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Jacobson Francis
Jacobson Francis:
I said it and I will say it again: Jose is never the problem
Different manager, same players. As soon as we play a decent side we show our level.
Sack a manager 6 days before a final, undermine a squad rebuild by giving strength to sub par players instead. So Spursy it hurts.
*Villager Noises*
*Villager Noises*:
Jose is strict, but in the end HE IS RIGHT! it IS same coach, different players
E. F.
E. F.:
Sack one of the most experienced managers ever and replace him with Ryan Mason 🤔.
What did you really think would happen 😂😂
mourinho gave kane and son their best ever season, wonder what a half-decent CB could have gotten spurs
Phil Hayes
Phil Hayes:
Where’s Gareth Bale now saying that we need to attack? after winning a team in shreds, implying that the problem was the manager, now "suck on that"!
p l
p l:
Well, at least you play the 'Tottenham way' as Gareth Bale pointed out after beating a relegated team which gets battered every match. I think you should give life contracts to Danny Rose, Dele, Bale, Dier, Sanchez, Aurier, WINKS. Trophy after Trophy. Guaranteed.
Brenax Quiny
Brenax Quiny:
Now the Jose out brigade are fine with Ndombele being on the bench
BigTasty ForLife
BigTasty ForLife:
Glad Levy travelled up to see the game, he deserved to see that in person.
There is a reason Jose played the way he played. He was trying all formats&changing players for a reason. To know who fits in the winning formula for the upcoming season. Fans and Management are facing what they yearned for by the sack wanting to play entertaining football. This team cannot while losing.
Jose: I will be remembered in Tottenham and not for the bad reasons.
(This was certainly a man ready to take the team to Glory given opportunity and support)
What a toothless performance. I've supported Spurs for over 40 years and I have never in all that time seen such spineless bunch of "players" as this current group we have. I was praising Bale the other day and he just did not even show up again. In the end though they are all culpable and it just seems as though they don't care. Man, if even Jose couldn't sort them out, there is no hope for any of them. This needs more than a slight rebuild. We need a whole new team.
Joaquim Lima
Joaquim Lima:
It was a stupidity sacking Mourinho. You have to understand that before being offensive you must be solid on defensive side. With players like Aurier, don't have a chance. When you say that Mourinho is not a offensive coach you are completely wrong. Look the performance of Real Madrid when they were Champions with Mourinho. You must have Smart players to play on every model which you don't have in this time.
Ulfric Stormcloak
Ulfric Stormcloak:
You sacked Jose when he was a few points from top 4, with this comfortable run of games AND a Cup final which he has won 4 times...Spurs deserve this
Ahmad Shah
Ahmad Shah:
Mason : lost 3-1
Mourinho : win 3-0
Bale : we love attacking play under mason 😆
Achmad Bilal Hamdani
Achmad Bilal Hamdani:
3 shots on goal, 46% possession. What an attacking football. 😎
Happy Days
Happy Days:
Couldn't have luck as a club the way you treated Mourinho. Would of been sickening to be rewarded for that.
Special Person
Special Person:
After the Zagreb game, Lloris the team captain said that Jose had told the team to attack attack attack until they get the away goal. The big occasion just seems to haunt spurs and the players lock up, start to panic and revert to defending really, really low. Your team captain even said this and you refused to listen.
Mourinhofans TV
Mourinhofans TV:
Finally we get the last laugh over the Jose out lot. Lmao. It’s all Jose’s fault isn’t it. The look on their sad faces is making my day. Jose is always right. Take that.
Cow Sense
Cow Sense:
Kane and Son should take their talents elsewhere next season. Their value is really wasted at tottenham
Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar:
Jose laughing lol that's reality
Phil President
Phil President:
Dier is having a brilliant season in his eyes saying we are being unfair on him while we all watch him standing there defending reactively not proactively standing there for Leeds second goal.
Tottenham defender Eric Dier feels criticism of his performances ‘a bit unfair’
mey lani
mey lani:
Bravo Jose Mourinho👍🏻
I was a fan of this team. Sacking Jose was the latest nail on the coffin, worst decision Levy did and it will take more than getting a manager. Change of a whole team.
Levy only needed to listen to Lloris, who made it clear the problem was in the players and not manager.

