.
Meanwhile at Valve: "gooood... gooood... let the hate flow through you"
"Apple took your fortnite away"

Technically, Apple was just enforcing the terms that Epic agreed to.
So, Epic took fortnite away.
i just realised epic games is the company equivalent of an entitled kid
So you’re telling me that NONE of the multi-billion dollar corporations are my friend?
Ivan Dekad
Ivan Dekad:
Epic REALLY loves throwing out terms like "competitive" and "fair" when it benefits *exclusively* them, as if it isn't obvious this doesn't come back to trying to scam kids out of their parents' money.
Steam: Massively supports the open-source scene, promoted Linux as a gaming platform at their expense, says nothing.
Epic: Makes the store windows exclusive, is super closed source, claims to be the good guys fighting the good fight.
Joyless Gaming
Joyless Gaming:
Brand loyalty is the new religion.
Epic complaining about "anti-competitive behavior" - you can't make this up.
My view on this:
"It's fun to watch two bullies fight in public."
Phil Jenkins
Phil Jenkins:
Just to add to my previous;

Don't bat for ANY company other than saying, "The new cafe down the road is nice, give it a try". Anything past that and I need to be paid for advertising.

Why people even have companies they like baffles me. I have Virgin Internet in the house, works well for me.... That's it, don't love them for me paying for a service and them providing it, that's literally their job.

Anyway, all companies should be treated as an entity that provides a service for a price, that's it, that's all they'll ever be to me.
"I believe all men are equal," he said as he whipped his slave.

Utterly ridiculous and hypocritical of Epic to try and say they are fighting for consumers as they practice anti-consumeristic behavior on their own store.
Brian Ashe
Brian Ashe:
"When elephants dance, the grass gets trampled."
Mike C
Mike C:
The amount of pathetic simping I've seen for Epic is astounding
I say we instead make the CEOs knife fight in a pit for the money. We already know they'd take a life for it, so why don't we make it interesting?
This is coming from the same company that bought exclusivity of Shenmue 3 right before the game's release date _after_ it was already promised by the creators that it would be released on Steam. And also the same company that claims it simply wants to keep all PC games from being only sold by one unrivaled storefront. And also the same company that refused to allow games to be on their platform simply because the creators wouldn't agree to releasing under full Epic-only exclusivity. And also.... ah fuck it, I don't need to bring up _everything_ they've done or I'd be typing for like an hour. Point is, Tim Sweeney can stop pretending to be righteous and just die in a fire.
Their whole thing doesn't even make any sense. Breaking Apple's terms of service and then suing for them having a monopoly makes no sense.

Yes, Apple has complete control over the curation of apps on _their_ platform. That is not the same as a monopoly. Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo likewise have complete control over the curation of _their_ platforms— you're not allowed to just post anything you want on their stores— but that doesn't mean they have a monopoly over _video games._ Just control of _their_ platform used on _their_ products. There are still competitors.

Even sillier is suing Google, because Android _doesn't_ restrict you to using the Play Store to install software. It's very much like Windows in that you can download an installer from anywhere on the web and install it, without any need to jailbreak your device. There is absolutely zero legal reason why Google has to host your application if you won't follow their terms of service.

