Sculptures to mark the tournament’s history I Roland-Garros 2021

Sculptures to mark the tournament’s history I Roland-Garros 2021. Statues of Rafael Nadal (the player with the most wins at the Porte d’Auteuil), aviator Roland Garros (who leant his name to both the stadium and the tournament) and the Four Musketeers, Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cochet and René Lacoste now all have pride of place at the very heart of the Roland-Garros stadium.

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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

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100+ comentarios:

Ketan Kunkalikar
Ketan Kunkalikar:
He deserves a court being named after him in Paris.
This statue defines Rafa in a lot of ways.. His spirit, energy, emotion, dynamism and the fighter that he is. Kudos.
I thought he’s only made of clay, I was wrong to see him as Man of Steel. Vamos Rafa.
Sayan Singha
Sayan Singha:
This is unbelievable!!! What an absolute epic statue!
Sergio Davalos
Sergio Davalos:
This was actually very emotional to watch. Great initiative from Roland Garros. Nadal really did deserve this.
Richard Alarcon
Richard Alarcon:
For those who say that RG should have waited until his retirement, I consider that the recognition should be when you are active and not after retirement or death, when the person can no longer fully enjoy his recognition.This statue represents all the effort and sacrifice given by Rafa!
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
The mythological, "Demi - God", of the red dust, the great Nadal, more than deserves it.
Cibi Chakravarthi
Cibi Chakravarthi:
Thank you Roland Garros...The great Nadal deserves it...He's not only the pride of Spain, he's the pride of entire sporting world...We Indians love him so much equal to Roger.
Rafa isn't retired yet but he already has a statue. Talk about the living legend!!!!!
Aarnav Kembhavi
Aarnav Kembhavi:
What a legendary tribute, no other player has been bestowed with such an honour especially when it's not the individuals own country and he so deserves every bit of it, kudos to Roland garros
Real Brethem
Real Brethem:
Glad he got his flowers while he’s still here, at the top of his game. Not many do
I actually shed a tear 🥲 -congrats Rafa!
3:55 The statue is amazing. OMG
Terence Wong
Terence Wong:
It’s a beautiful sculpture.
Yvonne English
Yvonne English:
Nadal so deserves this tribute paid to him.
oganla babs 1
oganla babs 1:
Lovely, thanks to the RG organizers, it's great to honor a legend st RG
james meng
james meng:
“The statue is spectacular,” said Nadal “I think it is very real. If you haven’t seen it live, if you stay close you’ll notice. It’s a clean, modern statue and I’m very pleased. It’s really difficult to build a statue with that material!” If Rafa said so , we take it ! Vamos Rafa
Anirudh Narendran
Anirudh Narendran:
when you watch a player from the beginning of his career and throughout ya childhood you see this epic generation of tennis players......Rafa has always been my favorite and we're lucky to see this legend on court !!!!awesome job by RG to make this absolutely epic sculpture of rafa!!!!!
Prashasti Rajvanshi
Prashasti Rajvanshi:
Can't thank Roland Garros enough for this amazing gesture towards Nadal.