Watch this space for PSG&Roma
Leeds played us off the park because they have a top manager Bielsa who outclassed us in every department as we were getting pressurized by their press and Leeds were wining every ball. Jack Harrison and Stuart Dallas gave our full backs Aurier and Reguilon a torrid time
Suman Mondal
Suman Mondal:
we miss jose mourinho
Augustine john
Augustine john:
10 September 2020 Jose Mourinho said to Tottenham player "the team of good guys never win" And he is right he manage some great player like zaltan, ballotelli, Pepe, Ramos, Fellini, snider, Marco Materazzi, Drogba, Michael essian etc and they were champion🏆. So I think Tottenham player are good guys who never want to win. Jose is not a bad coach but Tottenham player didn't gave him everything. He even said in press conference "same coach different player" Even the most arrogant player like zaltan once said "I would died for Jose Mourinho".
Princess Dier complaining about how we are too hard on him. What a waste of space. I never thought it was mourinho, get these players out, they’re past their expiry date.
dude brah
dude brah:
Kane hasn't scored since Jose left, Bale only plays well against the very worst teams.
I can’t really understand the optimism before the Leeds game. We are a dramatically weak team and it could have been 5 or 6 had it not been for Hugo’s saves.
No wonder more and more managers are distancing themselves from our club.
Difficult times ahead.
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong:
Imagine being one of the best midfield player and one of the few top players of the club. You don't get along with Jose. He finally thrust you. He plays you all the time. You have your best season and then the new guy acts like you never existed.