I really hope they lose because this is complete non-sense. This would be like me suing Nintendo for not letting me sell porn on the eShop. They can offer their game as an apk for Android users or even create their own app store. Nothing stops them from doing this and still being able to host their own in-app purchases. They just want the install base of Google Play and Apple, which they are not entitled to.
All Prophit
All Prophit:
This is not the cyberpunk future I signed up for. If I'm gonna fight for a mega corporation I'm supposed to get cybernetic implants, cloths and tats in neon colors, and a cool hacker name
Pretending to be freedom fighter, while 20% owned by Tencent LUL
Gabriel De La Cruz
Gabriel De La Cruz:
It’s adorable how Epic thinks its player base even knows what “1984” is
Epic's 'cheaper cut' locks game developers into only selling on epics store for one whole year before anyone else. Epic are the very definition of hypocrite.
"Sure, it's election year, there's a massive pandemic ravaging the country and the world beyond, unrest is rife and people are getting abducted by agents and thrown in black vans during the protests, but *PLEASE LET US RAKE MORE CASH OFF CHILDREN DESPERATE FOR PIXELS ON A SCREEN!!"*
This looks like a strategic play. Epic want to have the epic store on iOS. They don't want a level playing field, they just want to unseat the current monopolies and take their place.
God, keep being you, Jim. I love that you're actually seeing things as is.
This sounds like something straight out of The Outer Worlds.
Zonic Mirage
Zonic Mirage:
Corporations Are Not Your Friends: The Game
Really tho, I don't care who wins.
Chels The Game Ruiner
Chels The Game Ruiner:
I'm just sitting on the sidelines, laughing at how much of a hypocrite Tim Sweeney is being right now. Tim's probably stroking himself right now while thinking about which other game he's gonna grab for exclusivity
Sir Squegg
Sir Squegg:
Corporations trying to take advantage of the anti corporate sentiment that exists today. They’re trying to become like political parties, pick a team, fly the colours and don’t think too much about it.
I'm glad someone pointed it out. Hey epic look, pot, kettle, black.
Evan F
Evan F:
And let's not forget the vast majority of that "army" that Epic is trying to rally are underage children.
Remember when they took the deep dab and monetized it without even contacting johnsmovies at all?
Only striking a deal with him after the initial profit, just because people noticed it and didn't feel all that good about it?
Machetas Machetas
Machetas Machetas:
I was waiting for Jim to say the one word "Tencent" and I was disappointed. But not surprised.
Martel Yggdrasil
Martel Yggdrasil:
They used the same arguments against steam "they take a bigger cut than us, come support the devs on our store" (where you as a consumer don't get a cut of that of course).
On Leonard French's video on the subject someone tried to sell me the idea that the lawsuit is about monopoly when vBucks can be bought in like fifty other places, including and especially the Microsoft Store website and gift cards.
On a side note, in that trailer epic made, all the mindless drones watching the screen were the fortnite default skin. and the woman wielding the hammer was decked out in cosmetics bought with V-Bucks. They're not even trying to be subtle about what they want you to do!

Edit: yes, I am aware that epic is spoofing the famous apple 1984 commercial. You don't need to keep pointing that out!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):
"protests" good one Jim.
There's such a simple solution to all this. Send all the executives to the guillotine, and then give the ownership of each company to the workers.

Now, what brand of guillotine should we use? I prefer the Chopmaster-5000, for it's smooth action and radical racing stripes.
"Whoever wins, we lose"
Andrew Diaz
Andrew Diaz:
Yeah if someone is calling a billion dollar company trying to get an edge on two other billion dollar companies a hero instead of just a smaller newer monopoly trying to become a bigger monopoly, the whole situation is just a mess.
Alex Jones
Alex Jones:
As a good general rule: Never side with a Mega Corp when it is fighting against something. If they fight among each others, just chew on some popcorn. If they fight against rules and regulations: side with whom they fight against. Or do you really see yourself rallying behind EA in the fight for Loot Boxes? Mega Corp care only about one thing: your money and how to get it.
Alexander Flack
Alexander Flack:
10:15 Holy shit, that's dishonest. Do they not remember Microsoft, especially back in the late '90s?
MemesAllDay 21
MemesAllDay 21:
Can't wait to see your video on GG-Coin, what they're doing is incredible and something the games industry has been crying out for
Gateaux Q
Gateaux Q:
Epic Games-Apple and Google getting pissed we’re breaking TOS. It’s time to unleash our army of 12 year olds on the internet!
8:08 No, you're correct; it's 100% staged. I bet they spent months looking into this and consulted with executives, PR, lawyers, marketing, and probably even the media. Contingency plans were made, meetings were held, resources were shuffled around, etc. This is a complete corporate move with a friendly mask painted over it. And let's not forget who these game market to, kids. A corporation is using children to fight their holier-than-thou war against another corporation.
Dreadlord Scorp
Dreadlord Scorp:
George Orwell is spinning in his grave so fast that Apple and Epic are engaged in a massive fight to decide who gets to hook the corpse up to a turbine
Blake 81
Blake 81:
To me, since the moment I heard "Epic is suing Apple", it felt like if I was on school, and someone cried "The Schoolyard Bully got into a fight with the Asshole Teacher!"; I wouldn't want either side to win, but I'd still watch, and bring the popcorn to enjoy seeing them punch the daylights out of each other...
Most of the people that watched that cutscene can't read
Man good luck with this open and shut case Epic games.