Thank you.
Stunning statue, reflects his personality on the Court
Ivan Muniz-Brown
Ivan Muniz-Brown:
This is the bare minimum RG could do for him, after what he’s accomplished there which will take a hundred years to surpass. Plus the tremendous amount of attention and publicity that he’s channeled into that tournament.
Vasid Khan
Vasid Khan:
Greatest of all time Rafael Nadal love from India ❤️
chandan pandit
chandan pandit:
Very happy for him to established himself in the history of Rolland Garros. Having Statue in RG is master class achievement.
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
Nadal you are the best !. You deserve all the glory you can get. Very happy for you.
Benjmin Peter
Benjmin Peter:
The Legend💪
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer:
It's interesting that there is actually a tennis tour in which the owner also plays.
Rafael Nadal, my sports hero. The statue perfectly define his tenacity, energy, & a passionate warrior he is.
Takdang Aralin PH
Takdang Aralin PH:
Wow!!! Such an amazing sculpture. They made exactly what Rafa defines in the court a FIGHTER FULL OF SPIRIT TO WIN WHATEVER IT TAKES.
5:06 Rafa checking to see if the materials they used are legit😂
Asif Khan
Asif Khan:
He deserves it. The best ever at RG and definitely one of the greatest if not the greatest.
meesam hassan
meesam hassan:
Never was commendation more richly deserved by any that have played on a level as he has for so long and continues to...Vamos RAFA.
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid:
King of clay Rafa deserves a heroic statue like this. 😉
Ankush Sharma
Ankush Sharma:
Gladiator is here
That's perfect!!
English football 33
English football 33:
When the kids were opened this creation, i felt goosebamps on my body, its amazing job and great way to pay tribute for Rafa's achievements throughout his entire sport life
Andrés Cuevas
Andrés Cuevas:
Rafa is a super human athlete! I've never seen something like him in the modern era of sports!
Muhsin Sazali
Muhsin Sazali:
i think he should do his signature thing where he bites a piece of the sculpture like he does when he wins a trophy hahaha.... I'm kidding btw I'm a huge nadal fan Vamos Rafa!!!
Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh:
Amazing Amazing Amazing what a legend and salute to artist who created this statue thank u Roland Garrows
A man see his statue while he is alive what kind of feelings one get i cant even imagine...
Rajshree Joshi
Rajshree Joshi:
If the other players weren't intimidated enough.. They will be now!!
Daniel Sander
Daniel Sander:
Haha at 03:22 is a typical Rafa Moment, when it’s hard for him to accept praise 😂
Fran Ortiz
Fran Ortiz:
Enhorabuena campeón, te mereces esa escultura y más, no solo por ser un buen deportista, sino también por ser una buena persona y humilde que no se le ha subido la fama a la cabeza.
That's one badass sculpture! It thoroughly depicts the dynamism of Rafael Nadal in full flight. Nadal deserves a new title, too--'Emperor of Clay'
Marlowe Fernandez
Marlowe Fernandez:
what a great tribute to a living legend! ¡vamos rafa!
Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti
Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti:
"Miura guy", congrat!👏👍🤝. Rolland Garros its a great spades in the air! Egal Santos Dummont.
jose estevez
jose estevez:
Grande rafa nadal la leyenda eterna 💪
Congratulations, Rafa! ¡Eres lo máximo!
So feuh
So feuh:
Why wait until someone retires to honor someone with a remarkable record that no one will ever accomplish. Honoring him now is the right thing to do. Here's to #14! Vamos Rafa!
Андрей Семёнов
Андрей Семёнов:
Great sculpture, awesome job. Reflects character of Rafa.
Roger’s All Like
Roger’s All Like:
After winning RG this year Rafa will bite the sculpture
Andrés Padilla
Andrés Padilla:
Simplemente F A N T A S T I C O! Captura al Nadal que recordaremos.
Richard Alexander Molina Zerpa
Richard Alexander Molina Zerpa:
Que emocionante ver esa escultura de lo mejor que ha pasado por el Roland Garros, Enhorabuena! Que Grande es Rafa
i am me
i am me:
the details on this piece of art is astonishing!😍
This is so great, awesome statue! He deserves indeed. Congrats...
shashikant maurya
shashikant maurya:
Thank You Roland Garros for bestowing Rafa with this honor, he rightfully deserves it.
Gokul S
Gokul S:
Super Statue! The intensity and aggressiveness is all there in it!👍🏼
Vanessa Camilleri
Vanessa Camilleri:
Shantanu Verma