What is with the Ryan and ndombele situation FFS
Leeds are a very very good team. Better coached for sure and you can see what happens when there is a manager who gets the best out of his players.
Jose out maybe...?
Oh wait, he’s not even here 👀👀
Stephen Calcutt
Stephen Calcutt:
No Jose to blame today! Dele Ali playing??? Fed up of watching yet another bottling shit show, more so after Leicester City opened the top 4 door for us. Dire was DIRE!!!
jose mourhino: respect man respect
GudBeatz Ent
GudBeatz Ent:
The thing that gets me is when fans turn around and say oh it’s Jose’s fault when defenders are making basic errors, you can play all the attacking football in the world you still to to defend. Imagine if we had a decent defence we would give ourselves chances in games with that forward line
Jose fault he didn't trained them well 😂😂😂 players and everything is fine eee.
suresh silal
suresh silal:
Sacking jose is The worst decision by Tottenham ....finally jose was right
L K:
So sad to see a Tottenham side lacking the basics. Passion, energy, desire and the will to win.
tell it like it is
tell it like it is:
I’ve got to admit if I was Kane I’d be off . This team has nothing left to give , it’s going to take a long time to rebuild .
The day Levy sacked Jose, all premier league managers laughed... Great decision for the same old result without throphy for the last 12 years....
Alfonso Bossi
Alfonso Bossi:
This is becoming unbearable, Mourinho must go immediately....oh wait...
Johannes Sagala
Johannes Sagala:
I want to hear someone from fans to blame Jose...
i want all the bale fans to look into this game... we can't pay 600 k a week to him if he dosen't help out the RB., people will slack aurier and doherty, but remeber at the start of the season bergwin realy helped , and we were solid... regi needs to dropped for a few matches to get his head straight... defense must be rebuild we had jose and we mocked him out.. we are being like arsenal fans... just like unai was sacked from arsenal
There are basics of life and football. Hiding behind Jose is over mediocrity getting exposed
jeffree star's hitman
jeffree star's hitman:
It looks like all the bad players are making our good players become worse
Ongeziwe K. Besi
Ongeziwe K. Besi:
At least you're playing the Tottenham way.
Views For Money
Views For Money:
Its jose mourinho fault😂.
Dee N
Dee N:
Much of the problem has been the squad; under Pochettino and Mourinho
Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS:
Surely we can't have Dier, aurier, Sanchez, Davies, lamela, sissoko, Ali, winks at the club next season, we have a very weak mentality at spurs and it needs changing big time
Ryan's tricky Spuds couldn't keep up with fucking Leeds 😂. Meanwhile Mourinho found a better job in less than a month
Mohamed Salleh Ismail
Mohamed Salleh Ismail:
This is the problem with good manager they sack with impatience managrment which can turn the table around good bye tottenham don't blame the coach when the team not doing well.
Tom Bennett
Tom Bennett:
Dreadful performance, Leeds simply wanted it more and absolutely deserved the win. I also cannot believe Dier had the audacity to recently mention about criticism directed at him and that he feels its unfair - just watch the bloody highlights today, awful, simply awful! Our defence is clueless and we need to ship alot of these players out, Dier, Aurier etc There's also other players who think they are better than they are, who should also be moved on. There's no feeling of any team cohesion and it's depressing. Season end can't come soon enough
Kwaku Koranteng
Kwaku Koranteng:
Playing the spurs way lol
nicolas ivan
nicolas ivan:
Ali thinks more about how she combs her hair and if she calls it her love, rather than thinking about playing with her heart
Chris 2021
Chris 2021:
Us leeds fans have set up a search team for your man bail....we are hoping the sight of his pay check might bring him out of where ever he is hiding 🤣🤣🤣
Don't see leeds fans blaming the manager win lose or draw in bielsa we trust .ALAW MOT
Garry Oliver
Garry Oliver:
Spurs players could not even walk at the end they were so tired counting their money
Alfonso Bossi
Alfonso Bossi:
LOL Mou is laughing at you. Even you said now they beat us on attitude ? Now its not the coaches fault huh ?
From minute 1 we were so open, and Mason did nothing to rectify it. I was almost in disbelief in how obviously open we set up, yet no changes in sight, nothing tactical what so ever. We were basically playing 4 up front with Højberg and Lo Celso in the middle. And with Lo Celso being an attacking minded player our midfield was non-existent.
Nicholas Powell
Nicholas Powell:
Fair analysis lads, fair play to you, Leeds fan.
HUGO Akshai
HUGO Akshai:
Terry Wright
Terry Wright:
Jose at home enjoying this result feeding his children bread and cheese
Ongeziwe K. Besi
Ongeziwe K. Besi:
Thought Jose was the problem lads. The state of this club, such a shambles, small club mentality.
Starting to look like we were the ones robbed in the Kyle-walker Peters/Hojbjerg switch.
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High:
your season ended since you sacked Mourinho, bottleham
Rufus Roughcut
Rufus Roughcut:
Shocking performance 14 multi millionaires jogging around the pitch. No desire, no professionalism, no second ball, no 50/50 challenges, embarrassing. Sadly we will have NO European football at all for the next two to three seasons. Who in their right mind would want to manage this shower of charlatans that is owned by a Spiv?
Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf:
. for the record, Ndombele was on the bench, and everyone was happy! . let's curse Jose for everything .
Bing II
Bing II:
Lol you guys thought Aurier was Prime Cafu😂😂😂😂😂 after a game against championship Sheffield 👍
eddy fong
eddy fong:
There was only one team on the pitch. The other side was a collection of 11 individuals who looked like they have never trained together.
Special Person
Special Person:
Guys!! It's jose's fault!! Jose out!! It's Jose's fault!!! Am i right guys? Am i right? Please believe me im begging...
Different coach, same players, same result. It has never been the Managers, majority of players are useless and overated.
Siddharth R
Siddharth R:
The spurs way. Keep firing seasoned coaches for local clowns.
Still Call
Still Call:
1. Reguillion mistake goal
2. Dier Mistake goal
3. All of the Defenders mistake goal
Why all of this defenders has to go.
Daniel Lavra
Daniel Lavra:
Has we say in Portuguese: Chupa!
Barely winning the first match, winning against the bottom team and losing against teams that have good performers. Putting on field a player with 1 assist in 12 matches like alli... Cussing on Pamela, and thinking on
Lateef Ayinla
Lateef Ayinla:
These guys are just hypocrites. ..Now, they are analysing the team, not the manager...if it were jose, they will leave the team and analyse jose...mad hypocrites
Jacobson Francis
Jacobson Francis:
We beat a relegated side of Sheffield United and we were happy. I said, Let's watch big games likes Leeds United 😁😁😁