Dont even know how this can even work as a case. They violated the contract, apple punished them.

Also why did Epic choose to use a ancient commercial and reference 1984? A novel that less than 10% of their fortnite players have ever heard of let alone seen.
I mean if Epic, Apple and Google are gonna try to damage eachother interests I'm not gonna stop them or help either. I'm just gonna watch how they're shitting on eachother with my popcorn.
I can sense Internet Historian licking his fingers already
Newspaper Comitee
Newspaper Comitee:
I just saw a video of very excited on the cusp of heart attack teen with 100k views: "This is the most importsnt video I ever made, we have to #FreeFortnite! "

Any argument Epic had is lost as far as I am concerned, the moment they armed kids for their money war.

They want to go yo court? Great.
They are arming kids? Fuck them. Not touching any of their shit ever. Maybe buying an Iphone for spite.
Subclinical Greep
Subclinical Greep:
"When deep space exploration ramps up, it will be the corporations that name everything, the Microsoft Galaxy, the IBM stellar sphere, Planet Starbucks"
-Tyler Durden
6:44 I don't get where you're coming from here. None of them actually cared about the corporations, they just wanted to make sure that Peter stayed in the MCU with the rest of Marvel's properties (I doubt they cared all that much about the movies in contrast to the character himself considering that they were frankly mediocre and most definitely mostly profited from the brand name combined with the movies not completely sucking like some of Sony's fare). Sony and Disney just happened to be on sides that were ideologically opposed to and aligned with this mentality respectively.
"Epic has taken legal action" ok, that's it, that's where the news or action from us ends.
Nick S.
Nick S.:
The funniest part is to see people actually taking sides.
It’s just 3-30 bucks.

Calm down epic.
:) I love the 'Bullshit Industry' at the end. Not sure which rollerskate videos is the journalist talking about... might search them..... might.
Kezz Box
Kezz Box:
Oh yeah, the first time I saw about this I rolled my eyes SO FUCKING HARD. Holy shit. No self awareness
Great video as always Jim, thank god for you! Is that Banana Nababa I hear playing in the beginning? Good times
ex Lightning
ex Lightning:
Million dollar corporation purposefully breaks rules then faces consequences to which it recruits children on Twitter to fight it's battle using animated propaganda to feint oppression during a time where actual oppression is occurring on a daily basis... Over monetisation in a mobile game aimed at children.
You can't make this stuff up.
"Whoever wins, we lose"
Well said, Jim. This is a very good video to keep things in perspective.
Ralph Miranda
Ralph Miranda:
Three pimps walk into a bar arguing over one of their "properties…"
WoOsKii 1
WoOsKii 1:
SO GOOD! That's all I have to say, oh, and keep it up👍
Emotional Hobocore
Emotional Hobocore:
This is how the first corporation wars start.

Just kidding almost all wars are corporate wars.
Oh look, epics trying to leverage my wallet by telling me they offer better deals for devs then pass 0% of the savings onto me while expecting me to care. Damn where have I heard that one before?
Jeffrey Mosher
Jeffrey Mosher:
When big companys fight every one wins!
Jay Forbes
Jay Forbes:
A perfect summary of this situation. Spot on, spot on.
Frank Markus
Frank Markus:
Thank you!
Jake Delfeir
Jake Delfeir:
Just to drive the point home on how cynical this all is? The sheeple in the 1984 ad are all wearing default Fortnite skins, but the colourful one that fights back is not. "Can't be free if you aren't buying skins!" Pathetic. Just... pathetic.
100 subscribers before november?
100 subscribers before november?:
Meanwhile at Valve: "gooood... gooood... let the hate flow through you"
Nick Mattio
Nick Mattio:
“It’s Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World!! Party Time!!! Excellent!!!”
Thank you, Jim. This was exactly my own reaction to this news, but I could never articulate it as well as you. I have never cared for Apple, Google, or Epic, and especially not for Fortnite. Hopefully this will make some Fortnite gamers at least to go “F*ck this sh*t!” and find some other games to play.
Z H-R:
I just wanted to drop in and say due to this planned stunt Epic absolutely SCREWED people who enjoyed the "Infinity Blade" Saga. Thanks Epic Games, thanks for leaving the last instance of the Infinity blade in that black hole of game.
The funniest thing about this is I don't think Fortnite's playerbase even know what 1984 even is lololol
Punished Snake
Punished Snake:
You know what this sounds like?