Shantanu Verma:
The statue looks really cool!
So excited for the Roland Garros 21! Can’t wait 😝
Edit: My love & respect for Rafa is infinite ❤️
siva k
siva k:
I'm Roger fan.. But I'm admire Rafa too.. Congrats champion...
Impresive how the statue stands free
Edson Nascimento
Edson Nascimento:
Wow no words for me to describe a such emotional moment. A perfect way to honor an amazing tennis player with so much carisma. We love you Rafa and thanks for teaching us.
Manav Kalra
Manav Kalra:
wow...what a magnificent sculpture 🔥🔥
Fitting tribute to a living legend
Ofelia Estrada
Ofelia Estrada:
I cried 😭
MG Jubinal
MG Jubinal:
Vamos Rafa! PhenomeNadal! Thank you RG for giving him the recognition and honor he so rightly deserve! Truly inspirational! Love Rafa! 💕🇵🇭
Kristian Nelson
Kristian Nelson:
That statue is absolutely amazing!
Atul Singh
Atul Singh:
Imagine playing on a court with your statue outside of it.....
Mind boggling Rafa....
T M:
I was hoping he would bite it lol, but wonderful sculpture!
C00l OG
C00l OG:
After a lot of years of domination in this tournament this is the perfect gift for a great man and also a big tennis player
Master Vet - Official
Master Vet - Official:
His statue will be the beginning to PUT HIS NAME TO THE NEW STADIUM. Go Rafa for 14 RG, 21 GS! Vamos Rafa!
Андрей Х
Андрей Х:
It's not Nadal, this is a T-1000 with a tennis racket!!😀😀
TerryE VP
TerryE VP:
Humble champ. Well done Roland Garros...!!!! Great Job....!!!
Asmaa Sammy
Asmaa Sammy:
Absolute legend 😍👏👏
Benjamin Xu
Benjamin Xu:
Congrats to The King! The statue is absolutely spectacular, buy maybe a little early as Rafa still got at least 3 more years of great tennis in him...
sourav adhikari
sourav adhikari:
Legend Rafa Nadal great monument ❤️❤️❤️
Rdx Ves vos
Rdx Ves vos:
Thank you Roland Garros. Nadal is inspirational. Merci from Spain.
Sulakshy Beniwal
Sulakshy Beniwal:
He be like: I'm strong enough😏
Ajai Kulkarni
Ajai Kulkarni:
Salute to the legend!!Vamos Rafa!!The king of clay
mosquito tigre
mosquito tigre:
The Three Muskateers: nobody knows them.
Rafael Nadal: One of the big Three. The most important players in the tennis history. And the most important in the Roland Garros history.
Emperor II The Penguin
Emperor II The Penguin:
That's what we call having ball of steels !
David Foong
David Foong:
This is a beautiful statue!! Captures everything about Rafa - grit and passion.
lareb khalid
lareb khalid:
Great acknowledgement for a legend.
HE DESERVES IT! A Living Legend at Roland-Garros!!!!Congratulates!!!!
I wish the sculpture would have captured his Buggy Whip Forehand, though!!!
Hari Prahal
Hari Prahal:
That is the coolest statue among, literally, all the statues that ever existed of real humans.
steven gao
steven gao:
Amazing... One of the most dominant sports person in all of the history. 100-2 record. Absolutely insane.
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner:
Not in love with the idea of erecting statues for active players, but whatever. They've been renovating the RG grounds for a while now, so I guess they just crossed another thing off the to-do list. Good for them. I'd love to get out there and see all of the new improvements.
Prashanth Srivatsa
Prashanth Srivatsa:
The legend of Rafa will live forever now, vamos!!😀 from Another proud left-hander!!
Wiesława Bochenek
Wiesława Bochenek:
Rafael 🏆🥇🎾❤️😍🥰❤️❤️
kambampati balaiah
kambampati balaiah:
Legend super🙏
Prasenjeet Dey
Prasenjeet Dey:
Vamos Rafa absolutely King of clay congrats a lot Rafa
João Aguiar
João Aguiar:
The greater hegemony of sport!!!
dave71 bermon
dave71 bermon:
Stupenda!!! Complimenti all'artista e grande rafa ❤️
Name the trophy after him. We will never see someone be as unbeatable on clay as Rafa (when healthy). Pure dominance. Clay god.
Ved Tatrari
Ved Tatrari:
Took only 13 titles, no biggie
Cherry Marcial
Cherry Marcial:
Thank you Roland Garros Management, a well deserved recognition for an Awesome Champion and a Dignified human being - RAFA NADAL. ❤️❤️❤️
Riccardo Chifari
Riccardo Chifari:
Next step:call the tournement "Nadal's Open"
Lance Burley
Lance Burley:
3:10 does anybody know the name of this music ? It's so soothing....
Aiden Kim
Aiden Kim:
20 slams later my man finally gets a sculpture 👏 👏
Subhasish Ghosh
Subhasish Ghosh:
vamos rafa... love from INDIA
We can pretty much ear the statue shouting VAMOS ! Nice piece of art, I like it.
Asif Ali
Asif Ali:
His dominat on this tounment is unbeleivable and historic his deserve this