After the game, rumors starter flying about Bale signing a new contract. I said, lets wait for big games before rejoicing.
Tim Carr
Tim Carr:
Just like Leeds, you've now got nothing to play for.... From what I've seen, Leeds will finish above Tottenham next year, because they're starting to build a genuine ideal....
How many times have other teams dropped points in our favour !!!’Ffs ..... even up until yesterday and we still bottle it
Even Europa is in doubt. Liverpool and Everton have two games in hand on us!
Hustla C
Hustla C:
To think 2 years ago we just won to get into a champions league final lol
Arthur Aurélien Mbeumo Kemgang
Arthur Aurélien Mbeumo Kemgang:
humm jose must be laughing at the sight of such a display. The real problem, which is player quality particulary at the back ever since pochettino, has not been addressed. How many times totteham has lost points from winning positions? The defence is a mess. Mourinho must have pointed it out to Daniel Lévy, but nothing came in January and he got frustrated and the rest is history. Let's see how the club move forward with so many issues and a pandemic world...
Titus Gwemende
Titus Gwemende:
This is what happens Ben when you shout week in week out against Jose till he is fired. you and your media mates gave him no chance. Attacked him week in week out. Made him look like some loser who doesn't understand football or players. With 7 games to go you wanted him out. I don't know what you thought would happen

Top 4 was in sight.We had beat most of the remaining clubs we were about to play like Leeds Sheffield Saints.We were going to play in a final but you were shouting Jose Out!

This is what happens mate

Jose was right,sadly

The mentality and quality of this team is bad.The owners incompetent and cruel

Jose got a job within days and we are still stuck with same old problems
Flawful Feelings
Flawful Feelings:
3rd goal you conceded on a brilliant counter attack sums you up and what follows is an urgent pass in the box to have one more shot by whom,Leeds yes the team who already sealed the game.
We literally never show up when we have a chance to move up the table. Same old same old smh
Colin Stanley
Colin Stanley:
Aurier was shocking again. Lo Celso was poor again. Bale clearly didn't like the weather, he was poor again. Reguilon has forgotten he's actually a defender again. Dier was hesitant in defence again. Kane is not on his game again and clearly needs a whole summer away from football which is not going to happen so if he does stay???? next season he will be knackered before the new season begins. Love Sonny but he's clearly frustrated at Spurs at the moment. All stems from ENIC not backing Poch when he begged for it.
Daniel Neal
Daniel Neal:
TBH can see spurs getting Scott parker in as new head coach in summer for next season cant be any worse than it is now TBF!
Sturgeon Falls A&W
Sturgeon Falls A&W:
You even admit that Jose was the manager who lead this team to won leads at the first round. Now you miss him
Stephen Cozens
Stephen Cozens:
I swear Levy is really picking the team 🤦
We all Love Leeds, Bielsa the Master Tactician against Mason The Apprentice. 👌
Abdoulaye Kaba
Abdoulaye Kaba:
Dale said that’s the way Tottenham play ?!
Gary weedon
Gary weedon:
Season ends here !!!
I’m sure you guys are either deluded or clueless , Spurs have become a joke club and next season could be a relegation battle , you were jumping up and down last week beating Utd and hailed bale as world class .

Just proves that like most Spurs supporters you don’t see the bigger picture ...

Edmen Chan
Edmen Chan:
Everybody was so happy when we thrashed the relegated EPL Team 4-0. Please wake up, how true was JM quote of "same manager diff players!"
Hope kane and son and ndombele join mourinho in rome
steven barnard
steven barnard:
Next season if playing like they have this season they will be struggling to stay in the premiership. The players are just not good enough spurs are in big danger
nicolas ivan
nicolas ivan:
They broke Mou's balls, they lost the opportunity to be a big club, they are a miserable little club. Cleaning of players now !!!
Keep in mind you was in the hunt with Jose, now you have gone backwards so fast and now you will most likely lose Kane, but its a chance to add all out pace up there instead of Bale and Lucas.
Plucky Chicken
Plucky Chicken:
Kane’s been atrocious
Odartey Lamptey
Odartey Lamptey:
Cus of Jose Tottenham was everywhere
Sack him and suffer long......
Patience is the deal.....
Sheee God gave him a bigger club than this small....its blessings