Kvng Scarab
Kvng Scarab:
This is why I mess with you man, you be coming with that HEAT
Realest title I’ve seen in a min
Антон Солнцев
Антон Солнцев:
I remember when Valve made a similar ad for Steam coming on IOS... Yeah Epic can gtfo.
Combustible Lemons
Combustible Lemons:
if only we could harness the power of George Orwell spinning in his grave as a source of energy.
N / A
N / A:
2:45 Man, stock footage is so fucking weird sometimes.
THANK YOU FOR THIS JIM! It was about time you said something about E-CORP! Couldn’t agree more with everything. Masterpiece, as usual... very concerning, however, to realize once again we live in this nauseating dystopia where an abomination as E-Coke poses as the underdog and hordes of zombies rise up to defend it? But there’s TOO MUCH MORE to say about E-Corp... i think it’s time you make a very long thorough angry vid just against E-Corp / Tencent and EVERTHING they do. Actually, make it a series of videos, just like with Ubisoft or Activision. It’s time already.
Keithan Philander
Keithan Philander:
Thank you for always being the voice of reason.
Gordon Jennings
Gordon Jennings:
Mr.Jim, I really like your outro music. Relaxing but also makes me want to strut! Thank you : ]
Sam x
Sam x:
"banning fortnite = 1984" - epic games

this is beyond parody hahahaha wow

we live in a year where america has been on fire for months with protests and riot about race and police brutality, and where every other week a new country is engulfed with riots of their own to fight against the state (belarus, serbia, poland), and yet banning fortnite from the app store is the real 1984 moment...
Whichever lose, we lulz
Zyxie_Rumor, Just a Geek
Zyxie_Rumor, Just a Geek:
In the words of Jim Sterling once said... "Not enough popcorn on Earth."
Nat P
Nat P:
Wow, I hope Epic gets sued for stealing that whole visual sequence from the old commercial.
-Slaps Desk- "THANK YOU!"
This is pretty much exactly what I thought when saw this news the other day.
Daniel Tinkov
Daniel Tinkov:
Let’s all fight the tyranny of Apple by installing the tyranny of Epic! Hip-hip-hooray! Long live my favourite tyrant!
Mittens FastPaw
Mittens FastPaw:
I knew when this hit we’d get a video. Awesome!
Straight Dope / Flipped Script
Straight Dope / Flipped Script:
It’s kinda funny tho, right? And kind of fun, too.....watching these two behemoth corporate mechs go at it ala Pacific Rim. For those of us who don’t give a slim shite about Fortnight, this is entertainment
Sir Noob Wulf
Sir Noob Wulf:
Epic Says : "Apple is anti-competetive"
Also Epic : " Lets buy every 3rd party game under the sun and make them exclusive so that people use our shitty launcher and give us money"
Bruno Lima Barretto
Bruno Lima Barretto:
Perfect video!
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname:
So, this is the new DLC for Outer Worlds, right? Where you can become a corporate soldier? Seems to be very epic!
When Epic's 1984 video started playing, I immediately expected it was a parody. I thought "Jim's video making fun of them is pretty good" as it played. Then I realized it was made by Epic in seriousness. *What? The? Fuck?* If Apple and Epic are fighting, I'm going to *root for injuries!* Fuck Fortnight and both of them.
Tails Clock
Tails Clock:
The enemy of my enemy is my friend! That's what Epic is banking on us all chanting.
Epic Games: “Apple is literally 1984, u guyz!”
The average Fortnite player: “My mummy was born in 1984.” :D